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Prepared by Denis Strangman.
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JAMES OAKER: Committed for trial on stealing a horse, Amphitheatre street. (MA.A 31/1/1860.)

MRS OAKEY: At Theatre Royal, Lamplough, with Thatcher and Madam Vitelli. (BS 11/9/1860).

JOHN O’BRIAN: UL 21/3/1860.

MR O’BRIEN: Acted the Tutor in the “Irish Tutor” on Thursday at the Garrick Theatre. (MADA 16/1/1860).

O’BRIEN: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 3/8/1860).

CHARLES O’BRIEN: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 5/3/1860).

J. O’BRIEN: UL 14/3/1860.

JOHN OBURN: Farmer. Resident Lamplough. (1869 PO Dir.)

O’BYRNE: Thomas Woods arrested in Melbourne re O’Byrne’s stolen property. WPG 27/9/1860).

E.D.O’BYRNE: Goods stolen. Resides Paddy’s Gully. Lamplough Police Court. (NWC 18/10/1860.)

O’CALLAGHAN: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 28/5, 13/8/1860).

DENNIS O’CALLAGHAN: Insolvent. Lamplough. Publican. (Arg. 20/9/1860.)

P. O’CALLAGHAN: UL 15/2/1860.

THOMAS O’CALLAGHAN: Daughter BRIDGET born Lamplough, 1860. (No 15727, BDM).

O’CONNOR: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 4/4/1860,11/5/1860).

O’CONNOR’S STORE: Rush behind O’Connor’s Store and the Garrick Theatre. (MH 26/1/1860.) EVANS & O’CONNOR’S STORE: Lamplough. Gold shown. (BS 13/12/1859).

D. O’CONNOR: Auction 5/12/1859 Mr D. O’Connor’s T Store. Specimen Hill, Ballarat. About to leave Ballarat. established 6 years. P.O. Attached. (BS 28/11/1859). Note re P.O. receiving box, Specimen Hill. Removed from Mr O’Connor’s T Store. (BT 5/12/1859).

DAN’L O’CONNOR: Registered claim for 180 pounds. Store burnt down in Eureka Hotel fire 17/10/1854. (Gold Fields Commission of Inquiry, p 365. Eureka Report. V & P 1854-55, Vol II.)

DANIEL P. O’CONNOR: Miner Clunes, Creswick Div 1856 (ER).Appointed Postmaster, Lamplough, 1/1/1860 at 200 pounds per annum. Succeeded by C. Eyes 15/1/1861. (Statistics of Victoria 1861. Civil Establishment etc. PP No 9 Vol 3 1862/63. ) D.F. O’Connor: Postmaster, Lamplough (MADA 15/2/1860, 21/3/1860, 4/4/, 18/4, 2/5, 9/5/1860, 2/1/1861 and 9/1/1861: the last time his name appears with the letter list. ) Horse lost or stolen. Advert. (MADA 2/3/1860). Spirit merchant licence. (VGG No 39 p 564, 27/3/1860). Clearing out sale. (MADA 30/5/1860). Adverts for return of lost horses. (MADA 6/6/1860). Letter (MADA 4/7/1860). Chaired Amherst United Quartz Crushing Co. meeting. (MADA 9/7/1860). Auctioneer’s licence. Avoca office. (VGG No 101, p 1541, 17/8/1860.) Advert: offices at Lamplough, Dunolly and Inglewood. (MADA 12/9/1860). Advert: five years on the various goldfields. Commercial auctioneer. rhnd est. and general agent. Offices at Lamplough, Dunolly and Inglewood. (MADA 23/11/1860). Selling a drapery store (NWC 20/9/1860.) Auctioneer. Selling his own wholesale spirit store (next to Post Office) on 5/1/1861. (MADA 4/1/1861.) Auctioning Criterion hotel, Back Creek, Amherst. (Ing. Adv. 8/2/1861.) Letter re a deceased estate ‘signed from Inglewood. (MADA 13/2/1861). Letter from F. Kersley re intestate estate for former warden of Inglewood and O’Connor (Mr Shovelbottom’s agent). (Arg. 13/2/1861). Auction by D.F. O’Connor, Maryborough. (MADA 29/11/1861). Miner. Resident Lamplough (1869 PO Dir.) Householder. Area selecetd 328-2-7. Paisley agricultural area. “I know no such person at Dunolly; there is an auctioneer at Inglewood, who may possibly intend to retire and farm.” (District Surveyor. Vic LA V&P 1862-63 C No 11.)

MRS D.F. O’CONNOR: Birth, son. Dunolly. (MADA 28/3/1859).

O’CONNOR & QUINLAN: Wholesale store. of Wales Hotel. (MAA 7/2/1860.)

MICHALE O’CONNOR: SL 17/11/1860.

JOHN ODGERS: UL 28/3/1860. SL 21/4/1860.

O’DOGHERTY: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 11/4/1860).

DAVIS O’DONELL: UL 28/3/1860.

D O’DONNELL: UL 9/4/1860.

DR O’DONNELL: Attended attempted suicide case. (MADA 21/3/1860). (Two Dr O’D in Bowden – F, G, page 205.)

RICHARD O’FARRELL: Forged cheque. (VPG 10/1/1861).

F. OFFURE: UL 15/2/1860. FRANK OFFURE: UL 7/3/1860.

LESLIE OGILBY: Appointed by Chief Secretary’s Office 14/4/1859 to chair public meeting 27/4/1859, Avoca. (VGG p 807, 1859).

PATRICK O’GRADY: SL 20/7/1861. Information sought. Left Galway 8-9 years. Employed by hare and Hether (?). Lamplough. Father Martin O’Grady, now stationed Halifax, Nova Scotia (VPG 22/6/1869).


BRIDGET O’HAVIN: Maiden name. See registration of birth for Walter Marstin.

O’KELLY: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 2/4/1860).

JAMES O’SHANASSY O’KELLY: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 11/5/1860).

“OLD VIRGINNY”: Run by Jane Hope. Lamplough. (NWC 20/12/1860.) Bowling Saloon. Robert Hope died. (MADA 4/4/1860).

O’LEARY & DAVIS: UL 28/3/1860.

MRS OLIVER: UL 28/3/1860.

E.M. OLIVER: UL 29/11/1861.

EDWARD M. OLIVER: Horse stolen at Green Hill Creek. WPG 21/11/1861).

JAMES OLIVER: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 20/2,22/2,5/3/1860). Lamplough Cricket Club. (MADA 26/3/1860).

THOS F. OLIVER: UL 7/3/1860.


T O’MEARA: UL 15/2/1860.

P. O’NEAL: UL 15/2/1860.

O’NEIL: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 30/3/1860).

B. O’NEIL: UL 15/2/1860.

CATHERINE O’NEIL: Dressmaker. Resident Lamplough (1869 PO Dir.) Godparent at baptism of Downing Strangman 13/3/1870.

O’NEILL: Stolen watch case. (MAA 9/3/1860.)

MR B. O’NEILL: Clerk of the Course, Mountain Creek races. (MAA 2/2/1861, BS 11/2/1861.)

BERNARD O’NEIL: Granted slaughtering licence. Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 30/7/1860).

BERNARD O’NEILL: Son HENRY born Lamplough, 1860. (No 21219, BDM).

DANIEL J. O’NEILL: GLH (Lamplough) . Mr O’Neill of the Shamrock store chaired Mr Davies’ election meeting at Clare Castle. (MADA 7/8/1861). Roof of store cut into. Property stolen. WPG 7/11/1861). Storekeeper. “… an intelligent and industrious man in a small way of business.” Appointed postmaster. P.O. re-opening on 1/6/1862. (MADA 18/6/1862.) Landholder, Lamplough, 3/3/1863, 12/5/1863, 8/11/1875. Electoral Registrar. Signed Police request petition 21/5/1866. Application for publican’s licence for his home. (AM 9/2/1867). About 20th inst 6 and half pit saw stolen from his saw pit (VPG 3/10/1867). Storekeeper. Resident Lamplough. (1869 PO Dir.) Application on 3/2/1870 for survey of 20 acres of Crown land Lamplough, Parish of Glenmona. (AM 5/2/1870). Signed school petition 5/2/1873. Farmer. House and land. 31 pounds. 5 residents. (1874 valuation). (VPRS 3221).

GEORGE O’NEILL: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 5/3/1860).

DANIEL JOSEPH O’NEILLE: Son DANIEL JOSEPH born Lamplough, 1860. (No 21211, BDM).

ONE SPECK GULLY: Claim by James Kilmartin nearby. (MADA 21/5/1860). Claim. Near Avoca Rd. Equidistant from Lamplough and Avoca. (MADA 29/8/1860). 1,000 there. Brief description. (NWC 6/9/1860). Runs due east and west across Lamplough and Avoca Road. 1,1000 there. (BS 6/9/1860). See Avoca Creek Rush. (MADA 10/9/1860). Turning out well. (MADA 14/9/1860). Has been taken up again. (Age 20/9/1860). Rush. (NWC 27/9/1860.) Adding to our returns. (RADA 3/10/1860).

RD ONIONS: SL 21/4/1860

R ONIONS: UL 4/4/1860.

MADAME ONN: UL 14/3, 4/4/1860.

SOLOMON OPIE: Son SOLOMON born Avoca 1860. (No 09570, BDM).

OPIUM: Consignment to Chinaman at Lamplough stolen. (NWC 11/10/1860) Worth-140 pounds. (NWC 2019/1860).

WILLIAM ORAMS: Discharged from charge of cutting into Theatre Royal (MADA 10/2/1860.)

T. ORD: UL 14/3/1860.

THOS ORD: SL 19/7/1860.

THOMAS ORD: UL 21/3/1860.

MISS KATE O’REILLY: Expected shortly at Back Creek. (BL 3/12/1859. ) Brother in law Mr Campbell died at Beechworth, therefore she did not appear at Lamplough. (BL 28/1/1860. Theatre Royal. (MADA 20/4,23/4/1860).

T. O’REILLY: UL 15/2/1860.

JOHN WITHERS ORM: Daughter CATHERINE born Lamplough, 1860. (No 21210, BDM).

FRANCIS KNOX ORME: Graduate Trinity College Dublin (ER 1856). PM, Warden and Cor Maryborough and eleven other places. DOB 23/4/1818. First appointed 1/31854. 31 years in service (not continuous). Pounds 750 p.a. (VPP 1891 Vol 3 No 28). Has been removed to the Alma (MAM 29/6/1855). Ratepayer Sabdhurst (BA 8/1/1858). C of E lopcal patron and corresponding member Avoca National School (VPP 1861-62 No 81). PM Petty Sessions, Appointed 1/8/1854. Pounds 700 p.a. First appointed 1/3/1854 (VPP 1858-59 No 46). Pounds 800 p.a. First appointed 28/7/1854 (V&P Leg C 1858-59 A2). 780 pounds salary Avoca (ER 1856). Son to Mrs F K Orme. Birth 30/8/1859 (Australian and New Zealand Gazette p 433 19/11/1859). Appointed Warden 13/5/1861 (VPP 1862-63 No 9 p 377).Information sought on his present abode. Arrived in the Colony about 18 months ago. (VGG p 1026, 1853, Colonial Secretary’s Office, 19/7/1853.) Appointed a Territorial Magistrate. (Notice Col. Sec. Office 22/4/1854. p 1026 VGG 1854.) From 1/8/1854. Pounds 750 and 50 allowance. First appointment 1/3/1854. (Stats 1860 p 26. Appointed Police Magistrate, Avoca. Salary pounds 500. (Despatch No 118. Appointments. 20/5 – 1/9/1854.) To be Police Magistrate at Avoca. (Notice Col Sec Off 8/8/1854, p 1775 VGG 1854. From 1/8/1854. ) Donation 3-3-0 to Avoca Patriotic Fund. WGG No 25, 29/2/1856, p 414. ) Appointed Territorial Magistrate. Address Amherst (?) (VGG p 1511 1857 CSO 12/8/1857.) Trustee, Avoca Cemetery. WGG 1857). Appointed 1/8/1854. Police magistrate. Amphitheatre, Avoca and Lexton. Pounds 700 per annum. First appointed by Government 1/3/1854. 1858: pounds 800 p.a. Born Ireland. (Statistics of the Colony of Victoria 1857, PP No 46, pps 35 & 59, 1858-59.) Before Back Creek rush Orme used to come to Amherst every Friday to hear cases at the Police Court. (NWC 4/10/1860.) Auditor of Avoca Council accounts. WGG No 189 p 2620, 2/12/1859, MADA 1/6/1860). Amherst Police Court. (MADA 15/2/1859). Trustee. C of E site Avoca. MG No 194, p 2689, 13/12/1859). Connected with Church of England School, Avoca. (MADA 19/12/1859). Empowered as a J.P. to consent to marriages of minors. (VGG No 27 p 391, 28/2/1860). “… love of justice he manifests”. (BS 3/3/1860.) On Amphitheatre Police Court. (MADA 27/4/1860.) C of E Committee member. Avoca. (MADA 14/5/1860). Orme brought Mrs Orme and their little girl out with him today to Lamplough. (REJ 15/6/1860). Esq. P.M. Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 10/2, 20/2, 5/3, 16/3/, 19/3, 23/3, 26/3, 28/3, 30/3, 2/4, 4/4, 6/4, 11/4, 16/4, 20/4, 27/4, 2/5, 11/5, 16/5, 18/5, 21/5, 25/5, 28/5, 8/6 (Comments on Chinese), 13/6, 15/6, 20/6, 22/6, 27/6, 4/7, 9/7, 13/7, 18/7, 20/7, 23/7, 27/7, 30/7, 3/8/1860.) Accident. (REJ 29/8/1860). Kicked by a horse – absent from the Bench. (NWC 27/9/1860.) Lamplough Police Court (18/10/1860; 25/10/1860; 22/10/1860; 26/10/1860, 20/12/1860.) Appointed a warden of the goldfields. (MADA 22/5/1861). Magistrate Moonambel. (MADA 29/11/1861 and Notice 13/5/1861 VGG 17/5/1861, p 960, No 76.) Appeared on Dunolly Police Court. (MADA 21/3/1862 and 18/7/1862.) Appointed Warden Wedderburne and Dunolly. (VGG 1862 p 1746, 1808.) Police Magistrate Dunolly. (VGG p 1808, 1862). reference to a case before Warden Orme, Tarnagulla, and Warden’s Court, Dunolly. DA 20/6/1862). Appointed Visiting justice, Dunolly gaol. (VGG p 2517, 1863.) Gold Warden at Dunolly when the “Welcome Stranger” nugget was found. (J.R. Gray, 1888, p 80.) Reappointed P.M., Warden, Coroner, Returning Officer. Mining District, Maryborough. MG 11/1/1878, p 73.) A superannuated officer under Act 160. (VGG 11/5/1883, p 973. ) Of Maryborough. Appointed guardian of minors. MG 7/8/1891, p 3306.) Warden Dunolly. (Balliere’s 1868, 1869, 1870, 1871/72). Barrister, The Camp, Dunolly. (Balliere’s 1880/81. ) Police Magistrate Hamilton (Wise’s, 1884/85, 1888/89). Death Hamilton age 78. Father William Knox Orme, Mother – Cherry Knox Orme. Wife Rubenia Mary Baxter. (No 10668 10653 BDM’s, Victoria.) R Knox Orme Solicitor. 4 Temple Court Melbourne (Wise’s Vic PO Directory 1893-94).

DETECTIVE O’ROURKE: See entries for Detective Rourke.

MR ORRALL’S STORE: The Shamrock. Lamplough. Robbery. (MADA 18/11/1861.)

M. ORTMAN: UL 7/3/1860.

MARGARET O’SHEA: Maiden name. See registration of birth for Mary Harris.

MRS OSWALD: Manager, Bank of Victoria, Avoca. (MAM 25/7/1856). Francis Christian Oswald pounds 100. Salary. Bank of Victoria Avoca.

OUSTIN: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 29/2/1860).

JOHN OVENS: UL 28/3/1860.

MR OVER: UL 28/3/1860.

H. OVERS & CO: Advert. Produce dealers. Amphitheatre street, Lamplough. [?] Mountain Creek. (NWC 28/2/1861.)

W T OWAN: UL 9/4/1860.

OWEN: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 9/7/1860).

R & R. OWEN: UL 7/3/1860.

WM THOS. OWEN: SL 16/5/1860. SL, 20/7/1861.

OWENS: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 16/4/1860)

J. OWENS: UL 14/3/1860.

JOHN OWENS: UL 14/3/1860.

JOHN OWENS: Juror. Inquest. Jane Gleison. Lexton. 1855. (ADHS).

JOHN & DANIEL OWENS: Claim for discovery of Lamplough gold fields. (P XVI, 1864. Report from the Board Appointed to Consider Applications for Rewards for the Discovery of New Gold Fields. VPP.) Letter list, Mountain Creek. (“The Pioneer”, 16/2/1861.) Registered ship letter for J & D Owens, Mountain Creek. (VGG No 93, 19/6/1861, p 1193.) OWEN OWENS: Brother of prospectors. Death. Drive fell in on him. From Holyhead, Wales. (BS 6/8/1860.) Age 39 years. (Born 1821?) Father Owen, mother Ann. (No 8843. BDM.) [Marriage Thos Griffith and JANE OWENS. St James Cathedral, Melbourne. Youngest daughter of late William Owens esq Llangefni, Anglesly,North Wales. 31/12/1853. (Arg 4/1/1854).]

POLLY OWENS: Court. Warrant. Back Creek. (MADA 16/11/1859.) 3 months hard labour. Shoplifting. Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 14/3/1860).

T. OWENS: UL 15/2/1860. THOS OWENS: UL 7/3/1860.