Lists compiled by Mrs E. C. Graham

ADHS member Mrs E.C. Graham has kindly allowed the Society to place on this website an electronic version of the more than 2,000 names contained in her publication “Avoca Lists of Unclaimed Letters from 1854 to 1864 Published in the Victorian Government Gazette”, plus her compilations of other local lists. These resources are copyright to Mrs Graham and the ADHS.

Consolidated list of Unclaimed Letters names (2,000 plus names)
Key to numbers appearing beside each UL name
Explanation of Unclaimed Letters
Assembly Roll for the Avoca Electoral Division 1856/57 (several hundred names)
Deep Lead Mining Company shareholders 1864 (14 names)
Avoca Goldmining Association shareholders 1864 (115 names)
Minute book of the Avoca District Butter, Cheese & Freezing Co Limited 1894-1903 (70 names).
Drownings in the Avoca Cemetery (49 names)