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adhs~001 Group photograph, titled ” Mr Squires, Homebush, August, 1885. ” Rechabite Jubilee, Held in Melbourne, August, 1885. adhs~1 Rev H.Greenwood, Wesleyan Minister, 2nd term, 1876. adhs~1a Rev.H.Greenwood, Wesleyan Minister. 2nd term, 1876. adhs~10 Rev Brown…?? adhs~100 Mr & Mrs William Davies, Percydale. Wedding photo, 1898. adhs~101 Dan Davies, Percydale. adhs~102 Charles Templeton, killed in a accident, North Homebush Mine, 1892. adhs~103 Alfred Edwin Templeton. Youngest son of William & Mary Templeton. Died of Typhoid Fever in 1890. Buried at Avoca. adhs~104 William Templeton, born Scotland, c. 1832. Educated in Walesa. Buried at Avoca, 23.3.1901. Married Mary Jane Morphett. adhs~105 Father of William Templeton. adhs~106 William Webb Hodgetts. adhs~107 Herbert Henry. adhs~108 Isaac Henry, Homebush. adhs~109 John Charles Harkin, Bung Bong. adhs~11 Rev. W. Presley, Wesleyan Minister, 1890. adhs~110 Samuel James Greenwood, married Rose Elizabeth Burkinshaw, daughter of Geo. Burkinshaw & Rebecca Rowland. adhs~111 Herbert Greenwood. c. 1880. adhs~112 George Greenwood. c. 1880. adhs~113 William Greenwood, married Susan Borgoyne. adhs~114 Frederick Taylor, Homebush. adhs~115 Stephen Tunks, Cabinet Maker, Avoca. 1880’s.

adhs~116 Frank Turpin…?? adhs~117 Mr Crick Senr, Moonambel. c. 1870. adhs~118 John Crick. adhs~119 W.M.Chellew, Avoca. adhs~12 Rev. M.Bullas, Wesleyan Minister, 1881. adhs~120 W.M.Chellew, Avoca Fireman. c. 1895. adhs~121 Harold Davies, killed 1914-18 War. Son of Dan Davies & Clara Howqua. adhs~122 Dan Davies, Percydale. adhs~123 William H. Davies, age 17 years. Percydale. adhs~124 John Dixon, Moonambel. Born Glasgow, died 26.3.1874. adhs~125 Thomas Scoble Evans. adhs~126 W.Foster, Avoca Fireman. adhs~126a W.Foster, Avoca Fireman. c. 1895. adhs~127 John Henry Evans. adhs~128 Alfred Macbeth, son of John Macbeth & Elizabeth Burkinshaw. adhs~129 George McKinnon, Homebush. adhs~13 Rev. H.Greenwood, Wesleyan Minister. First Term 1868. adhs~130 A.Harvey, Avoca Fireman. c. 1895. adhs~131 Mr Batman, Avoca…?? adhs~132 Trooper Comrie. adhs~133 Coffe Craven, Homebush…??

adhs~134 Dr William Selwyn Morris, at Avoca, by 1855, died there in 1889. adhs~135 Hugh Alexander Morrison. Policeman, Avoca. adhs~136 Isaac Henry, Homebush. adhs~137 Y.S.Lalor, Avoca Fireman. c. 1895. adhs~138 Thomas Leerson, Percydale. adhs~139 Hugh Alexander Morrison, Policeman, Avoca. adhs~14 Rev.T.Pugh & family. adhs~140 Dr W.S.Morris, Avoca. adhs~141 A.F.Paton, Avoca fireman. c. 1895. adhs~142 Harry or Eugene Preston, Nowhere Creek. adhs~143 Arthur Paten. adhs~144 William Owen Roberts, Percydale. adhs~145 G.W.Redpath, Avoca fireman. c. 1895. adhs~146 William Rowland, son of Wm Rowland & Francis Corney Budge. adhs~147 George Mills, son of Henry & Sarah Mills. adhs~148 Job Mills. c. 1871. adhs~149 Henry Mills. adhs~15 Rev.P.Hauser, Wesleyan Minister. 1891. adhs~150 William Mills, son of George & Sarah Mills. adhs~151 Thomas Henry Mills, son of Henry & Sarah.

adhs~152 Fred Oppy, Homebush. adhs~153 Fred Oppy, married Christine Brown. adhs~154 George Smith, Rathscar. adhs~155 John Roxburgh, 1823-1891. General Storekeeper, Lexton. adhs~156 William Reed Thomas. adhs~157 William Simmons, Percydale. adhs~158 Jack Silva, married Martha Waugh. adhs~159 Richard Rowland, son of Wm & Francis C. Budge. adhs~16 Rev.D.Lindsay, Wesleyan Minister. 1883. adhs~160 William Rowland, son of William Rowland & Elizabeth Shaw. adhs~161 William Rowland, married Eliza Shaw. adhs~162 Henry George Wise, married Emily Gregory. adhs~163 W.M.Wise, Avoca fireman. c. 1895. adhs~164 W.Wolfe, Avoca fireman. c. 1895. adhs~165 *** Photo not there *** adhs~166 Robert Ward, Snr, Percydale adhs~167 William Wise, Avoca fireman. c. 1895. adhs~168 A.Whitley, Avoca fireman. c. 1895. adhs~169 Rev.E.K.Yeatman, Church of England. adhs~17 Rev.D.O’Donnell, Wesleyan Minister. 1874.

adhs~170 Albert Howqua, Percydale. adhs~171 Clara Howqua, Percydale. adhs~172 William George, Percydale. adhs~173 Phillip Taylor, Percydale. adhs~174 ? Shiell, Homebush. adhs~175 William Shiell , married Hannah Burkinshaw. adhs~176 William Shiell. adhs~177 John Shiell, 1869-1917, 6th child of Wm & Hannah Shiell. adhs~178 Edward Shiell, son of William & Hannah. adhs~179 Edward Shiell, 1864-1933. ( Australian Vital Records Index : Father-William, Mother-Anna Burkenshaw. Reg year-1865. Event Place-Avoc. ref No-187. ) adhs~18 Rev.J.A.Ball, Avoca. adhs~180 Edward Shiell, 1864-1933. 4th child of William & Hannah Shiell, married Elizabeth Anne Toyne, 18.2.1892. adhs~181 *** Photo not there *** adhs~182 *** Photo not there *** adhs~183 *** Photo not there *** adhs~184 *** Photo not there *** adhs~185 *** Photo not there *** adhs~186 *** Photo not there *** adhs~187 *** Photo not there *** adhs~188 *** Photo not there *** adhs~189 *** Photo not there *** adhs~190 *** Photo not there *** adhs~19 Rev.R,Brown, Wesleyan Minister. 1871. adhs~19a Rev.R.Brown…?? adhs~2 Rev.J.R.Currie, Wesleyan Minister. 1914. adhs~20 Rev.M.Dyson, Wesleyan Minister. 1855. adhs~200 Avoca Hotel, 1865. adhs~201 Avoca Hotel. c. 1875. adhs~202 Avoca Hotel. adhs~203 Avoca Hotel.

adhs~204 Avoca Hotel. adhs~205 Avoca Hotel. c. 1910. adhs~206 Avoca Hotel, c. 1915. adhs~207 Avoca Hotel. adhs~208 Avoca Presbyterian Church. c. 1910. adhs~209 Methodist Church, Natte Yallock, 1905. adhs~21 Rev.Alexander Adam, appointed to Lexton, 1853. adhs~210 St.John’s Church of England. adhs~211 Avoca Presbyterian Church and Manse. c. 1890. adhs~212 Brooke St, Moonambel. Business of J.Dickson. Perhaps Mrs Sarah Dickson, on left. adhs~213 Bennett Bros, Homebush. adhs~214 Mrs Elizabeth Holland. adhs~215 Mrs John Mockett, ( nee Bennet Bone ) Born 1839, Edinburgh, Scotland. Died 1906, Victoria Hotel, Avoca adhs~216 Amherst Hospital. c. 1900. adhs~217 T.Holland, High Street, Avoca. c. 1870.

adhs~218 A.Ebeling, High St, Avoca. adhs~219 Special Certificate awarded to E.H.Mackereth & Sons, . 1900. adhs~22 Rev. Courtney Thomas, Wesleyan Minister, 1904. adhs~220 Certificate of Merit, awarded to E.H.Mackereth & Sons, 1901. adhs~221 Ralph Miller, building a haystack at Rathscar. c. 1910. adhs~222 David Rodwell & family. Percydale. c. 1880. adhs~223 Hog’s Reef Mine, Avoca. c. 1938. adhs~224 Hog’s Reef Mine, Avoca. c. 1938. adhs~225 Talbot Alluvials Ltd. Deep Lead Mine, Caralulup. c. 1935. adhs~226 Talbot Alluvials Ltd. Deep Lead Mine, Caralulup. c. 1935. adhs~227 The Imperial Hotel, Homebush. adhs~228 Amphitheatre Hotel. c. 1895. adhs~229 Union Hotel, Avoca. Chidley photograph, 1872. adhs~23 Simmons Butcher Shop, Avoca. adhs~230 Maria Stockman, later Mrs William Moyle. adhs~231 Bradley’s Store, Homebush. adhs~232 High Street, Avoca. c. 1915. adhs~233 T.J.Smith & Emily Burkinshaw. adhs~234 Alfred Golder Jnr & family, Avoca.

adhs~235 Alfred Jacob Golder, Wheelwright. Arrived at Avoca, from Mt.Barker, S.A. c. 1861. adhs~236 Avoca Soldiers Memorial. c. 1930. adhs~237 View looking west towards Flour Mill, Baths & Bridge. Chindley photograph. 1872. adhs~238 At the Sale Yards, Avoca. Real Photo Series. M406. adhs~239 Avoca Post Office. adhs~24 Ampitheatre Rifle Club. c. 1920. L>R : back row : Len Bird, Joseph Perce, Bob Fims, Jack Quayle, Jim Keith. front row : Ned Westbrook, Murdock Mills, Alec Mills. adhs~240 Engine Room, at the Slade Quarries, Percydale. adhs~241 Sgt. Alexander Nicholson. adhs~242 Shearing with Blades, at Hestercombe, Birds Gap. Amphitheatre ? Elmhurst. c. 1900. adhs~243 Shearing time at Glenlogie. Harry Lofts & Fred Bird. adhs~244 Back to Avoca, 1921. adhs~245 Harry Lofts, painting a wagon, Glenlogie. adhs~246 Bank of Victoria, Avoca. Built 1854, Enlarged 1857. later the private residence of S.J.Bevan. adhs~248 Mary & Jim Cotter, Percydale. adhs~249 Angus & Mary Ellen Comrie, (nee Murray) and Dolly, born 1910. adhs~25 E.Snell, Avoca. adhs~250 Mr & Mrs Alex Punton and Harold, Percydale. c. 1912. adhs~251 Commercial Hotel, Moonambel, about 1895. The Moyle family outside. adhs~252 Sarah Jane Preston, ( Mrs Wm.Brereton ). Born Nowhere Creek, 1870. adhs~253 Mrs Polly Brown, Avoca.

adhs~254 Unknown…Mills…?? adhs~255 Unknown…Mills…?? adhs~256 Unknown…Mills…?? adhs~257 Unknown…Mills…?? adhs~258 Sister of George Mills. adhs~259 Doris Mills, ( Mrs Herbert Henry ). Daughter of George Mills. adhs~26 Nicholls the Undertaker, Avoca. c. 1895. adhs~260 Eliza Mills, ( nee Cooper ), daughter of Sarah & Henry Mills. adhs~261 Sarah Mills, ( nee Thomas ), wife of George. adhs~262 Hester ? Mills, daughter of Job Mills & Sarah Chandler. adhs~263 Eliza Mills, ( Mrs Alex Taylor ). Daughter of Sarah & Henry Mills. adhs~264 Mrs Alice Mills, ( nee Hellier ). adhs~265 Alice Hellier, later Mrs Job Mills. Taught at Rathscar West School. adhs~266 Annie Thomas. adhs~267 Mrs Passow, Homebush. Photograph, found at the Rhode / Nichols, Reunion at Homebush, November, 2002. adhs~268 Street scene. adhs~269 Bradley’s Store, Homebush. c. 1870. adhs~270 Thomas Allan, with fox skins. Lamplough.

adhs~271 E.Cannon, Bootmaker, Avoca. c.1880. adhs~272 Lexton Hotel, Lexton. c.1880. adhs~273 Bull & Mouth Hotel, Avoca. 1880 Directory — W.Smith 1901 Directory — Mrs Foster 1902/05 Directory — A.Emerson 1906/14 Directory — Mrs H.Abbott 1927 Directory — D.J.Larkins adhs~274 The 2nd Amphitheatre Hotel. c. 1870’s. adhs~275 Sarah Mills & daughter, Doris. adhs~276 Ester & Elizabeth Mills. Daughters of Henry & Sarah Mills, nee Cooper. adhs~277 Mills. ( unknown ). Young woman. adhs~278 Paramount Theatre, Avoca. adhs~279 Avoca Public baths. c 1865. adhs~280 Cyanide vats, Excelsior Reef, Wilson & Shiell. F1/15. adhs~281 Cyanide vats, Wilson & Shiell, Excelsior Reef. F1/16A. adhs~282 Wilson & Shiell. Pyman’s Gold Mine, Homebush. 23/1. adhs~284 William Rowland, born 1807, Antony, Cornwell, died 1807, Avoca. & Rebecca Rowland ? married George Burkinshaw. adhs~285 Joseph & Mary-Ann Ivory. ( daughter of Henry Mills ) adhs~287 Mr & Mrs John Charles Harkin. adhs~288 Samuel James Greenwood & Mary Ann Greenwood ? adhs~289 William and Anna Shiell, Homebush. nee Hannah Burkenshaw. c. 1880.

adhs~29 Lower Homebush State School. Back row : L>R : Laura Squire ~ Sewing Mistress, Charlotte Young ~ Mrs George Wilkins, George Wilkins ? ~ Head Teacher. adhs~290 Mr & Mrs Frank McEwan, Homebush. adhs~291 George & Sarah Mills. Wedding photograph. *** Wedding : George Mills & Sarah Sleeman Thomas, Marriaage Place : Avoca. Reg year : 1887. Ref No. 6099. adhs~292 Unknown. McKinnon ? Homebush. 11/21. adhs~293 S.Manley’s Store, Elmhurst. c. 1870. adhs~294 C.McKenzie, Butchers, Moonambel. adhs~295 Martha Waugh, Mrs Jack Silva. adhs~296 Union Church, Homebush. adhs~297 Homebush Recreation Hall. c. 1910. 12/27. adhs~298 State School, Upper Homebush. c. 1910. adhs~299 Common School, Moonambel. This building was leased from the Church of England, from 1861 to 1875. adhs~3 Rev J.A. Osborne, Wesleyan Minister 1897. adhs~30 Avoca Primary School, No 4. c. 1900. adhs~300 Catholic Church, Avoca. adhs~301 *** Photo not there *** adhs~302 *** Photo not there *** adhs~303 *** Photo not there *** adhs~304 Bevan’s Store and Albion Hotel, Avoca. adhs~305 Church of England, Landsborough. c. 1910. adhs~307 Unknown…Townscene. adhs~308 Recreation Ground, Avoca. c. 1910. adhs~309 Football Oval & Flood, Avoca.

adhs~310 Avoca Hotel, Avoca. adhs~311 Burkinshaw family. adhs~312 A Lusby wedding group. adhs~313 Rowland family, Avoca. adhs~314 Walter Kaye & Ethel Johnson. adhs~315 Family of William and Olive Davies, Percydale. L>R : Hilda, Olive, Roylance, Maurice. 1912. adhs~316 Rowland family picnic, Amherst. c. 1900. adhs~317 George Jolly and Rose Emma Elliott. 29 May 1902. adhs~318 Smith family, Homebush. adhs~319 Rev J. Nicholson. Wesleyan Minister, 1869. adhs~320 Alfred and Janet Templeton. Youngest son and daughter of William and Mary Templeton. adhs~321 *** Photo not there *** adhs~322 Wedding photo of Walter & Catherine Fairlie. 30 March 1870. *** Storekeeper at Lexton, 1856. adhs~323 Frances & Corney Budge ( Mrs William Rowland ) and Rebecca Rowland. adhs~324 Mrs Thomas Simmons ( nee Mary Loader ) and son, William. adhs~325 George Jolly and Rose Emma Elliot, 1903. adhs~326 Rose Emma Elliott, married George Jolly. Family L>R : Florence, married R.Ennis. Pearle, married J.Hamer. Emma, married (1) T.Porter. (2) H.Ford. adhs~327 Rowland family group, Bung Bong. 1909. adhs~327a Rowland family group, Bung Bong. 1909. L>R : Back row : Mr Ken Moss Mr Will Moss Mr Geo Moss Mr Hal Rowland Mr Ted Gilsenan….. Mr Dick Cowles…..relative to Gilsenan. Mr Alf Rowland…..fat Alf. Mr G. Sutherland…..neighbour of Gilsenan. 3nd row : Mrs A. Henderson…..Jessie Henderson. Miss A. Moss…..friend. Miss I. Shaw…..Ima Rowland. Mrs Alf Rowland…..Nellie jones. Miss W. Moss…..friend. Miss M. Sutherland…..neighbour. Miss A. Rowland…..Annie ( Hal’s sister ) Miss H. Sutherland…..neighbour. 2nd row : Mrs Ted Gilsenan…..Mary’s sister-in-law. Mr Arthur Rowland, with Henderson. Mrs Moss. Mrs Sutherland…..neighbor of Gilsenan. Mr Alfred Gilsenan…..Grandmother of Mary’s Father. Mrs Cowles Mrs Arthur Rowland….. Miss Jessie Gilsenan…..Mary’s sister. front row : Dan Gilsenan…..Ted & A xxxx son. Miss H. Moss Lil Henderson…..Jessie’s daughter. Harold Henderson…..Lil’s brother. Annie Gilsenan…..Dan’s sister & daughter of Ted Gilsenan. adhs~328 Caroline and Mary Loader, 1899. Mrs David Hellyer and Mrs Simmons.

adhs~329 Eileen Armour and Eva Squires. adhs~33 J.O. Wiltshire, Avoca. Produce Dealer. adhs~330 Mrs McDonald and Dora ( Mrs Len Bird ) Lexton. c. 1910. adhs~331 T.J.Smith and family. c.1914. back L>R : Stan, Edna, Claude. front L>R : T.J. Smith. Lily. Mrs T.J.Smith. adhs~332 No information. Person dressed as Father Christmas, by a early truck, outside a draper shop. adhs~333 1924 Avoca Carnival. adhs~334 1924 Avoca Carnival. adhs~335 1924 Avoca Carnival. adhs~336 1924 Avoca Carnival. adhs~337 1924 Avoca Carnival. adhs~338 Avoca Festival, people in costume. c. 1924. adhs~339 1924 Avoca Carnival. adhs~34 Presbyterian Church, Avoca. 1871. adhs~340 1924 Avoca Carnival. adhs~341 1924 Avoca Carnival. adhs~342 1924 Avoca Carnival. adhs~343 1924 Avoca Carnival. adhs~344 1924 Avoca Carnival. adhs~345 1924 Avoca Carnival. adhs~346 1924 Avoca Carnival.

adhs~347 1924 Avoca Carnival. adhs~348 Avoca Citizens, 1872. adhs~349 Street scene, showing Avoca Hotel. adhs~35 H.Powers, High Street, Avoca. c. 1910. adhs~350 *** Photo not titled *** Thinks it’s Avoca Reservoir. adhs~351 The Vale Bridge, Avoca River. Published by H.L. O’Donnell. M5120. adhs~352 Royal Gardens & Golf Links, Avoca. Publisher by H.L.O’Donnell. M5111 adhs~353 Avoca Reservoir, 1910. adhs~354 The Avoca Avenue. adhs~355 The Willows, Avoca. adhs~356 View of Avoca. C. 1910. adhs~357 Avoca River, 1910. adhs~358 View of Avoca. c. 1910. adhs~359 View of Bank of New South Wales, Avoca. adhs~36 J.Powers, Baker, Avoca. adhs~360 Looking down the main street. adhs~361 *** Photo not there *** adhs~362 High Street, Avoca. Looking North. Published by H.L. O’Donnell. adhs~363 Looking down the main street. adhs~364 Avoca Town Band. C. 1910. With membership list. Adhs~364a Avoca Town Band Front : R>L : Artie Resuggan, Les Yates, unknown, Dick Beaman, Charlie Mockett, unknown, unknown, Second row : Herb Wilmot, unknown, unknown,(poss. Jack Resuggan), xxx Williamson, Tom Henderson, unknown, Drummer Heinrich Classen. Back row : unknown, Dave Summers, unknown, unknown, Lew Summers, Jack Beavis. ( Information from Allan Kaye, 1955 )

adhs~364b Avoca Town Band………with membership list. adhs~364c Avoca Town Band, original photograph, without membership list. adhs~365 Royal Mail Hotel, Lexton. adhs~366 Victoria Hotel, High Street, Avoca. c. 1890. adhs~367 Unknown woman from the Macbeth family. adhs~368 Unknown woman, MacBeth ??, Homebush. adhs~369 Unknown woman from the Macbeth family. adhs~37 E.Cannon, Bootmaker, Avoca. adhs~370 Wilson & Shiell, Excelsior Reef. Cyanide vats, in background. adhs~371 Mrs George Henry Harris. nee Janet Templeton adhs~372 George Harris & Janet Templeton, and family,G Emma, George, William & Lena. adhs~373 Unknown…Mills…?? adhs~374 Unknown…Mills…?? adhs~375 Unknown…Mills…?? adhs~376 George Squires and family. Homebush. c. 1875. adhs~377 William Rowland & son. adhs~378 James Charles Rowland (married Selina Rowe) and Arthur Rowland, 1853 – 1933. adhs~379 George Wilkins, Charlotte Young, and family. Homebush. adhs~38 Landsborough Football Club, Premiers, 1920. Standing : W.Ord, Gaston, F.Friend, W.Petch, G.Blake, J.Hanley, E.Work, E.Perry, P.Lennon. Seated : W.Crawford, R.Blake, W.French, T.Hogan, D.Oates. adhs~380 Worthington family, of Warrenmang. adhs~381 Unknown…Mills…??

adhs~382 Mrs Jack Kerr, nee Sarah Nicholls. adhs~383 Mother of William Templeton. Taken in Scotland. adhs~384 Diggers Hut, Amherst. adhs~385 Mrs Joseph, nee Sis Simons. adhs~386 Susan Burgoyne, married William Greenwood. adhs~387 Mrs Samuel James Greenwood. nee Rose Elizabeth Burkinshaw. C. 1870. adhs~388 Annie Gill, later Mrs O.F. Thomas. adhs~389 Rose George, Percydale. adhs~39 Mr A.G.Lalor. c. 1920. adhs~390 Mrs Hamer, Percydale. adhs~391 Mrs Frank Kaye, nee Mabel Milbank. adhs~392 Elizabeth Sims, born Percydale 1882, married William Robinson, No2 Creek. adhs~393 Mrs Walter Jardine, nee Ellen Elizabeth Smith, Rathscar. C. 1885. adhs~394 Frances Shiell (1861/1951), Eldest daughter of William & Hannah Shiell, Married David Wickham, 14/8/1890. adhs~395 L>R : Frank Squires, Nicky Copeland, unknown. adhs~396 Richard & Mary Rowland, with Victoria & Lillian. Adhs~396a On the reverse of photo adhs~396 : Richmond Easto Rowland & Elizabeth Sarah (nee Squire), Ernest Richmond & Lewis Charles. adhs~397 Henry & Sarah Mills, nee Cooper. adhs~398 Robinson family, formerly of Lamplough. L>R : Elizabeth (Mrs James Johnson), William, May (Mrs Peach), Henry, Rose John (Snr, married Elizabeth Seymour, not in photograph), Grace (Mrs Beasy & Bartlett), Edward & Susan, formerly nee Hooper. adhs~399 Squires family, Homebush. c. 1900. Back row : L>R : Frank, William, Herbert, Charles, Leopold. Front row : L>R: Eve, Francis, Clarice, Mrs John Squires (nee Eliza Rowland), Laura, Lillian.

adhs~4 Rev. J.A. Marsland, Wesleyan Minister, 1878. adhs~400 Charles Grose & Ethel Wilkins, and family. adhs~401 *** Photo not titled *** View of paddock, with cattle. adhs~402 Unknown male…Mills…?? adhs~403 Mrs Sim, Homebush. adhs~404 Mrs James McKinnon, Homebush. nee Eliza Cock adhs~405 Mrs Richard Gilsenan. adhs~406 Rebecca Emma Rowland, married George Burkinshaw. adhs~407 Violet Rowland, daughter of John Rowland. adhs~408 Harriet Shaw, Homebush. adhs~409 Alice Welch. adhs~41 Edwin Kaye, son of Henry Kaye. Acc. killed in N.S.W. adhs~410 Mrs Richard Shiell, nee Emily Trounson. adhs~411 Eliza Rowland, married J. Squires. adhs~412 ?? McKinnon, Homebush. adhs~413 Eva Amelia Taylor, of Stuart Mill. 1882. adhs~414 Ada bessie Taylor, of Stuart Mill. 1882. adhs~415 Opening of W.B. Hodgetts & Sons Shop, in 1924. Originally Jones store, Landsborough. adhs~416 Opening of W.B. Hodgetts & Sons Shop, in 1924. Originally Jones store, Landsborough. adhs~417 Hunter’s home.

adhs~418 George Burkinshaw & miners, Ironbark Mine, Upper Homebush. adhs~419 Prospecting at Mrs Pyman’s paddock. adhs~42 Francis Henry Kaye, Saddler, Avoca. adhs~420 Miners at No 2 Mine, Homebush. c.late 1880’s. adhs~421 Rose of Summer Mine, Homebush. 1900/1910. adhs~422 Rose of Summer Mine, Homebush. 1900/1910. adhs~423 Working mullock mining heaps, Homebush. adhs~424 Mullock heaps, Homebush. adhs~425 Miners, Homebush. adhs~426 Mine, Homebush. c. 1890/1900. adhs~427 Battery, Wilson & Shiell Mine. adhs~428 Wilson & Shiell Excelsior reef Gold Mine, Homebush. adhs~429 Jack & Gus Nicholls, & Jim Cross. View Hill, Lower Homebush. Reef on Trounson’s Hill, Homebush. c. 1908. Adhs~429a Jack & Gus Nicholls, & Jim Cross. View Hill, Lower Homebush. Reef on Trounson’s Hill, Homebush. c. 1908. *** Same as above *** Title on base of photo. adhs~43 Alfred Fielding Kaye, Carpenter, Avoca, with Jane (nee Howell), & Alfred, Arthur, Henry. c. 1914. adhs~430 Hog’s Reef Mine. C. 1910. adhs~431 Steavenson’s Mine in Glenpatrick, in the late 1890’s. The four men on the right are : Andy Steavenson, Joe Francs, Bill McNish, xxx Steavenson. adhs~432 Mystic Peak mine, Bung Bong. adhs~433 Mr Jim Webster working his sons in one of the gullies at the top of the Glen, using a simple homemade sluice and cradle. adhs~434 Bill and bert Milne winnowing the peas. A large log was dragged around in a circular area across The pea straw by a horse. This partially separated the Peas and straw before the winnowing stage. The peas were Bagged and the straw was built into stacks and used as feed for the livestock. adhs~435 Rifle Butts, Avoca. c. 1928.

adhs~436 Rifle Butts, Avoca. c. 1928. adhs~437 Rifle Butts, Avoca. adhs~438 Lamplough Cricket Club. adhs~439 Homebush Cricket Club. adhs~44 Mr Kain, Saddler, High Street, Avoca. adhs~440 Bung Bong Cricket Club. Back row : L>R : Jack Barrett, Jack Gordon, Tom Mills, Harold Rowland. Umpire ~ George Miller. Centre row : Les Shiell, Bert Trounson, Bill Currie, Ernie Norton, Tom Gordon. Front row : Tom Walters, Jack Harkin. adhs~441 Football Team, Ampitheatre. adhs~442 Football Team, Homebush. adhs~443 Tennis group, Homebush. c. 1910. adhs~444 Playing tennis, Upper Homebush. c. 1910. ( Chamber’s & Summer’s houses, in the background ). adhs~445 Swimming Carnival, at the Dredge Hole. adhs~446 Ah Yen’s Chinese garden, Ampitheatre. adhs~447 Ah Yen’s cottage, Ampitheatre. adhs~448 Declaration of the Poll,(date unknown). In front of the present day Newsagency. James Curnick, in foreground. adhs~449 Eva Squires, Mollie Kofeod, Paddy (Fred) Taylor, & Joe Stratman. Homebush. adhs~45 Edwin Kaye, posing, on his bicycle. adhs~450 Garden Party at Burkinshaw’s. Wareek. c. 1925. adhs~451 Garden Party at Burkinshaw’s. Wareek. c. 1925. adhs~452 Clara Howqua, Percydale. adhs~453 Howqua, Percydale.

adhs~454 Ellen Howqua, Percydale. adhs~455 Rose George, nee Howqua, Percydale. adhs~456 Barker’s Store, Avoca. Mrs G. Barker, nee Ettie Worthington. adhs~457 Bevan Store. Back row : L>R : Roy Gee, unknown, Alma Brown (Mrs C.Howell), Jack Coghlan, unknown. Front row : Nellie Lusby (Mrs Wrigley), S.J. Bevan, Hilda Ware (Mrs Hogg) Adhs~458 Killing the pig, at Walter Streeter’s farm, Natte Yallock. c. 1920’s. Elk McDiarmid, Arthur & Walter Streeter. adhs~459 Mount Mitchell Estate. adhs~46 Mr & Mrs Looney, Amphitheatre. adhs~460 Post Cards of Homebush. adhs~461 McKinnon’s Store, Upper Homebush. c. 1910. adhs~462 McKinnon’s Store, Upper Homebush. c. 1910. adhs~463 Haunted Avenue, Homebush. adhs~464 View of Homebush. c. 1910. adhs~465 People on a bridge, Upper Homebush. 1911. adhs~466 Imperial Hotel, Homebush. c. 1870. adhs~467 Homebush. 1911. adhs~468 Homebush. adhs~469 Homebush fishing. C. 1910. adhs~47 Dr. W.S.Morris, 1872. ( in his garden, woman, in background, to the right hand side ) adhs~470 Gum Grove, Homebush. adhs~471 Homebush reservoir.

adhs~472 Gum Grove, Homebush. adhs~473 View of a Bridge. Upper Homebush.1911. adhs~474 View of Homebush. 1910. adhs~475 *** photo not there *** adhs~476 C.E.S.S. Picnic, Homebush. 1911. adhs~477 C.E.S.S. Picnic, Homebush. 1911. adhs~478 Homebush Picnic. 1911. adhs~479 Picnic group, Homebush. adhs~480 Lower Homebush Hall. adhs~481 Party at a Mine, Homebush. c. 1910. adhs~482 Mullock heaps and Mr Haynes (Teacher). Homebush. adhs~483 *** Photo not titled *** View of main street. Avoca. adhs~484 *** Photo not titled *** View of group in main street. Avoca. adhs~485 Brick house, Avoca. c. 1870. adhs~486 The Bird family, at ” Hestercoombe “, Glenlogie. adhs~487 Snow at Glenlogie. C.1890’s. Henry Bird & Fred Bird. adhs~488 ” Hestercoombe “, Glenlogie. Built by Edward Henry Bird. adhs~489 George Mill’s residence. Mills Lane, Natte Yallock flood, 1902 or 1910. adhs~49 Albion House, Avoca. W.Henderson, in middle. adhs~490 Avoca V.D.C. Group, W.W.II. adhs~491 Larkins ??

adhs~492 Ann Clarice Brown, nee Squires. School Teacher. adhs~493 Avoca River, Watford House, in background. c. 1920’s. adhs~494 Cambridge Street, looking toward the Avoca River. adhs~495 *** Photo not titled *** Avoca Free Press building. adhs~496 The Ford, Avoca River. adhs~497 Avoca Shire Council, at Moonambel. Arthur Paten, right rear. adhs~498 *** Photo not titled *** Elder male, standing outside, house, ” Rhondda “. adhs~499 ” Deer Park “, Nowhere Creek. The home was built by the Moore family, who originally Came from Devon, England, and named the new home after The Devon home. The first home was built in 1860, and rebuilt 3 times, finially finished in 1938, for a cost Of 1,689/13/3. adhs~5 Mr & Mrs Debenham, Upper Homebush Sunday School teacher. adhs~50 *** Photo not titled *** Street scene, showing shop of T.Henry. adhs~500 Miss Seymour, School Teacher, Percydale. adhs~501 Picnic at waterfalls. c. 1910. adhs~502 Picnic at waterfalls. c. 1910. adhs~503 Percydale picnic. 1905. adhs~504 Percydale picnic. 1900. adhs~505 Moonambel Hall, interior. C. 1915. adhs~506 Gathering at Moonambel. C. 1900. adhs~507 The Avoca Nigger Minstrils. A miniuto of the Back to Xmas, 1936. adhs~508 Avoca Debutant Ball. Original photograph. Adhs~508a Avoca Debutant Ball. Back row: L>R: Joyce hardy (nee Wardlaw), Amy Wardlaw (nee Gordon), Coralie Castleman, Phyllis Impey (nee Giles), Gwen Mathews (nee Jolly), Ena Harrison, Margaret Kaye. 4th row: Pam Davies, Jennifer Harrison (nee Kaye), Cyril Martin, Barbara Ngip, Sandra Martin. 3rd row: Dina Blair (nee Curtis), Elva Barker (nee Jardine), Cecelia Morton (nee Heenan), Mona Davies (nee Summers), Chaperone, Lois bradley (nee Henderson), Betty Jeffers (nee French), Francis Castleman (nee French). 2nd row: Joan Pitcher (nee Wardlaw),Isabell Ross, Brenda Stuart, Pat Jones, Mauva Munroe (nee Harrison), Dot beavis (nee Barker),

Adhs~508b List of above. Adhs~508c List of above. adhs~509 Glen Brae School, Shire of Lexton. 1912. adhs~50a T.W.Henry, High Street, Avoca. adhs~510 Evansford School, No. 801. c. 1880. adhs~511 Original Waubra School. Including aboriginal, King Billy. adhs~512 Waterloo School, No. 717. 19/7/1921. adhs~513 The re-opening of the Evansford School. 17th Oct.1913. adhs~514 Avoca Primary School, Grade VII & VIII. 1923. Back row: L>R: unknown, nellie Whitley, Elsie Hall, Olive Romey, Jean Kitchell. 2nd row: all unknown. Teacher: Dicky Richards. 3nd row: Elsie Howell, Doris Impey ?? rest unknown. Teacher: Tommy Walters. 4th row: Hellings, Iles Golder (6th), Jack Wiltshire, unknown, Ronnie Matheson, unknown, Front row: Harry Bartlett (5th), at the end: Leon redpath. Adhs~514a Reverse of above photo, with some names written on it. adhs~515 Moonambel School. c. 1897. adhs~516 Moonambel School. c. 1910. Back row, left: Seamistress: Irene Moyle. 2nd in front: Gloria Fuller. adhs~516a Reverse of above photo, with some names written on it. adhs~517 Rathscar West School. c. 1903. adhs~518 Rathscar West School, No 1535. 27/11/1923. adhs~519 Homebush School.   adhs~520 *** Photo not titled *** Gathering outside a school building. adhs~521 Upper Homebush State School. c. 1880. adhs~522 State School, Upper Homebush.

adhs~523 Primary School, Upper Homebush. c. 1880. adhs~524 Natte Yallock School. c.1920. Back row: Ester Armstrong, Adi Cain, Mona Astbury, Henry Streeter, Roy Cain, Ted Youren, Reg Mills, Hugh Armstrong, Emil Henry, Lily Henry, Alice Cain: Head Teacher: James Hurley. Second row: Enid Herley, Una Andrew, Dolly Ross, Steve Elliott, Alan Streeter, Jim McDowell, Harry Mills, George Stamp, Paul Benjamin, Syd Cain, Colin Cain, Ruby Youren, Ann Streeter. Front row: Connie Ross, Vern Benjamin, George Ross, Vernan Hurley, Job Elliott, Mark Benjamin, Keith Astbury, Ivor Streeter, Bess Astbury, Sybil Hurley. adhs~524a Natte Yallock School. c. 1920. *** No Names *** adhs~524b Natte Yallock School. c. 1920. Reverse of above photo, with some names written on it. adhs~524c Natte Yallock School. c. 1920. List of students. adhs~525 Robert & Dan Davies. Percydale. adhs~526 Roberts, ??? Percydale. adhs~527 Roberts, ??? Percydale. adhs~528 Bull & Mouth Hotel, Avoca. ( After a storm, building has storm damage ) adhs~529 Miners, Avoca. adhs~53 Mills, ??? unknown. adhs~530 High Street, Avoca. adhs~531 Avoca Rotunda & Soldier’s Memorial. c. 1920’s. Mrs Romey, in front of memorial. adhs~532 High Street, Avoca. Taken on 26/4/1915. adhs~533 View of High Street Fire Tower, Avoca. c. 1915. adhs~534 Soldier’s Memorial, Avoca. adhs~535 Avoca Scouts. c. 1930. adhs~536 Alexander Irvine, Glenlogie. 1840/1954. adhs~537 Avoca Shire Councillors. adhs~538 Moonambel School, No 1683. 27/11/1923.

Adhs~538a Notes on above photograph. Adhs~538b Moonambel School. Taken 1923. Back row: Bernard Cudmore, Charlie Tormey, Keith Wright, Frank D’orival, Lindsay Moore, Tom Anderson, Tom Hope, Percy Slater. Second row: Keith Farnsworth, Sam Slater, Syd Bannister, Ron Phillipi, Frank Dunell, Stan Wright, Joe Slater. Third row: Col Morris, Eileen Turner, Bella Slater, Thelma Moore, Lucy Barker, Nell Slater, Merle Tormey, Mona Morris. Front row: Vera Howard, Agnes Hope, Sheila Hope, Alma Howard, Jessie Stuart, Viola Mansfield. Standing at sides : Mrs D’orival (Sewing Mistress) J. Maunder (Headmaster) adhs~538c List of students. adhs~538d List of students. adhs~539 Nurses Home, Amherst Hospital, near Talbot. Post Card. adhs~539a On reverse of Post Card : John Cheesman’s daughter, Agnes Cheeseman, trained there. She married david McIntosh Stuart, of Moonambel. adhs~54 J.W.Boddy, High Street, Avoca. adhs~540 *** Photograph not titled *** Marked on bottom ” Tom Derrick ” adhs~541 Avoca Bridge, Town Pump & Saleyards. c. 1910. adhs~542 Avoca Bridge & Town Pump. c. 1900. adhs~543 Avoca Bridge, 1872. adhs~544 A group of Aboriginals & the first bridge across the Avoca River. c. 1865. adhs~545 Avoca Bridge, looking East. L>R: Bank of Victoria, Johnston’s Timberyard. 1872. adhs~546 Avoca Bridge. adhs~547 Avoca Bridge & Flour mill. c. 1900 adhs~548 Opening of the Avoca Bridge. adhs~549 Avoca River, in flood. adhs~55 View of Avoca, 1872. Dr. Morris, in foreground, his home, at the rear.

adhs~550 Avoca River in flood. c.1900/1915. adhs~551 Avoca River in flood, at Vale Bridge. adhs~552 Rutherford Creek, in flood. adhs~553 Jack McGregor’s Blacksmith shop, Waubra. c. 1900. adhs~554 H.Carburn, blacksmith, Amphitheatre. c. 1870 adhs~555 A.Golder, Blacksmith & Wheelwright’s, Avoca. 1880. ( Group of workers, outside the building. ) adhs~556 Homebush Railway Station. adhs~557 Railway Bridge, Homebush. L>R: Clarice Smith, Molly Kofoed, Pearl Burkinshaw, Eva Sqiures. Kofoed’s house in background. adhs~558 Avoca Railway Station. c. 1880. Bullock team, moving wool. adhs~559 Avoca Railway Bridge. c. 1910. adhs~59 Arthur & Edith barker, & their children; James Arthur & Margaret Amy, born 1907. adhs~560 Avoca Railway Station. c. 1915. adhs~561 Avoca Railway Station. c. 1915. adhs~562 Waubra Railyards. c. 1930. adhs~563 New Year’s Outing, Homebusg. c. 1925. Nine people, in/on motor car. adhs~564 Four women, posing by a Model “E” Ford car. L>R: Eva Bird, Bessie Bird, Sally Bird, Isabel Bird. Sally Bird, was later Mrs Wm Dodds, of Kerang. adhs~565 Swimming Carnival, The Dredge Hole, No 2 Creek. 1930. adhs~566 *** Photo not there *** adhs~567 *** Photo not there *** adhs~568 James Holland, Snr. Harry Holland, Snr. Bessie Holland. Chevrolet truck, in background. adhs~569 James Holland & family, camping. adhs~57 Michael Barker, Barkly.

adhs~570 Harry Chapman, moving the Prebyterian School, to Avoca. adhs~571 Snell’s Delivery truck. c. 1920. adhs~572 Harry Chapman, moving a Poppet Head, from Caralulup to Norbury’s Mine, at Burnbank. adhs~573 Commercial Hotel, Moonambel, early 1930’s. Nieces of W. & M.E. Moyle. Hotel owners, Hollis & Wyn Moyle. adhs~574 The Avenue, Avoca. c. 1930. adhs~575 Flour Mill, Moonambel. 1870. John Dixon, seated. adhs~576 Police Station & residence, Homebush. adhs~577 Keith & Dora McDonald (Mrs Len Bird). adhs~578 Kofoed’s house, Homebush. adhs~579 MacKereth’s Vineyard. c. 1900. adhs~58 Polly Brown. adhs~580 Avoca Grain & Sawmill. adhs~581 Chapman brothers at Avoca Grain & Sawmill. adhs~582 Johnston’s timber yard. 1872. South West corner, Sunraysia & Pyrenees Highway, Avoca. Adhs~582a *** above photo, with out titling *** adhs~583 Cobb & Co, at the Lexton Hotel. c. 1870. adhs~584 Smith Bros, Lexton Store. c. 1903. L>R: unknown, unknown, unknown, Elizabeth Smith, Mrs Smith, Snr., Ethel Baulch, Thomas Smith, Tom Roxburgh and baby, Kathleen Smith (Mrs Sweeney). adhs~585 Miners, Avoca. c. 1890. adhs~586 Miners, Avoca. c. 1890. adhs~587 *** Photo not titled *** Group of men, sitting round, having a cuppa. Tent & 2 carts, in background. adhs~588 Traction engine, Percydale. Early 1900’s.

adhs~589 Trooper ? Comrie, Avoca. G. father of Mary Dridan of Amphitheatre. Avoca police residence at rear – now demolished. adhs~589a *** photo not titled *** adhs~589b *** on reverse of above photo : Trooper ? Comrie, Avoca. G. father of Mary dridan of Amphitheatre. Avoca police residence at rear – now demolished. adhs~59 A.J.Barbat, Avoca Fireman. c. 1895. adhs~590 Susan Turpin, of Tanwood, on ” Rodney “. adhs~591 Methodist Church, Upper Homebush. Dismantled and re-erected at Rathscar West. adhs~592 Clarice Squires, driving a buggy. Eva L. Squires, at nearside, rear. Homebush. c. 1911. adhs~593 Victoria Hotel, Avoca. adhs~594 ” Dolly “, pulling a single furrow plough, Hestercoombe. adhs~595 *** Photo not there *** adhs~596 Wagons, stacked with bags of wheat. Harkins farm, Bung Bong. adhs~597 Carting hay, Bung Bong. c. 1910. adhs~598 Walter Rowland, sowing seed. 1913. adhs~599 Emery’s Saw Mill. This was a temporary establishment in its early stages. There were severial families involved with the mill, and Living conditions were rather primitive. Washing was done In the creek and hung round the tents. The men were Obviously dressed for work, but the ladies seemed to have prepared for the photographer, on this occasion. adhs~6 Thomas Coad, Union Church Sunday School, Lower Homebush. c. 1884. adhs~60 James Batchelor, Pound Keeper, Avoca.

adhs~ 67, 68, 73, 74, 75, 76, 82, 83, 84, 85, 86, 87, 88.

adhs~600 Emery’s Timber Mill. Teams of horses were used to haul the timber down the steep Slopes to the mill. Accidents were not uncommon at the timber mills and in 1897 1897, the Avoca paper, reported the following: ” An accident which it is feared may result fatally happened to a young man named Preston, who, while driving a team of horses, down one of the gorges at Glenpatrick, on Wednesday, slipped from his seat on top of the load of timber, one wheel of the wagon pinning him, over the chest.” adhs~601 Machinery Depot, High Street, Avoca. c. 1920. Sign on front of building: A.C. Henderson.

adhs~602 Lake at Bird’s gap. Henry Bird, Eva Bird, Len Bird. adhs~603 *** Photo not titled *** Short person, in jocky’s get up, compelete with whip. adhs~604 *** Photo not titled *** Short person, in jocky’s get up, compelete with whip. Adhs~604a *** on reverse of above photo *** W.HARDEGEN, Photographic Artist Talbot St, MAJORCA adhs~605 *** Photo not there *** adhs~606 Victoria Hotel Avoca. 1866/68 Directory ~ Wm Trevena 1880 Directory ~ J.R.Mockett 1895 Directory ~ Mrs B.Mockett 1901 Directory ~ Mrs B.Mockett 1904/07 Directory ~ Frank Baxter 1908/14 Directory ~ Miss M.Mockett 1927 Directory ~ J.J.McDonald. adhs~607 Victoria Hotel, High Street, Avoca. Prop: B.Mockett. adhs~608 Victoria Hotel, High Street, Avoca. The the first building on this site, was a Temperance Boarding House, but after Mrs Jane Trevena was fined For sly grog seeling in 1855, her husband William Trevena, became a licensed publican. The building was Substantially altered in the 1930’s. adhs~609 Amherst Hotel and store. adhs~61 Francis Corney Rowland, (nee Budge). c. 1870. married Wm Rowland. Homebush. adhs~610 Mary Jane Morphett. Mrs William Templeton Born in South Australia, c. 1848. Died at Homebush, and buried in Avoca Cemetery, 10th July 1903, aged 55 years. adhs~611 Sarah Ann Golder, nee Morrell. Married Alfred J.Golder, 25/12/1860, at Geelong, Vic. Daughter Mary Ann Golder, born Avoca 27/4/1880. Married Ernest H. Ashmore, 1903. adhs~612 Mrs Alfred Golder, nee Sarah Ann Morrell. adhs~613 L>R: Chris Caloby, George Templeton, Jack Nicholls. adhs~614 James Plowright & Ethel Templeton. adhs~615 Olive Alice Templeton. Mrs Cecil Hibbert. Born at Homebush, 28th Sept. 1897. Second daughter of George & Annie Templeton. adhs~616 Martha Waugh and Mary Elizabeth McDonald. adhs~617 Ethel Christina Templeton. 1895/1923. adhs~618 Ethel Christina Templeton. adhs~619 Avoca Football Club. 1934 ?? Back row: Fred Chapman, Clem Hill, Ed Redpath, Jim Pryse, Tim Healy, Eric Stuart, Jim Astbury, Front row: Arthur Strart, George Harrison, Eroll Howell, Ken Gane. adhs~620 Homebush Football Club. 1910. adhs~621 Homebush Football Club, 1912 Premiers. adhs~622 Homebush Cricket Club.

adhs~623 Waiters & Waitresses, Easter Monday Picnic, at the Lower Homebush Public Hall, 1913. Back row: Wm Wilson, Walter Nicholls, Joe Flatman, Frank McEwan, Dave Garner, Wm Miller, Ned Horne, Charles Squires. Front row: Mrs Wm Wilson, Ella Rowland, Eva Squires, Clarice Squires, Sallie Kofoed. adhs~624 Miners, Wilson & Shiell Excelsior Reef Gold Mine, Homebush. c. 1911. adhs~625 Cyanide vats, Engine shed & battery. Working miner’s. adhs~626 Lower Homebush State School, No 2258. Line up of students, along side the infant room. adhs~627 Lower Homebush State School, Arbour Day. adhs~628 View of Homebush, showing Methodist Church, State School & Union Church. adhs~629 Lower Homebush, 1911. adhs~63 John Bradley, Homebush. c. 1890. adhs~630 View of Homebush. adhs~631 Homebush Field Artillary. adhs~632 McEwans Hotel, Homebush. adhs~633 Squires Store, Homebush. c. 1875. adhs~634 Post card, showing some miners in Kalgoorlie, WA. adhs~634a *** on reverse of above photo : From Mrs J.Classen. Identities not known. Had these men come to Kalgoorlie from Avoca. adhs~636 *** Photo not there *** adhs~636 *** Photo not there *** adhs~637 *** Photo not there *** adhs~638 *** Photo not there *** adhs~639 *** Photo not there *** adhs~64 John & Nancy Bradley, Storekeepers, Homebush. c. 1885. adhs~640 Country Funeral. Adhs~640a *** on reverse of above photo : Ballarat. Mary Dridan. adhs~641 Skidmore House, built 1861. adhs~642 Amphitheatre, Bird;s Hotel, on right. adhs~642a *** on reverse of above photo : Amphitheatre, Bird’s Hotel, on right. adhs~643 William Goodshaw, Pharmacist, Avoca.

adhs~644 Aboriginals, place unknown. adhs~645 Bowles. R>L: Ned Gollop (bowler), unknown, Joe Costello, Billy Schmidt. Rear: John Mackereth, wearing hat. Far left: Billy Gladhill. adhs~645a *** on reverse of above photo *** Bowling Club. R>L: Ned Gollop (bowler), H.J.Chapman, Joe Costello, J.O.McDonald, John Mackereth (wearing hat), Bill Gleisher, Tom Henderson, Bill Bannister (Dentist), Sitting: Bob Summers. Circ 1930, nearer 1940. Billy Gladhill & Bill Schmidt, not there. adhs~646 Unknown child. Percydale. adhs~647 Unknown male. Percydale. adhs~648 Unknown male. Percydale. adhs~649 Unknown male. Percydale. adhs~65 John Bradley, Homebush. c. 1880. adhs~650 Unknown woman. Percydale. adhs~651 Unknown male. Percydale. adhs~652 Unknown male. Percydale. adhs~653 Unknown male. Percydale. adhs~654 Unknown male. Percydale. adhs~655 Unknown male. Percydale. adhs~656 Unknown male. Percydale. adhs~657 Unknown male. Percydale. adhs~658 Unknown male. Percydale. adhs~659 Unknown male. Percydale. adhs~66 H.J.(Bert) Bradley, Homebush. c. 1918. adhs~660 Unknown male. Percydale. adhs~661 Unknown male. Percydale. adhs~662 Unknown male. Percydale.

adhs~663 Unknown male. Percydale. adhs~664 Unknown woman. Percydale. adhs~665 Unknown male. Percydale. adhs~666 Unknown girl. Percydale. adhs~667 Unknown male. Percydale. adhs~668 Unknown male. Percydale. adhs~669 Unknown male. Percydale. adhs~67 Bert Bradley & Lily Smith. 1920. adhs~670 Unknown woman. Percydale. adhs~671 Unknown boy. Percydale. adhs~672 Unknown woman. Percydale. adhs~673 Unknown male. Percydale. adhs~674 Rose Derrick, Percydale. adhs~675 James Healy ? Percydale. adhs~676 Unknown boy. Percydale. adhs~677 Unknown woman. Percydale. adhs~678 Unknown woman. Percydale. adhs~679 Unknown tennis group of 7 women, 8 men & 2 children. adhs~68 Bradley children, Homebush. c. 1890. adhs~680 Unknown man. adhs~681 Unknown man. adhs~682 Unknown man.

adhs~683 Unknown man. adhs~684 Unknown girl, on swing. adhs~685 Unknown man. adhs~686 Unknown woman. adhs~687 View of Moonambel, from Crick’s Hill. adhs~688 *** Photo not there *** adhs~689 *** Photo not there *** adhs~690 Unknown woman. adhs~691 Unknown woman. adhs~692 Unknown woman. adhs~693 Unknown woman & Black dog, in front of house. adhs~694 Avoca Bridge. Published by F.O. Wiltshire, No 5112. adhs~695 Unknown man. adhs~696 Unknown man. adhs~697 Unknown woman. adhs~698 Group of miners. adhs~699 Unknown woman. Adhs~700 Unknown man. Homebush. adhs~701 Unknown man. adhs~702 Unknown woman. adhs~703 *** adhs~704 Unknown man. Dressed as Sailor, with ” H.M.S. Nelson “, on cap band. adhs~705 Unknown man. Burkinshaw ? adhs~706 Unknown man. adhs~707 Unknown man. adhs~708 Unknown man. adhs~709 Unknown girl. adhs~710 Unknown women, group of three. All dressed up, at the diggings. adhs~711 Unknown woman. adhs~712 Unknown man. adhs~713 Unknown man. adhs~714 Unknown mine. adhs~715 Unknown mine. adhs~716 Unknown man, Mills ?? adhs~717 Unknown boy, Percydale. adhs~718 Elizabeth Sarah Squires. adhs~719 Frank Kaye, John Batchelor, unknown man, at Pound Paddock, Avoca. adhs~720 Unknown couple. adhs~721 Unknown couple, Moonambel area. adhs~722 Unknown children, Percydale. adhs~723 Headstone, Timor cemetery. adhs~723a *** on reverse of above photo : ” Timor cemetery ” adhs~724 Headstone, HUSH Two Pioneers are Sleeping Henry Avery died 24th October 1923 Aged 59 years John William Avery died 25th April 1960 Aged 87 years adhs~724a *** on reverse of above photo : ” Redbank cemetery ” adhs~725 Headstone, SACRED to the memory of THOMAS ROBERTSON adhs~725a *** on reverse of above photo : ” Lexton cemetery ” adhs~726 Headstone, Amherst. adhs~726a *** on reverse of above photo : ” Amherst cemetery ” adhs~727 *** Photo not there *** adhs~728 *** Photo not there *** adhs~729 *** Photo not there *** adhs~730 *** Photo not there *** adhs~731 *** Photo not there

*** adhs~732 Unknown couple, on verandrah of house. adhs~733 Unknown group, large family gathering. adhs~734 Chinese headstones. Maryborough General Cemetery. adhs~735 Chinese headstones. Maryborough General Cemetery. adhs~736 Chinese headstones. Maryborough General Cemetery. adhs~737 Chinese headstones. Maryborough General Cemetery. adhs~738 Chinese headstones. Maryborough General Cemetery. adhs~739 Chinese headstones. Maryborough General Cemetery. adhs~740 Chinese headstones : Maryborough General Cemetery. Charlie Tom Way, died 1933, age ? adhs~741 Chinese headstones. Maryborough General Cemetery. adhs~742 Chinese headstones. Maryborough General Cemetery. adhs~743 Chinese headstones. Maryborough General Cemetery. adhs~744 Chinese headstones. Maryborough General Cemetery. Adhs~745 Tower, in Chinese area of Maryborough General Cemetery. adhs~746 Chinese headstones. Maryborough General Cemetery. adhs~747 Chinese headstones. Maryborough General Cemetery.

adhs~748 Chinese headstones. Maryborough General Cemetery. adhs~749 Tower, in Chinese area of Maryborough General Cemetery. adhs~750 Chinese headstones. Maryborough General Cemetery. adhs~751 Chinese headstones. Maryborough General Cemetery. adhs~752 Chinese headstones. Maryborough General Cemetery. adhs~753 Chinese headstones. Maryborough General Cemetery. adhs~754 Chinese headstones. Maryborough General Cemetery. adhs~755 *** photo not there *** adhs~756 *** photo not there *** adhs~757 *** photo not there *** adhs~758 *** photo not there *** adhs~759 *** photo not there *** adhs~760 *** photo not there *** adhs~761 *** photo not there *** adhs~760 Jarvis Fuller, Moonambe. Killed in World War 1. adhs~761 Ada & Emily Moyle, Moonambel. 1914. adhs~762 Mary Dunne (nee Fuller) and her sons, Ron and Roy. 1928. adhs~763 Emily Louise Moyle, Moonambel. 1912. adhs~764 Moyle family, Moonambel. 1915. Irene, Henry, Sylvia, Ada and Emily. adhs~765 Moyle family, Moonambel.1922. Wyn Ryan (nee Moyle), Henry Moyle, Emmy Moyle, Argy Worthington, Irene Worthington (nee Moyle), Roy Fuller, Alice Moyle, Naria Moyle, Sylvia Fuller (nee Moyle) and Loma Moyle, Dorothy Fuller, Ada Moyle. adhs~766 F.O.Wiltshire. 1879 – 1964. adhs~766a *** on reverse of above photo : F.O.Wiltshire. 1879 – 1964. Buried Avoca cemetery, Church of England section. adhs~767 Group photo : 2 unknown women & child.adhs~767a Reverse of above photo : ” Dixon Bros, Photo. Artists, Landsborough ” adhs~768 Group photo : 17 males, all dressed up. Glen Patrick unknown. Mat Rafferty in the back row. adhs~769 Group photo : Fancy Dress and Roller Skating evening in one of the local halls.adhs~770 Glen Patrick Recreation Reserve and Hall, in 1915. adhs~771 Glen Patrick Recreation Reserve and Hall, in 1915. adhs~772 Wedding photo : ” Love from Rene’ & Tom Burns. 4/1/30 ” adhs~772a Reverse of above photo : McConnell. Tom Burns, teacher at Homebush. Just friends of the McConnell family Donated by Ursula Walsh, via Edna Jarvis.

Photos 773 – 977 not in index.

*** adhs~978 Group photo : ” Locksleigh ” Avoca, 1914. Back row : William Charles Beresford STAVELY, 20 years. Annie Beresford STAVELY, 42 years; Arthur, 19 years. Sitting : John McRobert STAVELY, 77 years; Robert (Shire Sec. Avoca), 48 years. Children : Lil, 5 years; Keith, 8 years. adhs~979 *** photo not there *** adhs~980 *** photo not there *** adhs~981 *** photo not there *** adhs~982 *** photo not there *** adhs~983 Planting an Oak tree, in the school gardens ~ three former students of Amphitheatre School, dressed specially for the Back To celebrations. Saturday 23rd Jan 1988. adhs~984 *** photo not there *** adhs~985 *** photo not there *** adhs~986 *** photo not there *** adhs~987 *** photo not there *** adhs~988 Raising the new Flag, at the Back To School at Amphitheatre Back To celebrations. Sat 23rd Jan 1988. Mr Andrew Hogg, oldest ex-student present, had the honour of raising the Flag. adhs~989 Some of the former students, at the Back To School, Sat 23rd Jan 1988. Part of the Back To Amphitheatre. adhs~990 Group photo : Some men of Glen Logie : L>R : Tom Egan, Bert Cocking, Jack Lusby, Harry Cocking, Len Johnson, George Ranson, Jim Keith, Bill Ditchfield, George Bin, Tom Louchard. C. 1920’s. adhs~991 Wool bales loaded on horse drawn lorries, at Glen Logie. Keith property, 1920’s, when Tom Louchard, was working For the Keith’s. adhs~992 Alice Keith at Glen Logie, later to become Mrs William Ditchfield of Yendon. C. 1920’s. adhs~993 Unknown young woman, on verandah. adhs~994 Fred Scott & Ella Mackereth. adhs~995 Unknown children : camping in back yard. adhs~996 Unknown woman : sitting in lounge chair. adhs~997 Unknown group : probably a school group. adhs~998 Dorothy Chellew. C. 1910. (as a young girl) adhs~999 Unknown girl : standing by a front fence. adhs~95 J.E.Byrne, Avoca Fireman. c. 1895. adhs~96 Mr Robert Bryant, High St, Avoca. adhs~97 Mr G. Brady, father of Mrs Simons. Percydale. adhs~98 John Bradley & family, Homebush. c. 1880. adhs~99 Miss Davey & Miss Day, Percydale.

adhs~1000 White fence, with 3 people posing for the camera. adhs~1001 2 unknown children, in background, with pram. adhs~1002 2 unknown children, in garden. adhs~1003 Mine, Avoca area ? adhs~1004 Homebush School ?. adhs~1005 The Old Well, Homebush. C. 1907 ? adhs~1006 Homebush, Main Street. C. 1907 ? adhs~1007 Unknown woman, standing by tennis net, holding a racquet. adhs~1008 Front view of double story house. adhs~1009 Dr Selwyn Morris, standing in front garden of house. adhs~1010 Commercial Hotel, Natte Yallock. Licencee : McNeill. adhs~1011 Mother, with 3 children. adhs~1012 Post Card : Post Office, Hobart. adhs~1013 Portrait of young woman. ” To Mum & Dad, with love, Joan XXX. Nov 1944 “. adhs~1014 Grandma & Grandpa, holding up their grand children. Posing in front of a car.adhs~1015 Grandpa, sitting with grand children & dog, on the porch.

adhs~1016 Young woman, sitting with dog, on water tank stand. adhs~1017 Wedding photo, Couple standing in door way of Church. Rita Wright & ?adhs~1018 Two young girls, posing outside a Church, carrying posies. adhs~1019 Post card : Badger Falls, Healesville. adhs~1020 Portrait of unknown young woman. adhs~1021 Post Card : 77 Barron Falls, NQ. adhs~1022 Post card : Jim Crow Creek, Daylesford. adhs~1023 Portrait of unknown very young girl. adhs~1024 Wedding photo : ” To Mary, with best wishes from G & n Beck. July 30th 192? ” adhs~1025 Wedding photo : unknown couple.adhs~1026 Post Card : Blacks Spur Road, Victoria. adhs~1027 Post Card : ” Garden of the Moon “, Hollywood, Arthur’s Seat, Victoria. adhs~1028 Post Card : Government House, from Botanical Gardens, Victoria.adhs~1029 Post Card : A Glimpse of The Blue Lake, Mt Gambier, S.A. adhs~1030 Post card : Weeroona at pier, Queenscliff. adhs~1031 Christmas Card : showing a group of cats. adhs~1032 Birth Day Card : showing a group of cats. adhs~1033 Post Card : Scene, Moonambel. adhs~1034 Avoca Railway Station. adhs~1035 Bridge, over a creek, Moonambel.

adhs~1036 St John’s Church of England. adhs~1037 Avoca Road to Moonambel. adhs~1038 St Kevin’s Catholic Church, Avoca. adhs~1039 Scene showing a bridge over a creek, houses in background. adhs~1040 Cave, Moonambel. adhs~1041 Group photo : Harry & Belle, at back, with their children, Jessie & Jack, in front. Standing on the front porch of their home, in W.A. April 6th 1906. adhs~1042 Portrait of unknown young woman. ” To Gwen with love, from Nell. 28.7.1915 ” adhs~1043 Unknown couple. adhs~1044 Unknown woman. adhs~1045 Post Card : The National War memorial of Victoria. Aerial view of Dedication ceremony. adhs~1046 Post Card : The National War memorial of Victoria. Inner Shrine. adhs~1047 Post Card : The National War memorial of Victoria. adhs~1048 Post Card : The National War memorial of Victoria. Ray of Light striking ” Rock of Rememberance ‘ At 11.00am 11th November. adhs~1049 Post Card : The National War memorial of Victoria. adhs~1050 Post Card : The National War memorial of Victoria. adhs~1051 Unknown male. Same person as in adhs~1052. adhs~1052 Unknown male. Same person as in adhs~1051. adhs~1053 Post Card : Brown’s Bay, Cairns, NQ. adhs~1054 Post Card : Lake Street, from Bolands, Cairns, NQ. adhs~1055 Post Card : Cumberland Falls, Marysville.

adhs~1056 Post Card : Abbott Street, Cairns, NQ. adhs~1057 Post Card : Timber track, to Michaeldene, Marysville. adhs~1058 Unknown young boy, in military uniform. adhs~1059 T.McLaughlin & J.Laing, in cricket gear. adhs~1060 Bill Kaye and three other tennis players, Elmhurst. adhs~1061 Unknown male, portrait. adhs~1062 Unknown male, portrait. adhs~1063 Headstone, for Isaac W. Robinson & Jessie Robinson. adhs~1064 John Burns ?? Sea captain. Married mary Ann Macbeth. adhs~1065 Powley Abbott of ” Abbottsford “. ( Bung Bong ) adhs~1066 Mary Powley Abbott & Isabella Abbott. adhs~1067 Elizabeth & Margaret Abbott of ” Abbottsford “, Bung Bong. adhs~1068 Portrait of C.Abbott. adhs~1069 House being moved, by a steam driven tractor. adhs~1070 Joseph Abbott, sitting. adhs~1071 Portrait of Cecilia Abbott. adhs~1072 Jessie & Val, Glenmona. adhs~1073 Group photo : Bung Bong Cricket Club. A.Mills, H.Rowland, B.Phillips, F.Jolly, J.Gordon, W.Currie, G.Mills, Tom Gordon, T.Walters, T.Mills. adhs~1074 A. Mills, young girl, on horse. adhs~1075 Group photo of cricket group. L>R: J.Barret, J.Gordon, T.Mills, H.Rowlands, L Shields, B.Townsend, W.Currie, Ernie ?, T.Gordon, T.Walters, J.Harkins.

adhs~1076 Elma & Glen McKereth. 29.4.1990. adhs~1077 Steel bridge, over a river.adhs~1078 Unknown woman.adhs~1079 Shifting the ” Old Bridge Inn ” over the Bung Bong, to Avoca. Tractor has a wood sawing attachment, mounted on front.adhs~1080 Avoca road.adhs~1081 Sarah Abbott, ” Singleton “, Bung Bong. adhs~1082 Group photo : Party of buis students, Algenon Abbott. adhs~1083 C.Kroger (nee Abbott). Posing on a bicycle. adhs~1084 Interior photo, Church of England, Bung Bong. adhs~1085 Interior photo, Church of England, Bung Bong. adhs~1086 Wedding photo : Robertson & Sarah Abbott, Singleton. Bung Bong. adhs~1087 Bung Bong. Bridge built approx 1872. adhs~1088 C.Keoger. adhs~1089 Wedding photo : Elma (nee Miller) & Glen MacKereth, married 26th Jan 1935, At St. John’s Church of England, Avoca. adhs~1090 Group photo : The Small family, friends of the Abbotts. adhs~1091 Group photo : Travelling musicians. adhs~1092 Mrs Ross of Gippsland. adhs~1093 Unknown woman, sitting on chair, holding a child. adhs~1094 Unknown woman. adhs~1095 Unknown woman & child.

adhs~1096 Pearl. adhs~1097 Denis, small boy, sitting on box, in front of water tank. adhs~1098 Farmers Hotel. adhs~1099 Kimberley School, at Raggerty Diggings, before 1876. ( Kimberley, later known as Tanwood. ) adhs~1100 Avoca Soldiers Memorial, December 1921. adhs~1101 The Avenue Sweet Vale, Avoca. adhs~1102 Methodist Parsonage. 4th Prize ~ Back to Avoca Celebrations. adhs~1103 Mr. Crick, Senr. adhs~1104 Portrait of Jack Crick, Moonambel. adhs~1105 Mr Dickson (Dixon), Flour Miller at Moonambel. adhs~1106 Up to Date ~ Wool Shed. Erected during 1929 by W.Bonsor Esq, at the ” Acacias “. adhs~1107 Snow at Warrenmang, June 1981. adhs~1108 Snow at Warrenmang, June 1981. adhs~1109 Avoca School, No 4. adhs~1110 Large crowd gathering at Avoca. adhs~1111 Avoca School, No4. Large crowd gathered outside school. adhs~1112 Bridge over Avoca River. adhs~1113 Opening of new tennis Courts, Barkly, 1962. adhs~1114 Barkly School & Shelter shed, 1984. adhs~1115 Gold Escort, approaching Avoca, 1985. Colour. adhs~1116 Post Card. Heidleberg, germany, 1980. adhs~1117 Group : Some of the Barkly State School children, 1926. adhs~1118 Chislett, wedding group. Val, Bev & Lynette. adhs~1119 Group, standing by lake or river. L>R : Keith Chislett & Lorna, Eric & Dorothy Wadley, Gordon Chislett & Clarice.& adhs~1120 Wesley Chislett, 1944. adhs~1121 3 children : Linette, Beverley, Valerie Chislett, 1944. adhs~1122 Robyn Chislett, 9 months. 1944. adhs~1123 Group photo : Bride & 2 bride’s maids. Beverley & Gail wore dew drop apple green brocade and carried crimson flowers and feather curcette head dresses.

adhs~1124 Boy & Girl, dressed up. adhs~1125 Boy & Girl, dressed up, playing in garden. adhs~1126 Group photo : Lorna, Rex, W.H.snr, Pearl, Bertha, Harry, Alex, Keith, Bernice H. Pain, bev, Louis H, Kev, Lynette, Valerie, Wesley, Gail in front. adhs~1127 Unknown group : Some at the Tea Party. ( children ) adhs~1128 Unknown baby : Gail ?? 1944. adhs~1129 Unknown woman : Clarice ?? or Ruby Marston (Mill) ?? Portrait of young woman. adhs~1130 Wedding party : Clarice & Gordon’s Wedding. L>R: Gordon, myself ??, Norman Chislett, 2nd maid, Lindsay C, 1st maid, Stan C, 3rd maid. adhs~1131 Group standing round ute : R>L: Gordon Chislett, Dorothy Wadley, Eric, Clarice, Keith Chislett. adhs~1132 Group photo : Standing outside church entrance. Ollie Farmer & Jack Liston, Beattie Field ?? adhs~1133 Kevin Jardine, as a young boy. Posing on his tricycle, with toys, spread in front of him. adhs~1134 ” Cardross “, Rye. Vera & Perce’s bungalow. adhs~1135 Group photo : 2 young girls & 1 male, playing on lawn, with a dog. (Tony & Dick’s girls, Marilyn & Merle ) adhs~1136 Tony & Dick’s girls, Marilyn & Merle. adhs~1137 Tony & Merle. adhs~1138 Unknown group : Family Outing. Mum, Dad & child, on dray, all dressed up. adhs~1139 Unknown girl : Pamela Mary, aged 5 years. adhs~1140 Unknown boy & girl : ” Love from Kevin & Pamela ” adhs~1141 Pulling netting off orchard trees. adhs~1142 Anne’s home in Essendon, Jan 1941.

adhs~1143 Kevin Wilfred, aged 6 years 6 months. adhs~1144 M.P.Abbott. adhs~1145 Stewart & Raymond Squires, 1968. Children of Elwyn & Laurie Squires. adhs~1146 Group photo : Elwyn & Laurie Squires, & their sons, Raymond & Stewart. 1962. adhs~1147 Unknown male : Andrew, eldest son of Norman & Poppy, aged 20. 1972. adhs~1148 Unknown group : Laya and children, Joseph & Teresa, in her debut frock. adhs~1149 Wedding photo : Cheryl & Robin Birchall, married March 28th 1970, at St Augustines, C of E, Box Hill. Lynne Birchall, Robin’s sister, is the bridemaid. Robert Martin, is a pal of Robin’s from school. He is the best man. adhs~1150 Unknown male : Joseph, with a few of his golf trophies. He has 150 and has been on many trips. A champion golfer and won 3 scholarships. adhs~1151 Unknown woman : Norman’s daughter, Lyla. . adhs~1152 Greta Squires, Ararat. 1978, age 57 years. adhs~1153 Jack Liston, 1956. adhs~1154 Unknown couple : Lorna & Keith. adhs~1155 Unknown young girl : This is what Smiddy does ~ folds his arms ! adhs~1156 Anne Brown, at ” Dulciemoor “. adhs~1157 Unknown group : A nurse, holding 3 babies. adhs~1158 Unknown couple : C.E.S. ( Smith ? ) & H.W.S. ( Smith ? ) adhs~1159 Ollie Farmer & Anne Brown. adhs~1160 Allie farmer & Anne Brown. adhs~1161 Unknown boy : (same boy & horse as adhs~1162) On the farm at Lower Homebush. A boy relative on our wonderful horse. adhs~1162 Unknown boy : (same boy & horse as adhs~1181 ) On the farm at Lower Homebush. A boy relative on our wonderful horse.

adhs~1163 Unknown couple, on horse.adhs~1164 Elva Shiell ? Young girl, riding a horse. adhs~1165 Annie Sweeny, on ” Jip “.adhs~1166 Bessie Stewart, with Kerry Elizabeth, 3 months. ( another school teacher ) adhs~1167 View of the draw-bridge, across the Murray. adhs~1168 Lookout Tower, at Maryborough.adhs~1169 Lookout Tower, at Maryborough. adhs~1170 Maryborough. View from hill overlooking the town.adhs~1171 Cow sheds, at ” Dulciemoor “. Clarice ? adhs~1172 Spider webs, on Orange trees. May 1934.adhs~1173 Rev & Mrs King. 1953.adhs~1174 Rev King. 1953.adhs~1175 Group photo : Service outside the Church. Mr Turpin (centre), messrs Ralph & Len Rowland, and Rev King. 1953. adhs~1176 Fannie Rowland (nee Shephard) on the left.adhs~1177 Limbrick children, 1962. adhs~1178 Group photo : The Stancliffe family. Bernie, Avis & their children, Wayne (left), Dianna (standing), Baby Jennifer with bernie. Baby David, not in photo. C 1930’s. adhs~1179 Sandra Barry. adhs~1180 Joan (Barry) & Brian Lindsay. adhs~1181 Vic Limbrick & son.adhs~1182 John & Margaret Sweeney.(twins) 22.2.27.

adhs~1183 Anne brown, at ” Dulciemoor “.adhs~1184 View from a upper window, out onto garden.adhs~1185 Unknown woman : 15 ½ years old, 25.11.1932. adhs~1186 Group photo : garthering at back to Homebush. adhs~1187 Allen ? & June Cox. adhs~1188 Hazel & George’s home in Clayton. adhs~1189 Leslie Liston, riding a racing bicycle. adhs~1190 Wedding photo : Sandra Ross (nee Barry) 1.9.1956. adhs~1191 Unknown couple : Lorna & Claire ? ( Claire in bridal dress ) adhs~1192 Wedding photo : Hazel Farmer & Keith Fenby, on their Wedding Day. George & Lorraine fernby, on the right of groom.adhs~1193 Dolly Jardine & Shirley Preston. adhs~1194 Wedding photo : Dolly Templeton, married Eddy jardine. adhs~1195 M.J.Finlay, Stawell. 1922.adhs~1196 Malcolm Liston, posing with a racing bicycle. adhs~1197 Unknown woman : Anne ?adhs~1198 Group photo : Entries for the Avoca District Sports. ( Sent to Clarice Squires from Eva Squires ? Homebush ) adhs~1199 No 7584. Pte W.A.Wilson D Company, 25th Reinforcement, 14th battalion, A.I.F. (Abroad) Tucked into one corner, is his death notice. adhs~1200 Moonambel’s entry in the Avoca Carnival. adhs~1201 Unknown baby. adhs~1202 Mrs Janet Nicholls, of Homebush.

adhs~1203 Frank McEwan, ( in uniform ), portrait photo. adhs~1204 Post Card : Murray River, Mildura. Showing a Draw bridge over the Murray. adhs~1205 Group photo : Leslie & Malcolm Liston, 2 young boys, dressed up. adhs~1206 Wedding photo : Unknown couple.

photos 1207-1216 not there

*** adhs~1217 Birth Day card. adhs~1218 Birth Day card. adhs~1219 Group photo : Jim & Mrs Carey, with young Jim, Myrtle, Beat & Rene. adhs~1220 Marlene Stuart, daughter of Kit & Arthur Stuart.adhs~1221 Unknown woman. adhs~1222 Wedding photo : Unknown couple. adhs~1223 ” With all fond wishes, from Mr Chellew, Avoca. 1.9.12. ” adhs~1224 Group photo : 1012 R.J.M.M. (Max) Weldon (seated) & A.A (Arthur) Stewart ?? adhs~1225 Stewart of Barkly ?? adhs~1226 Trooper William Flood of Navarre. adhs~1227 1012 Sgt R.J.M.M. (Max) Weldon of Barkly. adhs~1228 Pte William Cheeseman of Barkly. adhs~1229 Arthur A. Stewart ??adhs~1230 Arthur A. Stewart ??adhs~1231 942 Charles S. Marshall, BWM, VM, of Barkly.adhs~1232 Group photo : 7 soldiers in group. Tom Bibby & Frank Lowe, both of Navarre.

adhs~1233 Unknown soldier. Portrait photo. adhs~1234 Group photo : L>R Back row : Herb Morris, Bert Ross, Jack Ryan, Jack Coghlan, Sam McCullock, Eddie Courtney, Clen Williams, Keith Powers. 2nd Back : Doris Marshall, Kitty Brown, bertha Wardlaw, Dorrie Humphrey, x?x, Biddy Driver, Bessie Ford, x?x, ?? Whitley, Dulsie Osterburg. 3rd Back : Marion Chapman, Lynda Walkley, Mavis Hill, Evelyn Hutchison, Bonnie Summers, x?x, Lynda Resuggan, Doris Dobley, Ruby Latch, Lilian Wiltshire, Doris Courtney, Nancy Baker. 4th row : x?x, Robert Hutchison, ? Hurley, Frank Wiltshire, x?x, x?x, ? Kitchell, Eric Ahpee, ? Wiseman, Jack Mockett. Front row : Stuart Wood, ? Pora, x?x, Edith Latch, Annie McDonald, Dulsie Howell, Jean henderson, Elsie Curnow, x?x, Allan Carey, Max Impey. adhs~1235 Group photo : Grades VII & VIII, Avoca State School, No 4. adhs~1236 Group photo : Grades V & VI, Avoca State School, No 4.adhs~1237 Trooper Comrie. adhs~1238 Group photo : Laanecoorie Football Club. Premiers 1919-1920. L>R Back row : C.Broadfoot, L.Curnow, R. Hepburn, J.Gallagher, B. Dickins, T. Lyon, E. Waugh, A. Nichol, F. Johnson, A. Curnow, H. Borland, R. Johnson. 2nd row : P. Lyon, D. Davies, H. Dickin, D. Malone, T. Malone, B. Malone, H. Grimmet, H. Gimmet, A. Brownbil, C. Smith, E. Gallagher. 3nd row : R. Johnson, J. Malone (Captain), F. Davies, D.R. MacLellan (Secretary), 4th row : W. Borland, A. Smith. adhs~1239 Unknown woman. adhs~1240 Group photo : Unknown Wedding party & guests, outside Public Hall. adhs~1241 Group photo : Unknown large party, posing in bushland setting. adhs~1242 Group photo : Unknown large party, posing in backyard setting. adhs~1243 Group standing in front of thousands of filled wheat bags. adhs~1244 Unknown young girl. adhs~1245 J.Stuart, Bakery & Store. adhs~1246 Group of labourers, standing round a water tower ? adhs~1247 Horses’ from Emery’s sawmill, pulling timber. adhs~1248 Family group photo : The Walker Family. L>R : Back row : Matilda Fairbanks, Jack, Emma Lowe Fawcett, Ambrose, Frank, Alex, Ettie Nicholls, William. Middle row : Lillian Mottram Sewell, Bessie, Grandad Alex, Grandma Ellen Rowe, Sarah Ladd, Selina Stevens. Front row : Bertha Hill, Rhoda Alderson. adhs~1249 Group photo : Unknown cricket members. adhs~1250 Group photo : Unknown tennis members. adhs~1251 Group photo : Standing on left; Millicent Mary Chambers. adhs~1252 Group photo : Unknown group. The back of the Serviceton Railway Station ? 1911.

adhs~1253 Group photo : The Avoca Town Band. adhs~1254 View inside Tanwood school room. adhs~1255 Moonambel. View from a hill, over looking the town. adhs~1256 Tanwood Avenue of Honor. (showing trees, just planted). adhs~1257 Moonambel, in the distance. Marge, in foreground.

adhs~1258 The Sweet Vale of Avoca. adhs~1259 Group photo : Mr & Mrs Gittins, ” Idenhoe “, Tanwood, 1939. adhs~1260 The Sweet Vale of Avoca. adhs~1261 Group photo : Mrs Daly (back), Miss Hudson (middle), & Eileen.adhs~1262 Group photo : Tanwood School Children, March 1924. adhs~1263 Interior of Tanwood State School, Feb 1924. adhs~1264 Mrs Gittins, Tanwood. adhs~1265 Peace celebrations, at Redbank, at end of First World War, 1919/20. adhs~1266 Avoca’s new Road Bridge. adhs~1267 adhs~1268 adhs~1269 adhs~1270 adhs~1271 adhs~1272 adhs~1273 adhs~1274 adhs~1275 adhs~1276 adhs~1277 adhs~1278 adhs~1279 adhs~1280 adhs~1281 adhs~1282 adhs~1283 adhs~1284 adhs~1285 adhs~1286 adhs~1287 adhs~1262 adhs~1262 adhs~1262 adhs~1354 Amherst State School, Roll of Honour. adhs~1425 Post Card : The Avenue, Sweet Vale, Avoca. adhs~1631 Glenpatrick School Children.       misc~1 Photo of 3 LARGE pumpkins on horse drawn dray. ” Pumpkins growen on our soil are profitable ” Grown by W.Clements, Leongatha. misc~2 Post Card : Sturt Street, Ballarat. misc~3 Post Card : Ballarat, looking East from Town Hall Tower. misc~4 Post Card : Post Office, Ballarat.

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