Search the ADHS collection

Once you conduct a search from the search box to your right, you will be presented with a list of webpages in which the selected text/name appears. When you open up a page it might not be clear immediately where your text/name is located e.g the name might appear as a sponsor for the Christening of another person or as a witness in a court case listed under another person’s name. Use the “Find in page” facility on the toolbar of your net browser to pinpoint the location.

Written requests for research

Although it is possible to search thousands of names at no cost on the Avoca website via the on-line search facility these represent only a fraction of the names indexed by the ADHS. It could be worth your while to join the Society and, if you are able to visit the Court House, carry out your own research at no additional cost except for copying, scanning, printing, etc., if required.

If you are unable to personally visit the Court House, the Society can carry out research for you. The cost is $15 per hour for members, and $30 per hour for non-members, with a minimum charge of one hour, plus any copying, scanning or printing if required.

Enquiries about membership, or research, or any other aspect of the Society’s activities, may be directed to