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Prepared by Denis Strangman.
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T.B. DACK: UL 7/3/1860.

WILLIAM DAGNETH: Witness. Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 25/5/1860).

J.R. DAKIS: UL 15/2/1860.

MR & MRS R.B. DALE: Mr Dale at Theatre Royal, Ballarat. (BL 4/2/1860.) Theatre Royal. Lamplough (MADA 19/3/1860). In amateur performance. Theatre Royal. Lamplough. (MADA 30/5/1860). Virulent rheumatic pains. Theatre Royal, Lamplough, last Thursday. (BS 12/6/1860).

MR T. DALE: UL 7/3/1860.

DENNIS DALEY: Re Mr. Dallimore Lamplough (Lexton P.C. 13/6/1866).

MR. DALLIMORE: Woodstock. Apt by Daley. (Lexton P.C. 13/6/1866)

J.R. DALLISONS: UL 21/3/1860.

MADAM DALTON: U.L. 4/4/1860.

ROSINA DALTON: Maiden name. See birth of Eliza King.

I. DALY: UL 15/2/1860.

M. DALY: 28/3/1860.

A. DAM: UL 28/3/1860.

MR DAMMAN: Sunday trading charge. Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 16/3/1860). Tobacconist, Commercial Street. 5 pounds fine. Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 11/4/1860). Tobacconist. Amphitheatre Street. Robbery. Mr Kittler, shopman. (MADA 27/6/1860).

ANDREW DAN: UL 28/3/1860.

GEORGE DANMAN: Land, Redbank. (ADHS).

JOHN DAMON: UL 7/3/1860.

DANE: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 28/5/18600.

G. DURE (OR DANE): UL 7/3/1860.

ELEANOR F. DANE: Maiden name. See birth of Joseph F. Johnson.

D. DANELSON: UL 15/2/1860, 7/3/1860.

DANFIELD: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 19/3/1860).

RICHARD DANIELS: Daughter ANN born Lamplough, 1860. (No 10939 BDM).

I. DANISH: UL 15/2/1860.

GEORGE DANVERS: Stealing charge of shirt from Harbottle and Co . Four months Castlemaine gaol. Lamplough Police Court. (NWC 4/10/1860. BS 9/10/1860.)

JOHN DANVERS: UL 21/3/1860.

I. WDARCY: UL 15/2/1860.

J. DARE: UL 7/3/1860.

JOHN DARE: UL 15/2/1860.

E. DASORI: UL 14/311860.

DATE: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 9/7, 18/7, 23/7, 30/7/1860). (NWC 20/9/1860.)

MR DATE: Agent for MADA Lamplough, Mountain Creek, Raglan. (MADA 29/11/1861).

JOSEPH DATE: Discharged from charge of using threatening language against his wife. Dunolly Police Court. (MADA 3/10/1859).

W.J. DAVERNSE: UL 15/2/1860.

DAVIDSON: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 20/4/1860).

DAVID DAVIDSON: U.L. 18/4/1860.

GEO T. DAVIDSON: SL 19/3/1860, 7/3/1860. G.T. DAVIDSON: UL 14/3/1860.

J. DAVIDSON: UL 15/2/1860, 14/3/1860.

JOHN DAVIDSON: UL 14,21,28/3/1860.

L. DAVIDSON: UL 15/2/1860.

B. DAVIE: UL 14/3/1860.

JAMES DAVIE: UL 21/3/1860.

D.M. DAVIES: UL 7/3/1860.

DAVID DAVIES: Son GEORGE born Lamplough 1860. (No 21209 BDM).

HARRIETT DAVIES: Case, Lamplough Police Court. (NWC 13/9/1860.)

J.R. DAVIES: UL 12/3/1860.

JAMES DAVIES: UL 21/3/1860, 18/4/1860.

THOMAS DAVIES: Son DANIEL born Lamplough, 1860. (No 10974 BDM) .

WILLIAM DAVIES: Drinking charge discharged. Lamplough Police Court. (NWC 13/9/1860.) Drunk and disorderly. (NWC 6/12/1860.)

DAVIS: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 25/6/1860).

MRS DAVIS: UL 7/3/1860 (2).

MR DAVIS’S HOTEL: Berry inquest held there. (MAA 6/1/1860).

D.G. DAVIS: U.L. 4/4/1860.

E. DAVIS: UL 14/3/1860.

H.E. DAVIS: UL 15/2/1860.

JOHN DAVIS: UL 7/3/1860.

J.R. DAVIS: UL 28/3/1860.

MARY ANN DAVIS: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 15/6/1860).

MARY DAVIS: SL 16/5/1860.

SARAH DAVIS: Maiden name. See birth of child Merritt.

T.G. DAVIS: SL 16/2/1860. THOS. G. DAVIS: UL 28/3/1860.

W. DAVIS: UL 9/4/1860

WILLIAM DAVIS: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 23/7/1860).

MR DAVY: Sunday trading charge. Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 16/3/1860).

DAVY & FRANCIS: Tinned cheese stolen. (VPG 26/1/1860.)

JOHN DAWE: UL 15/2/1860.

ELLEN DAWES: Maiden name. See birth of Edward Laxton.

JOHN DAWES: UL 7/3/1860.

JOHN DAWS: UL 7/3/1860.

J. DAWSON: UL 15/2/1860.

JNO DAWSON: SL 17/12/1860. JOHN DAWSON: UL 7/3/1860.


P. DAWSON: UL 7/3/1860.

E. DAY: UL 15/2/1860.

G. DAY: UL 7/3/1860.

H. DAY: UL 21/3/1860, 4/4/1860, 9/4/1860.

JAMES DAY: Property stolen. (VPG 26/4/1860.)

DAY, FRANCIS & CO: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 5/3/1860).

MR DEAN: Charge against Mrs Cox. Lamplough Police Court. (BS 22/10/1860.)

DAVID DEAN: UL 18/4/1860.

GEORGE DEAN: Dairyman. Signed Police request petition 21/5/1866.

J.R. DEAN: UL 7/3/1860.


A. DEANEY: UL 15/2/1860.

SANUEL DEANS: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 16/5/1860).

G. DEANY: UL 21/3/1860.


MRS DEBENHAM: UL 28/3/1860.

DE BOURG: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 11/4/1860). De Bourg v Bennett. Theatre Royal Case. (MADA 22/6/1860). [See Du Bourg.]

R. DE BRACEY: UL 15/2/1860.


DEEP PATCH: So called from the depth of sinking 50 to 60 feet “is looking very lively”. (MADA 15/2/1860.) Rushed and abandoned three times. (MADA 20/2/1860). DEEP LF.AD: Lost horse notice – Mather’s Store. Deep Lead. (VGG No 31 p 456, 9/3/1860). 70′ looking very satisfactory (MADA 6/4/1860). Satisfactory results (MADA 11/4/1860). Up as far as one mile from Avoca. (Age 19/4/1860.) Fatal accident. (MADA 20/4/1860). Miners swamped out. (Age 3/5/1860.) Accident. (MADA 7/5/1860). Ground has deteriorated. (MADA 14/5/1860). At head of Amphitheatre street. Almost every claim yielding gold. (Age 19/5/1860.) Shaft 37′ (MADA 4/6/1860). Varied results. (MADA 13/6/1860). Still spoken of favourably. (MADA 20/6/1860). Near Mr Thomas Yorke’s. 400 miners at the cement patch. (MADA 27/6/1860). News very good. (MADA 9/7/1860). 160′(?) (BS 10/7/1860). Dull. (MADA 11/7/1860). Water in it. (NWC 29/11/1860. ) The anticipated new lead at lower end of the Deep Lead a duffer. (MADA 9/4/1862).

MANUEL DE FONTE: Tent cut, property stolen. (VPG 5/1/1860)

MRS DEGRANDI: UL 18/4/1860.

DEHANE: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 14/5/1860). Debt case. Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 25/6,27/6/1860). Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 20/7/1860).

DEHANE & PARTY: Bottomed a claim. (BT 13/12/1859).

DR EDWARD FRANCIS DEHANE: Lamplough Cricket Club (MADA 26/3/1860). Attended Scrase. (MADA 4/5/1860). Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 11/5/1860). Debt case. Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 8/8/1860). Discharged from debt. Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 13/8/1860). Attended ‘Old George’, cart accident. (MADA 5/11/1860). Attended drowned boy. (BS 22/11/1860). Witness, Bullock-Acres case. (NWC 13/12/1860). Treated burnt woman, Mountain Creek. (BS 22/1/1861). Advert. Surgeon. Consulted at Clemes Dispensary, Mountain Creek. (“The Pioneer”, 16/2/1861.) (LSA London 1827. MRCS Eng. 1828. Born Devon 1806. Migrated to S.A. in 1839. Managed. Yatala copper works. Coliban May 1856. Health officer Malsbury 1876. Taradale 1879. Electric telegraph. Bowden p 200.)

J. DEINNE: (?) UL 28/3/1860.

EMANUEL DEIS: Discharged. Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 27/7/1860).


GEO. DELANEY: UL 15/2/1860.,

DELANY: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 25/5/1860).

MARTHA DELANY: Maiden name. See birth of William Worth.

SAMUEL DELPRATT: UL 28/3/1860, 4/4/1860.

T. DEMPSEY: UL 14/3/1860.

HENRY R. DENIS: UL 18/4/1860.

SARAH DENISTON: Charged Michael Healy with assault. Lamplough Police Court. (NWC 13/12/1860.)

MRS W. DENNEY: UL 4/4/1860.

DENNY: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 11/4,27/4/1860).

GEORGE DENTON: Daughter HARIETT born Lamplough, 1860. (NO 15718 BDM) .

MRS DERMOTTY: UL 28/3/1860.

CATHRINA DERN: UL 15/2/1860.




JAMES DERRY: SL 18/3/1861, 29/4/1861.

MR DEVELIN: Barman. Eagle Saloon, Commercial Street, Lamplough. (MADA 22/2/1860).

W.T. DEVEREUX: UL 7/3/1860.

E.F. DEVEY: UL 9/4/1860.

EDWARD DEVIN: UL 14/311860.

MR JAMES WALTER DEVONSHIRE: Pilot Boat Hotel. Ruffians. (BS 14/5/1860). Pilot Boat Hotel Mountain Creek Theatre. (BS 4/2/1861). Publican’s licence, Pilot Boat Hotel. (VGG No 110, p 1377, 19/7/1861.) Died. Age 76 years. At residence, Bridge Hotel, South Williamstown. Husband of Grace. (“The Leader”, 21/10/1899. VBI.)

L. DEZILLE: UL 7/3/1860

MRS DICKSON: UL 15/2/1860.


JOHN DICKSON: UL 15/2/1860.

T. DICKSON: UL 15/2/1860.

CONRAD DIETER: UL 7,14/3/1860. C. DIETER: UL 15/2/1860.

DIGGERS WELCOME HOTEL: One and half miles from Avoca. Murder. (BS 19/3/1860).

MR DIGNAM: Robbery case. Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 20/2/1860).

DILLON: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 27/6/1860).

JOHN DILLON: UL 7/3/1860.

MICHAEL DILLON: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 11/4/1860). About 50 years of age. Charged Eliza Smith with stealing from him. (MADA 25/5/1860). Discharged. (BS 1/6/1860).

J.C. DIMOND: UL 15/2/1860.

P. DINE: UL 15/2/1860.

W. DINETH: UL 7/3/1860.

T. DINSDALE: UL 14/3/1860.

MR DISOBBLO: UL 28/3/1860.

JAMES DIXON: UL 4/4/1860.

JOHN DIXON: UL 21/3/1860, 18/4/1860. SL 21/4/1860.

JOSEPH DIXON: Clothes stolen. Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 22/2/1860).

SUSAN DOBERTHIAN: Maiden name. See birth of Christof Quak.

AGNES DOBIE: Maiden name. See birth of Robert McPhee.


SGT. DOBSON: New Sgt. of police. Very gentlemanly and well informed man. (REJ 20/10/1860.) Promoted to sub Inspectorship. (REJ 7/11/1860.) Lamplough Police Court. (NWC 1/11/1860.)

DOCKERY: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 4/5/1860).

DOCTOR’S CREEK: Rush. Between Lamplough and Burnbank. (BS 9/8/1860).

DODD: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 28/5,9/7/1860).

AARON DODD: Dissolution of partnership with F.W. Gazzard at Avoca. (VGG No 20 D 308. 14/2/1860).

MR DODD: Lamplough Cricket Club. (MADA 9/3/1860).

MR DODD: Old digging acquaintance of R.E. Johns. met at Lamplough. Was working with Sandfords, Forest Creek 1852. (REJ 23/2/1860.) Long chat with REJ. (REJ 27/3/1860.) Returned from Inglewood. (REJ 2/4/1860.) To Wycliffe to superintend. (REJ 3/4/1860.)

J. DODD: Trustee, Public Recreation area, Avoca. (VGG p 142, 22/10/1858).

JOHN DODD: Daughter ANNA MARIA born Lamplough, 1860. (No 15730 BDM).

MR DODDS: Slaughterman, near Avoca. (NWC 22/11/1860.)

J. DODDS: UL 15/2/1860.

W. DODDS: UL 7/3/1860.

MICHAEL PATRICK DOHERTY: Child. 2 years 9 months. Drowned. Creek, Amphitheatre street. Inquest. (MADA 16/11, 19/11/1860). Son of Bridget and Henry Doherty. Died 34 hours later, from convulsions. (ADHS).

WILLIAM HENRY DOHERTY: Daughter BERTHA ESTHER born Lamplough, 1860. (No 10925 WM).

A. DOIG: UL 7/3/1860.

ANN DOLAN: Maiden name. See birth of Mary Murphy.

ANNE DOLAN: Maiden name. See birth of Henry O’Neill.

DOLEMORE (DOLLOMORE): Amateur performance. Theatre Royal. (MADA 30/5/1860). Creditable manner. (BS 12/6/1860).


DAVID DONAHUE: UL 15/2/1860.


GEORGE DONALDSON: Property stolen. WPG 17/1/1861.) Property stolen at Mountain Creek. WPG 28/2/1861.)



DONKEY WOMAN’S GULLY: Chinese Camp there. Inquest on Lock Lim, Avoca, 1857. (ADHS) . The main Avoca diggings were mostly at the rush below Donkeywoman’s Gully. (Flett, “Old Pubs …” p 36.) Place of original Avoca rush. (CMJ Oct. 1858). Prospecting claim. (MADA 24/10/1860). Handsome gold speciman found at reef near Gully. (MADA 5/6/1861).

DONITO: Killed. Near Avoca. Inquest. (BA 24/3/1860. Ball. Star via MH 23/3/1860.)

MARTIN DONNALLY: Daughter MATILDA born Lamplough, 1860. (No 11052 BDM.)

GEORGE DONNE: Storekeeper and Postmaster, Redbank. 13 months at Hines.(VPP 1861-62. D No 38.)

JOHN DONNER: UL 14/3/1860.

MR DONOVAN: In Burns’ tent (grog shanty). Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 23/3,27/4/1860).

PATRICK DONOVAN: Policeman? Witness. (MADA 17/7/1861).

R. DOOLEY: UL 15/2/1860, 7/3/1860.

ANN E JANE DORAN: maiden name. See birth of Amelia Benjamin.

THOMAS DORAN: Ticket of leave, Avoca. Failed to give address at Lamplough. (VPG 22/3/1860.)

W. DORMAN: UL 15/2/1860.

WILLIAM DOTT: SL 16/6/1860, 15/9/1860.

JANE DOUGLAS: Maiden name. See birth of Samuel Anderson.

JAS DOUGLAS: UL 28/3/1860.

JOHN & MARGARET DOUGLAS: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 11/5/1860).

MR WILLIAM DOUGLASS: Resides at Lamplough. Court case involving goods bought from Levy and Sons. (MADA 30/12/1859, 30/1/1860. MAA 31/1/1860.) DOUGLAS: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 29/2/1860.) (MADA 5/3/1860). Amphitheatre Street. Retiring from business. (MADA 28/3/1860).

DR A. DOW: (Bowden p 111. “Goldrush Doctors at Ballarat”.)

D. DOWE: UL 15/2/1860.

ELLEN DOWEY: Son EDWARD born Lamplough 1860. (No 10969 BDM See also Webster).

CHARLES DOWLING: Daughter JANE born Lamplough 1860. (No 10912 BDM).

CHARLES CHROMELEY DOWLING: Appointed CSO 22/1/1856. Sub warden District of Avoca. (VGG p 154, 1856. ) Appointed Warden, Beechworth, and a Chinese Protector. Chief Secretary’s Office 6/7/1857. WGG p 1275, 1857.) Appointed from Ararat to the Buckland. (Woods. P.63.)

J. DOWLING: UL 7/311860.

MRS DOWNAC: UL 7/31186Q.


JOHN DOWNING: SL 15/9/1860, 18/10/1860.

MR DOWNING: UL 15/2/1860.

MRS DOWNING: UL 15/2/1860.

DOWSLEY: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 16/4,20/4/1860).



WILLIAM DOWSON: Robbed. WPG 26/1/1860.)

PATRICK DOYLE: UL 21/3/1860.

E. DRAGO: UL 7/3/1860.

E. DRAGS: UL 15/2/1860.

DRAKE: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 5/3/1860).

FRED DRAKE: Deputy Registrar B & D, Moonambel. (VGG No 23, 10/3/1863, p 553.)

SARAH DRAKE: Maiden name. See birth of Mary Helen Slater.

DR. WILLIAN DRAKE: Gave evidence at Berry inquest. Witness to fighting. (MADA 6/1/1860).

FRANCIS DRALE: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 13/7/1860).

J.G. DRANE: UL 21/3/1860.

LAVINIA DRANS: Maiden name. See birth of Emily A. Carrew.

DRAPERY STORE: For sale. Next to the U.S. Hotel. (NWC 20/9/1860.) 20×40. Weatherboard sides. 8 feet walls. Iron roof, etc. (MADA 12/9/1860).

J.G. DRAWS: UL 7/3/1860.

JANE DREW: Witness in inquest on death of Eliza Wood’s child, Amphitheatre. (MADA via Arg. 16/11/1859). Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 6/6/1860). Amphitheatre Street. Lamplough. Case. Lamplough Police Court. (NWC 13/9/1860.) Assault case dismissed (NWC 20/9/1860.)

JOHN DREW: Debut at Theatre Royal, Back Creek, in “Handy Andy”. (MADA 16/11/1859.) First appearance at Castlemaine in Lover’s “Handy Andy”. Sang “Nora Creina”. (MAM 2/12/1859). Advert. Theatre Royal, Castlemaine. “The Irish Immigrant”. Pat O’Brien, a poor emigrant from Ireland. (MAM 12/12/1859.) Going to Sandhurst. (MAM 19/12/1859.) Played Pat O’Brien in “Irish Immigrant”, Haymarket Theatre, Bendigo. (BA 28/12/1859). “… the delineator of Irish character is drawing large houses at Sandhurst.” (Age 29/12/1859.) As Pierce O’Hara at Haymarket, Bendigo. (BL 7/1/1860). As Pat O’Brien in the “Irish Immigrant” at Theatre Royal, Melbourne. Received a perfect ovation. (Age 10/1/1860.) In “Handy Andy” at Pantheon, Cremorne, Melbourne. (MH 5/3/1860). In “Irish Emigrant” at Cremorne Theatre, Melbourne. (Arg. 5/3/1860.) At Pantheon. (Age 27/2/1860.) At Pantheon Theatre, Melbourne. “… Hibernian eccentricities (Arg. 17/3/1860.) The Irish Ambassador and the Irish Attorney. (Arg. 22/3/1860.) First appearance “Irish Commedian”. “Handy Andy”. Theatre Royal. Lamplough. (MADA 9/4,11/4,16/4/1860). At Theatre Royal, Melbourne. (Age 14/5/1860.) Farewell benefit, Theatre Royal, Melbourne. Going to England? (Age 1/6/1860.) At Theatre Royal, Dublin 1861-62. Last Irish commedian of his time. Late John Drew. “Table Talk”, 6/2/1891. VBI?)

JOHN DROMEY: Born Lamplough. Age 38. Married Mary Auld 31/10/1904 (ADHS).

MICHAEL DROMEY: Land Board. (AFP 22/5/1886).

DRURY: UL 14/3/1860.

P. DRURY: UL 15/2/1860, 7/3/1860.

T. DRURY: UL 15/2/1860.

DU BOURG: Advertisement: Dy Bourg’s funeral establishment. Wesley Hill, Forest Creek. (MAM 17/8/1855). UL 14/3/1860. Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 28/3/1860). JOSEPH DU BOURG: Insolvent. Timber merchant. Lamplough. (Arg. 7/7/1860.) [See De Bourg.] Certificate granted to J. Du Bourg. (Arg 3/5/1861). JOSEPH DU BARRY: Insolvent, Lamplough. Timber merchant. (Age 7/7/1860.) Case adjourned. (Age 16/10/1860.) Insolvency meeting. Details. (Age 29/11/1860.)

CHARLES DUCKETT: Daughter REBECCA born Lamplough 1860. (No 21176 WM.) UL 18/4/1860 (2).



T. DUIGAN: UL 14/3/1860.

T. DUISDALE: UL 4/4/1860, 9/4/1860.

ANTHONY DUKE: UL 4/4/1860 (?). SI, 21/4/1860.

JAMES WILSON DUKE: Child. Drowned. Brewer’s Creek. Bet Bet Creek. Inquest. (MADA 3/12/1860).

A. DUMMETT: UL 7/3/1860.

I. DUMMING: UL 7/3/1860.

J. DUMOLARD: UL 15/2/1860. J. DUMOLAID: UL 7/3/1860.

C.N. DUMOND: UL 7/3/1860.

C. DUMONT: SL 19/3/1860.

C. DU MOULIN: UL 21/3/1860.

C. DU MONTIN: UL 14/3/1860.


J. DUNCAN: UL 7/3/1860.

JAMES DUNCAN: Ticket of leave. Lamplough. (VPG 4/4/1860.)

JOHN DUNCAN: UL 28/3/1860.

JNO DUNCAN: SL 18/3/1861.

W. DUNCAN: UL 7/3/1860.

DUNLOP: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 18/5/1860).


A. DUNN: 7/3/1860.

ANDREW DUNN: UL 14/3/1860.

R. DUNN: UL 7/3/1860.

T. DUNN: UL 7/3/1860.

DUNNAMORE: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA, 14/5,18/5/1860).

JOHN DUNNE: UL 15/2/1860.

DUNOLLY’S BILLIARD ROOM: Commercial street. Next to Joseph Southern’s hay and corn store. (BA 26/1/1860).

JUSTIN DUPRY: Preferred lunacy charge. Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 22/2/1860). JUSTICE DUPREY: UL 9/4/1860.

W. DURRANT: UL 7/3/1860.


GEO DUTHIE: SL 29/4/1861.

ALBERT DWENAL: Land Board. Lived at Glenpatrick. Married. Two children. (AFP 22/5/1886).

JOHN DWYER: UL 18/4/1860.

MR DYCKHOFF: DYIKCHOFF: DYCHIKOFF: DYIKOFF: Notice in Victorian Government Gazette re a 2 pounds reward for a lost bay mare. Mr Dykoff, Corn dealer, Amphitheatre. (VGG No 173, page 2327, 28/10/1859). Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 16/4, 27/4, 11/5, 14/5/1860). Argument with Cartwright. Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 25/5/1860). Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 28/5/1860, 6/6, 9/7, 13/7, 18/7, 3/8, 8/8/1860). Lost horse notice. Corn dealer. Amphitheatre, Lamplough. (VGG No 76 p 1171, 22/6/1860, and VGG No 143, p 2176, 13/11/1860). Hay and corn dealer, Lamplough. (NWC 25/10/1860.) Hay and Corn Store. Advert. New Year’s Flat. Lost horse.(“The Pioneer”, 16/2/1861.)

A. DYER: UL 7/3/1860.