Index to Pyrenees Pioneers 1996 – 2005


Newsletter of the Avoca and District Historical Society Inc (ADHS). Unfortunately, the text for issues prior to September 1996 is not yet available for placement on this Website.

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Number Date Contents
141 September 1996
  • Talk by Gregory Eccleston on Major Mitchell
  • Death of Sylvia Greenwood
  • George Chambers and Michael Murphy/Hannah Williams reunion
142 October 1996
  • Individuals featured in ADHS display: John Severino, William Buhlert, C G Schultz, Luigi Salvana, Dorothea Seegar, Robert and Harriette Weldon, Bennett Mockett, W M Wise, Harvey and Thomas families, Henry Lunn, Mary Borland, Alexis Louchard, Howqua and Ah Kin families.
  • A tribute to Elizabeth Mills.
143 November 1996
  • James Law, discoverer of gold at Barkly
144 January 1997
  • Commemoration of discovery of gold at Barkly
  • White family reunion
  • Stuart Mill children’s picnic day
145 February 1997
  • General subjects only
146 March 1997
  • Lexton Free Library building dismantled
  • Navarre fire 1893
  • Avoca in 1856
  • Avoca mining in 1870
  • Laying of foundation stone, Temperance Hall, Elmhurst, 1874
147 April 1997
  • Description of Index to Candidates for the Victorian Police, Part Two: 1873-1893
  • Description of Home Papers Please Copy (Cohuna)
  • National Quilt register
  • Moonambel connection of Professor Peter Doherty
  • Description of Ararat Public Cemetery Guide – A Guide for Genealogists Searching Ararat and the Surrounding District Cemeteries.
148 May 1997
  • Death of Marty Hall of Maryborough
  • New book James Hodgkinson and his life at Woodstock Station
  • Microfiche: Index to Candidates for the Victorian Police, Part Three : 1852-1893
  • President’s Report
149 June 1997
  • Talk by John Tully on the Djadja Wurrung
  • Inquest papers: 1886 ABRAHAM OLIVER HILL, 1886 LIZZIE CAYZER, 1876 JOHN DARBY, 1876 TOY YOU
  • The Temperance Hall, Elmhurst, 1874
150 July 1997
  • Description of the Queensland Public Records Historical Resource Kit – Immigration.
  • Details of Index to Tasmanians in the Victoria Police Gazette 1853-1893
  • Information about Index to Depasturing Licences 1840-1851
  • Study of Homebush and Lower Homebush
  • Kimberley School No 1160
  • Mr Frank Barnes, Redbank, 1922 accident
  • Mr R Herd and family, 1927 accident
151 August 1997
  • Descriptions of new microfiches: Argus Passenger Index 1866-1868; Personal Notices in the Mansfield Newspapers, 1901-1920; Index to The Creswick and Clunes Advertiser, January – December, 1862; Burials in the Keilor Cemetery – 1856-1952; Index to the Illustrated Australian News, 1870-1871
  • Australian Natives’ Association, Avoca Branch, Banquet 1886
  • Death of Samuel E. Scrase, Lilicur, 1891
152 September 1997
  • Book – Maryborough Main Drain 1870-1915, by Bruce Osborn
  • Rev Fr Barrett (ex Ararat) and the Landsborough Mission 1917
  • 80 year history of Avoca Presbyterian Church 1944
153 October 1997
  • Bald Hill Cemetery (Carisbrook)
  • Death of Miss Lindsay Cheesman
  • Description of Port Arthur Convict Database
  • Centenary of the foundation of Chalmers Presbyterian Church Avoca 1862-1962
154 November 1997
  • Poem by William Ives about Amherst Hospital
  • Obituary William Wesley Henry 1938
  • Moonambel Sports Club 1914
  • Article by Marj. Collyer about living in Avoca Manse
155 January 1998
  • Death of Janice Driscoll, formerly of Moonambel
  • Description of book “From Loch Leven to Little River – Our Stewart Family
  • 1905 bushfire at Avoca
  • 1938 obituary of Mrs Amelia Wilkins
  • 1882 inquest on an unknown person
  • 1876 inquests: John Bright, Charles Laurence
  • Those who signed visitors’ book at 1962 centenary celebration of Chalmers Presbyterian Church, Avoca
156 February 1998
  • Death of Marjorie Roper
  • Description of Index to Unclaimed Letters Part 1 1851
  • Back to Waanyarra celebrations
  • Amphitheatre’s first snake 1919
157 March 1998
  • Talk by funeral director Mr Cliff Phelan
  • Notice about Michael family reunion
  • Obituary Mr James Monks 1919
  • Inquests: An Doddy 1887; Leslie Bedford 1905; Thomas Bellington 1897; James Condick 1887; Henry Cotter 1905; Patrick Daly 1905; Alfred Leach 1897; John McMillan 1887; James Murnane 1913; Alice Onn 1884; John Patinson 1884; Ann Smart 1905; John Stanford 1905.
158 April 1998
  • Calendar change 1752
  • Newspaper references to: Joseph West (1868); John Bourne (1876); C Sanders (1902); Mrs Ratigan (1874).
159 May 1998
  • 1999 – Natte Yallock School 125th anniversary
  • Bendigo area fiche available from Bendigo AIGS
  • Avoca Easter Monday sports 1883
160 June 1998
  • Mountain Hut Pioneer Cemetery
  • Michael family reunion
  • Burge reunion
  • Obituaries for: Percy Trenear (Tren) DuBourg, BEM; John Patrick (Jack) Moore; Kenneth Bayley Bryant
  • Memorial trees at Natte Yallock
  • Persons illegally occupying Crown Lands at Evansford 1868
  • Mining rush at Ironbark Gully 1893
  • Wood mill Landsborough 1939
  • Elmhurst Anglican Church history
161 July 1998
  • Woady Yaloak Historical Society visit
  • History in the Pyrenees Project
  • Lamplough on the Internet
  • Wattle, the Australian Natives’ Association and Lexton
  • Fire, the Fire Brigade and Trustees of the Botanical Reserve at Avoca
  • Inquest on Thomas Shiels English
162 August 1998
  • History in the Pyrenees project
  • Genealogical Research Directory
  • Death of Lorraine Brear
  • Newspaper photos of Avoca places and people, 1940, 1954, 1931
  • Avoca A.N.A. 1921
163 September 1998
  • 100th birthday of former Avoca Methodist Minister Rev. Roy Addinsall
  • Black substance found at Glenpatrick 1897
  • Miss L. McVicar, Milliner and Dressmaker, Avoca 1895
  • Redbank Police Station 1900
  • Bushfire in the Pyrenees 1900
164 October 1998
  • Guest speaker Mr Bruce Osborn on the history of Maryborough Gaol, 1861-1902
  • Death of Mrs. Irene Classen at Shepparton
  • Debate on location of Avoca Town Hall 1860
  • A short history of the Avoca Bowling Club 1974
  • Waubra Primary School open day at Kilcogy, Lexton
165 November 1998
  • Tour of Avoca township (Watford House, Lalor’s Pharmacy, Classen’s Furniture Complex)
  • Petanque competitions
  • Photos of former Avoca policemen wanted
  • “Ballykissangel” and other Avocas, including Avoca, Iowa, USA
  • A Brief History of the Avoca Croquet Club
  • News from Avoca (1856)
166 January 1999
  • J.H. Smith’s Adelina Orchard and Vineyard, near Redbank (1891)
  • Report on Landsborough Summer Festival
  • Kiama ‘Shearers of Australia’ project
  • A Brief History of the Avoca Masonic Lodge
  • “Cone-Work” (1880)
167 February 1999
  • CHHA seminar on heritage issues
  • PRO talks and seminars
  • Repton, U.K.
  • First Families 2001 Project
  • Amphitheatre Union Church – mention of: Rev A M Dickie, Rev I Nelson Whyte, Thomas Clapperton, H Spiers, Mr Walker, Rev D Galloway, Rev Leatman, Rev Arthur Bell, T Ennis, Quayle family, J Webster, Mr & Mrs Le Levre, Mr & Mrs Lusby
  • Guides and Brownies in Avoca
168 March 1999
  • Visit to Donald
  • Conservation Workshop 11 September
  • Mr Chidley’s Travelling Portrait Rooms (1878)
  • Mysteria, or the Casket of Neeromantic Gems (1880)
  • Union Church at Lower Homebush opening (1880). Names mentioned: Rev J Kirkwood, Rev J A Ball, Rev J A Marshland, Mr Powell
  • The Avoca Rural Brigade. Names mentioned: G M McKechnie, J.W. Lever, A.B. Porter, R. Reeves Jnr., H. Fraser, C. Reid, E. Brown, W. Robinson, G. Robinson, J. Barnes, R. Robinson, M. Dawson, A. Robinson, V.L. Humphries, J.E. Wardlaw, L. Redpath, W. Schmidt, E. Gollop, J. Hamer, N. Gollop, H. Worthington, J C Reid, A B Porter, R Reeves Jnr, V L Humphries, Councillor Worthington, H Fraser, Captain J Barnes, Ian Dawson, Neil Hamer, Robert Reeves, Ern Barker, Graeme Payne
  • St. Kevin’s Roman Catholic Church, Avoca – a short history. Names mentioned: Rev Goold, Rev R Mulkearns, Rev Fr Claridge, Rev Fr Martin, Fr T Scanlan, Fr P Flanagan, Fr Fiscalini
169 April 1999
  • Fifteenth AGM Sunday 16 May, speaker Alleyne Hockley “The Chinese on the Castlemaine Goldfields”. Contact Jill Hunter 0354 672211
  • Avoca, Iowa, USA
  • 125th Anniversary of the Natte Yallock Primary School
  • Index of Deserters of Wives and Children 1880-1885 – From Vic Police Gazette. Includes 3,000 entries. Information on content and purchasing.
  • Can you help re Miss Helen Hart?
  • Avoca’s missing Watch House Charge Books, Occurrence Books, etc
  • Research on Avoca as it was in the period around WWI
  • Volunteers for the AIF, 1914. Names mentioned: Surgeon Captain Deane, Gus Ebeling, M Rafferty, Reg Johnson, W French, D Summers, V Samers, Mr Evans.
  • WWI Australia’s Heroes. Names mentioned: R Stavely, Sgt Rabey, Dr Bonnin, Lieut Douglas, Sgt Maj McDonald, Thos McLaughlin, A E Preston, Walter Barnes, Henry J Barnes, Edward T L Miles, A Worthingtn, Arch Mockett, Walter French, Corporal William French, Harold Davenport, Jno Mackereth, Rev O C Esperson, Chas A Gibson, A B Porter, Mr Jenkins, Fred Spiers, W H Bowen, Jas Irwin, A E Driscoll, R M Weldon, H B Weldon, Eb Reid, O Looney, Jos Moyle, Herbert Harbour, Gordon Brereton, William Brereton, Frank J McEwan, A R Edwards, George Towing, G H Stodart, W H Rayner, Arthur L Lofts, Mr Dridan, W Cameron, Bert Brown, Jas Douglas, Thos Phillips, Mr Cowan.
  • How to obtain WWI and WWII documents.
  • Avoca RSL. Names mentioned: Miss Larkin, T T Mitchell, V H Lowe, G H Featherstone, R Potter, H J Costello, Fred & Nita Gleisner, Cr K Jardine, J McDowell, N Peel, D Astbury, M West, Mr W Dawson .
170 May 1999
  • Fifteenth Annual General Meeting
  • Alleyne Hockley’s talk on “The Chinese of Castlemaine”
  • Secretary’s position vacant
  • ADHS Open Day 19-20 June 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
171 June 1999
  • Explanation of Remittance Passengers to Queensland
  • Background on Isaac Oswald WEBSTER 1888-1915
  • Obituary (1947) – Mr. William BRERETON. Names mentioned: G,C,L and DAVID & MARY BRERETON, MRS MARCHBANKS, MRS W A HARRIS, MRS KNIGHT
172 July 1999
  • Conservation Workshop to be held on 11 September at Avoca
  • Background on the Scottish Marriage Index
  • The Avoca Court House Family History Resource Centre will be open Tuesday afternoon 31 August during the Maryborough Wattle Festival
  • Obituary – Reginald Thomas Mills (1999). Names mentioned: Graeme & Lily Mills, Henry & Sarah Mills, Mrs Jack Benjamin, Mrs Joe Crothers, Mrs Bill Flett, Minnie Crothers
  • Lamplough and Percydale football match (1895). Names mentioned: P Donoghue, J Zuchetti, R Rutherford.
  • Burge-Haynes wedding (1916). Names mentioned: Rev F Boyling, T W Burge, Dave Haynes, Jack Burge, Cassie Haynes, Evelyn Burge, Mrs Western.
  • Death of Nellie May Brereton (1916). Names mentioned: Rev Chas Reed, Mr Classen.
  • Avoca Free Press (1906). Names mentioned: Mrs Gregory, Mr E S Watts, Mrs McNamara, Mary Breen, Jane Breen, Mr Herring, Mr J White, Mrs Stuart, Dr Cunningham, H F Classen, H Brown, Frank Baxter, Miss Ethel M Smith, Mr Leslie J Smith, A G Lalor, E F G Jolley, Dr C G Grimmer, Dr P H Cunningham, C W R Lawson, Thos S Simmonds, John Lusby.
173 August 1999
  • Future meeting plans.
  • Fashion Parade (“Fashions Through the Years”) March 2000.
  • House and Garden display in November during Pentanque Festival.
  • CHHA proposed travelling exhibition.
  • 150th Anniversary of Lexton Presbyterian Church 7 November.
  • First National Family History and Heraldry Fair Beechworth 24 September – 3 October.
  • New Church at Moonambel (1879). Names mentioned: Messrs Adams, Wills, Glover, Borbridge, Murdoch, Broughton, Crick, and Restall, Bishop Thornton, Rev. J. Aubrey Ball, Miss Sweet.
  • Trotting match (1880). Names mentioned: D Minahan, Mr Mullin. Robbery (1872). Charles Field, William Rodgers.
174 September 1999
  • Commemoration of 50th anniversary of first Presbyterian service at Lexton 7 November 1999
  • Extension of electricity in district (1947). Names mentioned: F J Richardson, Mr E Morton, I Stevens, R Williams, N Start, Cr W Webb Hodgetts, T Ryan.
  • Personal Pars (1947). Names mentioned: Cr C C Coates, Joan Aston, Mr & Mrs Bunworth, Alan Kaye, J G Williamson, M Earles, Mrs Wade, Joe Cadzow, W & Fay Ramsay, J Chapman, Mrs N Clifford, Mrs G Wiltshire, Ken Stewart, W A Stewart, Cpl D Rowlandson, L Payne, W Flood, Agnes M E Challacombe, Rev J S Farrier.
  • District Football Teams (1947). Names mentioned: E. McSparron, M. Bibby, B. Reyne, Les Hannett, J. Beattie, A. McSparron, H. Reyne, W. Rattray, A. Grossman, B. Bibby, H. Blake, L. Hannett, R. Driscoll, G. Bibby, J. Driscoll, K. Parry, B. Phelps, E. Blake, L. Perry. L. Garsed, C. Townsing, Ray Neil, H. Horne, K. Anderson, T. Richards, R. Pounceby, B. Clancy, Les Johnson, V. Morvell, Reg. Egan, E. J. Forte, Les Morton, A. Jolly, J. C. Dridan, H. Rivett, W. P. Jolly, G. Johnson, W. Egan. W. Mathews, K. Cudmore, P. Cudmore, D. Moyle, H. Hope, T. Wright, B. Harrison, F. Barnes, G. Driscoll, L. Potter, D. Wright, K. Stewart, A. Dixon, L. Goode, V. Wright, B. Bannister, L. Hope, F. Cudmore, W. Irwin. E. Davies, L. Williams, C. Harling, J. Beissert, D. Blair, W. Gollop, W. Bruggy, B. W. Bentley, A. Wright, B. Brereton, Reg. Harrison, J. Bowen, C. Walkley, J. Taylor, W. Lindsay, E. Morrow, K. Lindsay, K. Harrison, P. King.
  • Charters Towers (1872)
175 October 1999
  • Nosological index talk
  • Petanque Festival
  • Fashion Parade 18 March 2000
    Warrenmang tree planting – Names mentioned: Miles, Farnsworth, Jardine and Barnes families
  • Boer War – Names mentioned: Gus Ebeling and Thomas Firns, Lieut Kelly (Ballarat)
  • Incident (1872). Names mentioned: Charles Field, William Rodgers
  • Landsborough selections (1866) – Names mentioned: Edmund Langley, Edward Millington, Thomas Edmund Langley, John Birch, George Coates, John Giles, Thomas Cooper, Ambrose Williamson, David Dow, Hugh Doherty, Henry Wileman, William McMillan, Alexander Ross, Richard Pomeroy, Alexander McRae, Thomas Hanley, William Whiting, George Youle, Allan Lang, James White, Thomas Alexander Rich, John Smith, Charles Gibson, William Stone, David North, Alexander Washington Lamont, William Harlow, George Bryce, Reynell Eveleigh Johns, Thomas Foyster, George Bryce junr., and Thomas Owen Surridge.
  • Census dates in the U.K.
176 November 1999
  • Talk on medical terms used on death certificates
  • Court House closed for research until 6 February
  • Annual Garage Sale 19 February
  • Toll Bar Park, Lexton, background
  • Reunion and dedication of Honour Roll at Evansford. Names mentioned: Violet Severino and George Severino, Russell Gallagher, Brenda Flynn (nee Gallagher), Cr. David Bailey, President of the Pyrenees Shire; Cr. David Clark, Landcare representative; Stephen Elder, former Member for Ripon; Fr. Keith Smith; David Baird, from the Prisoner of War Association at Ballarat; Bill Loader, from the Learmonth Historical Society, Piper Bill Williams, Privates Robert White and Rod Allan, Russell and Troy Cheesman, Frank Briody, H J Ead, J T Severino, W Smith, J V Boyd, G Lenan, L W Rye, W J Boyd, M Lenan, F P Rye, A F Boyd, R E McCallum, G Severino, E Carter, W J L McCully, J W Severino, J Carter, K Mcrae, Les J Severino, J Cullinan, L L Potter, Len J Severino, M J Cullinan, O N Potter, E W Sterritt, E E Dawson, W Potter, J L Thompson.
177 January 2000
  • Garage sale and next meeting 19th February
  • Fashions through the ages parade 18th March
  • St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church Lexton 150th anniversary service. Names mentioned: Mrs. Ada Hobson, the Moderator of Victoria, Mr. Brian Bayston, Mr. Bob Newnham, Mrs. Florence Graham (who conducted services for many years), Mrs. Pam Reid, from Scots Church in Ballarat, Eileen Anderson, Jean Donaldson, Margaret and James Gray (James was a presenter in the church for 55 years), Rev. Adam from Melbourne, a descendant of Rev. Adam, who was the first minister of the Lexton Presbyterian Church, Di and John Halmarick, Mrs. Thelma Fisher, Mrs. Janis Robson, Mrs. Madge Giles(nee Roxburgh)
  • Astbury family reunion
  • Lindsay family reunion. Names mentioned: Frank and Josephine Lindsay, Mrs Ally Cahill
  • 1900 Postal Directory for Avoca – Business People (+100 names listed)
178 February 2000
  • AGM 21 May: guest speaker Daryl McLeish on the early history of Carisbrook
  • Scanning of ADHS photographic collection in progress
  • Death of Margery Lilian Beavis
  • Moonambel Primary School No. 1683, 125 years of education celebration 3-5 November 2000
  • 1975 Back to Moonambel School report. Names mentioned: Russell Noblet, Noel Brain, Mr. Stan Kitson, Mr. J. Maunder and Mrs. Maunder, Mr. and Mrs. George Downing, Mr. F. Shevlin, Mr. J. Brennan, Mr. K. Dyane, Mr. B. Noonan, Mrs. Aimee Farnsworth (nee Crouch), Mr. V. Jacobs Mrs. P. Slater (Meagher), Mrs. J. Driscoll (Hope), Mrs. G. Powers (Matthews). Mrs. Bernice Williamson (Worthington), Bill Castleman, Edith Punton (Bannister), Ern. Castleman, Bill Summerfield, William Gordon, Ruth Cudmore, Bert Bonsor, Jim Barker, Jim Castleman, Agnes Caffrey (Barker), Emma Loft (Hudson), Charlie Crick, Sid Bonsor, George Driscoll, Gladys Graham (Farnsworth), Annie Worthington (Hardy), Marge Hunter, Elsie Brereton (Hardy), Eileen O’Neil (Daly), McGrath (Richardson), Edmond Anderson,  Ivy Allgood (Morris), Emily Moody (Hope), Agnes Tinker (Hope), Albert (Mick) Farnsworth, Bert Bonsor, Mrs. Williamson, Mr. Crick Mrs. Jean Cudmore, Iris Farnsworth.
179 March 2000
  • Parade of Fashions Through The Ages. Names mentioned: Jill Hunter, Marj. Partridge, Graeme Mills, Jenny Elliott, Ben and Aaron Cracknell, Gail Price, Dorothy and Herb. Robinson, Kirsten Peters, Maree Henderson, June Hamer, Lily Mills, Jake Mortlock, Nicholas Johnston, Margaret and Glenys Hunter, Charles Peters.
  • AGM and luncheon 21 May 2000. Guest speaker Darryl McLeish on the history of Carisbrook.
  • Papers obtained from Mr. Classen’s undertaking business
  • Lexton Primary School 125th Anniversary Reunion, 6 May 2000
  • 1962 article on Lower Homebush School. Names mentioned: Mr. Hessell, Mr. Cullen, Mr. Edward Smith, Mr. John Mackereth (music teacher), Mr. Carter-Miss Williams (Mrs. Smith thinks the latter two opened the school), Mr. Adam Long, Mr. Fricker, Miss Swain, Mr. Twist, Miss Perrett, Miss S. Bradley. Misses L. E. Squires, C. Morrish and E. Kemmis (sewing). Mr. P. J. Smith, Mr. Haynes, Mr. T. Byrne; Mr. G. E. Wilkins and junior teacher Colin Douglas. Miss A. Sweeney, Miss E. Rickard, Miss A. Brown, Miss M. Baird, Miss Joan Davey, Miss Gillies, Miss B. Stewart, Miss L. Annear, Miss H. Floyd, Mrs. J. Jess, Mr. W. Bruggy, Mr. B. Baud, Mr. F. Livingstone, Mr. J. Sumpter, Mr. M. Church, Mr. Odlum, Mr. C. H. Squires, Mrs. H. W. Smith, Rev. P. H. James.
  • 1936 article on Lower Homebush School. Names mentioned: J. Bullock, E Scott, Minnie Jones, Harry Carter, Adam Long, P. J. Smith, J. E. Flynn, Mr. G. Wilkins, Miss Perret, Miss Swain, Mary McDonald, Mr. Carter and Miss Williams opened the school, Helsby, Twist, Ted Smith, Mr. Hessell, Mr. Cullen, Mr. Fricker, Bassetts, Hartys, Gruntys, Lockwoods, Pipers, Delworths, Larsens, Graves, Maggie O’Riely (sic), Teenie Brown, Bertie Duke, Ethel Kost, Katie Levi, Jack Skewes, Will Retallick, Sutherlands, Dalys, Trounsons, Billy Scott and his brother, Waughs, Bloxhams, Randles, Gilletts, Campbells, Nicholls, Pitchers, Blanches, Hornes, Chesterfield, Jones, McCarthys, Tulloch, Catchpole, Bradley, Grose, Smith (three families), Hutchinson, Littles, Hartleys, Tresize (two families), Templeton, Hartigans, Barry, Harris, Waters, Cummings (two families), Hayes, Cross, Richardsons, Douglas, Nicholson, Rowlands (two families), Dalleys, McEwans, Mary Ann Browning, Calcott, Boughton, McDonalds, Kennedy, Ida and Will Bullock, Squires, Bob Sturgeon and Bill Smith.
180 April 2000
  • Plaque in memory of Nan Holland. Names mentioned – Nita Brown, Noel Jess, Evelyn Jess, Albert and Bessie Lobb, Betty Beavis, John Beavis
  • Parade of Fashions through the Ages, Bealiba Community Hall 26 May
  • Schooldays in the Avoca area (1936 letters). Names mentioned – Mr Gwynne, Mr. McCarthy, Mr W Page, Mr. Lewis, Mr. Bill, Miss Powell, Miss Williamson, Miss Newman, Alex Watson, Mr O’Brien, Mr Bullock, Douglas Gray, Mr. Appleton, Mr. S. J. Rutter, Miss Opie, George McKinnon, Mr Murphy, Mr Porter, Mr Kirkwood, W A Tulloch, Flo Calaby, Minnie Jones, the Plowrights, Bloxhams, Burns, Raws, Enderbys, Horleys, Craigies, Bullocks, Summers, Hughes, McKinnons, Thompsons, Lardners, Fitches, Delimas, Shields, McCombs, Coglans, Camerons, Kernicks, Quinlans, Haines, Squires, Burkinshaws, Hamiltons, Panganettes, Miles, Rutters, Kerrs, Kofoeds, Templetons, Calabys, Horns, Debenhams, Mr. Cardew, Chris Gill, Jimmy Govett, Peter Frome, Jacky Wheat, Jimmy Swayne, Everell Mulholland, Miss Jervis, Miss Williams, Mr. John Porter, Mrs. Porter, Mr. Alfred Porter, Mr. Philpot, Miss Opie (who became Mrs. J. W. Field and passed away in 1936), Mr. Gilbert.
181 May 2000
  • Talk by Daryl McLeish on Carisbrook
  • Saturday, 24th JuneParade of ‘Fashions Through the Ages’ at the Clunes Guide Hall at 8 pm.
  • Sunday, 16th JulyGuest speaker Anne Young will talk about Avoca during WWI.
  • Moonambel Primary School No. 1683 – 125th Anniversary, 3-5 November 2000
182 June 2000
  • Obituary Hilda Higgins
  • Lexton Primary School 125th anniversary celebration. Names mentioned – Mr. William Wern, Mr. James McKenzie, William Millar, Walter Fairlie, J.P., James Gray, John McDonald, John Roxburgh, John Fowler, Eneas Conway, Wm. Greene, Wm. Howard, James Conway, Thos. Fairman, Michl. Lyons, Catherine Murphy, Lachlan McKenzie James Robertson, J.P., Mt. Mitchell, Alfred Murphy, Iain G. Goodshaw, Thomas Kirk, Jane Moore, William McDonald, William Lofts Granite Hill, David Moore, David Gray,Paul Wilkinson, Alfred Porter, Donald A. Ferguson Lexton, Jonas Simpkin, James Clark, John E. Williamson Tomas Palmby, Smith Giles, Archibald McPhee, John P. Murphy, John Little, William Kendall, Augs. N. Hallifax, A.B., John McGillivray, Walter Fairlie, Chas. G. Schulz.
183 July 2000
  • Talk by Anne Young about WWI and Avoca. Names mentioned: Ike Webster, of Glenpatrick, Charles and Dave Willmott of Avoca, Edward Mitchell, Henry Rowland of Homebush, Percy Tuck of Warrenmang, Anton Keil, Robert and Norman Harrowfield, George Barry, Joseph Armstrong, W. Tardrew; Cecil Neil, Walter Harvey, Cpl. Jack Henderson, Charles Gibson, Roy La Roche, Stanley Redpath, Sgt. Bill Mitchell, Charles Doote, Pte. Les and James Yates, Arthur Southern, Jack Gee, John Larkin, Phil Lyons, Cpl. Summerfield, James Beavis, Pte. Tom Elliott, Sgt. Walter Johnson, Jack Gee, Dave Summers, Gus Ebeling.
  • Draft program of the Society’s monthly activities
  • Opening of new Police station at Avoca.
  • Amphitheatre Primary School – 125th Anniversary, 15 September 2000
184 August 2000
  • Bus tour to Castlemaine and district
  • Pilgrimage during 2000 to Gallipoli and the Western Battlefields
  • Obituaries (1934): Nurse Elsie (Peggy) Rowland, George W. Laidlaw
185 September 2000
  • Extension of old Avoca Court House. Official opening by Helen Harris, OAM, Sunday 19th November.
  • Early Digging Days – Leaves From A Pioneer’s Diary, by N.R. About the 1850’s. From The Australasian 10 February 1934.
186 October 2000
  • Background history of the Anglican Church in Lexton. Names mentioned: Lachlan McGillivray, Rev. John Cheyne, William Morley, R. W. Pohlman, David Gray, Rev. C. Neville.
  • Some History of Moonambel. Names mentioned: Bill Adams, Miss Et. Slater, Mr. John F. Paten, Godfray Morgan, Bull and Beedon, J. Stevens, Symons and DuBourg, Jones and Lowe, Over and Crick, John Dickson, Neill, Bruce and Co, P. Gamson, Unclaimed letters – Bloom, Brooke, Cocking; Currie, Griffiths, Hardy, Hull, Mather, McIntyre, Rimington, Rolls, Rowland, Young, Williams, Wallace; J. F. Arnold, Skidmore family, Puntons, Moyle family, William Loudon, Daniel Williams, Fernandes, J. Koeford, Jim Doherty, Walter Summerfield, Mr Dates, Peter Barker, Ada Louis Victoria George Murdoch Stockman (later Mrs. Peacock), Frank and Jim Farnsworth.
187 November 2000
  • Opening of Avoca Court House extension
  • Scrapbook of local obituaries presented to Society
  • Robertson family reunion, Lexton, 11-12 November
  • Moonambel Primary School No. 1683 Celebrates 125 Years of Education 4-5 November
  • Picnic at Rathscar West 1914. Names mentioned: Messrs. Job Mills, Geo. Jolly, W.A. Jolly, J.W. Field, B. Elliott, Thos. Derrick, and J. Harbour; W. Mills, Mr. Tom Elliott, Miss Annie Field, Miss D. Derrick, R. Scott, E. Derrick, F. Scott, D. Scott, J. Elliott, Peter Brown, W. Jolly, E.T. Brown, and R. Elliott, Miss Daisy Derrick, Miss Ettie Scott, Vera Jolly, W. Henry, May Scott, Lily Ross, Vera Mills, Nettie Henry, May Jolly, Richard Elliott, Dan Scott, Claude Harbour, Ted Elliott, Reg. Mills, B. Castleman, W. Mills.
188 January 2001
  • Garage sale and next meeting Saturday 17 February
  • Vale Glen Mackereth
  • Federation celebrations to be held at Lexton on 24 March
  • 1934 Redbank concert. Names mentioned – Mr. F.J. Fiscalini R. Clarke (violin), Laurie Argall (banjo), H. Argall (violin), Mrs. Fiscalini (piano); recitation, Miss I. Meagher song, Mrs. McCallum (encored); Miss Alice Meagher, Mr. P. Purcell, Mrs. F.J. Fiscalini, Misses J. Horwill, D. Argall, I. Meagher, A. Meagher, and Messrs. H. Argall, L. Argall and E. Argall.
  • 1879 swimming accident. Names mentioned – J S Stanley, Arthur Paten, Archdeacon Beamish, Henry Buhlert, Champlin, Dr Haughton, Robert Knox Orme, Hubert Ogilby, J Ryan.
189 February 2001
  • Seeking photographs of High Street, Avoca, c 1900.
  • Old-style sports day, Lexton, Saturday 24 March 2001
  • 1931 sports reports. Names mentioned – (Tennis) Misses D. Argall and N. Burge, Mrs. Pitcher and Miss E. Bannister, C. Grant and F. Fiscalini, A. T. Bannister and F. Collins, Misses M. Meagher and J. Horwill, Mrs. Barry and Miss Fitzgerald, V. Costelow and G. Smith, J. Hardy and A. W. Bannister, Mrs. Pitcher, H. Powers and H. Bartlett, R. Mills and E. Mills, Misses E. and D. Brown, Misses J. Jardine and M. Crothers, J. L. Powers and E. G. Howell, N. Ross and F. Rye, Mrs. Resuggan and Mrs. Kaye, Miss C. Ross, Mrs. McArdle, H. Bartlett and H. Powers, Mrs. Resuggan and Mrs. Kaye, Misses J. Jardine and M. Crothers. (Rifle shooting) A. G. Lalor, F. O. Wiltshire, R. Summers, E. Kitchell, E. Summers, I. Golder, A. Wallace, T. Mitchell, T. Henderson, Mr. W. J. Robinson. Mr. A. Astbury. (Sunday School picnics ) Messrs. W. Castleman, H. Harbour, H. Punton, M. T. Dawson, G. L. Ross and E. Reid, Messrs. C. Ford and G. L. Ross. Rev. F. C. Boundy, E. Willan , W. Dawson, W. Rodwell, Gwen Kitchell, Ian Dawson, Albert Rodwell, Jack Forte. G. Harvey, C. Bowen, O. Harris. L. Brown, G. Bevan, A. Porter . Ruth Boundy, M. Burns, Lily Rodwell. Winnie Pora, Gwen Forte, Dorothy Anderson. Edna Bowen, Evelyn Ross, Eileen Summers. Flora Dawson, Doris Bowen, Dora Bevan. Tom Brown and Roy Rodwell, W. Resuggan and C. Bowen. Ethel Pitcher and Lily Rodwell, Winnie Pora and G. Forte. O. Harris. Myrtle Ross and Elsie Wolfe. E. Field, Andy O’Day. Alice Field, Sylvia Jolly. Marion Burns, Evelyn Ross. Mr Robinson. June Latch, Betty Charlesworth. Helen Storrar, Harold French. Ian Mill, Roy French. D. Powers, G. Whitley. Nancy Henderson, Jean Powers. G. Whitley. Edna Wardlaw. I. Golder and Vic. Charlesworth. J. and H. French. E. and S. Field. K. Latch. Jean Henderson. Jack Henderson and Rita Fraser. S. Powers. Jean Henderson. V. Charlesworth. Mr. Iles Golder, Messrs. R. Reeves and T. Henderson, Messrs. M. Martin, Mr. W. Brereton, Messrs. J. L. Powers, M. Martin and T. Marshall.
190 March 2001
  • Visit to Mooramong (March 2001) – description
  • Fire in room (1925 ). Names mentioned – W M Chellew, Col T S Marshall
  • Gold find (1901). Names mentioned – Burge, Horwell.
  • Wedding (1931). Names mentioned – A I and J E Wardlaw, Harry Taylor, Jean Roberts, Elsie Isaacs, Rev Arthur Bell, J J McDonald
  • St John’s Sunday School Picnic (1931). Names mentioned – Right Rev. Dr. James, D.D., Bishop of St. Arnaud, Canon F.T.C. Reynolds, Rev. Arthur Bell, A G Laylor, R T Kaye, E Taylor, Vera Classen, A E Horne, J. Shaw, A.F. Kaye, Cr. H.B. Worthington; W.W. Kaye, H.J. Chapman, Irene Redpath, Gwen Jones, Eunice Beavis, Mary Beavis, Elma Morris, Joyce Gane, Kath Smith, Charlotte Redpath, Shirley Yates, Marjory Yates, Ethel Bell, Zona Morrow, Jim Astbury, Tom Smith, Mason Chapman, Norman Beavis, Colin Jones, Ian Harbour, Les Beavis, Robt. Blair, E. Field, K. Daly, Jean Cullip, Lorna Wiseman, Edna Walker, Joyce Yates, Elsie Fraser, Joyce Clarke, Coralie Williams, Irene Redpath, Bob Barker, Jack Brereton, Len Wiseman Allan Beavis, Dave Burton, Jack Whitley, Jim Gordon, Tom Smith, Jim Gordon, Jim Astbury Keith Morris, Don Blair, Gwen Jones, Coralie Williams, Kath Smith, Elva Humphrey, Nelly Kaye, Dorothy Cullip, Phyllis Jones, Florrie Morris, Lizzie Redpath, Ruby Blair, Mabel Gane
  • ANA Lexton Branch (1931). Names mentioned – President – A. Hinchcliffe; Vice-President – V. Brown; Ex-President – J.H. Karslake; Treasurer – J.J. Simpkin; Secretary – Wm. Simpkin; Asst.-Sec. – E. Ray Simpkin; Auditors – E.B. Dawson and R.E. Simpkin; Committee – R. Morvell, L. Brown, J.C. Roxburgh, T. Palmby, C.G. Opie; Conference Delegates – A. Hinchcliffe and C.G. Opie; Emergency – J.H. Karslake.
  • Visitors (1931). Names mentioned – Mr. and Mrs. R. Marshall, of ‘Grand View’, Avoca, Mr. Jack Robbins, of Campbellfield; Mr. Albert Robbins, of Campbellfield; Mr. Ken Robbins, of Coburg; Mr. Jim Reynolds, of Windsor.
191 April 2001
  • Report on the Lexton Federation Celebrations held on Saturday, 24th March, 2001
  • Opening of the Avoca Golf Club accommodation (1909). Names mentioned – A M Comrie, A G Lalor
  • Avoca Ladies Bowling Club (1967). Names mentioned – Mesdames M. A. Beavis, Croft, Coates, Carey, Coghlan, J. Dawson; E. Dawson, Morley, Keith; Ennis, Elliott, Field.
  • Amphitheatre Table Tennis Dinner (1967?). Names mentioned – Mr. Tony Ennis, C.Tepper; Margaret Ward, P. Cocking, Helen Walsh, Merle Stevens and R. Keith. Mr. Bob Osborne, Mr. J. Rowan, president of the Livingstone Table Tennis Association, and Mrs. Rowan.
192 May 2001
  • 17th Annual General Meeting
193 June 2001
  • The story of the Hubble Family. Names mentioned – Robert Hubble, Philadelphia Martin, Mary Ann Daniels, Eliza Fisher, Edward Harkness, Colman & Lardner.
  • Lexton and gold. Names mentioned – David Anderson, William Millar, James Esmond, Thomas Clapperton.
  • Residents in Avoca who voted in the 1899 Victorian Federal Referendum. Names listed – ANDERSON Robert, ARNOLD Frederick W, ARNOLD Arthur BAILEY Charles BRENNAN James BAILEY William BROOKS Henry BANNISTER Arthur BROWN James BANNISTER Thomas BROWN William BARBAT Auguste J. BROWNLOW Edward S.P. BEDDOES George BURCH William BOWEN John BURNS David, CAMPBELL John CLASSEN Carl CARTER Ralph CLASSEN Henrich C. CHAPMAN John T. CLASSEN Herman CHARTRES William COGHLAN John CHELLEW William M. COGHLAN John CHELLEW William M. COMINS Arthur CLARK George COOK Francis CLARRIS John COOK George DALEY William C. DIXIE Arthur W DALY Edward C. DONNAN John A. DANCE Frederick DOWNING John DAVIES William DOWNTON George (Blacksmith’s Gully, Avoca) DOWSLEY, Henry F. DERRICK Thomas EBELING Gustavus A. ELLIOTT Benjamin EBELING Arthur FARNSWORTH David FORBES Charles FIELD Frederick FOSTER William FILBEY Robert GEER William H. GRAY William GILBERT William P. GREENWOOD Richard H. GOLDER Alfred GREGORY Thomas GOODE Edmund B. GREY Charles J. GOUGE John GRIMER Charles G. HAKENDORF James HEMPSEED James HAMMILL John HENDERSON Alexander HARBOUR David HENDERSON James SmithHARRIS James HENDERSON Joseph C. HARVEY Charles T. HERLIHY Edmund J. HARVEY James HILDEBRAND James HARVEY William HOPE George HARVEY William A. HORN William H. HAYNES William (High Street) HELLINGS Thomas HUTCHISON George IMPEY Llewelyn IMPEY George H. IMPEY Thomas jnr. JOHNSON Henry JOHNSTONE John JOHNSON William JOHNSTONE Robert KAYE Francis H. KEATING Richard KAYE Henry KELLY William KEARNEY Edward M.
194 July 2001
  • Unveiling of (War service) Memorial Plaques at Amphitheatre 28 October 2001
  • Concert program Avoca 1921. Names mentioned: Mesdames Downton, Osterberg, and Wrigley, Miss Samers, Messrs. Bevan, Mortimer, and Lalor, Mrs. Lalor, Messrs. Storrar, Thomas, Mrs. Dyer, Mrs. Wilkinson, Mr. Dunn, Mr. S. J. Bevan, Miss Golder, Mr. J. O’Donnell, Miss Phyllis Wise.
  • Grant-McNeil wedding Redbank 1934. Names mentioned: Edward James Grant, Alex Grant, Elizabeth McNeil, Fr D’Arcy, Mr & Mrs J Meagher, Miss K Meagher, Mr T Smith, Mr Tom Smith, Mrs Cudmore.
  • Obituary Miss Sarah Bailey (1934). Names mentioned: Mr & Mrs William Bailey, Rev Walter Elliott, Messrs. Geo. Evans, A. E. Fraser, Jas. Hamer, and A. B. Porter, Mr. H. F. Classen.
  • Avoca residents who voted in the 1899 Referendum. Names listed: Kitchell Matthew, Kitchen John, Kitchen Frank, Knight Charles, Laing George T. La Roche Benjamin jnr., Lalor Alfred G., La Roche Charles, Lalor Vivian S, La Roche Henry, Lever Richard, Lambert Eli, Lewis John W., Lambert Thomas, Lewis Robert R, Lewis William, Lamont Alexander, Lindorff Carl, Lamont John Long James, Langdon Albert, Longstaff Joseph, Mcguiness Patrick H. , Mickle William, Mackereth Edwin H. , Mitchell William S. , Mcvicar Alexander, Molloy John T. , Magee John, Monks James, Marshall George H. , Moodie Robert jnr. , Marshall William Moodie Robert snr. , Martin Francis, Nash John, O’Donnell Michael, Opie John, O’Malley Patrick, Opie Solomon snr. , Onn John, Osborne John A. , Partridge Wilfred A. , Powell John T. , Paten Arthur F. , Powers John, Perrin Henri, Poynter Robert, Pinch George, Prentice George, Randell Edward, Reid John C. , Redpath Ernest E. , Resuggan John, Redpath George, Richter Henry, Redpath George W. , Ross John, Reed Henry, Ross William, Reed John, Reeves William.
195 August 2001
  • Story of the Mackereth family. Names mentioned: Grasmere, Ambleside, Troutbeck, Mrs. Alethea Watson, Catherine Heinz, Sophie West, Oliver J. Nilsen, Elma Miller.
  • Infant Life Protection Act microfiches.
  • Lexton Football Club (1967). Names mentioned: Mrs. E. Herbertson, Mr. White, Mr. Barr, H. Lockett; D. Impey, J. Jenson, M. Roxburgh, A. Pritchard, J. Christie; R. Fisher, B. Augustini, D. Casey, N. Dell, C. McCann.
  • Bowls results (1967). Names mentioned: L. Lobb C. Taylor E. Streeter R. Baker J. Richardson G. Stewart H. Morris W. Weilandt T. Bradley J. Joseph L. Grose A. Field R. Barnett A. Stuart R. Carrigg G. Croft, J. Lusby, J. Summers, F. Mortlock, D. Leersen, W. Scott, W. Schmidt, T. Bradley, Mrs S Beavis.
  • Euchre results (1967). Names mentioned: Mrs. J. Brereton and A. Redpath, Mrs. H. Rodwell and W. Gollop.
  • Victorian Federal Referendum 1899. Locals who voted. Names mentioned – SIMMONS Thomas I. STUDD William S. SMITH Frederick J. SULLIVAN John SPARKS George SPARKS William H. SUMMERS David STARLING James SWEET Francis SWEET Frederick J. TANNER George THOMAS John TAYLOR Edgar P. THOMAS Oscar F. TAYLOR James TREGONING William H. TAYLOR Robert A.M. TREVENA William USHER Thomas WALKER Alexander WILTSHIRE John O. WARDLAW John WISE Frank G. WEBBER William WISE Harmer S. WHITLEY Alfred WISE Herbert S. WHITLEY James W. WISE James G. WHITLEY William WISE William WHITLEY William J. WISE, William Mac. O. B. WHITROW James WOLFE Alfred H. WILLIAMSON John WOLFE Charles WILLIAMSON William J. WOLSTENHOLME Henry WILMOT Charles WOLSTENHOLME John ALLAN Alexander ARMSTRONG Thomas BALDWIN Richard BIRKETT William BALDWIN Valentine BOWEN Albert BETTS William BREADY Thomas BIRD Henry BROCKWELL Charles H. CARDINALE Pietro COCKING Richard COCHRANE John COLLINS John COCKING James CORCORAN John DOWNIE David L. DROMEY Nicholas EGAN Daniel EVERETT George W. EGAN John EVERETT William T. ENNIS Thomas
196 September 2001
  • Walking tour of Dunolly. Names mentioned – Archibald Campbell McDougall, Isaac Ray, Robert Ritchie, J.P; Henry O’Brien Daly, J.P.; John Desmond, J.P.; William Frederick Tatchell; Walter Thomas Hansford, J.P.; William Henry Langdon, J.P.; Henry Ison; John Russell, John McAra Glover, S. H. Butler, Phillip Chauncy, James Bell, P McBride.
  • Glenpatrick Deep Leads (1934). Names mentioned – Edward Ward, J.C. Macmillan, J.S.G. Wright, J. Reid, J.W. Eskdale, Mr. E.E. Connolly. Lamplough Deep Leads (1934) – H.F. Classen, Mr. David Melvin. Moonambel Alluvial (1934) – Alfred Campbell, John W. Eskdale, R. Thurston Evan, Lindsay Mildred & Co, F.W. Holst & Co., Mr. John Barnacle. Pyrenees Alluvials (1934) – H. Lindsay Connolly, R J Larsen.
  • Bet Bet Shire Council (1934). Names mentioned – Cr. Hickey, Cr. J.H. Benjamin Cr. Douglass Crs. Parker, Green, Fotheringham, O’Brien.
  • Percydale Picnic (1934) – H.J. Turpin, Mr. W.I. Robinson, Mr. A.J. Dunlop.
  • Amphitheatre Cricket (1934) – Mr. L.H. Neil, Mr. C.P. Jolly; Mr. F. Yates.
  • Amphitheatre voters 1899 election: Names mentioned – FARLIE Thomas, FIRNS Robert, FINNERTY William, FIRNS Thomas, FIRNS Charles, FITZSIMMONS Thomas, GARRETT John, GOLDSMITH George jnr., GLOVER William J. jnr., GOLDSMITH Philip, HARBOUR Henry, HAYNES Charles, HARVEY John, HAYNES George T., HARVEY Joseph, HOWELL George, HARVEY William, HOWELL Llewellyn, HOWELL William, JACKSON James, JONES Charles, JOLLY William jnr., JONES William E., KENDALL Stephen, LAIDLAW Robert, LOONEY John, LEVECKE Theodore, McDERMOTT John, McDONALD Murdoch, McDONALD Donald, McKELLAR Dundas, MANGAN John, MORLEY Thomas, MASTERS James, MORLEY William, MURPHY William, NEARY William, NEIL George, NEIL John, QUAYLE John H., QUAYLE Joseph, RAYNER Henry, ROBSON Francis, RAYNER Robert, ROBSON Frederick, RODWELL Ernest A., SCHMIDT Richard, STANTON William, SCHULTZE Christian H., STEINFORT Andreas M., SPELMAN Jabez J., STEINFORT Frederick, SPIERS Henry, STEINFORT Frederick J. jnr., SPIERS William M., STODDART James, TOWNSING George, TOWNSING William, WEBSTER Frederick, WINNELL William, WILLAN Edward J., WOODS William J., WILLIS Thomas, YATES Benjamin, YATES Benjamin jnr.
197 October 2001
  • Federation photographic exhibition at Lexton. Names mentioned – Jack Naylor, Jolly Family, Mary Briody (nee Costello), George and Jane Miles, John Roxburgh, the Baulch and Retallick families, Harry Lofts, James Scullin (former Prime Minister).
  • Snippets from the past (1967). Names mentioned – Mr & Mrs M Purcell, Cr T Hanley, Mr. C.M. Rowland, Mr. P. Ross, Mr. R. Rose, Messrs. I. Bartlett, D. Harkin, J. Walker. A Poole (obituary), Frank and Jock Iles, Keith McDonald, Ron Anderson, Bill Durant, Vern Neil, Rev. Tutty, Mr. M.W. Dawson. Mrs. P. Trickey, E. Streeter, Mrs. J. Wardlaw, Miss B. Reeves.
  • Local people who voted in the 1899 Victorian Federal Election. Names mentioned – ABBOTT Christopher Farmer ABBOTT Thomas Farmer ABBOTT Powley Farmer BENNETT Alexander Farmer BENNETT Edward Farmer BENNETT Caleb Farmer BERKENSHAW Frederick Farmer BENNETT Edward Farmer BERKENSHAW William Farmer ENGLISH Joseph Farmer ENGLISH Robert Farmer GEARIN Andrew Farmer GLOVER Samuel Farmer GEARIN Michael Farmer GORDON James Farmer GILSENMAN Alfred Farmer GORDON Thomas Farmer GILSENMAN Edward Farmer GORDON Thomas A. Farmer HAYES William J. Farmer HENDERSON William Farmer JONES John O. Farmer JONES William F. Farmer LEMINGTON John Farmer LEMINGTON Thomas Farmer MILLER Edward Farmer MILLS George Grazier MILLER Frederick Farmer MILLS George Jnr. Grazier MURRAY Alexander Farmer NEYLAND Edward M. Farmer NICHOLSON Joseph Farmer NEYLAND James Farmer ROBERTSON Charles Carter ROBINSON John Farmer SHAW Charles R. Farmer STEAD Robert Farmer SMITH William Farmer STEWART William Carter WALKLEY Alfred Farmer WALKLEY Peter Farmer WALKLEY Henry Farmer WINCHESTER William Farmer HOWLETT Thomas Blacksmith JAMES Richard Furrier NOONAN Daniel Farmer NOONAN John Labourer NOONAN Edward Publican NOONAN William Farmer NOONAN Edward Butler SHIELDS John Farmer START Francis Farmer START Edward Farmer START George Farmer WILKINSON Emil Labourer.
198 January 2002
  • Commemorative plaques at Amphitheatre. Names mentioned – A M Barry, Charles Brockwell.
  • Tribute to Fay Peck
  • Back to Talbot and Yabbie Festival, Easter 2002
  • Local residents who voted in the Victorian Federal Election in 1899. Names mentioned: ADELAIDE LEAD ABBOTT John Miner KEYS Richard Farmer BARTLETT George Miner MILNE Charles Plate Layer BARTLETT Thomas Miner PARKER Walter Miner CHADWICK Isaac Miner SANDERS William Miner JENKINS Joseph J. Miner SMART John Carter A R C H D A L E ERSKINE Alexander Farmer JONES William Labourer FITZPATRICK Patrick Farmer McCANN Thomas Farmer JANE Simeon Labourer NEAL John Farmer B A R K L Y BARKER Peter Farmer HUMPHREY Arthur Miner CHEESMAN David M. Labourer JONES Edward Miner CHEESMAN John Storekeeper MUIR James Jnr. Blacksmith CHEESMAN John Jnr. Storekeeper OVENS John Miner DRISCOLL George Snr. Farmer STEWART Alexander Farmer HERD James Farmer STEWART Thomas Farmer HERD James C. Farmer HERD Robert Gardener G L E N P A T R I C K ACKERS George Snr. Farmer OLDFIELD Frank Teacher ACKERS James Farmer POUNCEBY Robert Farmer BRERETON George Farmer RAFFERTY Matthew Farmer GRANT James Miner SKELLETT Septimus Miner KENNEDY William Farmer VAN EVERY Augustus Farmer McLOUGHLIN Thomas Jnr. Miner VAN EVERY Edward Farmer McLOUGHLIN Thomas Snr. Farmer WEBSTER James Farmer MEAGHER Merchant Miner WEBSTER James H. Farmer MORRIS Richard Farmer WEBSTER John Farmer MORRIS William Farmer WRIGHT Henry Miner P E R C Y D A L E AH FOON Hotelkeeper LEYDEN John Farmer AH HOON Carter LEYDEN Peter Farmer DAVIS Daniel Farmer LYONS Philip Miner DE GROUCHY John Miner LURSEN Frederick G. Miner DONOHUE Patrick Miner PATEN Henry Hotelkeeper EBELING Claus Farmer ROBINSON Arthur E. Labourer (No. 2 Creek) ROBINSON William I. Farmer HALL John Farmer SIMS William Miner WALTERS John F. Miner
199 February 2002
  • Tribute to Eulie Driscoll.
  • Local residents who voted in the Victorian Federal Election in 1899. BARRY Edward Miner, OPPEY James Miner (Lower Homebush), BARRY John Miner, PLOWRIGHT John Miner (Lower Homebush,) BOSWARICK John H. Supt. Of Works, PYMAN Bruce Carter, BURKINSHAW Frank E. Labourer, RAW James Miner, BURKINSHAW George Miner, SCOTT George Miner (Lower Homebush), CALABY Christopher A. Miner, SKEWES John Miner, CASTLEMAN Charles snr. Farmer (Lower Homebush), CHESTERFIELD John Miner, SKEWES Joseph Miner (Lower Homebush), CRAVEN Edward Miner, SMITH John R. Farmer (Lower Homebush), SMITH Robert G. Farmer, FITCH George Farmer (Lower Homebush), HORLEY James Farmer, SMITH Thomas J. Farmer (Lower Homebush), KOFOED Benjamin P. Miner, SQUIRES Charles H. Storekeeper, KOFOED William P. Miner (Lower Homebush), LEYLAND William Farmer, TAYLOR Frederick Miner (Lower Homebush), THOMPSON James Carpenter, McKINNON James Storekeeper, WATTERS Edward Miner, MOUSER Charles Miner (Lower Homebush), WATTERS John Miner, MILES Walter Miner (Lower Homebush), NEALE Charles J. Line Repairer, WILKINS George E. Teacher, NICHOLLS John Publican (Lower Homebush), BEAVIS Henry Miner, RITCHIE Alexander Miner, BURGDORF August Miner, RITCHIE Joseph Farmer, CURTIS Robert Miner, RITCHIE Ramsden Miner, FOGARTY Patrick Miner, SCULLY John Miner, FOGARTY William J. Miner, WELLINGTON Arthur H. Miner, HANN John Shepherd, WELLINGTON George Miner, HOWELL Frederick W. Shepherd, WELLINGTON William Miner, HOWELL Thomas Shepherd, WILLIAMS Henry Miner, HUMPHREY Richard Shepherd, WILLIAMS Thomas Miner, LOBB William Farmer WILLIAMS William Miner, MITCHELL Henry Farmer, WILMOT Jonathon Farmer, MORRIS John Miner, ZUCHETTE Joseph Miner MOUNT LONARCH, BELL Thomas Trapper, RENKIN John Farmer, FORTE William Farmer, RENKIN George Labourer, PHILLIPS Alexander Farmer, RENKIN James Farmer (To be continued) SCHMIDT Albert Farmer.
200 March 2002
  • Visit to Gum San Chinese Heritage Centre
  • Results of Rechabite State School exam in temperance physiology 1918 (Avoca and district). Names mentioned: Eva Gibson, Lena Beavis, Clarice Chambers, May V. E. Impey, Valrnai M. Thomas, Gwena A. Deeble, Lavinia E. Chapman, Leila Snell, Neil Johnson, Effie Romey, Amy C. Impey, George Daly, Keith W. Stavely, John Johnston, Reginald C. Romey, Eula E. Lalor, Lily H. Ross, Evelyn M. Johnson, Jack McL. Mockett, Elsie E. Watts.
  • Businesses advertised in the Avoca Mail 1967. Names mentioned: J. W. Summers, Baldwin, Ray Henderson, Bourke, W. Brown, S. T. Burns, F. A., Chapman’s Store, Charlesworth, J., Cleary, Jim Douglas, Anthony, L.O.Sc., Farnsworh, Don, Gartside, J. N. G. and J. W., Golder’s, Grant and Peel, Harrison’s, Irwin, I., Jones, K. and E. Lalor, A. F. Peck, R. D. Peel and Grant; Pora, Les Pryse, J. W. , Redpath, A. I. J, (Ivan) Shiell, L. Squires, C. and M. Streeter, H. A., Trickey, C., Verlin’s, Wardlaw, P.
  • Lexton Fire Brigade Officers 1967. Names mentioned: E. Ball; A. Briody; B. Bradley; l J. Briody; S. Wheeler; C. Grose, H. Teague; J. Fisher; J. Bradley, J. Briody and R. Hunter.
  • Avoca Anglers Club outing 1967. Names mentioned: R Donaldson, Roy Shimmin.
  • Voters in Victorian Federal Referendum 1899 (Natte Yallock, Lexton). Names mentioned: ANDREW Hugh, MILLS Job, BENJAMIN Joseph H. MILLS John CAIN George MORTLOCK George CAIN James MORTLOCK Thomas CAIN John T. ROSS Donald COATES George ROSS Duncan EVANS Francis ROSS Duncan EVANS Thomas S. ROSS John HENRY Ernest H. SCOTT Thomas MILLS George STREETER Joseph Jnr. MILLS Henry Jnr. YOUNG Andrew MILLS Henry Sen. FERGUSON Donald MORVELL William C. FERGUSON Donald Jnr. MURPHY Alfred FERGUSSON William MURPHY Amos GILES William S. MURPHY Andrew G1LHAM Charles F. NAYLOR George GRAY Charles NAYLOR George S. GRAY David NICHOLLS Theophilus GRAY David Jnr. OPIE Charles G. GRAY James PAIRMAN Thomas GRAY Robert J. PALMBY William GRAYLING Richard PAMMENT Benjamin HOWARD William PRENTICE James KARSLAKE Edward PRENTICE James Jnr. KARSLAKE James RASDALL William KARSLAKE John RETALLICK John Jnr. KARSLAKE Samuel ROBERTSON John KARSLAKE Samuel ROBERTSON Thomas KEATING Joseph ROBERTSON ThomasKELLY Edmund ROXBURGH Thomas KELLY James SAMSON Daniel KELLY John SIMPKIN Jonas KELLY William SRVIPKIN William LOFTS Henry WALLIS George LYONS James WARREN John Mc CARTHEY John WARREN Russell Mc CARTHY Thomas WARREN William Mc DONALD Alexander WESTBROOK James Mc ERVAL Ivie WILLETS John Mc KENZIE Lachlan WINCHCLIFFE Amos Mc PHIE Norman WOODALL James MARTIN Martin MORVELL Evan MORVELL Isaac
201 April 2002
  • Tour of the Amherst area (20 April 2002)
  • A visit to Amherst in 1949
  • Anderson-Watson reunion at Lexton
202 May 2002
  • Annual General Meeting
  • An overview of the convict era (Margaret Oulton)
203 June 2002
  • Annual General Meeting
  • An overview of the convict era (Margaret Oulton)
  • Electors from Elmhurst who voted in the 1899 Victorian Federal Election. Names mentioned – ARMITAGE Alfred Labourer ARRETT Isaac Farmer BAILEY Henry Groom BURGESS William Labourer ALLENDER Joseph Painter ARTER Andrew M. Labourer CAMERON Donald McK. Gardener CHASTON Ernest E. Station Master CAMERON Duncan Farmer CROFT Edward Labourer CAMERON John Farmer CROFT Henry Farmer CAMERON Malcolm Farmer CROFT Matthew Farmer CAMPBELL John Cook CROFT Thomas Farmer CROFT William Farmer DOUGLASS Alexander Farmer DYER Charles Miner DYER Samuel Farmer EASTERBROOK John Labourer EMERY George Labourer EASTERBROOK Thomas J. Labourer EMERY James Farmer EASTERBROOK George W. Labourer EMERY William J. Labourer GEDLING Frank Labourer GRAY Henry E. Carrier GOODE Frederick H. Storem an GRAY Walter Farmer GRANT James, jnr. Farmer HANKIN William Farmer HILLARY Henry Labourer JONES Henry Labourer HILLARY Joseph Labourer KEAM John Butcher KEITH Charles B. Farmer KEAME Isaac Farmer LENDERMAN John Miner LUCAS William C. Baker LOAS Joseph Farmer McBAIN George Engineer McPHEE Jonathan Labourer McNAB Donald Farmer MANGAN James Labourer MORAN Martin Labourer MELROSE William Farmer MORRIS James G. Labourer MILNE Charles Labourer MORRIS James G., sen. Labourer MOORE Thomas F. Farmer OLNEY Edwin Baker ORROCK Alexander Blacksmith ORROCK Robert Blacksmith PATTERSON David Labourer PRESTON William Farmer POTTER Thomas Farmer PRIMROSE Robert H. LabourerR ANSON Samuel Farmer RICHARDSON Thomas Labourer RAPKINS Alfred Bookkeeper RICHARDSON William H. Carrier RAPKINS Benjamin Farmer ROBERTSON Kenneth Labourer RAPKINS James, jun. Farmer RUSSELL Richard Labourer SANDERSON James Sawmiller STEPHENSON John Constable SCHMIDT John Labourer STRACHAN James Farmer SCHMIDT Samuel Blacksmith TREWIN William, jun. Farmer TURNER Atkinson L. Labourer UNDERWOOD James Farmer WEBSTER William Hotel keeper WILTSHIRE William H. Labourer WHITE George Labourer WISE James Storekeeper WHITE James, sen. Farmer WISE John Storekeeper WHITE R obert Farmer WOODARD Thomas Miner WHITE Thomas Farmer WOODARD Thomas F. Labourer WILLIAMSON Walter Manager WILLIAMSON Walter Grazier
204 July 2002
  • An overview of the convict era (Margaret Oulton) contd.
  • Infantile paralysis (1938) care donors names: Mrs. Doverston, Mrs. Bert Wills, Mrs. C. Hendrickson, Mrs. Chadwick, Mrs. J. White, L.J. Rowland, J.T. Cloke, Mrs. B. Clark, Mr. S. Murley, Mrs. I. Chadwick, Mrs. Dewhurst, Mrs. A.H. Leitch, Mrs. J. Thomson, Mrs. F. Smith, Mrs. J.H. Stevens, R. Cardell, D. McPhie, R. T. Rowland, A. J. Holden, T. L. Humphries, G. Skene, H. L. Chappell, B. Lowday, E.F., C. Gay, E. H. Gilbert, H. Wills, R.Thomson, M. E. Egan, D. Roche, J. C. Ross, F. Pascoe, W. Fisher, A. Johnson, L. Stapleton, H.Drew, C. P. Stoneham, E. Woolman, J. Morrison, T. B. Elliott, J. Pascoe, J. Durbridge, H. R. Jones, A. H. Clarke.
  • 1899 Victorian Federal Election – voters from Redbank, Rathscar West and Stuart Mill. Names listed (surname in caps): ARGALL John Labourer HALL Joseph Constable ARGALL Richard Labourer HIPWELL William Miner ARGALL William Farmer JENKINS John Miner BALLOCK Robert Farmer LUSCOMBE William Farmer BROBEN Alfred Miner McNEIL Alexander jnr. Farmer BROBEN James Miner MEAGHER Cornelius Storekeeper BURGE Alfred A. (Hinds) Farmer MORRISS Joseph Miner BUSH George Chemist MURNANE John Miner CLARK William J. Miner MURNANE Patrick Farmer CLIFF John Butcher PARK Archibald Dealer CLOVER John Publican ROE George Miner COATES Henry B. Farmer ROMEY George Farmer DAVIES James A. Carpenter RYAN Patrick Farmer DARGRAVES James Miner RYAN Thomas Farmer EGAN John Farmer RYAN William Labourer FLEMING Lwithin Farmer SLATER Samuel D. Farmer FRANCIS Ernest O. Grazier TAYLOR James E. Teacher GARLAND James Miner VINEY Samuel Miner GRANT Alexander Farmer WHEELAN Michael Farmer GRANT James Storekeeper GRANT John Miner GRANT William Storekeeper DERRICK Charles Miner RAYNER Ernest A. Carpenter DERRICK George Miner ROMANO Charles Butcher DERRICK William Miner ROMANO Charles A. Butcher DERRICK William No. 2 Miner ROMANO William Farmer ERWIN Robert Smith SALMON Edward G. Watchmaker FREER Thomas Labourer SCHULZ Frederick Gardener HARLOW Richard Farmer SWANTON Arthur Farmer HARROWFIELD Robert Miner SWANTON Edward Farmer HARVEY Henry Miner SWANTON Godfrey H. Manager HARVEY Thomas Miner SWANTON William Farmer HAYES John G. Farmer WALSH James Farmer HAYES Timothy Farmer WALSH Thomas Publican LAMB Joseph Miner WALSH Thomas jnr. Farmer MILLER George Miner WESTCOTT George Farmer NEVILL John Miner NEVILLE Edwin Farmer FIELD Arthur Butcher RAE David A. Farmer FIELD James R. Farmer WILSON Allan Farmer FIELD Joseph Farmer WILSON Allan H.L. Labourer FIELD Lister Fellmonger WILSON William Miner FIELD Richard Farmer.
205 Aug 2002
  • Tour of the Talbot area .
  • Photo call day (scanning of photos) 20 October 2002 .
  • Amherst Cemetery records .
  • Old postcards – Names mentioned: Miss A. Stevenson, Edith Will, Master Malcolm Miller, Miss V. Mackereth.
  • Shire members (1967) – Names mentioned: F. J. Briody, Hugh Briody, W. F. Cheesman, J. G. Kaye, J. J. Borbidge, and K. Severino.
  • Stony Creek State Elementary School No. 886 – Names mentioned: Miss Elizabeth James, Mr. W. W. Walker, James Knight, Mr. A. Dean, William Kirk, Andrew and Alexander McDermaid, William Brooks, Dulcie and Arnold Hill, Margaret McKenzie, Ruby Shaw, Stanley and Violet Baker, Frank Bower, Olive, Lily and John Salt, George and Elsie Kersting, Herbert Ead and Ellen Sainsbury, Inspector Saxton, Miss Elsie Ellis, Miss Ann Weir, Miss Margaret Spotswood, Mr. L. Solamano.
  • Glenmona and Lillicur voters in the 1899 Victorian Federal Election – G L E N M O N A  ADAM David R. Farmer MAUGER Charles S. Miner  (Stony Creek) (Nuggety Gully) ADAM John MEYER August Miner  (Stony Creek) (Rocky Flat) BAILEY Henry Farmer MITCHELL James Farmer  (Nuggetty Gully) MOORE James Miner BAKER Albert Miner (Kangaroo Flat)  (Nuggetty Gully) MOORE John Farmer BAKER William Miner (Kangaroo Flat)  (Nuggetty Gully) PERRY William Carter BOXSHALL Thomas Farmer (Mia Mia)  (Long Gully) PHILLIPI Frederick Baker BOXSHALL William J. Farmer ROBINSON George Farmer  (Long Gully) SHEPHARD Charles Miner BOYLE John Repairer (Nuggetty Gully)  (Emu) SHEPHARD George J. Miner BRINKER Frederick A. Miner (Nuggetty Gully)  (Nuggetty Gully) SWEENEY James Miner CORNISH William Farmer TAYLOR Edward Cooper COSSTICK Alfred Miner TOMPSON Arthur Miner FISKEN Thomas Miner TOMPSON Henry Ironmonger GRIFFITHS Edward T. Farmer TOE Elijah Saddler GRIFFITHS Samuel L. Farmer TOE Francis Saddler GRIFFITHS Thomas Farmer TUCKER William Miner GRIFFITHS Watkin W. Farmer TULLOCH Ahasuerus T. Postmaster GROSSMAN Henry Farmer TYACK Charles Miner HALL Edward Miner TYERS Charles H. Miner HALL William S. Farmer TYZACK Charles Miner HANSEN John Farmer VENUS George Gardener  HARRISON John Miner WADDELL Alexander Carpenter HARRISON William Miner WALLIS Charles Butcher HEVEY John Farmer WALLIS Frederick Butcher KELLY James Miner WARDLEY David R. Cordial Maker KIRK John Miner WARDLEY Frederick Cordial Maker  (Nuggetty Gully) WARDLEY William B. Cordial Maker LE TESSER John Farmer WEILANDT Nicholas Carter LUMB Thomas Miner WELLARD Max Labourer McDERMAID Hugh Miner WHITTAKER George Hairdresser McDERMAID James Jnr. Miner WHITTAKER William Miner McDERMAID James the younger Miner WIDDOP Henry Draper McKENZIE John Miner WILSON Matthew Grocer McLEAN Donald Carter WITHER John Miner McLEOD Peter Publican WOUDA William Miner  (Caralulup) WRIGHT Charles Labourer  YOUREN Francis E. Salesman  L I L L I C U R  TEETGIN Neville Farmer.
206 Sep 2002
  • Tour of the Mountain Hut and Amphitheatre Area. Names and areas mentioned: Gograham Shallow Diggings, the Slaughteryard Diggings and the Little Bendigo Diggings, Tom Anderson, Mr Baldwin, Glenlogie, Belfast Diggings, Eighty Foot Hil l, Wild Beast and Canadian Hill, Belfast cemetery, James Cowan, Wattie Harvey.
  • The Annual [Avoca] Presbyterian Flower Show (1967). Names mentioned: W N Gillin, Cr A Vance, Mrs. W. Streeter, Mrs. L. Rae, Mrs. W. Streeter, Sister Weir, Mrs. J. Lusby, Mrs. E. Kofoed , Mrs. D. McLean, Mrs. H. F. Chapman, Mrs. H. Collison, Marie Castleman, Mrs. F. Barker, Joan Cleary, Leanne Cloke, J & Robin Polson.
  • Talbot voters in the 1899 Victorian Federal Election: ABLE Robert Miner ENNIS Henry Oil Manufacturer ALLBRICHT Franz Butcher ENNIS Hubert Traveller ALLEN Robert Printer ERRINGTON Thomas F. Fellmonger ALLISON Thomas Caretaker ARRELL John Miner ANDERSON Andrew Carpenter FEATHERSTONHAUGH, Robert F. Surgeon ANDERSON George Blacksmith FOSTER James T. Shearer ANDERSON George T. Blacksmith ALE Alfred Stationer ANGUS Thomas Labourer GALE Henry Mail Contractor AUGUSTINUS Henry Carpenter GALE William J. Coach Driver AXBERY Charles Watchmaker GARNER James O. Cab Owner AKER James Miner GILBY William Miner BARKER John Miner GINNANE Michael Railway Porter BARNES James Miner GOODMAN William Publican BAUMANN Frederick Miner GORDON James M. Bootmaker BEGLEY Patrick Miner GORDON Joseph Bootmaker BEY Peter Cooper GRIFFITHS Griffith Miner BIEREND Wilhelm F.D. Miner GROSSMAN Nicholas Contractor BOXSHALL Malcolm Miner H ALL William Miner BROCKULN John Miner HALSTEAD Henry F. Carpenter BROWN James Agent HANCOX Frederick Engine Driver BROWNE Thomas Smith HARDEGAN William Hairdresser BUCHANAN George Miner HARDY Thomas D. Clerk BULLOCH Arnold Telegraph Operator HAYES Alfred C. Miner ALMAN Edward Miner HEGGART Thomas Constable CARROLL Edward Clerk HENDERSON James L. Draper CHALMERS Edward Compositor HILL Robert Carter CLARK Thomas W. Manager HOLYOAK George Station Master CLOUGH Frank Teacher HOWARD Matthew H. Grocer COLEMAN Michael Labourer HUMMELHOFF Charles Miner CONGRESS Edwin Carter NGREY John Miner CORNOCK Henry J. Miner IMGRAM Samuel Bricklayer COSSTICK Richard H. Miner (Red Lion) COUNDON Ernest R. Clerk AMES Henry Wheelwright COUSEN James Butcher JAMES John Wheelwright CROOKS Robert Merchant JARDINE Neil Carpenter CROOKS William J. Storeman JESSUP John H. Bank Manager ARCY George Farmer JOLLY Edward H. Publican DAVIES Henry Baker JOLLY Reginald K. Tailor DAVIES Llewellyn Miner JONES George L. Gentleman DAVIS Thomas Miner JONES James Contractor DAVIS David Miner K EARNEY John Produce Dealer DEANS John Robert Law Clerk KEELY Michael Miner DORAN Arthur P. Minister KEWIN James Compositor DORING Robert Assayer KING Lewis P.A. Produce Dealer DUNBAR Robert Ganger KNIGHT Albert J. Shop Assistant DUNN Samuel Labourer KNOTT Richard Storeman DOWDING Edwin P. Secretary KRICK Frederick Soapmaker DOWNING Robert W. Secretary ADD William Miner AD Samuel Storekeeper LIVINGSTONE Daniel Tinsmith EAD Samuel Miner LONG Benjamin Miner (Nuggety Gully) LONG Charles Miner.
207 Oct 2002
  • Mining accident Lower Homebush (1883) – Name mentioned:William Hill, Samuel Waters, Henry Calaby, Neil Lawson, Inspector Nicholas, Inspector Stewart, Mr J Williams, John Kennedy, E. Tregoning, C. Burt, John Searle, J. Waters, Rev. D. Lindsay.
  • Voters from Talbot and Moyreisk at the 1899 Victorian Federal Election – Names mentioned: LUFF Alfred Grocer POLLOCK Ezekiel Butcher LUFF Charles C. Storeman POLLOCK Hugh Miner LUFF Walter H. Gentleman POLLOCK Robert S.C. Butcher LUNDBERG Andrew A. Gardener PRICE William H. Miner LYLE Andrew Gentleman PRITCHARD John Gardener McCLEARY Josiah Labourer PROUD George Miner McDERMOTT Dugald Miner QUINLAN John Ganger McINTYRE Patrick Labourer QUINLAN Martin Gentleman McKENZIE Adam K. Blacksmith RAIL Richard Teacher McKENZIE William Engineer RAMSAY Samuel W. Plumber McKENZIE William Jnr. Engineer RATHJENS Adolph Carpenter McKINSTRY James Jnr. Miner REED James Blacksmith MACKIN Christopher Miner ROBILLIARD Daniel Hawker MACKIN William Miner ROBINSON George Grocer MANFIELD William Constable ROBINSON Henry Legal Manager MANTELL Henry J. Miner ROFFEY Alfred E. Accountant MARCH Joseph Miner ROOKE James Bootcloser MAUGER George E. Chemist ROOKE John Cab Owner MEANEY James Ganger ROOKE Thomas J. Labourer MEARS Charles Labourer ROPER Alfred H. Teacher MEYERS Harry Tobacconist ROSS George Miner MILNE Alexander Line Repairer ROSS Thomas Miner MITCHELL George Bootmaker SAMUELS Otto Grazier MITCHELL William Bootmaker (Lone Tree) MONK Alexander Farmer SCHMIDT William Miner MOORE James Miner SCHOTTLER Henry Watchmaker (Kangaroo Flat) SCHOTTLER Philip Cabinetmaker MOORE John SCHWENNESSEN George Tailor (Kangaroo Flat) SCHWENNESSEN Hans H. Tailor MULLINS William Blacksmith SCHWENNESSEN Leslie R. Tailor MUNRO James Miner SCUCE Robert Surfaceman (Daisy Hill) SEBIRE Amos Miner MURPHY Thomas Blacksmith (Rocky Flat) NEVE William Farmer SHACKLES Edward Miner NICOL John Minister SHACKLETON Thomas Carpenter NUGENT Anthony J.B. Bank Manager (Ballarat St.) O\rquote CONNELL Thomas Miner SHORT William Gentleman OLIVER William Miner SHUTTLEWORTH Joseph R. Sexton PHELAN Bertram L.C. Ironmonger SIMPSON James Labourer PHELAN Daniel R. Merchant SPENCE George H. Publican PHILLIPI Frank Baker SPRINGFIELD George Assistant PHILLIPS Henry Shearer STEIN Alexander Tentmaker PHILLIPS John Shearer SWAIN Thomas Fellmonger WINDMARCH Andrew Farmer M O Y R E I S K LYNCH Peter Snr. Farmer REECE Thomas Farmer PAYNE James Farmer SMITH Thomas Jnr. Farmer PAYNE William L. Farmer SMITH Thomas Snr. Farmer.
208 Jan 2003
  • AGM 18 May. Guest speaker Pearl Collins, compiler of book Dear Aunt Emma.
  • Avoca Mail excerpts: Accident to John and Charles Rowles (24/10/1879); shooting accident Leersen (26/5/1885); railway employee John Bartlett (20/10/1876); missing child James Watson (17/5/1878); riding accident Thomas Paten (19/2/1878)
  • Electors who voted in the 1899 Victorian Federal Poll from Moonambel, Warrenmang and Mountain Hut: ADAMS William A. Grazier HUNTER James, snr. Farmer BANNISTER Joseph W. Collector HUNTER Robert Farmer BONSOR William, jnr. Miner KNIGHT Thomas Miner BONSOR William, snr. Miner LITHGOW Alexander Farmer BORBRIDGE Henry Farmer McIVER John Constable CASTLEMAN Charles, jnr. Blacksmith MANNDER Joseph Miner CRICK Jock Butcher MOONEY Thomas Farmer DATE Frederick Tinsmith MOYLE William T. Hotelkeeper DOHERTY Hugh Farmer MURDOCH Charles Farmer D’ORIVAL Charles Miner MURGATROYD John Soap Factorer DUNELL George Miner SKIDMORE Thomas Miner DUNELL Richard Farmer SMITH William F. Soap Boiler FITZGERALD James Storekeeper STEWART George Ostler FORDHAM William Miner STUART Davis M. Baker FREEMAN William Teacher SUTHERLAND Donald Miner GODDARD Edward Farmer TORNEY Patrick, snr. Farmer GOOCH William Farmer TURNER Henry Miner GOOCH William J. Farmer WHITTICOMBE Samuel Miner GREEN Charles Farmer WHITTICOMBE William Miner GREENE William Farmer WILLIAMS Daniel, senr. Farmer HOLMES Samuel Carrier HUDSON William Storekeeper, ALEXANDER George Farmer PEACOCK George Farmer ANDERSON Robert Farmer Middle Creek ANDERSON Samuel Farmer PEACOCK James Farmer ANDREWS Emanuel L. Farmer Middle Creek CAREY David Farmer PEACOCK Ralph Farmer CAREY Thomas Miner Middle Creek HARDY James B. Farmer PUNTON Alexander Farmer SANDERS Colston Farmer WILLIAMS Walter Farmer Moonambel, IMPEY Thomas, snr. Butcher SCHMIDT Peter Engine Driver.
209 Feb 2003
  • Accidents: names mentioned – (1875) George Gouge, David Farnsworth; (1884) Charles Firth, John Young, Hugh Mcdonald, Thomas Tattersall, David Summers, William Burns, Richard Cummins, John Kennedy, Samuel Hartly, Walter Mcdonald, Michael Mclean, Angus Mcdougall, John Banch, Mr Nicholls, Andrew, Robinson; (1878) Mr Keihl.
  • Voters from Amherst and Alma who voted in the 1899 Victorian Federal Election – BAKER Walter Miner JOHNS William C. Teacher BARTLETT John Miner JUDKINS Thomas Miner BARWELL Charles Gardener LILBURN John Butcher BELLMAM Francis Gardener LUCAS Thomas Miner BERRY John Gardener McKENZIE David Labourer BLOODWORTH George Carter McKENZIE Donald Miner BLOODWORTH George Miner McKENZIE John Miner BLOOM Alfred Baker McKENZIE John A. Publican BLUNDELL William Miner McKINSTRY James Miner BROGAN James Miner McMACKLAN John Minister BUCHAN James Miner MATTHEWS James D. Miner BUCHAN William Miner MOORE William Baker CAMERON John Miner NICHOLSON George Miner CAYZER Thomas Miner PORTER James Miner COLLINS Walter Farmer SADLER William Gardener COOKE John S. Miner (Amherst Hospital) COOKE John S. jnr. Miner SALMON Charles C. Surgeon COSSTICK James E. Miner SALMON Phillip W. Town Clerk DOUGLAS James B. Storeman SALMON Robert W. Farmer EVANS David Bootmaker SALMON William R.A. Farmer FISHER Andrew Miner STEWART John Superintendent FLOWERS David Collector TYERS Reuben Miner FLYNN John Miner VAUGHAN George Miner FUNCETT Edward J. Miner WALSH James Miner GANE Arthur Publican WHITWORTH William Miner GANE Walter E. Miner WHITWORTH William No. 2 Miner GAY Frederick W. Carpenter WILLIAMS Walter Miner GILLOTT David Miner WRIGHT Charles E. Miner HAMILTON Richard Miner HENRY George Butcher HOOD Lambert Butcher BAXTER Robert Miner JAMES John Carter BAXTER Robert jnr. Miner (Chinaman’s) BUCKLEY Phillip Miner KEYES Richard Miner BUCKLEY William Miner LUCAS William Miner DEMPSTER Edward Storeman McCANN Lawrence Miner DODD John Miner RUSSELL William jnr. Miner HALL Benjamin Miner SHEEN James Miner HALL Stephen Miner SMART John Miner HASTINGS Albert J. Miner (Lower) HASTINGS David Miner WALKER Alexander Miner HILL Stephen Miner HOBSON Napoleon Miner.
210 Apr 2003
  • Homebush history on Society’s website
  • Accidents of yesteryear. Names mentioned (1927): Mr. Helliar, Mr Colquhoun; (1908) Mr and Mrs Elliott, Dr Grimmer.
  • Celebrations for restored wagon for Lexton’s Toll Bar Park, 14 June 2003.
  • Book launch “Amherst District Hospital, 1859-1933: The Story of a Gold Rush Hospital”
  • Register of names being developed for pioneer cemeteries at Mountain Hut and Glenpatrick
  • Voters at the Victorian Federal Election 1899: N A V A R R E. BIBBY Peter Farmer MORROW John Farmer BIBBY Thomas James Farmer PARRY Richard Farmer CARN Richard Labourer RAEBURN Alexander Farmer CARN Thomas Farmer RAEBURN Robert, jnr. Farmer CARN William Farmer RAEBURN Robert, snr. Farmer DARLINGTON John Farmer RIDGEWELL James Storekeeper DAVIS David Farmer SMITH John Farmer HANNETT Charles Labourer SMITH John Farmer HANNETT John Farmer SPARROW Nathaniel Farm Assistant HIGGINS Robert Farmer STUART John A. Farmer LOWE Thomas Farmer SYMONS Joseph E. Blacksmith McMURRAN Samuel Farmer THOMPSON George L. Farmer McMURRAN William Farmer W A R E E K COMINS Edward Miner RODGERS William Farmer EVANS Matthew Farmer ROWLAND Ralph Farmer FABRETTI Peter Vigneron RUBIE Thomas P. Farmer GEE Frederick Line Repairer RUNDRUM Henry Vigneron GORDON John R. Farmer SCOTT Robert Farmer LOGAN George Farmer SMALL Andrew Farmer LOGAN Robert Baker SUTHERLAND Thomas G. Farmer LONG Francis Farmer TRINERY Joseph H. Labourer NICHOLS Charles Miner UREN Samuel Farmer NICHOLS James Miner WALKER Frank Farmer PORTEOUS Graham Farmer WALKER William Farmer
211 May 2003
  • Help required to reconstruct the burial indexes for the Pioneer Cemeteries at Mountain Hut and Glenpatrick
  • Talk by Pearl Collins “A Goldfields Ancestry”. Names mentioned – Stavely and Sandland families.
212 Jun-Jul 2003
  • Return of restored wagon to Toll Bar Park Lexton. Names mentioned: McGrath, P J Ryan, Goff Little, David Anderson,. William Millar.
  • An attempt to build up registers for the cemeteries at Moonambel, Redbank, Mountain Hut and Glenpatrick.
  • Burnbank (Lexton) letter sold for $179,200. Names mentioned: Arabella Shore, Frank Shore, Messrs. Ellis and Elliott, Alexander Irvine.
  • Accidents of yesteryear. 1917, names mentioned: Messrs. Karslake Bros, George Laing, T. Mann, John Roxburgh, F Richardson, Dr Johnson, Messrs. A. Wolfe and P. La Roche, Mrs. Harrowfield; 1892 – Charles Templeton, Harry Shiels, Mr. J. Bradley, Mr. Agnew, Rev Mr Gray; 1904: Gordon Abbott, Mrs. Sims.
213 Aug-Sep 2003
  • Tour of Amphitheatre. Names mentioned: T C Ennis, Thomas Clapperton, Henry Bird.
  • Accidents of yesteryear. Names mentioned: 1894 Michael Harkins, Robert Meade, Thomas Fitzsimons, James Burns,. 1888: William Lever, Mr Mackintosh, J B Kelly. 1893: Charles Hoare, P J Dwyer, Mr Agnew.
214 Oct-Nov 2003
  • Celebrations planned for 140th a nniversary of Navarre Primary School. Names mentioned: James Coates, David Davies, John Smith, Joseph Lowe, Daniel Pennington, James Raybone and James Lowe.
  • Accidents of yesteryear. 1871 – names mentioned: Tregonning and Thornton. 1894 – Mr. C. Chapman, Dr. Grimmer. 1907 – W Sinclair, J Redpath, Mr. Pearson, Dr Johnson.
215 Jan 2004
  • Visit to St Arnaud 21 March
  • Report on Fraser family reunion. Names mentioned: Fraser, McArdle, Amelia Castleman.
  • Return of restored dray to Toll Bar Park Lexton
  • Destruction of Green Bros Flour Mills (1884). Names mentioned: Williams Shields, E Kelly, W P Gilbert.
  • Tribute to Lorna and Jack Purser
216 Feb-Mar 2004
  • Grant for Court House
  • Visit to Stuart Mill and St. Arnaud. Names mentioned: John Tyson, William Thompson; Robert, Eliza, George and Ethel Love.
217 Apr-May 2004
  • AGM and talk on Lamplough.
218 Jun-Jul 2004
  • Visit to Worsley Cottage, Maryborough.
219 Aug-Sep 2004
  • Publication of book “Postcards from Avoca”.
  • Excerpts from the Avoca Mail 1904. Names mentioned: Mr. Geo. Sparks Jun, Mr. W.H. Tregonning.
220 Oct-Nov-Dec 2004
  • “Postcards from Avoca” book launched.
  • President’s Report.
222 Jan-Feb 2005