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Prepared by Denis Strangman.
(The material has been scanned from a typed document, using OCR (Optical Character Recognition), which may result in some strange interpretations by the software.)



MR BABRAM: U.L. 28/3/1860.

G. BACKHAM: U.L. 14/3/1860.

MR BACKNALL: U.L. 15/2/1860.

EMILY BACON: C of E. Teacher. Avoca Gold fields school 1861-62. (VPP 1862 No 15.)

J. BAHL: U.L. 7/3/1860.

T. BAIRE: U.L. 7/3/1860.

AMELIA BAILEY: Maiden name. See birth of Mary Jane Morris.

J. BAILEY: U.L. 15/2/1860.

J.H. & ELIZABETH BAILEY: Store. Lamplough. Cash box stolen (MADA 20/2/1860). Gold parcel stolen (MADA 2/3/1860). JOSEPH. (JOHN) HILL BA(Y)ILEY: Storekeeper and gold buyer. Insolvent. Causes … loss of a large quantity of gold dust. (Arg. 17/4/1860.) Special meeting re insolvency. (Age 12/7/1860). Charge of fradulent insolvency. (MADA 23/7/1860). Certificate. Case adj. until 11/2/1861. (Arg. 30/11/1860).

MARY BAILEY: Maiden name. See birth of Solomon Opie.

SURVEYOR BAILEY: Surveying Four Mile Flat under Surveyor English. (BS. 16/6/1860).

THOMAS BAILIE: U.L. 4/4/1860.

BAK TSI/TAI: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 18/7,20/7/1860).

BAKER: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 30/3/1860).

BAKER & CO: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 25/6/1860).

BAKER BROS: Soda water manufacturery close to the Theatre Royal. (MADA via BA 24/1 or 24/11?/1860).

H.H. BAKER: U.L. 4/4/1860.

J. BAKER: U.L. 15/2/1860.

LEVI BAKER: U.L. 4/4/1860.

RICHARD & MARY BAKER: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 16/5/1860).

MARY BAKER: Lamplough Police Court. (RADA 15/6/1860).

ROBERT BAKER: Charged with stealing from Charles Chilcote (Chilcott) at Linger-and-Die. Lamplough Police Court. (BS 19/12/1860, NWC 20/12/1860.) Left for Back Creek in company with Chilcott’s wife. (VPG 20/12/1860.)

WILLIAM RICHARD COLE BAKER: [See Cole Baker]. Appointed Poundkeeper, Avoca, 1/11/1854. (VGG p 2481, 1854). Graduate, Trinity College, Dublin. Poundkeeper, Avoca, pounds 100 p.a. (ER 1856).

MR BALDERS(T)ON’S (BOLDERSTON) PLEASURE GARDEN: Three miles from Lamplough. Bowling green. Summer houses. Opened Thursday last (30/8?) (NWC 6/9/1860). Two and a half miles from Lamplough. Bowling green. Gardens. Description. Near Scrase’s. Summons for not having occupation licence. (B.S. 6/9/1860). [Description of Castlemaine “Pleasure Gardens”. See R.A. Bradfield.] On the bank of the Bet Bet Creek. Near Woodstock Inn? (NWC 25/10/1860.)
BALDERSON’S INN: Inquest held there on child who died at Bet Bet Creek. (MADA 3/11/1860). MR BOLDERSON lost three horses (died) at Bet Bet Creek. (BS 29/5/1860).

BALDMAN: Storekeeper. Bet Bet Creek. Horses died. (MADA 25/5/1860).

H. BALDOCK: UL 7/3/1860.

MARY ANN BALDY: Maiden name. See birth of Anna Y. Hanson.

MARY BALFOUR: Inquest. Avoca. (MADA 16/11/1859).

A.W. BALL: UL 7/3/1860, 28/3/1860.

MRS JAMES BALL: U.L. 21/3/1860.

BALLANTYNE: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 28/5/1860).

MRS BALLANTYNE: S.L. 18/3/1861.

JOHN BALLANTYNE: Storekeeper, Avoca. Robbed. (MAM

BALLAARAT STAR: The Back Creek reporter was for five years a practical miner. (BS 10/12/1859). See George Humphreys. Lamplough correspondent not in Victoria in early days. (BS 3/1/1860). Lamplough correspondent referred to “old England”. (BS 10/4/1860). Praises Chinese. (BS 10/5/1860). Not anti-Chinese. (B.S. 16/6/1860). At C of E Service. (BS. 20/7/1860). Letter criticising him for supporting McDonough. (B.S. 14/9/1860). Saw McDonough in action at Back Creek. (B.S. 11/9/1860). Visited towns in Flanders and Belgium. (BS 2/11/1860). Referred to St. John’s Market in Liverpool. (BS 5/12/1860).


Y.B. BALLY: UL 15/2/1860.

ALBERT VINZEENT BALZARY: Son EDWIN A. born Lamplough, 1860. (No 15699 BM). “My father’s mother was Eleanor Albertha PECK (nee BALZARY). My father was Arthur PECK. My grandmother’s parents were Albert Vincent BALZARY and Henrietta Honora (or) Honoretta BENTLEY. The BALZARY family apparently wandered from goldrush to goldrush. Emily was born at Daisy Hill, Eleanor (my grandmother) was born at Goldsborough, Arthur was born at Pleasant Creek (Stawell) 1858, and Edwin Albert was born at Lamplough 1860.” “1860 Births: NO. 119 Edwin Albert BALZARY born July 20th 1860 reg July 27th midwife not known father- Albert Vincent BALZARY miner born Hungary mother- Honoretta BENTLEY born Dublin Ire.” (From letter Jean Nixon to Graeme Mills ADHS 1998).

G. BAMBERG: U.L. 14/3/1860.

G. BAMENT: UL 7/3/1860.

ABRAHAM BAMFORD: Lamplough. Advertisement. (MADA 4/7/1860).

B. BANCHOP: UL 7/3/1860.

BANKS: The banks kept aloof from building. (BS 20/12/1859). London Chartered and National only banks at present. Bank of Victoria agency about to be established. (Arg. 30/1/1860) The three banks, the London Chartered, Victoria, and National … at Lamplough. (MADA 23/7/1860). National Bank and London Chartered do not give storekeepers a profit on gold. [N.B. No mention of Bank of Victoria.] (B.S. 22/10/1860). London Chartered closed on 5/3/1861. (MADA 15/3/1861). Evidently only the National still there. (MADA 6/9/1861).

MRS BANKS: U.L. 9/4/1860.

W.D. BANKS: Auctioneer. Lamplough. (MADA 7/5/1860).

R. BANNETTS: UL 15/2/1860.

JOSEPH BANNISTER: Daughter ANN S. born Lamplough, 1860. (No 21186 BM)

G.S. BARBER: UL 7/3/1860.

BARBER’S GULLY: Half mile further on from the Woodstock Inn on Lexton Rd. Discovered by a Lamplough barber. (MADA 17/9/1860). 1,000 there. (MADA 19/9/1860). Not discoverd by a barber but a miner, six weeks ago. Letter. (MADA 19/9/1860). “On the Woodstock rush”. Close to Bet Bet Creek. (MADA 24/9/1860). Looking very well. (NWC 4/10/1860.) Near the Burn Bank Road. Paying well. (NWC 11/10/1860.) Lead tends to Woodstock Gully. (Age 19/10/1860). Neighbourhood thoroughly prospected. (MADA 5/11/1860).


BRIDGET BARCLAY: Maiden name. See birth of T.P. Carpenter.

G. BARCLAY: UL 7/3/1860.

INSPECTOR HUGH ROSS BARCLAY: Sub inspector Barclay arrested miner. Case, Camp, Castlemaine. (MAM 18/3/1856). Evidence in Castlemaine P.C. (MAM 27/6/1856). Inspector 1st Class, Avoca. Pounds 350 p.a. 1st appointed 4/10/1852. Born Scotland. W&P Leg. C. 1858~59 A2.) Inspector 1st Class. Appointed 1/1/1854. Pounds 350 p.a. 1st appointed 10/9/1852. (VPP 1858-59 No 46). “Our new Superintendent of Police” (at Avoca Police Court). (MADA 11/1/1859). Signed, Police Dept. Avoca. (MADA 3/10/1859). R.E. Johns visited Barclays at Avoca on 23/2/1860. (R.E.J.) In charge of Lamplough and Avoca from Tuesday next (20/3) (MADA 19/3/1860). “Both clever and well read”. (R.E.J. 13/9/1860). Friend of R.E. Johns (R.E.J.) Suspended Detective Evans (MADA 4/4/1860). Another charge. (NWC 25/10/1860.) Charged Michael Healy. Lamplough Police Court. (NWC 13/12/1860.) He removed the police from Lamplough. (MADA 5/2/1862). Left for Portland. Testimonial dinner. Service of plate. Brooch to Mrs. At Avoca 7 years. (AM 13/8/1864.) First appointed to Service on. 4/10/1852. Appointed acting Superintendent 1/9/1860. (Replies to Question by Mr Snodgrass. VPP 1860-61. 17/1/1861.) Died 2 a.m. 21/7/1876. Wife died later in month. (R.E.J.) Supt. Beechworth January 1871. There in 1874. (Woods p. 147).

MR BARCLAY’S BILLIARD ROOMS: Lamplough. Mentioned in Court case. (NWC 29/11/1860.) Mr Barclay’s tobacconist shop and billiard saloon. Attempted robbery. (MADA 30/7/1860). MR BARCLAY’S CIGAR DIVAN: Commercial street. Arrest of forger.

(MADA 26/11/1860). BARCLAY’S BILLIARD SALOON: Landsborough. Notice of sale 13/5/1865. (ADHS).

PETER BARFOOT: Horse stolen. (VPG 16/2/1860.)


J.C. BARKER: UL 15/2/1860.

ALICE BARKING: Maiden name. See birth of William Graham.

WM. BARKLEY: UL 7/3/1860.

BARKLY: “The new rush at Navarre has had the name of Barkly conferred upon it.” A month has now elapsed since the rush first started. (MADA 1/11/1861.)

BARLOW: Bystander, fight in a Lamplough brothel. (MADA 5/2/1862).

ALFRED BARLOW: G.L.H. (Lamplough). “X His mark. Bridget Black Inquest. 1862. (ADHS). Miner. Resident Lamplough. (1884/85 VIC Dir.) Land Commission granted 20 acres. Parish of Glenmona. (AM 12/9/18??)

MR BARLOW: See Lamplough Common 8/3 and 15/3/1884. (AM 18??)

MR BARLOW: SWmall farmer near Lamplough. Fire destroyed his dwelling house, stable, tools, yesterday. WP 25/10/1873.)

THE INIMITABLE AMERICAN BARLOW: At Kangaroo Theatre (MAM 10/2/1857). Theatre Royal, Lamplough. (MADA 5/11/1860). BARLOW THE SINGER: Gave Joe Small six pounds per week for 3 months. ‘The New Zealand …” pps 59-60). “Mrs Barlow, relict of ‘Billy’ Barlow, a commedian of wide celebrity 40 years ago died at Gympie, Qld. age 87 years.” (VBI. Australasian 7/5/1910, p. 1165).

J. BARLOW: U.L. 14/3/1860.

JAS BARLOW: U.L. 28/3/1860.


MR BARNES: Hines’s partner. (VPP 1861-62. D. No 38. p. 13.)

JAMES BARNES: Miner. Avoca. 1856. (ER).

JAMES BARNES: Tent stolen, cut, property stolen, including National Bank cheque. MG 26/1/1860.)

L.N. BARNES: UL 15/2/1860.

WM. BARNES: S1 18/10/1860.

BARNETT: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 19/3/1860).

CHAS. BARNETT: SI, 21/4/1860.

CHARLES BARNETT:(?) U.L. 14/3/1860.

W. BARNETT: Trustee Avoca Cemetery. MG 1857). Trustee, Public Recreation area, Avoca. VCG No 142, 22/10/1858, p 2053). Esq. J.P. On bench, Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 8/8/1860). Wm BARNETT: Son born on 19/6/1861. Avoca. (MADA 3/7/1861). Chairman, Avoca Municipal Council. (MADA 29/11/1861).

J. BARR: UL 7/3/1860.

JOHN BARR: UL 15/2/1860.

JOHN MITCHELL BARR: Miner. Avoca. 1856. (ER) . Came to M’Callum’s Creek. Worked at Talbot, Avoca, etc. 27 years ago. Presentation dinner. Talbot. (Talbot Leader 10/8/83). (Majorca) – for Moonambel Gold Mining company. Application for land. Wet Lead Moonambel South. (AM 28/8/69. Advert 11/8/70?) Biography. (ADB Vol 3 1851-1890). At Avoca first rush. (Flett. “Old Pubs … Page 36.)

W. BARREL: UL 7/3/1860.

MR BARRELL: UL 28/3/1860.

G.L. BARRETT: UL 14/3/1860.

RICHARD BARRETT: (Father Barrett’s brother). Engineer. Winter’s Flat. (MAM 3/6/1856).

MR WM. BARRETT: Lamplough. Witness. Carisbrook General Sessions. (MADA 11/5/1860).

WILLIAM BARRETT: Trustee of C of E site, Avoca. (VGG No 194, p 2689, 13/12/1859).

M. BARRON: UL 7/3/1860.

W. BARRON: UL 14/3/1860.

MRS BARRY: Tent burnt. (VPG 22/11/1860.)

JOHN BARRY: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 4/7/1860). Discharged. (MADA 18/7/1860).

J. BARSTOW: UL 15/2/1860.

J. BARTLETT: UL 7/3/1860.

JOHN BARTLETT: Daughter ELLEN born Lamplough, 1860. (No 21212 BDM). U.L. 4/4/1860.

JOHN BARTLETT: Death. Lamplough. Age 1 year and seven months. Son of John B. Late of Commissioner’s Hill. (MAA 21/2/1860).

JOHN BARTLETT: Son JOHN WILLIAM born Lamplough, 1860. (No 15701 BDM) .
JOHN BARTLETT: UL 21/3/1860.

H.H. BARTON: SL 16/2/1860. UL 15/2/1860.

HENRY BARTON: UL 21/3/1860.

JOHN BARTON: UL 15/2/1860, 4/4/1860.

MR BARWARAN: UL 14/3/1860.

ELLEN BARY: Charged with stealing stays from Mary Ann Acres. Lamplough Police Court. (NWC 20/9/1860.)

MR BASCH(A): Seconded motion at Lamplough land meeting. MADA 17/10/1860, NWC 18/10/1860.)

J. BASCH: See Pilot Boat Hotel. 16/2/1861. (ADHS).

JACOB BASCH: Tobacconist, Ararat, 1858. (Name and occupation included in request for municipal district petition published by Chief Secretary’s Office, 17/8/1858, and. reproduced in “Passing on the Torch” by Mary Normanbail, 1958, pps. 36-40.) Juror, Ellen Wilson inquest. 1862. (ADHS).

HENRY BASFORD: UL 15/2/1860.

H. BASHFORD: UL 7/3/1860.

SIMON BASS: UL 14/3/186Or 28/3/1860.

WM BASSETT: See Daniel Foley. (VPG 25/4/1861.)


JOHN BATCHELOR: Appointed poundkeeper, Avoca, 5/12/1856. VGG p 2135, 1856.)

EDWARD JOHN BATEMAN: Married Caroline Ann McPhail/Reynolds in 1860. 8 children. Notice re vacancy caused by resignation of EJB as Maryborough representative on Maryborough Mining Board. (MADA 25/11/1859). Witness larceny case, Carisbrook General Court. Reporter on MADA. Resides Lamplough. (MADA 10/2/1860). Represents MADA in Lamplough. Notice. First appearance of name as agent? (MADA 22/2/1860.) Bateman of the Back Creek Advertiser (?) (MADA 1/6/1860). Notice. Lamplough agent. (MADA 22/6/1860). Secretary of C of E Cttee. Lamplough. (MADA 13/7/1860). Last appearance of his name as representing MADA at Lamplough? (MADA 30/11/1860). Notice that E.J. Bateman & Co have purchased NWC office, Back Creek, from Nuthall & Gearing as from 5/11/1860. (MADA 3/12/1860). Hon. Sec. Back Creek Committee to honour Mr King (exploring party survivor). (MADA 6/12/1861). One of the proprietors of the (N.W.) Chronicle office, Back Creek. Bateman, Clark & Co. (Court case.) (NWC 21/3/1861.) … J.H. Gearing in partnership with Messrs Bateman and Clark. Afterwards (they were) proprietors of the “Ballarat Courier”. (“The Cyclopedia of Victoria”, Vol 3, p 320, 1905.) Death 7/3/1893. Age 61 years. “Aventine”, Dandenong rd, Windsor, Melbourne. Father of W.H. Bateman, Chemist, Bourke Street, Melbourne. According to Mark Higton of the U.K. (10 Oct 03) his father was probably Edward Bateman of 7 Waterloo Rd, Walworth, who was a printer with premises at Hatton Garden.

ABRAHAM RATES: U.L. 9/4/1860.

H.M. BATES: UL 15/2/1860.

BATTY: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 11/4/1860).

BAXTER: Carisbrook? Person to whom R.E. Johns gives birds. (REJ 4/12/1860).

W. BAXTER: UL 15/2/1860.

WM. BAXTER: UL 7/3/1860. Business licence case. Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 2/5/1860).

WILLIAM BAXTER: Miner. Avoca. 1856. (ER).

BAYLEY: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 19/3/1860). (MADA 11/4/1860). [See J.H. Bailey.]

JOSEPH HILL BAYLEY: Daughter ELIZABETH ELLEN born Lamplough, 1860. (No 14588 BDM).

G.C. BAYLIS: UL 28/3/1860. SL 21/4/1860. SL 16/6/1860.

MR BAYLIS: SL 21/4/1860.

H.P. BEACH: UL 15/2/1860.

GEORGE BEARHOPE: U.L. 18/4/1860.

MR BEASLEY: Publican. The Avoca. Case. Castlemaine Supreme Court. Miss Emily Beasley daughter. (MAM 13/10/1854).

M. BEATHEL: UL 7/3/1860.

M. BEATTIE: SL 19/3/1860.

ROBERT BEATTIE: Witness. Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 25/6/1860).

BEATTY: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 11/5/1860).

S.R. BEATTY: District publican’s licence. Maryborough. (VGG No 129, p 1937, 16/10/1860.)


GEORGE BEAVIS: Son HENRY born Avoca 1859. (No 9083 BDM).




R. BEAVORN: UL 28/3/1860.

F. BECK: UL 15/2/1860, UL 7/3/1860.

G. BECK: Landholder, Lamplough, 12/8/1897.


G. BEEBEG: U.L. 18/4/1860.

BEEBY: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 13/7/1860).


BELFAST HOTEL: Rush. 1,000 miners. (MADA 29/8/1860).

BELFIELD: Lessee of Theatre Royal, Back Creek, to open with a new company on Clare Castle rush. (BS 7/12/1859). Mr Belfield of (Theatre) Royal, Lamplough attempted to purchase Princess’s Theatre, Back Creek. (BT 10/3/1860). Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 4/4/1860).

F. BELFIELD: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 16/5/1860).

MR BELL: UL 15/2/1860.

MR BELL: At Morton’s store. (BS 4/4/1860).

N. BELL: UL 7/3/1860.

W.A. BELL: UL 21/3/1860.

W.M. BELL: Trustee, estate of John M’Kenna. (Arg. 13/11/1860).

W.M. BELL: Chairman. Rose of Denmark Mining Co (Ltd). 1864. Gaffney’s Creek, Upper Goulburn District. (Lloyd, Page 46.)

W.M. BELL: Numerous references to W.M. Bell & Co in Clyde Company Papers. Volume 5. 1851-53.

MRS W. MONTGOMERIE BELL: Birth. Son. 17/5/1849. Avoca. (Arg. 18/5/1849). Birth. Daughter. (Arg. 12/4/1852.)

W.P. BELL: UL 7/3/1860.

FRANK BELMONT: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 4/4/1860).

BENDALL: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 16/5/1860).

JOHN BENJAMIN: Charged with cutting callico wall of Theatre Royal (NWC 8/11/1860).

JOHN BENJANIN: Daughter AMELIA born Lamplough, 1860. (No 15725 BDM).

BENNETT: Wages case. Lamplough Police Court. (NWC 20/9/1860.)

CALEB BENNETT: Publican’s licence. Bridge Inn. Bung Bong. (VGG 16/8/1861.)

JOSEPH (JOHN) BENNETT J.P.: Sat on Back Creek Police Court. (MADA 16/11/1859). J.P. Appeared on Bench at Lamplough Police Court last Friday. (MADA 30/1/1860.) Chaired meeting and on committee to petition Government re water. 1,500 at meeting. (BS 21/2/1860). Proprietor (MADA 7/3/1860). Narrow escape riding buggy. (MADA 9/3/1860).Owned the ale and whisky stolen from the bar of the Theatre Royal. (MADA 26/3/1860). Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 30/3/1860). Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 27/4,16/5,21/5,25/5,28/5,6/6, 20/6, 20/7, 27/7/1860). On Bench, Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 2/4r 6/4, 11/4, 6/2/1860.) Chaired meeting, Prospecting Committee (described as a meeting re water supply in MAA 21/2/1860), Lamplough. (MADA 20/2/1860, 22/2/1860). Horse trouble (MADA 13/4/1860). Proprietor, Theatre Royal. (BS 1/5/1860). “John Bennett a disreputable J.P. was apprehended by the Police today on a warrant for disobeying a summons.” (REJ 25/5/1860). Sole proprietor, Theatre Royal. Sued. (BS 29/5/1860). Suing. Arrest. (BS via Age 30/5/1860.) Case: De Bourg v Bennett Re Theatre Royal. (MADA 22/6/1860). He and Mr Fyfe purchased Commercial Hotel, Lamplough. Back Creek Police Court. (MADA 3/8/1860). Owner or manager of Theatre Royal, Lamplough. (NWC 8/11/1860.) Allegedly deceived Du Bourg. Insolvency case. (Age 29/11/1860.) Back Creek. Resigned as a Territorial Magistrate. Notice 4/12/1860. (VGG No 158, 7/12/1860. p 2362.)

JNO. BENNETTS: SL 29/4/1861.

MARY BENNETT: Remanded. Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 2/4/1860). Discharged. (MADA 6/4/1860).

MESSRS BENNETT BROS & CO: Ironmongery. Royal Street, Lamplough. (MADA 7/3/1860).

ROBERT BENNEY: U.L. 18/4/1860.

JOSEPH BENOON: UL 15/2/1860.

THOMAS BENSON: Son THOMAS born Lamplough, 1860. (No 15722 BDM). U.L. 9/4/1860.

WM BENSON: Refreshment licence. Avoca office. (VGG No 101, p 1541, 17/8/1860).

HONORETTA BENTLEY: Maiden name. See birth of Edwin Balzary.

BENTLEY: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 29/2/1860.)

JAMES FRANCIS BENTLEY: Sentenced to 10 years transportation for “forgery of an order for the payment of money.” Age 25 years at 16/12/1843. (AJCP). Convicted of forgery in December 1843, Lancaster Assizes. March 1844 to VDL. Pardon 1851. Death (Age 14/4/1873) (Molony. “Eureka”. 1984. Pps 222-223.) Ballarat trial. Catherine not guilty. (MAM 24/11/1854). Disobeying summons. Supposed to have gone to Inglewood. MG 1/3/1860.) Details of case. Restaurant, Amphitheatre Street. (BS 31/3/1860.) Further details. (BS 2/4/1860.) Restaurant keeper, Lamplough. (MADA 2/4/1860). Details. Heading: “What May Happen to a Man in Victoria”. (MADA ex MAM 4/4/1860.) Born Surrey 1818. Three years for manslaughter 18/11/1854. Ticket of leave 18/3/1856. Suicided 10/4/1873. (Withers pps 88~89.) Age 54 years at death. 5 children. (Age 14/4/1873.)

BENTLY: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 11/4/1860).

WM. BENTON: SL 16/5/1860.

MRS C.J. BENTZEN: UL 21/3/1860.

JAMES BERGIS: Cooper. Resident Lamplough. (1869 PO Dir.)

H. BERGIN & CO: Ex Drapers. Advert. (MADA 29/6/1860). Harbottle, Porch & Pudney bought stock and building (large iron store called Manchester House). To be sold. (MADA 18/7/1860). HENRY BERGIN: Arrived Australia 9 years ago. returned to Ireland 2 months 1859. Opened a store at Lamplough. At Inglewood nine months ago. (VPG 27/11/1862.)


JOHN BERRIDGE: U.L. 4/4/1860.

G.W. BERRY: UL 28/3/1860.

GEORGE W. BERRY: Insolvent. Avoca. (V&P Leg. C. 1860-61. Al. )

JOHN BERRY: Charge of receiving stolen note. WPG 28/6/1860.) U.L. 9/4/1860.

JOSEPH BERRY: Killed at Lamplough on Monday while fighting with Robert Hopkins. Inquest. Verdict – mischance. (BS 6/1/1860. MADA 6/1/1860 Repeated in Arg. 6/1 and 11/1/1860 and MH 9/1/1860). Resident Ararat. (MAA 6/1/1860).

BERRY: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 20/2/1860).

ARTHUR BERRYMAN: Bail. Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 15/6/1860).

BERVARD: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 11/4/1860).

W. BEST: UL 7/3/1860.

WILLIAM BEST: U.L. 9/4/1860.

BET BET CREEK: “The watercarts (from Lamplough) go to the
Bet Bet Creek now for their loading (MADA 15/2/1860.)
Swollen after rain (MADA 27/4/1860). Two prospecting shafts
(MADA 6/4/1860). Reef near there. 4 miles from Commercial
street. (MADA 18/4/1860). Horses dying. Watercourse at
crossing place 40′ width, 4′ depth. (MADA 25/5/1860).
Another horse died. (MADA 18/5/1860). Horse disease also at
Clough & Company’s station and Bradshaw’s. (Age 22/6/1860.)
Water in all seasons good. Exceedingly low summer. (BS.
25/9/1860.) Two and a half to three miles from Lamplough.
(MADA 1/10/1860). Drowning. 3 miles from Lamplough on the
Burnbank Rd, near the Woodstock rush. (MADA 10/10/1860).
Rain: creek width 70′, 6′ depth at centre. (NWC 11/10/1860).

MR BETHOR: New quartz reef between Lamplough and Avoca. (MADA 23/7/1860).

ALEXANDER BETHUNE: Discovered quartz reef between Lamplough and Avoca. (MADA 18/7/1860). Excitement has died out. (MADA 27/7/1860).

WILLIAM BETTS: Daughter CAROLINE CHRISTI born Lamplough, 1860. (No 10963 WM). Land board application. Married man. 8 children. (AFP 22/5/1886.)


JOHN BEVILLION: U.L. 4/4/1860.

SIGNOR & SIGNORA BIANCHI: At Theatre Royal, Melbourne. (Arg. 17/1/1860). Expected soon at Theatre Royal, Lamplough. (MADA 9/3/1860). At Ballarat next Saturday. (Arg. 3/4/1860.)

MR ARTHUR BIBLE: Secretary to the Audit Commissioners. Passenger Carisbrook to Avoca 23/2/1860. Lamplough. (REJ 23,26/2/1860.)

MESSRS. BICKFORD & CO: Prospectors at the extreme end of the first patch, on the Burn back road. (MADA 17/2/1860.)

F. BIGGERS: UL 15/2/1860.

GETTLE BILL M: U.L. 18/4/1860.

JOHN BINNEY: Storekeeper. Avoca. 1856. (ER).

MR BINNIE: Owner of Bennet store? (Age 29/11/1860.)

JOHN & BRIDGET BIRCH: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 15/6/1860).

BIRCH: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 18/7/1860).

SARAH JANE BIRCH: UL 15/2/1860. [Sarah Burch: wife of William Burch.]

MRS SUSAN BIRCH: Robbery case. Lamplough. (MADA 20/2/1860). Disorderly house charge. Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 6/6/1860). “Notorious character(s)”. Abusive language. Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 20/7/1860). Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 30/7/1860). Her windows broken by Thomas M’Grath. (MADA 8/8/1860). Lives in Amphitheatre Street. Drunk. Lamplough Police Court. (NWC 27/9/1860.) “An old offender” (NWC 15/11/1860.) Another charge (NWC 8/11/1860.) Keeps a refreshment tent. Coat stolen from Thomas Williams at her place. (MADA 17/7/1861). 13/6/1862 applied for Refreshment licence. Resides City rd, Barkly. Adjourned to 17/6/1862. Refused. (Barkly Licence Register.)

MRS BIRCH: UL 21/3/1860.

BIRD: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 9/7, 30/7/1860).

E.S. BIRD: UL 15/2/1860.

W. BIRD: UL 15/2/1860.

W. BIRD FOR H. WATERSON: Ul 21/3/1860.

WM. BIRD: Business licence case. Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 2/5/1860).

MR BIRD’S HOTEL: Post office. Glenlogie, Amphitheatre. Land sale 24/2/1860. (MH 2/2/1860).

W. BIRDS: UL 7/3/1860.

GEO BIRDSALL: One of my hosts. (REJ 10/9/1860.) Walk with Birdsall. (REJ 24/10/1860.) District Publican’s licence, Lexton Hotel, Lamplough. (VGG No 110, 19/7/1861, pps 1380~1381.)

SUSAN BIREL: Disorderly house. Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 25/5/1860).

BIRNIES LINE OF COACHES: Mr Macartney, agent Lamplough. (MADA 23/4/1860). Versus M’Donough. Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 3/8/1860).

R.G.J. BIRRELL: UL 7/3/1860.

S. BISHOP: UL 7,14/3/1860.

BISHOP & WHITTLE: U.L. 18/4/1860.

HENRY BLABEY: SL 19/3/1860.

BLACK: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 16/4/1860, 27/4/1860).

A. BLACK: U.L. 4/4/1860.

ALEX BLACK: SL 19/7/1860.

JOHN BLACK: U.L. 4/4/1860.







MR BLAFALL: UL 7/3/1860.

W. BLAIN: UL 15/2/1860.

MARY BLAIR: U.L. 9/4/1860.

MARY BLAIRE: UL 7/3/1860.

R. BLAKE: UL 7/3/1860.

MARGARET BLANCHFIELD: Daughter of Pierce and Julia (nee Comerford). Born Beaufort. Age 46. Resident Lamplough. Married Alex Walker 25/8/1903. R.C. (ADHS)

PIERCE BLANCHFIELD: GLH. Miner. Resident Lamplough. (1884/85 VIC Dir.) P. BLANCHFIELD: Landholder, Lamplough, 15/11/1880.

HENRI BLAND: UL 14/3/1860.

WM BLANDELL: UL 21/3/1860.

WILLIAN BLANDON: One of the three large XXX stores at Lamplough. (BS 30/6/1860.) Refreshment licence granted. Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 9/7/1860). XXX Store of Mr Blandon, High street, Mountain Creek. (BS 9/1/1861).

W. BLASKE: UL 7/3/1860.

E. BLAXALL: UL 14/3/1860.

HARVEY & BLAXALL: UL 15/2/1860.

PATRICK BLEARY: Drunk and disorderly. Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 15/2/1860.)

EDWARD BLEXELL: Business licence case. Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 2/5/1860).

BLINKEY: Bit off Jordan’s ear. (MA.A 17/1/1860).

R. BLONG: UL 14/3/1860.

ROBERT BLONG: U.L. 18/4/1860.

WM. BLOOMFIELD: SL 18/10/1860.

THOMAS BLOXMAN: Of Maryborough. Horse stolen at Lamplough. VPG 16/2/1860.)

W. BLUNDELL: U.L. 4/4/1860.

ELLEN BLUNDEN: Maiden name. See birth of D.P. Elliott.

JAMES BLUSON: UL 15/2/1860.

J. BOAG: UL 15/2/1860.

MR BOADVYE: U.L. 18/4/1860.

BEN BOATSWAIN: UL 14/3/1860.

MR BOBBINSON: SL 22/5/1861.

E. BOCK: UL 7/3/1860. (Glenise Heywood wonders if this might be Eliza Bock – “I wonder if this might be Eliza Jane Bock (nee Halliday) b:~1828 Dungannon, Tyrone, Ireland. Arrived Port Phillip 1855 on Toranado.Worked for Mr. Murray, Spencer St. Melbourne for one year, wage of 20 pounds with rations. m: Henry Bock, miner, (?Carisbrook, 1856 no record found) issue: 4 daughters. 1st. born, Louisa, b. 1858 m: Edward Heywood (His sister Anne was born Lamplough, 1860: see Heywood entry.) Eliza Bock d:1875 at 9 mile creek near Rushworth, buried Graytown.” (E-mail communication 15 February 2000.)

BOLDERSTON: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 16/5/1860). [Balderson occupancy case?] [See Balderston.] JOSEPH BOLDERSTON: UL 21/3/1860. Juror. Inquest Ann Henrys 1863. (ADHS). Land card. Warrenmang Parish. Allotments 101, 102, 103. Sec 1. Vol 548. Folio 109456. (ADHS).

JOHN BOLTON: Ticket of leave. Lamplough. (VPG 8/3/1860.)

CHARLOTTE BONAMY: Maiden name. See birth of Harriett Horwill.

JOHN BOND: Ticket of leave. Carisbrook to Lamplough. (VPG 14/6/1860.)

LETITIA BOND: UL 14/3/1860.

M. BONDY: UL 14/3/1860.

GEORGE BOOBYER: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 28/5,6/6/1860). No appearance. Refreshment licence application. Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 9/7/1860).

J. BOORN: Landholder, Lamplough, 28/2/1878, 3/11/1884.

JOHN BOORN: GLH. Survey 10 acres. Pre-emptive right (AH 7/4/1866).

JOSEPH BORGER: New quartz reef at Avoca between Paddy’s Gully and Four Mile Flat. (Age 27/4/1860.)

JOHN BORNE: Farmer. Resident Lamplough. (1869 PO Dir.) Signed school petition 5/2/1873. Applied for publican’s licence Lamplough Road. Farmers Hotel. Granted. (VPG 19/8 and 30/9/1871).

MR BORLAND: Boot store. Lamplough. Robbery. (MADA

27/6/1860). y)

BORTHWICK: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 8/8/1860).

WALTER BORTHWICK: Storekeeper. Avoca. 1856. (ER).Auctioneer. Lamplough. Lost horse notice. (VGG No 13, p 193, 24/1/1860). Auctioneer. (MADA 23/3/1860).

G. BOSFE: UL 7/3/1860.

BOSTOCK: Butcher. Avoca. (VPP 1859-1860. No 71.)

PETER BOSTOCK: Butcher. High Street, Avoca. 1856. (ER).

G. BOSQUE: UL 15/2/1860.

MRS BOSWELL: UL 7/3/1860.

H. BOTAX: UL 14/3/1860.

BOUCHER & CO: Drapers. Ararat & Lamplough. Serious failure. (WE 9/3/1860).

BRIDGET BOURKE: Maiden name. See birth of Edward Carlton.

CONSTABLE BOURKE: Charged Michael Healy (NWC 13/12/1860.)

J. BOURKE: UL 28/311860.

GEO BOUSWELL: SL 29/4/1861.

GEORGE BOWDEN: Avoca. (MAM 13/10/1854).

JAMES BOWDEN: U.L. 9/4/1860.

ALBERT J. BOWEN: Land Board. (AFP 22/5/1856).

D. BOWEN: Landholder, Lamplough, 20/7/1893.

DAVID BOWEN: GLH. Miner, Lamplough, 1908. (ER).

ELIZABETH BOWEN: H.D. Lamplough. 1908. (ER).

H. BOWEN: UL 7/3/1860.


MARTHA SARAH BOWEN: H.D. Lamplough. 1908. (ER).

WILLIAM DAVID BOWEN: Miner. Lamplough. 1908. (ER).

ELIZABETH BOWER: Maiden name. See birth of Theresa Ibertson.

W.M. BOWERING: UL 14/3/1860.

AMBROSE BOWLES: Avoca. Horse stolen at Lamplough about lst February. (VPG 31/3/1864.)

JOHN BOWMAN: UL 15/2/1860.

JOSEPH BOWYER: Lamplough. Mare stolen on 3rd inst. (VPG 15/11/1870.)

FRED BOX: UL 15/2/1860.

E. BOYCE: Member, Avoca Municipal Council. (MADA

EDWARD BOYCE: Merchant. High street, Avoca. 1856. (ER).

J. BOYCE: UL 7/3/1860.

W. BOYCE: Esq. J.P. Lamplough Police Court. (NWC 13/9/1860.)

BOYD: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 28/3/1860).

E. BOYD: Landholder, Lamplough, 11/9/1883.


J.L. BOYD: SL 17/12/1860.

W. BOYLAN: UL 15/2/1860.

MARY BOYLE: A most disreputable looking female. Charged. Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 15/2/1860.)

MR SAMUEL BOYLE: Appeared for Chinese at Castlemaine P.C. on  20/2/1858. (MAM 22/2/1858). [N.B. See opium consignment case below.] “Our eminent barrister, Mr Boyle, is already engaged for 16 of the (18) prisoners at (Ararat General Sessions). (WE 6/12/1859). Appeared in wages case. Lamplough Police Court. (MAA 31/1/1860). Suggested a poor-box be placed on a table in the Police Court. (MADA 6/2/1860.) Prosecuted in Morris-Coleman case. (MADA 13/2/1860.)
Appeared in assault case. Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 20/2/1860). Appeared for Charles Thompson (MADA 27/2/1860. ) Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 14/3/1860). Appeared for T.
Burns, Traynor (MADA 23/3/1860). LPC (MADA 30/3/1860). Morton robbery case. (BS 4/4/1860). Conveyed money from the Theatre Royal benefit to Maryborough Hospital (MADA
9/411860). LPC 11/4, 16/4, 20/4, 2/5, 11/5,18/5,21/5 (argument with Truwhitt), 2515/60. Has argued that agents cannot be sued. (BS 26/5/1860). Left Court in “high dudgeon” (MADA 30/5/1860). Appeared for Police (MADA 6/6/1860). Advert. re Carisbrook G.S. Can be retained at Lamplough.
(MADA 25/6, 18/7, 20/7, 23/7, 30/7 /1860). Defended Tasker. Lamplough P.C. (BS 30/6/1860). Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 4/7/1860). Appeared for Bak Tai Lamplough Police Court.
(MADA 18/7/1860). Appeared for Mary Ann Kenny. Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 20/7/1860). Appeared for Constable M’Lean in paternity case. Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 29/8/1860). Appeared for A. Anderson (NWC 27/9/1860.) Case at Avoca P.C. “… one of the most plausible pleaders in this part of the colony”. (BS 2/10/1860). Meek and Anderson case. Lamplough P.C. (BS 8/10/1860). Received opium consignment for Chinese (NWC 18/10/1860.) Down from Ararat,
at Lamplough. (REJ 18/11/1860). Appeared for F. Clarke (NWC 22/11/1860.) Advert re a Mr Boyle, Barrister and conveyancer.. resides in Ararat permanently now. (MAA 21/12/1860). Met REJ at Mountain Creek. (REJ 29/1/1861). Notice – has returned to Ararat to reside and will in future
attend the various courts at Ararat, Pleasant Creek and Raglan. (MAA 20/5/1861 etc.) At Pleasant Creek. (MAA 25/10/1861). Frequent references to chatting with Boyle, sometimes with Fr Fennelly, between 2/3/1860 – 28/7/1860. (REJ). Libel case against Thatcher, Ararat. (Anderson. Page
110). Two references to barrister J. Boyle who arrived at Ararat from Dunolly in last week of July (1857). Wrote letter to MAA. Sued re Thatcher. (L. Banfield. “Green Pastures and Gold”, pps. 40,58.)

SENIOR CONSTABLE BOYLE: Promoted from Constable. Was at Eastern Police Court (Ballarat). To take charge of station at the Clare Castle rush. (BT 9/12/1859).

SGT. BOYLE: Arrested Blinkey. (BS 20/1/1860. BA 24/1/1860).

MR BRABNER: C of E Committee. Lamplough. (MADA 13/7/1860).

STEPHEN KNOWLES BRABNER: Licence. (BS 16/6/1860). Licence application. Lexton Hotel. Granted. Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 20/6/1860). “My landlord” at Lexton Hotel, Lamplough. Drove him to Lexton to visit. (REJ 16/7/1860). One of my landlords. Rifle practice. (REJ 22/9/1860.) Rifle practice. (REJ 16/10/1860). Juror. Inquest. E. Birdsall 13/12/1861. (ADHS) .

MR BRADBURY: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 19/3/1860). Lamplough Cricket Club (MADA 26/3/1860).

R. BRADLEY: U.L. 4/4/1860.

ROBERT BRADLEY: Flour stolen from his bakehouse. (VPG 26/1/1860).

C & J BRADSHAW: Land claim. “Boorambita”. 14,720 acres. 1,000 head of cattle. Moorabool River. (VGG 1849 p 107). Stock assessment, “Glenmona”: 5 horses, 300 cattle, 13,000 sheep. (VGG p 1900 No 78, 25/8/1854.)

CHARLES BRADSHAW: Licensee. White Horse Hotel, Ballarat, 1854. “Hotels 1854-1864”. Ballarat Library).

BRADSHAW’S CREEK: Picnic on 30 November. Back Creek people. (MADA 2/12/1859).

BRADSHAW’S PADDOCK: Henry Crook’s horse stolen on 12 August. (VPG 30/8/1860.)

BRADSHAW’S PLAINS: Near Lamplough. Lost bullock notice. (VGG No 52. 3/4/1861. P 692).

BRADSHAW’S STATION: Mentioned in inquest on unknown woman. 1857. Pps 15, 18. (ADHS).

MR BRADSHAW’S PRE-EMPTIVE RIGHT: Criticism of his closure of the old main road to Wimmera and Adelaide which went through his paddock. (MADA 4/8/1857). Reference to MADA item re closing of paddock. (MAM 17/4/1857). Lake Hindmarsh Station & Glenomona Station held by Bradshaw and Quarterman (50,000 acres crown land). W.H. Bradshaw, supervising, Glenomna. (VGG No 68 p 1031 & 1034, 31/5/1860). Reef worked by Wilson’s party. (MADA 8/6/1860). Horses died. (MADA 20/6/1860). Gazette notice re lease adjoining Bradshaw’s Station. (MADA 20/6/1860). Advert. W.H. Bradshaw, Glenmona, near Amherst. (MADA 20/7/1860). CHARLES BRADSHAW: Notice re an indenture. (VGG No 89 p 1347, 20/7/1860.) Bradshaw’s, now Quarterman’s station …” (MADA 1/7/1861). Wm: Candidate, Maryborough Mining Board. (MADA 13/11/1861). Elected. (MADA 27/11/1861).


EDWARD BRADY: Left Lamplough on 12 January. (VPG 28/2/1860.)

J. BRAGG: UL 15/2/1860.

CHARLES BRAIRN: UL 15/2/1860. C. BRAIRN: UL 7/3/1860.

FREDERICK BRAITHWAITE: Robbed at Lamplough. (VPG 15/3/1860).


F. BRASIER: UL 14/3/1860.

BRATIE: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 27/6/1860).

R. BRAUSTROW: UL 21/3/1860.

J. BRAY: UL 7/3/1860.

W. BRAY: UL 7/3/1860, 4/4/1860.


THOMAS BREADY: Farmer. Resident Lamplough. (1884/85 VIC Dir.)

J.C. BRECHIN: UL 7/3/1860.

BREMER BROS: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 8/6/1860).

EDWARD BRENNAN: SL 21/4/1860. E. BRENNAN: UL 7/3/1860.

PATRICK BRENNAN: U.L. 9/4/1860. SL 16/6/1860.

JOHN BRENT: Refreshment licence granted. Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 25/6/1860). Refreshment licence. (VGG No 101r p 1541, 17/8/1860).


BRERETON: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 19/3/1860).


R. BREVAN: UL 14/3/1860.

BREWER’S TOWN: Bet Bet Creek. Child drowned. [But see another reference to “Brewer’s Creek, Avoca”.] (MADA 3/12/1860).

BRIDGE HOTEL: Natte Yallock. See Publicans’ Licenses. (ADHS).

BRIDGE INN: Kept by Mrs Carroll and her husband. Bong Bong. Avoca Police Court. (MADA 4/3/1859). Shaft in gully near Inn, midway Avoca~Maryborough. (BA 2/1/1860). At Bet Bet Creek. (On the way to Carisbrook?) Had lunch there. (REJ 18/11/1860). Robbed two months after police left Lamplough in Nov. 1861 (?) (MADA 5/2/1862).

BRIGGAN: Witness, Berry inquest. (MAA 6/1/1860).


MR BRIGGS: Lamplough Cricket Club. (MADA 26/3/1860).

DANIEL BRIGGS: U.L. 21/3/1860.

MESSRS G & H BRIGGS: U.L. 4/4/1860.

DR M. BRISBANE: Redbank 1861. (Bowden: “Goldrush Doctors at Ballarat”, p. 108.)

E.C. BRITTEN: Miner. Signed police request petition 21/5/1866.

BRITTON: See Robertson, Britton & Co.

ELIZABETH BROCK: Released on drunkeness charge at Back Creek on promise to go to new rush. (!) (MADA 19/12/1859).

R.C. BROCK: UL 15/2/1860 and 7/3/1860.

G. BRODIE: U.L. 4/4/1860.

MR BROGGIE: UL 15/2/1860.

JAMES BROISSART: UL 15/2/1860. J. BROISART: UL 7/3/1860.

R. BROOK: Landholder, Lamplough, 18/8/1892.


GUSTAVUS V. BROOKE: First time at Castlemaine. In Othello. (MAM 27/5/1856). “… appeared before the audience (at Sandhurst) in a condition not regulated by the precepts of Father Mathew …” (BA via MADA 30/11/1859). Disparaging reports of previous performances, including Haymarket Theatre (Bendigo?) and at Castlemaine. (MAM 28/11/1859; MADA 2/12/1859). “… a spoiled child of the public”. Failed to turn up. (Castelamine Advertiser via BA 2/12/1859, Castlemaine Mail, via Age, 1/12/1859).[At Castlemaine 26/5/1856. R.A. Bradfield “Lola Montez …”] Dispute with press at Bendigo. (BL 3/12/1859). At Theatre Royal, Melbourne. (ARG 7/12/1859). O’Callaghan, “On His Last Legs”. (Age 27/12/1859). Othello, Princess’s, Melbourne. (Age 29/12/1859). At Princess’s Melbourne. (ARG 30/12/1859). In Macbeth at Princess’s Theatre, Melbourne on 2-4/1/1860. (Arg. 4/1/1860. BL 7/1/1860). In “Irish Attorney”, Princess’s Theatre, Melbourne. (Age 5,6/1/1860) At Charlie Napier. Ballarat. (Age 13/1/1860). In Othello at Princess’s Theatre, Melbourne. (Arg. 16/1/1860). At Princess’s. (Age 17/1/1860). Othello, Ballarat. (Age 19/1/1860). As Iago at Princess’s Theatre, Melbourne. (BL 21/1/1860). Decline to say anything about his performance. (BT 21/1/1860). At Charlie Napier, Ballarat. (BL 21/1/1860.) Believe he has left Ballarat although an arrangement with Mr Smith of Montezuma. (BS 25/1/1860). As O’Callaghan, Theatre Royal, Ballarat. (BL 28/1/1860.) In Othello at Princess’s (where?) Staying at Mylrea’s. Week’s engagement at Theatre Royal, Lamplough. (Arg. 30/1/1860). At Theatre Royal. (MAA 31/1/1860). At Theatre Royal on Saturday 28/1. (BS 31/1/1860). Now at Lamplough. (Age 1/2/1860). About to pay a visit to Beechworth. (Age 3/2/1860) At Theatre Royal, Lamplough on 1/2. (BS 3/2/1860). As O’Callaghan in “His Last Legs”, Theatre Royal, Lamplough. (BL 4/2/1860.) Appeared at Theatre Royal last Friday: more than 1200 persons present. (MADA 6/2/1860). Last evening 3/2?) last appearance at Theatre Royal. Theatre full. (MAA 7/2/1860). Since he left, the Theatre Royal has not been well attended. (MADA 10/2/1860.) Last appearance as O’Callaghan at Theatre Royal, Ballarat. (BL 11/2/1860.) Due at Beechworth tonight at the Star. (BL 11/2/1860. ) Leading article in a Beechworth paper re a visit. (Age 14/2/1860). Othello, Saturday night, Beechworth. (Age Wed. 15/2/1860). At Napier, Ballarat. Badly paying results. (BS 16/2/1860). Disappointed the Chiltern people. (Age 24/2/1860). Quote from Beechworth paper. (MAM 24/2/1860). Travelled to Lamplough from Ballarat and returned? Drunken burlesque at Beechworth. (Ovens Constitution via BA 25/2/1860). Othello, Chiltern. (Age 28/2/1860). At Beechworth on 15/3 (Age 13/3/1860). At Beechworth. (MH & Arg. 17/3/1860.) GVB and Avonia Jones in “Love’s Sacrifice”. Theatre Royal, Melbourne. (Age 7/4/1860). At Theatre Royal, Melbourne, in “Love’s Labour. Lost” during Easter. In Louis XI. (Arg. 24/4/1860.) As Felix O’Callaghan. Theatre Royal, Melbourne. (Age 10/5/1860). At Theatre Royal, Castlemaine. (MAM 14/5/1860).GVB and Avonia Jones in Melbourne. (Age 24/11/1860.) GVB and Avonia Jones in “As You Like It”, Theatre Royal, Melbourne. (Age 14/12/1860.) A bill of exchange for pounds 5,000 was due in February. (Age 22/12/1860). From early August until October in Adelaide. (Age 22/12/1860.) He and Miss Jones lost their luggage from the Coach when coming from Melbourne to Back Creek. (NWC 14/2/1861. MAM via Age 8/2/1861.) He and Avonia Jones at Mountain Creek. (BS 20/2/1861). Farewell speech. Theatre Royal. (Arg. 24/5/1861). [Bust of GVB at State Library of Victoria. Photo in R.A. Bradfield “Lola Montez …”] Drowned in wreck of “London”. (HH Letter).

JOHN BROOKER: UL 15/2/1860.

GEO F. BROOKS: SL 18/3/1861. G.F. BROOKS: SL 29/4/1861.

SARAH BROOM: Maiden name. See birth of twins L & W Burch.

MARGARET BROUGH: Maiden name. See birth of Robert Mason.

BROWN: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 16/4,28/5, 18/7/, 23/71860).

BROWN CHILDREN: School petition, 5/2/1873.

MRS BROWN: U.L. 4/4/1860. SL 16/5/1860 and 16/6/1860.

MISS BROWN: UL 21/3/1860.

ALEX BROWN: U.L. 4/4/1860, 9/4/1860.

ANDREW BROWN: Robbed while asleep in bush near Lamplough. (VPG 29/12/1859.)

MISS ANN BROWN: UL 14/3/1860.

CHARLES BROWN: Son CHARLES born Lamplough 1860. (No 15706 BDM) .

CHARLES BROWN: Miner. Avoca. 1856. (ER).

ELLEN BROWN: Dairywoman. Signed police request petition 21/5/1866.

ELIZABETH BROWN: Maiden name. See birth of Louisa iones.

G. BROWN: UL 7/3/1860, 14/3/1860.

GEORGE BROWN: Trustee, Avoca Cemetery. (VGG 1857). Robbed when travelling between Lamplough and Avoca. (BA 29/2/1860).

J. BROWN: UL 15/2/1860, 7/3/1860, 4/4/1860.


JAMES BROWN: At Lamplough rush. Scottish origins. (Sutherland, p. 219.) A. Myer’s butcher’s receipts stolen from his store at Homebush. (VPG 20/9/1860.)

JOHN BROWN: Charge of damaging callico wall of Theatre Royal withdrawn. Lamplough Police Court. (NWC 27/9/1860.)

JOHN BROWN: Horse stolen. (VPG 19/1/1860).


LERA BROWN: Dairy. Resident Lamplough. (1869 PO Dir.)

SGT. BROWN: From Ballarat. Succeeded Sgt. M’Donald. In charge of Lamplough Camp. (MADA 29/8/1860).

THOMAS BROWN: UL 21/3/1860.

THOMAS BROWN: Approver. Court case witness. Charged. Lamplough Police Court. Avoca gaol. (MADA 10/2/1860). Arrested for stealing property of Nathan Harris. (VPG 16/2/1860. ) Guilty of larceny. 2 years. Carisbrook. (MADA 9/5/1860).

T. BROWN: UL 7/3/1860.

GEORGE BROWNSMITH: Miner’s right stolen. WPG 29/11/1860.)

BRUCE: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 11/5/1860).

CLEMENTINE BRUCE: Maiden name. See birth of David St John.

WILLIAM BRUCE: UL 21/3/1860.

JAMES BRUCWATER: Son FREDERICK born Lamplough, 1860. (No 10944 BDM).

OTTO BRUHN: Hotel keeper, Main Street, Ararat, 1858. (Name and occupation included in request for municipal district petition published by Chief Secretary’s Office, 17/8/1858, and reproduced in “Passing on the Torch” by Mary Normanbail, 1958, pps. 36-40.) Son MATTA born Lamplough, 1860. (No 15665 BDM).

BRUNING: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 18/5/1860).

MR BRUTON: At the Theatre Royal. Performer? (MADA 9/1/1860).

W. BUCHAN: U.L. 4/4/1860.

W. BUCK: UL 7/3/1860, 14/3/1860.

MR BUCKANALL: UL 7/3/1860.

JOHN BUCKLAND: UL 14/3/1860, 21/3/1860.


J.B. BUCKLEY: UL 7/3/1860.

CONSTABLE/TROOPER GEORGE BUCKMASTER: Case, Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 21/3/1860). Mrs Robertson case. (BS 1/5/1860). Mounted Constable Buckmaster (W 22). Appointed inspector of slaughter houses, Lamplough. WGG No 81 p 1225, 3/7/1860.) Vice McLean, transferred. (VPG 5/7/1860.) Licence case. Lamplough Police Court. (NWC 13/9/1860.) Business licence cases. (BS 18/9/1860.) Daughter born at Lamplough on 25/1/1861. (MADA 8/2/1861). Reminiscences. War in West Texas. At Tranagulla 1858. Re Dr Laidman – 39 Douglas Street Redfern NSW (Ovens and Murray Advertiser 7/9/1895).

GEO S. BUDGE: SL 18/3/1861.

W. BUHL(?): UL 7/3/1860.

JOHN BUKER: UL 7/3/1860.

MR BULL: C of E Committee member. Lamplough. (MADA 13/7/1860).

SYDNEY BULL: Claim re Four Mail Flat. (NWC 4/10/1860.)

BULL & BEEDON: Successors to Spiers & Co. General storekeepers, Commercial Street, Lamplough. Advert. (NWC 20/9/1860, 13/12/1860.) EDWARD BEEDON: Chinaman’s Flat. Died. Councillor, Tullaroop Shire. Arrived Australia 30 years ago (1856?). Came to Timor 1864 (?). C of E. Nephew of. Mr Molyneux, store, Alma. On first Borough Council, Moonambel. (MADA 5/7/1886).

A.J. BULLEN: Park Hotel. Avoca. To be sold on 3 May. (MAM 29/4/1856).

F & G BULLEN: Established Melbourne 1853. Russel street. (VBI). A. BULLEN of … Outfitters. Amphitheatre Street. Fire. (MADA 2/5/1860). Next door to Hansford’s boarding house. (MADA 15/6/1860). Advertisement for their Melbourne store: F & G.F. Bullen, Sebastopol House, 131 & 133 Russell Street, Cnr Little Bourke Street. (NWC 19/10/1861).

HENRY BULLOCK: Assault charge by Mrs Acres. Husband of Mrs Aspland (NWC 13/12/1860.) Allegedly assaulted Dr Ward in a store, Commercial Street. (NWC 15/11/1860.)

HARRY BULLOCK: “A working miner”. Sought police. (MADA 5/2/1862).


BULL’S HEAD: Mrs Wilson. 3 miles from Mountain Creek on Lamplough Road. (BS 22/1/1861).


ROBERT BUNCE: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 2/4/1860).

JAMES BUNDY: UL 15/2/1860. SL 29/4/1861. J. BUNDY: UL 7/3/1860.

BUNELL: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 16/5/1860).

BUNG BUNG/BONG BONG: New C of E Church. (MADA 2/12/1861).

MR BUNN: One of the lessees of Back Creek Theatre Royal about to erect a theatre at the rush. (BS 3/12/1859). One of the lessees of the Theatre Royal at Back Creek. Is to erect a theatre at the Clare Castle rush. (BL 10/12/1859). Proprietor of the Garrick Theatre. Lamplough. (MADA 16/1/1860). Theatre Royal at Back Creek sold for pounds 370. (Age 23/1/1860.) Serious loser. (BS 6/2/1860). A Mr Bunn lessee of Theatre Royal (Talbot?). Fight. (NWC 21/5/1861 and Arg 24/5/1861.) JAMES RICH BUNN: Insolvency. Commedian, Lamplough. Causes … losses in his profession and fear of arrest. Deficiency 230 pounds 10s. (MH. Arg. Age 4/2/1860).

HENRY BUNNEAN: UL 15/2/1860.

F. BUNNSELL: UL 7/3/1860.

GEO BUNTING: SL 16/6/1860.

MR BURCH: UL 15/2/1860.


WILLIAM BURCH: Twins LILY and WILLIAM born Lamplough, 1860. (Nos 10932,10931 BDM).

WILLIAM BURCH: Son WILLIAM born Lamplough, 1860. (No 15720 BDM) .


H & A BURCHARDS: SL 19/7/1860.

MARY BURGDORF: Teacher, Lamplough. (Wise’s P.O. Directory, 1899/1900).

CONSTABLE BURKE: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 16/3/1860). (MADA 11/5/1860). (NWC 1/11/1860.)

JOHN BURKE (ALIAS FLASH BURKE): Discharged on assault charge. Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 10/2/1860).

W. BURKE: UL 15/2/1860.


BURN BACK ROAD: Messrs Bickford & Co. prospectors. Covered with miners. 1,000 claims marked off. (MADA 17/2/1860.) Has declined. (MADA 8/8/1860). Two and a half miles from Lamplough rush? (NWC 27/9/1860.) Three miles from Lamplough. Verging on Burnbank road. (MAA 21/9/1860).

R.BURN: Refreshment licence granted. Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 25/6/1860).

R.K.S. BURN: UL 15/2/1860.

JOSEPH MATTHEW BURNABY: Daughter LETITIA LEAH born Lamplough, 1860. (No 21197 BDM).

R. BURNE: UL 7/3/1860.

MR BURNS: “Old man”. On remand. Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 21/3/1860).


JOHN BURNS: Drunk. Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 30/3/1860).

R. BURNS: UL 15/2/1860.

THOMAS BURNS: Charge. Wounding Thomas Eaton. His tent a grog shanty. Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 14/3/1860, 21/3/1860, 23/3/1860).


BURNT CREEK: Now Bromley, near Dunolly. (R.L. Carless “Golden Memories”.)

BURRELL: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 15/3,25/6,27/6, 13/7/1860).

W.T. BURRELL: UL 15/2/1860.

CHARLES BURRETT: Committed for trial on breaking into Margaret Murphy’s tent in Amphitheatre street. Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 15/2/1860.) Indicted. Carisbrook. (MADA 9/5/1860).

BURROWS: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 23/7/1860).

THOMAS AND HARRIETT (DAUGHTER) BURROW(E)S: Thomas Burrows, slaughterman: witness, inquest, Amphitheatre. (MADA 5/12/1859.) Wife ran butcher’s shop on the Deep Lead, near the York Store (NWC 15/11/1860.) One case occupied the Court today until 5.15 p.m. (REJ 19/11/1860.) Wife eloped with Francis Clarke. 4 children in family. (MADA 21/11/1860, BS 17 & 22/11/1860). Slaughterman. Witnesses, wife’s elopement case. (NWC 22/11/1860.)

[A Thomas Burrows, Blacksmith, Ballarat, insolvent. Arg. 7/3/1861.]

BURTON’S CIRCUS: At Castlemaine. (MAM 10/11/1854). At Castlemaine. Was at Bendigo. (MAM 20/1/1856). At Lamplough during week. (BL 4/2/1860.) Arrived last Thursday at Lamplough. Intended to set up at rear of Commercial Hotel. (MADA 6/2/1860.) All Saturday night’s takings (90 pounds) stolen. (MAA 7/2/1860, BS 9/2/1860, Age 10/2/1860). Pleasant. Creek 20/2, The Reef 21/2, Ararat 22/2. (MAA 17/2/1860.) Wedderburne, St Arnaud (last week), Pleasant Creek, Ararat. (MADA 24/2/1860). At Smythesdale. (BS 6/3/1860). Advertisement: Established 1851, Henry Burton proprietor. (NWC 15/11/1860.) At Barkly, Moonambel and Redbank (MAA 9/5/1862).

C. BURTON: UL 15/2/1860.

JOHN BURTON: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 27/4/1860).

RICHARD BURTON: Property stolen from tent. (VPG 18/10/1860.)

ELLEN BURY: Drunk in a public place. Lamplough Police Court.. (See ELLEN BARY Above.) (NWC 1/11/1860.)

MISS ROSE BUSH (?): At Theatre Royal. Lamplough. Sat. (BS 3/4/1860.) Amateur performance. Theatre Royal. (MADA 30/5/1860). Creditable manner. (BS 12/6/1860).

PROFESSOR L. BUSHELL: At Golden Age Theatre Maryborough. Not as large (an audience) and as he deserves. (RADA 18/2/1859.) Late Blakes Lyceum. Reopened Telegraphic Theatre (Back Creek?). “Mysterious science of electro-biology”. (MADA 11/4/1859.) Good report at Goulburn (NSW) (Goulburn Herald 31/12/1859). At Theatre Royal, Ballarat. (BS 4/9/1860.) At theatre Royal (Ballarat?) with McDonough. (BS 7/9/1860.) (Hypnotist) will be at Lamplough on 23 October. (NWC 18/10/1860. ) At Lamplough on 23/10 and 24/10. “The Great Electro Biologist”. (MADA 22/10/1860). REJ went with Jenkyns “electro biologic entertainment” which proved such a miserable exhibition. (REJ 23/10/1860.) Last performance prior to departure for California. (MADA 26/10/1860). At his lecture on Saturday, mingled applause and booing. (MADA 31/10/1860). (MADA via Age 2/11/1860.) Description of Professor Hansen (similar?), electro-biology, at Burnt Creek. (MADA 9/4/1862).

BUTCHER’S ARMS: Royal Street. Lamplough. Fire. (MADA 7/3/1860).

BUTLER: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 11/5/1860).

MR BUTLER: Tentmaker. Lamplough. Attempted robbery. (MADA 30/7/1860).

DR BUTLER: Medical fees case. Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 27/4/1860). (Five Dr Butlers in Bowden’s book: Dr, Dr, G, J, T.H.)

F. BUTLER: UL 7/3/1860.

G. BUTSON: U.L. 18/4/1860.

F. BUTTER: UL 14/3/1860.


JONATELAN BUTTERWORTH: Son JONATHAN B. born Lamplough, 1860. (No 21179 BDM).

MARY BUTTERWORTH: Maiden name. See birth of Anne Hexwood.


ISAAC BUTTON: SL 16/6/1860.

H. BUXTON: UL 7/3/1860.

JAMES BYRNE: UL 15/2/1860.

N. BYRNE: UL 7/3/1860.

PATRICK BYRNE: U.L. 9/4/1860.

WILLIAM BYRNE: Appointed Mining Registrar, Avoca Division. (Department of Mines 8/4/1861. VGG No 58, 12/4/1861, p 745.) Appointed Mining Surveyor Avoca, vice R. English resigned. (Dept. of Mines 6/5/1861. VGG No 75 p 945, 14/5/1861. ) Appointed a Mining Surveyor and Registrar 6/5/1861. (Civil Est. 1863 PP No 3 L.C.) Mining Surveyor, Avoca. (Successor to R. English) (MADA 24/2/1862). Is Mining Surveyor and Registrar, Redbank. To act in southern part of St. Arnaud Division. (VGG No 133, 14/11/1862, p 2276.)

N. BYRON: UL 28/3/1860.

MRS BYRON: UL 28/3/1860, 9/4/1860.