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Prepared by Denis Strangman.
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D.N. JACK: UL 7/3/1860.

JACKSON: Lamplough Police Court. (NWC 20/9/1860).


H.P. JACKSON: UL 7/3/1860.


THOS. JACKSON: UL 4/4/1860.

W. JACKSON: UL 14/3/1860.

JAMES JACOB: Contractor. Resident Lamplough. (1869 PO Dir.)

Ole JACOBSON: Miner. Signed Police request petition 21/5/1866.

A.J.B. JAMER: UL 9/4/1860.

JAMES: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 2/5,11/5/1860).

EDWARD JAMES: SL, 15/9/1860.

EDWARD JAMES: Birth of daughter SERINA, Lamplough, 1860. (No. 05446, BDM).

J. JAMES: UL 1512/1860.

JOHN JAMES: UL 14/3/1860.

M. JAMES: UL 14/3/1860.

WM M. JAMES: S1 21/4/1860.

JAMIESON: UL 7/3/1860.

M. JAMIESON: UL 14/3/1860.

JOHN JAPP: UL 21/3/1860.

JOSEPH JARRY: Insolvent. Lamplough. Butcher. (MH 27/3/1860.)

RICHARD JARVIS: Charged with deserting wife and child at Mountain Creek (Hut?). Supposed to have gone to Lamplough. (VPG 26/1/1860.)

R.D. JEFFARS: UL 7,14/3/1860.

ROBT JEFFERY: SL 29/4/1861.

WILLIAN JEF(E)FRY: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 4/7/1860). Fruitier. Commercial Street. Apples stolen f rom him. (MADA 13/7/1860). Business licence case. (MADA 18/7/1860).

JENKINS: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 25/5,. 28/5, 20/6/1860).

ROBERT HURLOCK JENKYNS: Friend of R.E. Johns. First met 22/6/1860. Ex Ararat. (REJ 22/6/1860.) Succeeded W.H. Ratcliffe as Deputy Registrar of Births and Deaths at Lamplough. (VGG No 122, p 1844, 2/10/1860). September 1860. (Stats. 1860 page 5.) Resigned February 1861. (VPP 1862-63 No 9 p.345.) Advert. Chemist and Druggist, Navarre Street, Redbank. C’The Pioneer”, 16/2/1861.) Thief stole from Mr Jenkyn, Druggist, Navarre Street, Redbank. (NWC 28/2/1861.) Deputy Registrar, Births & Deaths, Landsborough. (VGG No 134, 18/11/1862, p 2298.) Resigned as Deputy Registrar. Succeeded by W.H. Puddicombe. (VGG No 68, 30/6/1863, p 1448.) Greatly assisted Burke Museum, Beechworth. (Woods p.89)

JENNER: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 21/3/1860).

JENNINGS: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 20/2/1860).

JENNINGS: REJ was chatting with him. (REJ 9/8/1860.)

CHARLOTTE JENNINGS: Witness for Mary Ann Stevenson. (AFP 22/5/1886).

GEORGE JENNINGS: Trustee, Avoca Cemetery. WGG 1857).

W. JENNINGS: Blacksmith. Lamplough. (MADA 30/3/1860). Blacksmith, Avoca. Watch stolen. (MADA 15/11/1861.)

CHAS JENOUR: UL 21/3/1860.

C. JENSEN: UL 18/4/1860

H.P.JENSEN: UL 7/3/1860.

JERSEY: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 28/3/1860).

ELI JERVIS: Was riding with Berry. Berry inquest. (MAA 6/1/1860).

JESSUPS: Whist party there. (REJ 2/8/1860.)


F.A. JEWELL: UL 9/4/1860.

T. JEWELI: UL 7/3/1860.

W. JEWELL: UL 14/3/1860.

WM. JEWELL: Witness. Smith inquest. Travelling from Armstrongs to Lamplough. (Arg. 16/12/1859. BS 6/1/1860.) UL 4/4/1860. W. JEWELL: UL 15/2/1860.


J. JINKS: UL 28/3/1860.

MOSES JOACHIM: Arrested Lamplough. Disobeyed summons at Inglewood. (VPG 21/6/1860.)

J.W. JOHANNESS: UL 4/4/1860.

JOHNS: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 19/3,21/3,414/1860).

MR REYNELL EVELEIGH JOHNS: Son of a Presbyterian Minister. 1868 Clerk of Courts Avoca. 1873 married. 5 children. (Susan Janson, p 90.) DOB 3/9/1834 (VPP 1891 Vol 3 PP No 28. Stat. Reg.) Arrived at Lampough from Carisbrook 23/2/1860. (REJ 23/2/1860.) Assistant Clerk. Lamplough Petty Sessions. Proposed to dispense with his services. Appointment had been suggested by Mr Orme. (MADA 25/6/1860). 26th birthday 3/9/1860. (REJ 3/9/1860.) Assistant Clerk of Petty Sessions, Lamplough, commencing 22/10/1860. (VGG No 140, p 2085, 2/11/1860). Clerk, CPS Lamplough, pounds 250. (Stats. 1860 page 29.) Left Lamplough for Mountain Creek on 29/1/1861. (REJ 29/1/1861.) CPS Mountain Creek. (VGG No 16, 1/2/1861, p 218). Relieved of position as Collector of Imposts, CPS Lamplough. WGG No 17, 5/2/1861, p 237.) CPS Redbank, A/g Clerk CPS Barkly, CPS Barkly. (VGG Pps 225, 934, 1251. 1862.) Warden’s Clerk, Landsborough. VGG p 182. 1863.) “Collector of native and foreign curosities”. Offered gift to Shire. Declined. (AM 8/2/1868. ADHS Newsletter No 15.) Left Avoca for Stawell, December 1877. (MS 10075 SLV). Obituary “Hamilton Spectator” 21/5/1910. Died age 76. Born Devonshire 3/8/1834. In 1868 Burke Museum Beechworth purchased his aboriginal collection. (Woods p 89).

JOHNSON: Lamplough Cricket Club. (MADA 26/3/1860). Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 30/3,2/4,11/5, 3/8/1860).

MR JOHNSON: Slab-built hotel Bet Bet Creek. Fire. (BS 6/9/1860.)

MR JOHNSON: Land to Bet Bet Creek, near Scrases. (BS 28/9/1860.)

MRS JOHNSON: Wife of fruitier, Amphitheatre Street. Treated 10 year old Mary Ann Swords badly. (MADA 30/7/1860).

ANN JOHNSON: Life threatened by Francis Harding. Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 27/2/1860).

MR C. JOHNSON: Comic vocalist. (MADA 29/10, 2/11/1860).

CHAS JOHNSON: SL 17/12/1860.

EDWARD JOHNSON: Of Woodstock. (MAA 24/2/1860). Horse of his stolen. Wife Ann Johnson. (MADA 27/2/1860). Case. Lamplough Police Court. (NWC 1319/1860).

J. JOHNSON: UL 15/2/1860, 7/3/1860.

JOHN JOHNSON: R. O’Farrell forged cheque to him at Woodstock near Lamplough, about 14/11/1860. MG 13/12/1860.)

J.J. JOHNSON: UL 7/3/1860.

J.T. JOHNSON: UL 14/3/1860.

MARGARET JOHNSON: Hopelessly drunk in the public streets. (NWC 15/11/1860.)

MARGARET & ROSS JOHNSON: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 6/6/1860).

T. JOHNSON: UL 7/3/1860.

W. JOHNSON: UL 14/3/1860.

WILLIAM BRAYLE JOHNSON: Birth of son JOSEPH FREEMAN Lamplough, 1860. (No 15703, BDM).

MR JOHNSONS: UL 14/3/1860.

MR JOHNS(T)ON: Property – tobacco, candles, etc – stolen from store. WPG 15/12/1859.) Iron bar purchased from his store. Lamplough. (MADA 11/5/1860). Manager, ironmongery store. Iron bar stolen. (MADA 14/5/1860).

MRS JOHNSTON: UL 15/2/1860.

JOHN JOHNSTON: Builder. Presbyterian. Patron, Avoca School. 1861-62. (VPP 1862 No 15).

JOHNSTON & KWADDEN: Address at Lamplough for school tenderers. (AM 5/11/1864).

B.P. JOHNSTON: SL 16/5/1860.

F. JOHNSTON: UL 15/2/1860.

ISABEW.A JOHNSTON: Maiden name. See registration of birth for John Alfred Croad.


J.J. JOHNSTON: UL 14/3/1860.

M.H. JOHNSTON: UL 9/4/1860.

MRS M.W. JOHNSTON: UL 14/3/1860.

R.P. JOHNSTON: UL 21/3/1860, 9/4/1860.

W.B. JOHNSTON: UL 15/2/1860.

G.W. JOHNSTON: UL 15/2/1860, 7/3/1860.

J.JOHNSTON: Lamplough Postmaster. Letter list. (MADA 6/1/1864).

M. JOHNSTON: UL 7/3/1860.

THOS JOHNSTON: SL 21/4/1860, 16/5/1860.

W. JOHNSTON: UL 15/2/1860t 7/3/1860.

W.H. JOHNSTONE: UL 15/2/1860.


MRS JOLLY: UL 7/3/1860. UL 15/2/1860.

E.A. JOLLY: SL 17/12/1860

JAMES JOLLY: Land Board. Held 20 acres. (AFP 22/5/1886).


WILLIAM JOLLY: Land Board. (AFP 22/5/1886).

JOLLY WAGGONERS: Kept by Thomas Whitten and later by Peter Wood. (Flett, Old Pubs … page 38.) Rush near Jolly Waggoners on Fiery Creek Road. Yielding well. (MADA 16/3/1860). Rush seven miles from Commercial Street. (MADA 14/3/1860). Claim nearby. (MADA 5/10/1860). Reef discovered near the J.W. Hotel, two miles south of Amphitheatre, and situated on the Fiery Creek road. (MADA 17/7/1861). Not far from the Jolly Waggoners, Amphitheatre. Excellent shaft. 300 miners. (MADA 9/4/1862).

PHILLIP JONAS: Birth of daughter AGNES, Lamplough, 1860. (No 05451, BDM).

JONES: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 2/5, 13/7/1860).

MR JONES: At Lamplough land meeting. (NWC 18/10/1860.) A Mr Jones put out a fire on a child. (MADA 13/4/1860).

MR JONES: Town crier, Lamplough. (BS 6/11/1860).

MISS AVONIA JONES: Born Richmond, Virginia, 12/3/1839; died U.S. 4/10/1867. Re-engaged at Royal, Geelong. (BL 3/12/1859). At Charlie Napier, Ballarat on 5 Dec. (BS 2/12/1859). Has again made herself curious by public speaking. (Age 12/12/1859.) Four nights at Theatre Royal, Ballarat. (Age 5/1/1860.) Terminated engagement at the Charlie Napier. Engaged at Royal, Ballarat. (BL 7/1/1860). To appear in Medea on Monday 9 Jan. Lamplough? “Histrionic talent of the highest pretensions in Victoria”. (BS 10/1/1860). Was to appear in Medea at Lamplough on Monday. (Age 11/1/1860.) Appeared at the Theatre Royal, Lamplough, in the character of Medea. (MADA 11/1/1860). Appeared at Theatre Royal (Lamplough) last two evenings. (MAA 13/1/1860). Highly popular at Lamplough. Theatre crowded every night. (Age 13/1/1860.) Largest audience so far at Lamplough. (BL 14/1/1860.) [First major star to visit?] Love’s Sacrifice. Theatre Royal. (BS via MH 16/1/1860.) In Evadne and Lucretia Borgia at Lamplough. (BL 21/1/1860.) Farewell, Saturday 21 January. (BS 25/1/1860). “Miss Avonia Jones took amazingly, as that sort of actress must do with such audiences as usually assemble in unsettled localities.” (Arg. Correspondent. 30/1/1860.) Accepted an engagement from a London manager. (Age 17/2/1860.) Medea on 27/2 at Theatre Royal, Melbourne. (Age 25/2/1860.) Medea. Theatre Royal (Melbourne?) (Age 27/2/1860.) “Second Love”. Theatre Royal. Melbourne. (Arg. 29/2/1860.), Camille. Theatre Royal. Melbourne. (MH 5/3/1860.) “Our opinion of the young lady’s peculiar school of acting is pretty well known.” N.B. 12 March was her 21st birthday. (MH 12/3/1860.) Monotonous manerisims … (a) few American failings. Has nearly concluded three weeks at Theatre Royal. (Age 16/3/1860.) In Camille at Haymarket, Theatre, Bendigo. (BA 3/5/1860). At Haymarket Theatre, Sandhurst. (Age 9/5/1860.) “Medea” at Haymarket Theatre, Bendigo. (BA 14/5/1860). “With a slight’ American accent …” At Ballarat. (BS 29/5/1860). At Inglewood. (Age 22/6/1860.) In “Camille” at Inglewood. Tears. (RADA 25/6/1860.) Has recently risen above the theatrical horizon. (Age 24/12/1860.) She and GVB making a provincial tour. (Arg. 25/1/1861.) She and G.V. Brooke at Mountain Creek. (BS 20/2/1861). As “Rosalind” in “As You Like It”. Theatre Royal. (Arg. 28/5/1861). Good reports for her Medea portrayal in London. (MAM 17/1/1862).

CAROLINE JONES: Maiden name. See registration of birth f or C. Betts.

DAVID JONES: Birth of daughter LOUISA Lamplough, 1860. (No 21198 BDM). UL 9/4/1860.

E.N. JONES: UL 7/3/1860.

FANNY JONES: Maiden name. See registration of birth for Robert Hardy.

GRIFFITH JONES: UL 4/4/1860. SL 21/4/1860.

G.F. JONES: UL 7/3/1860.

G.T. JONES: UL 14/311860.

ISAAC JONES: Drunk charge. Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 30/3/1860).

JAMES JONES: Damaged property charge. Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 27/2/1860).

JOHN JONES: Committed for trial. (MADA 20/2/1860). Drunk. Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 12/3/1860). Discharged, Lamplough Police Court. (NWC 1/11/1860.)

J.R. JONES: UL 7/3/1860.

J & P JONES: Landholder, Lamplough, 20/9/1872.

MARIA JONES: Insolvency. Back Creek. 1860. (V&P Leg. C. 1860-61 Al.)


PHILLIP JONES: No appearance. Refreshment licence application. Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 25/6/1860).

JONES & LOWE: Opened the first post office and store at Cathcart. “Shire of Ararat. Its Settlement and Development”. P.15.) Catered at Ararat race Ball. (Arg. via MAM 3/6/1856). Commercial street, Lamplough. Spirit merchant licence. (VGG No 39 p 564, 22/3/1860). Commercial street. Licence. WPG 29/3/1860.) Wine and spirit merchant licence. VGG No 41, 15/3/1861, p 554.) [See Frederick Lowe.] In 1863 Jones in England, Lowe in Queensland. W&P 1862-63. D33 p.13).

T. JONES: UL 14/3/1860.

W.N. JONES: UL 7,14/3/1860.


JECOB JONSEN: UL 7/3/1860.

JACOB JONSTEN: SL 16/2/1860.

J. JONSTONE: UL 15/2/1860.

JORDAN: Ear bitten off by Blinkey. (MAA 20/1/1860).

J. JOSEPHS: UL 7/3/1860.

L. JOSEPHS: UL 7,14/3/1860.

MACKEL JOYCE: UL 9/4/1860.

MICHAEL JOYCE: UL 28/3/1860. SL 19/7/1860.

E .JOYNES: Maiden name. See registration of birth for Alice Leach.

GEORGE JUBY: Drive fell in. He and Owens died. (BS 6/8/1860). Inquest. (ADHS.) Born England. Age 35. Father and mother’s names not known. (No 8844. WM.)

CHARLES JUKES: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 6/6/1860)