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Prepared by Denis Strangman.
(The material has been scanned from a typed document, using OCR (Optical Character Recognition), which may result in some strange interpretations by the software.)


AUGUSTUS HABEL: Storekeeper. Avoca. (MAM 13/10/1854).
W. HADLAND: 1863 landholder.
HAPENEGGER & ROTH: Of Back Creek. Made rings for presentation to M’Donogh & Evans. (MADA 12/12/1859). UL 28/3/1860. Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 9/7/1860). Advert Watchmakers and manufacturing jewellers. Opposite the Commercial Hotel, Commercial Street. Lamplough. (NWC 30/12/1860.) Advertisement for Mountain Creek (NWC 31/1, 10/5/1861.)
ROBT & AGNES HAGAN: Baptism. C of E. Robt Alexander. 21/5/1860. Lamplough.
C. HAGLAND: UL 15/2/1860.
THT HAHN: UL 7/3/1860.
G. HAIBERGER: UL 15/2/1860.
HAIGH: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 13/7, 18/7/1860).
MR HAIGH’S STORE: Adjoins Clare Castle Hotel. Goods stolen during Prince of Wales fire. (MADA 6/2/1860.) Store of Mr THOMAS HAIGH. Watch not recovered. (MADA 8/2/1860.) CHARLES HAIGH: “Well known among the pioneers of Wickliffe. Charles Haigh of the Western Hotel …”(?) (“Shire of Ararat. Its Settlement and Development”, p.13). Storekeeper. Watch stolen. WPG 9/2/1860.) New Theatre Royal next door. Commercial Street. (MADA 19/4/1860). Notice: death of Ann Haigh. 17 years. At Glenmona. Only daughter of Charles and Ann Haigh of Lamplough. (MADA 20/6/1860). Lamplough. Insolvent. W&P Leg. C. 1860-61. Al.)
MRS H. HAITZ: UL 4/4/1860.
HALES: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 3/8/1860).
THOS HALES: UL 28/3/1860.
MRS HALL: UL 7/3/1860.
ANN HALL: Charged with stealing from dwelling of Eliz Martin. (VPG 14/6/1860.) Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 15/6/1860). Discharged. (VPG 21/6/1860.)
CHARLES HALL: Glenmore (Glenmona?). (Port Phillip electoral roll, Pyrenees District, 1849.)
JOSEPH HALL: SI, 17/11/1860.
J.H. HALL: SL 17/12/1860.
EDWIN HALLARD: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 6/4/1860).
HALLIGA: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 2/5/1860).
CATHERINE HAILING: Maiden name. See birth of Matilda Donnally.
HAMBURG HOTEL: P. Rhodes, Publican’s licence, Hamburg Hotel, Back Creek. (MADA 27/6/1859.) Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 5/3/1860). Disorderly place. Peter Rohde. Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 4/4/1860). Peter Rohda. Licence application. No appearance. Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 20/6/1860). Child drowned at back of Hotel. (MADA 15/10/1860). HAMBURG DANCING ROOMS: Inquest. D. Gongaza. Avoca 1860. (ADHS).
MRS HAMBURGER: UL 18/4/1860.
J.0. HAMELTON: UL 9/4/1860.
THOMAS HAMILL: SL 19/7/1860.
HAMILTON: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 20/6/1860).
J. HAMMELL: UL 15/2/1860.
HAMMOND: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 25/6/1860).
H.B. HAMMOND: UL 21/3/1860.
T. HAMPTON: UL 7/3/1860.
W. HAMPTON: UL 7/3/1860.
MISS M. HAN: UL 14/311860.
J. HANCOCK: UL 14/3/1860.
JOHN HANCOCK: UL 21/3/1860.
THOMAS HANCOCK: SL 15/9/1860. T. HANCOCK: UL 7/311860.
MRS HANCOCK: See Tully birth.
K. HANLEY: UL 14/3/1860.
K.G. HANLEY: UL 4/4/1860.
MICHAEL HANLEY: Son CHARLES P. born Lamplough 1860. (No 10928 BDM.)
ANN HANNAN: Maiden name of wife of George Cartwright. (See baptism of Jane Cartwright 11/11/1861.)
MR HANSCHELL: UL 4/4/1860.
H. HANSEN: UL 14/3/1860.
J.K. HANSEN: UL 9/4/1860.
HANSFORD’S BOARDING HOUSE: Attempted robbery near it. (MADA 17/2/1860.) Mr & Mrs. Amphitheatre Street. Robbery. Next door to F & G.F. Bullen. (MADA 15/6/1860).
J. HANSN (?): UL 15/2/1860. J. HANSEN: UL 7/3/1860.
HANSON CHILD: School petition 5/2/1873.
MARY ANN HANSON: Near Lamplough. Goods stolen. (VPG 8/9/1874).
PETER HANSON: Daughter ANNA Y. born Lamplough 1860. (No 10933 BDM.)
MATHIAS HANTON: SI, 22/5/1861.
MARGARET HANXWELL: Maiden name. See birth of Margaret Wright.
GEORGE WASHINGTON HARBERGER: HARBEGER: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 4/4,11/4/1860). Insolvent estate. Slaughteryard. Lamplough. Auction. (Arg. 4/5/1860. MADA 7/5/1860). Notice re insolvency. (Age 3/5/1860. Arg. 8/5/1860.) Insolvency meeting. (Age 27/6/1860.)
MR HARBINGER: Horse race? (MADA 29/2/1860.) Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 2/4/1860).
HARBOTTLE, PORCH & PUDNEY: Commercial Street. Stock of valuable and fashionable goods. (BS 18/1/1860.) Bought stock of H. Bergin & Co. Deceased estate. Big sale at their London House. (MADA 18/7/1860). Manager Mr Pulford (NWC 4/10/1860). Mr Pulford chased re stolen shirt. (BS 9/10/1860.) Robbed of two rolls of druggeting (NWC 11/10/1860, MADA 12/10/1860). Advert. Milliners. Branch at Lamplough (NWC 13/12/1860).
HARD HILLS: See Linger-and-Die. (MADA 23/4/1860).
G. HARDBINGER: UL 15/2/1860.
MRS HARDIE: UL 15/2/1860, 14/3/1860.
A.W. HARDIE: UL 21/3/1860.
G. HARDIE: UL 14/3/1860.
FRANCIS HARDING: Horse stealing charge. Lamplough Police Court. Threat charge against Ann Johnson. (MADA 27/2/1860.) “… he had in his face every feature of Vandemonianism”. (MAA 24/2/1860).
HARDY: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 5/3,27/6/1860.
HARDY: Respectable fruitier (Avoca?). pounds 50 sly grog case. Avoca P.C. (BS 18/9/1860.)
GEORGE HARDY: UL 4/4/1860.
THOMAS HARDY: Son ROBERT born Lamplough 1860. (No 15711 WM.)
JOHN HARE: Claim re Four Mile Flat. (NWC 4/10/1860).
WALTER HARGREAVES: 21 years. Cutting timber Lamplough. (VPG 25/5/1881).
HARLEY: Lamplough Police Court. (RADA 2/5,25/5/1860).
H.HARLEY: UL 7/3/1860.
HARLEYER: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 11/4/1860).
WM HARNEY: UL 21/3/1860.
R.J. HARPER: UL 9/4/1860. R.L. HARPER: UL 9/4/1860.
THOMAS HARRAN: UL 21/3/1860.
WILLIAM HARRER: Twenty foot sinking rear of Woodstock Inn. (NWC 11/10/1860).
BRIDGET HARRINGTON: In Camp lock-up. (MADA 21/3/1860).
E. HARRINGTON: Prop. Clare Castle Livery & Bait Stables adjoining Clare Castle Hotel. (NWC 13/2/1860).
REBECCA HARRINGTON: Property stolen. Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 5/3/1860).
ABEL & ANN HARRIS: Baptism. C of E. Mary. 8/12/1860. Miner. Daughter MARY born Lamplouqh 1860. (No 21180 BDM)
ABRAM HARRIS: UL 28/3/1860, 9/4/1860.
MISS ANN HARRIS: UL 18/4/1860.
A.C. HARRIS: UL 21/3/1860.
C. HARRIS: UL 15/2/1860, 14/3/1860.
C.A. HARRIS: UL 9/4/1860.
GEORGE HARRIS: UL 21/3/1860.
H.A. HARRIS: UL 15/2/1860 & 7,28/3/1860.
I. HARRIS: UL 7/3/1860.
ISAAC HARRIS: No appearance. Refreshment licence application. Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 9/7/1860).
NATHAN HARRIS: Robbed one mile from Lamplough. (VPG 2/2/1860.). Thomas Brown arrested for stealing his property. (VPG 16/2/1860.)
R. HARRIS: UL 14/3/1860.
ROBERT HARRIS: Daughter MARY ANN born Lamplough 1860. (No 21192 WM) W. HARRIS: CPS Avoca 1885. (Sutherland p 221.)
WM HARRIS: SL 18/2/1861.
HARRISON: Payment for meat. Lamplough. Avoca C. Court. (MADA 7/1/1861).
HARRISON & CO: Wine & spirit merchant’s licence, Lamplough. (VGG No 22, 15/2/1861, p 316.)
E. HARRISON: UL 7/3/1860.
WM HARRISS: SL 17/12/1860.
MR HART: UL 28/3/1860, 4/4/1860.
J. HART: UL 14/3/1860 (2).
JAMES HART: UL 15/2/1860.
P.J. HART: UL 28/3/1860.
FREDERICK HARTMAND M: UL 21/3/1860. Information (26/03/06) from a family researcher: Father/husband: Name:  Frederick Hartmann. His parents:  Christopher Hartmann/Elizabeth (Nerich?) (unsure of writing)   Born:  c. 1828, Elbe, Hannover

   Occupation:  Musician
   Married:  4 January 1858, Ballarat
   Name:  Auguste Sievers
   Her parents:  Ludwig Sievers, Musician/Louise Dammeyer (or Dameier)
   Born:  c. 1838, Salzgitter, Germany
   Occupation:  Musician
   Name:  Charles Hartmann
   D.of B.:  2 January 1859
   Place of Birth:  Spring Creek
   D. of D.:  8 February 1860
   Place of Death:  Lamplough, Avoca
   Cause of Death:  Diptheria, four weeks duration
   Attended by:  Dr. Cartayne
   Buried:  Avoca Cemetery
   Clergyman:  Rev. M.(?) Garlick, Episcopalian
   Witnesses to burial:  F. Hartmann, Charles Sivers
   Name:  Frederick Hartmann
   D. of B.:  05 July 1860
   Place of Birth:  Inglewood
   Witness:  M. McKeen  (Midwife?  Name was on several entries.)

By the way, I don’t know what year they arrived but, they were back in

Germany in 1862 when their next son Heinrich (Henry) was born, and stayed
for two more children before leaving for New York City.

CAROLINE HARVEY: Land Board. (AFP 22/5/1886).
JOHN HARVEY: Miner. Amphitheatre. Land Board. (AFP 22/5/1886).
JOHN HARVEY: Labourer. Lamplough. 1908. (ER).
J.M.A. HARVEY: UL 15/2/1860. MRS J.M.A. HARVEY: SL 16/2/1860.
KATHERINE HARVEY: Maiden name. See birth of Mary Dare Evans.
LILLY HARVEY: GLH. Home Duties. Lamplough. 1908. (ER).
MATTHEW THOMAS HARVEY & 1 RVEY: Claim at the Two Brothers Hill, Amphitheatre. (NWC 4/10/1860).
HARVEY & BLAXALL: UL 15/2/1860.
HENRY HASLAX: UL 28/3/1860, 4/4/1860, 9/4/1860.
M.S. HASLAM: U4/1860.
PRISCILLA HASSELL: Maiden name. See birth of William Clarke.
H.C. HASSETT: UL 18/4/1860.
MISS F. HASLAND: UL 14/3/1860.
H.HASLANE(?): UL 15/2/1860.
MRS H. HASLAM: UL 4/4/1860. SL 21/4/1860.
THOMAS HASSEL: UL 4/4/1860. Miner. Avoca. 1856 (ER).
HASTINGS: UL 7/3/1860.
R. HASTINGS: UL 14/3/1860 (2).
C. HATFELD: UL 7/3/1860.
C.E. HAUGHTON: Furnished plan and sections of Lamplough Reservoir. (P 17 Gold Statistics, 1860-6l.)
WM HAUL: UL 15/2/1860.
MICHAEL HAWKE: SL 22/5/1861.
MICHEL HAWKE: SL, 15/9/1860.
MICHL HAWKE: SL, 29/4/1861.
JOHN HAWKES: UL 21/3/1860.
JOHN H. HAWKIN: UL 21/3/1860.
HARVEY HAWKINS: Traveller. Taylor street, Ararat, 1858. (Name and occupation included in request for municipal district petition published by Chief Secretary’s Office, 17/8/1858, and reproduced in “Passing on the Torch” by Mary Normanbail, 1958, pps. 36-40.) UL 21/3/1860.
SAMUEL HAWKINS: Insolvent. Avoca district. Sheep overseer. (Arg. 16/2/1861.) SAMUEL HAWKINGS: Sheep farmer. Avoca. 1856. (ER).
A. HAY: UL 14/3/1860.
ANDREW HAY: SI, 21/4/1860, 22/5/1861, 16/6/1860, 15/9/1860, 18/10/1860.
JAMES HAY: SL 18/10/1860.
WALTER HAY: Scotch. 55 years. Cutting timber. (VPG 25/5/1881).
WARTON HAY: UL 18/4/1860.
W.M. HAY: Mundy Street, Sandhurst. Horse stolen at Bet Bet, Lamplough, on 30 September. (VPG 10/10/1861.)
GEO WM HAYES: SI, 17/11/1860.
JAMES HAYES: UL 18/4/1860.
JOHN HAYES: SI, 16/5/1860.
JOHN HAYES: Son WILLIAM THOMAS born Lamplough 1860. (No 15682 WM).
JOHN HAYES: Storekeeper, Lamplough, etc. Born 1827 Ireland. Later, at Navarre. (Sutherland p 221).
MISS MARGARET HAYES: [See Margaret Murphy]. Dressmaker. Next to Advertiser Printing Office. Royal Street. Robbery. (MADA 2/5/1860).
HAYES STORE: Horse notice. James Walker, opposite Hayes’ store. Lamplough. (VGG No 98 p 1498, 7/8/1860).
T. HAYES: UL 14/3/1860.
CHARLES HAZEL: Kept store adjoining Prince of Wales Dining Room, Commercial Street. Duck roof consumed in Prince of Wales fire. (MADA 6/2/1860.)
H. HAZLEDIRE: UL 14/3/1860.
MR HEAIGH: UL 15/2/1860.
DANIEL HEALMY: Storekeeper. Lamplough. Insolvent. (Age, 11/5/1860, MADA 14/5/1860, MAA 15/5/1860).
MR HEALEY: UL 15/2/1860.
MICHAEL HEALY: Mick Healy. Stealing charge. Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 20/6/1860). Charged with beating his wife. Lamplough Police Court. (NWC 1/11/1860.) Charged with assault by Sarah Deniston. Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 21/3/1860). (NWC 13/12/1860. BS 19/12/1860.) Lamplough. Fight. (MADA 5/2/1862). 1863 land holder.
HEATH: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 5/3/1860).
MR HEATH: UL 7/3/1860.
E.J. HEATH: UL 7/3/1860.
MR HECHT: Stole from Mr Gerschel. (MADA 21/3/1860).
JOSEPH HEDGERS: Lamplough. Horse stolen on 6 November. (VPG 15/12/1859).
HEER: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 11/4/1860).
MR HEFFERNAN’S BALLARAT XXX STORE: Four Mile Flat. (BS 1616/1860.)
ELLEN HEFFERNAN: Maiden name. See birth of James Lannon.
MR & MRS ROBERT HEIR: At Castlemaine with G.V.B. (MAM 27/5/1856). (Mrs: Nee Mary Fanny Cathcart, Born England 1833. Died 3/1/1880.) End of six month’s engagement as stage manager at the Theatre Royal, Melbourne. (BL 3/12/1859). At Olympic Theatre, Melbourne. (ARG 6/12/1859).At the Theatre Royal. (MADA 29/2/1860). Near accident. Mr Bennett & Mrs Heir. (MADA 9/3/1860. Repeated in Arg. 13/3/1860 & MH 14/3/1860.). Last appearance on Saturday at Theatre Royal. (MADA 12/3/1860). At the Theatre Royal Saturday evening. (MA.A 13/3/1860). Excellent house at Theatre Royal, Lamplough. (BS 15/3/1860.) At Lamplough. (MH 17/3/1860.) At Theatre Royal, Ballarat. (Arg. 12/4/1860.) Ingomar the. Barbarian, Haymarket Theatre, Bendigo. (BA 11/5/1860). Old favourites. “Lady of Lyons”. Theatre Royal at Inglewood to be reopened under their auspices. (Age 24/7/1860.) (MADA 15/10/1860). To play “Love’s Sacrifice” at Theatre Royal. (MADA 2/11/1860). Performed “The Stranger”. (MADA 10/12/1860).
“HELP-ME-THROUGH-THE-WORLD”: Refreshment house. Miners digging towards it. (MADA 14/5/1860). Later known as the Woodstock Inn on the Burn Bank road. (NWC 27/9/1860.)
MR HENDERSON: Of Yam Holes Sluicing Company. Death at Burn Bank, Lexton. (MH 3/3/1860).
HENDERSON’S BOOT STORES: Advert. Formerly Henderson & M’Lean of Ballarat, Ararat, Dunolly and various other gold fields. (MADA 27/6/1859.) Advert. Commercial Street, Lamplough and Back Creek. (NWC 13/12/1860).
HENDRY: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 15/6/1860).
MICHAEL HENNESSEY: Two horses stolen near Lamplough on 19 February (VPG 8/3/1860).
MICHAEL HENNESSY: Waller street, Geelong. Lost horse between Lexton and Lamplough. (VGG 2860 No 28 p 421, 2/3/1860).
HENNING: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 28/6/1860).
J. HENRICKSON: UL 15/2/1860.
HENRY: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 4/4/1860).
J. HENRY: SL 18/3/1861.
JOHN HENRY: UL 7/3/1860.
W. HENRY: UL 14/3/1860.
HENSHALL: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 18/7, 30/7/1860).
WILLIAM HENSHAW: Witness. Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 6/6/1860).
WILLIAM HENSLEY: Charged with deserting wife. (VPG 3/5/1860.)
JOS HEPCOTTLE: UL 28/3/1860.
CHARLES HERAND: GM. “Think it is my GG Uncle Charles HERAUD who was a gold miner and farmer at Avoca. His land was taken by right of Succession, I think was the word used two years or so ago. Got a bit about him from Avoca where he chopped his foot and got gold with Mr Resuggen approx 1908. He died in 1945 I think and he is buried at Maryborough but they have lost the grave.” (E-mail from ADHS member Judy Healey 22 May 1999).
MISS HERBERT: At Theatre Royal, Lamplough. (BL 4/2/1860.) Appeared as Emilie in “Othello” at Theatre Royal last Friday. (MADA 6/2/1860.) Played Julia in “Hunchback” at Bendigo. Old favourite. Melbourne appearances. (BA 3/5/1860).
MR MICHAEL HERBERT: Beechworth Town Surveyor. 1857. (Woods, p.72.) Civil engineer, surveyor, Barkly Street, Ararat, 1858. (Name and occupation included in request for municipal district petition published by Chief Secretary’s Office, 17/8/1858, and reproduced in “Passing on the Torch” by Mary Normanbail, 1958, pps. 36-40.) Ararat surveyor in 1859. Has left for Lamplough. (MAA 20/1/1860).
HERBERT BROS: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 15/6/1860).
HERBINGER: HARBINGER: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 16/4,20/4/1860).
M. HERBERT: UL 7/311860.
W. HERCAS: UL 7/3/1860.
HERD: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 8/6120/6/1860).
JAMES HERD: Refreshment licence granted. Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 9/7/1860). Fifeshire Hotel. Watch and rifle stolen. (VPG 12/7/1860.)
WILLIAM JOHN HERLEY: Son WILLIAM JOHN born Lamplough 1860. (No 15845 BDM.)
HERMAN: Lamplough Police Court. (NWC 20/9/1860).
AMY HERRICK: Watch stolen. Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 16/4/1860).
MISS C. HERWILL: UL 14/3/1860.
R. HESELTON: UL 28/3/1860.
J. HESLEY: UL 7 /3/1860.
HESTHER & CO: No business licence. Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 19/3/1860).
F. HEUSEN: UL 7/3/1860.
THOS HEVEY: Insolvent. Restaurant keeper, Redbank. (VGG No 117, 2/8/1861, p 1482.)
HEWITT AND WATSON: Contract for mail run involving Lamplough. (MADA 4/2/1861.)
JAMES HEWITT: UL 7/3/1860.
WILLIAM CHATTE HEYES: Son WILLIAM HUDSON born Lamplough 1860. (No 10935 BDM).
BEN HEYMER: UL 28/3/1860.
SAMUEL HEYWOOD: Daughter ANNE born Lamplough 1860. (No 05453 BDM). Samuel Heywood b. Middleton, Lancs., UK 1824. Arrived Port Phillip on ship Tornado in 1857, with wife, Mary Ann Butterworth, son Edward, 6yrs. daughter Jane, 8yrs. Son James died on voyage out Mary Ann died Hellas Reef 1864. Sam, an engraver, became a miner, then a carrier of blasting powder to gold fields, backloading farm produce to Melbourne. He moved to Spring Creek in 1860’s. and set up general store in Seymour in 1874, selecting land in 1876 and farmed at Glenaroua. He died and was buried in Seymour in 1902. Jane died at 14 yrs. Her dress caught fire at a roadside stop between Tarnagulla and Dunolly. She died in Dunolly hospital in 1863 and was buried in Maryborough. Anne b. 1860 Lamplough m. Tom Jones at Seymour. Anne died 1941 Seymour. (Submitted by Glenise Heywood, 3 February 2000.)
JAMES HICKS: UL 14/3/1860.
W.H. HICKS: UL 15/2/1860, 28/3/1860, 4/4/1860.
MR HICKEY: Prospecting meeting. Lamplough. (MADA 22/2/1860).
JAMES HICKEY: UL 7/3/1860, 4/4/1860. J. HICKEY: UL 15/2/1860.
G. HIGH: UL 7/3/1860.
GEO HIGH: UL 28/3/1860.
MRS HIGSDEN: UL 15/2/1860.
GEO HIGGS: SL 15/9/1860.
HARRIET HIGGS: Maiden name. See birth of Frederick W. Webster.
RICHARD HIGGS: UL 18/4/1860.
HILL: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 21/3, 26/3/1860).
EDWARD HILL: GLH. Miner. Avoca. 1856. (ER).
JOHN M. HILL: UL 18/4/1860.
P. HILL: UL 7,28/3/1860.
R.W.T. HILL: UL 4/4/1860.
THOMAS HILL: SL 18/2/1861.
THOS B. HILL: SL 16/5/1860.
WILLIAM HILL: GLH. Miner. Avoca. 1856. (ER).
I. HILLIER: UL 14/3/1860.
ISAAC HILLIES: SI, 21/4/1860. I. HILLIES: UL 15/2/1860.
GEORGE HILTON: UL 21/3/1860. GEO HILTON: UL 28/3/1860.
C. HINCIKY (?): UL 14/3/1860.
ISABELL HINDMARSH: Maiden name. See birth of Charles Robertson.
MR HINDS: [See Hines]. Rush. (BS 5/1/1861.) Turned water vendor. (BS 26/2/1861.) Squatter, Redbank. Memorial for compensation. (Pyrenees Herald via Arg. 12/6/1861.) 4,000 there. (Age 10/1/1861.)
I. HINDS: UL 15/2/1860.
HINDS: UL 15/2/1860.
WILLIAM HINDS: UL 21/3/1860.
GEORGE BARKLEY (BARCLAY) HINES: Sheep farmer. Avoca Ranges. 1856. (ER). Daughter MARY JANE born Avoca 1860. (No 09581 BDM). Redbank. Select Committee. Had for 16 years 17,000 acres. Has a depasturing licence known as The Ranges. (VPP 1861-62 D No 38.)
HINRICHSEN (?): Peter Lindsay, Carolyn Mary. GLH.
H. HINTRY: UL 9/4/1860.
HIRSCH & CO: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 25/6/1860).
GEORGE HITCHCOCK: Daughter ANN born Lamplough 1860. (No 15697 BDM). “No. 117 Ann HITCHCOCK born July 9th 1860 reg. July 21st 1860 Dr. Close father- George HITCHCOCK miner born Suffolk Eng mother- Jemima STUMBLES born Devonshire Eng.” (From letter by Jean Nixon to Graeme Mills ADHS 1998.)
ELIZABETH HOARE: Maiden name. See birth of Selina James.
EDWARD HOBBS: SL 19/7/1860.
E. HOCK: UL 7/3/1860.
R. HOCKING: UL 15/2/1860, 7/3 1860.
MR HODGE: SL, 19/3/1860.
PHILIP HODGE: Miner. Avoca. 1856. (ER). Daughter HANNAH A.V. Born Lamplough 1860. (No 10950 BDM).
T. HODGE: UL 7/3/1860.
MR HODGES: S1 21/4/1860. UL 7/3/1860.
MR HODGKINSON: Well educated young man (Professor Neumayer). (Arg 17/10/1860). On Burke and Wills expedition. Was Clerk to William Templeton. (Arg 22/11/1860.)
HENRY HODGKINSON: Death of Albert, infant son, dysentry. Woodstock, Pyrenees. (Arg 2/3/1853.) Farmer. Resident Lamplough. (1869 PO Dir.) Late of Woodstock. Died Richmond. (AFP 26/5/1883.)
JAMES HODGKINSON: Place of abode, Woodstock. House and land, Lamplough. 1856. (ER). Sheep farmer, Woodstock. 1856. (ER). Land lease (?) (VGG 1848, p 411.) Stock assessment, Lamplough, Woodstock, Maiden Hills. (VGG No 78, p 1901, 25/8/1854). Stock assessment, same stations. Dated 23/4/1856. WGG No 47, p 745, 29/4/1856.) UL 4/4/1860. Owner of the Lamplough Station. Debt case. Avoca C.C. (MADA 7/1/1861).
HODGSON: Prospecting claim granted to Hodgson and party on Thursday last. (MADA 11/1/1860). Ground then rushed. (MAA 13/1/1860).
MAXIMILIAN HOEVERMANN: Refreshment licence granted. Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 25/6/1860). “Late sharebroker at Ballarat. Visited Londonderry rush.” (BS via CW November 1860. BS 27/10/1860.) MR HOVER MAN ‘S XXX STORE WOODSTOCK: (BS 17/11/1860.)
H. HOFFER: UL 15/2/1860.
H. HOFFELO: UL 7/3/1860.
MESSRS J & E HOGAN: Grocery store. Lamplough Police Court.. (MADA 20/6/1860).
MARTIN HOGAN: Robbed about one mile from Bradshaw’s station between Back Creek and Lamplough. (VPG 5/1/1860.)
JOB HOGDEN: UL 28/3/1860.
J. HOGEE: UL 15/2/1860.
L. HOGEN: UL 7/3/1860
JAMES & MARGARET HOGG: C of E Baptism, Ann, John. 6/8/1860. Lamplough. Miner.
JOHN HOGG: UL 7/3/1860. 

HOLD FAMILY: My Greatgrandfather William Hold was at Lamplough in  1859 with his wife Ann.  Their daughter Sarah Hold , aged 8 months died of teething and convulsions at Lamplough on 19.12.1859 and was buried in Avoca. on 21. 12 1859. She was born at Back Creek near Amherst Two more of their children are buried at Avoca.  Thomas Hold died 21 .9.1854 and was buried 30.9.1854 .   Maryanne Hold aged 16 months died of dysentry on 19.12.1854 at Avoca  and buried 19.12.1854.  The undertaker for both was John Smith. The Minister`s name looks like Stephen Thorneroff.   On their Death Certificates they are called Goldigger’s Children.   Sarah had an inscription on her grave . Thomas Hold died of the effects of a cold.  He was born on the Osceola on the voyage from Engand to South Australia. Mary Anne Hold was born in South Australia 12.8..1853.
Thomas was 3 years and six months.  The next child born  with a birth certificate was my Grandfather Arthur Hold, born at Green Hill July 28 1857. It must have been near Avoca.  William was born 1857 according to his marriage certificate but he doesn`t have a birth cert. According to his buriel record he was born  at Linton near Ballarat. The next child was born and died at Inglewood.” From Laurina Collins, 12 May 2007. E-mail:lbcollins at (substitute @for at) 

TIMOTHY JOHN HOLLAND: Merchant. High Street. Avoca. 1856. (ER). Daughter ELIZABETH Mary born Avoca 1860. (No 21227 WM). Catholic. Storekeeper. Patron, Avoca National School, 1860. (VPP 1862 No 15.)
G. HOLLANDS: UL 28/3/1860.
LYDIA HOLLIDAY: Maiden name. See birth of William Patching.
HOLMES: Case. Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 19/3,28/3,11/5/1860).
MR HOLMES: UL 15/2/1860, 7/3/1860.
HENRY HOLMES: Brewer. Resident Lamplough. (1869 PO Dir.)
J. HOLMES: UL 7/3/1860.
JOHN (JAMES) HOLMES: Refreshment licence application adjourned. (MADA 9/7/1860). Application struck out. (MADA 18/7/1860).
MARY HOLMES: UL 21/3/1860.
THOMAS JACKLIN (JENKIN) HOLMES: Dancing saloon and restaurant keeper. Lamplough. Insolvent. (MADA 23/3/1860). Causes “… falling off in business through the rush to Inglewood …” (MH, Age & Arg. 22/3/1860.)
HOLVES: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 11/4/1860).
HOMBERG: Lamplough Police Court. (9/7/1860).
B. HOMBERG: Refreshment licence granted. (MADA 25/6/1860).
HOMBUG: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 30/3/1860).
HOMEBUSH: [See Four Mile Flat.] (MADA 4/6/1860). Enormous number of stores. (MADA 27/6/1860).
HOMEBUSH HOTEL: Advert. Four Mile Flat. C.H. Kaiser. (MADA 27/7/1860).
J.W. HOOD: UL 15/2/1860, UL 21/3/1860. JOHN W. HOOD: UL 18/4/1860.
MRS HOOD: UL 7/3/1860.
E. HOOK: UL 15/2/1860.
HOOPER: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 2/4/1860).
HOOPER: His farm on Bet Bet robbed. (MADA 5/4/1861).
HOOPER’S STORE: Amphitheatre street, Lamplough. Lost horse notice. (VGG No 127, p 1928, 12/10/1860).
EDWARD JAMES HOOPER: Son (unnamed) born Lamplough 1860. (No 09583 BDM).
G. HOOPER: UL 15/2/1860.
G.R. HOOPER: UL 15/2/1860.
HOPE: Lamplough Police Court. (RADA 16/5/1860).
JANE HOPE: Refreshment licence granted. (MADA 9/7/1860). Runs the “Old Wirginny” (drinking establishment?) (NWC 20/12/1860.)
ROBERT HOPE: Died. 34 years. “Old Virginny Bowling Saloon”. (MADA 4/4/1860). Subject of description, death and coffined? (BS 9/411860.)
HOPE STORE: A claim behind the Hope Store. (Clare Castle rush). (MADA 7/12/1859).
HOPE AND ANCHOR HOTEL: Large crowd. Large open-fronted establishment with barrels piled one above the other. (BS 3/1/1860.) A very extensive reading room is being fitted up at the hotel. (MADA 6/1/1860). Mr Williams. Landlord. (MADA
6/4/1860). Louis Label resided there. (MADA 4/7/1860).
JOHN HOPKINS: UL 7/311860.
ROBERT HOPRINS: Had a f ight with Joseph Berry at Lamplough on Monday who was killed. Inquest. Committed for trial. Bail allowed. (MADA 6/1/1860. BS 6/1/1860). R. HOPKINS: UL 7,14/3/1860.
THOS M. HORE: UL 4/4/1860. SI, 21/4/1860. THOS MARTIN HORE: SL 18/10/1860.
MARIA HANNA.H HORN: Maiden name. See birth of Gustave A. Kiessling.
WM HORN: UL 9/4/1860.
J. HORNE: UL 7/3/1860.
WILLIAM HORNE: Cut into the Theatre Royal. Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 27/4/1860).
MR HORSFALL: Amateur performance. Theatre Royal. (MADA 30/5/1860).
EDWARD HORWILL: Daughter HARIETT born Lamplough 1860. (No 10975 BDM).
W. HOSKING: UL 14/3/1860.
MR HOSKINS: At Back Creek Police Court. Drunk? (MADA 23/5/1860). Appeared with Mr Worsley. Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 29/8/1860).
HOTELS: Three large XXX establishments at Lamplough.. Blandon, Williams & Rogers. Description. (BS 30/6/1860.) Hope and Anchor?
A. HOU: Chinese. Robbed between Amphitheatre and Lamplough. WPG 19/4/1860.)
MRS HOUGH: UL 7/3/1860.
A. HOUGH: UL 21/3/1860.
H.A. HOUGH: UL 21/3/1860. SL 21/4/1860. HENRY A. HOUGH: UL 4/4/1860.
THOMAS HOUGH: Arrested. Lamplough. (VPG 1/3/1860.)
WM HOUGHTON: UL 28/3/1860.
JOHN HOWARD: UL 7/3/1860. J. HOWARD: UL 7/3/1860. Of Lamplough. Four bullocks stolen at Bet Bet Creek near Lamplough on 19 February. (VPG 8/3/1860.)
H. HOWATT: UL 14/3/1860.
ROBT HOWE: UL 28/3/1860.
MASTER R. HOWE: UL 14/3/1860.
THOMAS HOWE: Remanded to Pleasant Creek. Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 22/2/1860).
FREDERICK W. HOWELL: Land Board. (AFP 22/5/1886). Miner. Lamplough. 1908. (ER).
G.A.V. HOWELL: SL 16/5/1860.
HELEN F. HOWELL: Land Board. (AFP 22/5/1886).
J. HOWELL: UL 15/2/1860.
JOSEPHINE HOWELL: Lamplough. Spinster. 24 years. Daughter of William and Priscilla (nee Cartwright). (Morr 28/6/1920).
PRISCILI.A HOWELL: Home duties. Lamplough. 1908. (ER)
THOMAS P. HOWELL: Land Board. Station overseer. Woodstock. Married. 10 children. (AFP 22/5/1886).
JOHN HOWES: SL 18/2/1861.
HOWQUA: Appointed interpreter 12/8/1856. Pounds 250.p.a. (VPP 1862-63 No. 9) Interpreter. Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 11/4/1860). AH KIN HOW QUA: Percydale. Obituary. (AM 18/11/1873.)
H. HOYLE: UL 14/3/1860.
HUCK TON: Merchant and storekeeper, Lamplough and Avoca. His opium consignment missing. Court case. (NWC 11/10/1860).
A. HUDSON: UL 15/2/1860, 7/3/1860.
ALEX HUDSON: UL 9/4/1860.
MARGARET HUDSON: Maiden name. See birth of William H. Heyes.
W. HUGGART: UL 4/4/1860.
E.B. HUGHES: UL 7/3/1860.
EDWARD HUGHES: UL 21/3/1860.
J & M. HUGHES: UL 15/2/1860.
MICHAEL HUGHES: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 8/6/1860).
M. RUGHES: UL 7/3/1860.
MARGARET HUGHES: Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 20/6/1860).
THOMAS HUGHES: Of Lamplough. Horse stolen at Mountain Hut. (VPG 12/1/1860). Gun stolen Woodtsock (VPG 14/7/1874).
W.L. HUGHES: UL 15/2/1860.
W.R. HUGHES: UL 15/2/1860, 7/3/1860.
DR JOHN HULL(E)Y: Case. Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 21/3,23/3/1860). DR HULLEY: UL 15/2/1860, 4/4/1860. DR HULLY: UL: 9/4/1860. Spoke at Inglewood meeting. Had moved in political circles for 30 years. Present at French Revolution. (Age 21/8/1860). [See Q v. Dr Hulley NCR 2383, PROV.]
C. HULLUAR: UL 7/3/1860.
MR HUMALL: UL 7/3/1860.
M. HUMBER: UL 7/3/1860.
MR HUMPHREYS: Moved motion at Lamplough land meeting. (MADA 17/10/1860, NWC 18/10/1860.)
GEORGE HUMPHREYS: Secretary. Back Creek Race Club. (Ballarat Miner 17/11/1859.) Secretary pro-tem of nucleus of a Lamplough Garrick Club. (BS 24/5/1860.) Agent, BS, Lamplough. List. (BS 26/5/1860.) Reporter for “Ballarat Star”. Charge against E. Smith. Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 13/6/1860). Secretary Mountain Creek races. (MAA 2/2/1861. BS 11/2/1861). G. HUMPHREYS: Licensee. Liverpool Hotel, Main Road, Ballarat. (Ex Huxtables Ballarat Directory. VBI. Ballarat Evening Echo. 13/1/1915.)
J.Z. HUMPHREYS: UL 15/2/1860.
WILLIAM HUMPHREYS: Horse stolen. (VPG 23/2/1860.)
MR HUMPHRIES: UL 7/3/1860.
MRS HUMPHRIES: In 1882 her geese fouled the Lamplough reservoir. (HH Letter).
HENRY HUMPHRIES: Miner. Resident Lamplough. (1884/85 VIC Dir.)
MRS HUNKENS: UL 18/4/1860.
MRS HUNT: UL 28/3/1860.
CHARLES HUNT: UL 21/3/1860.
JOHN G. HUNT: SL 18/2/1861.
D. HUNTER: UL 15/2/
D.D. HUNTER: UL 4/4/1860.
JAMES HUNTER: UL 15/2/1860 18/4/1860.
JAMES HUNTER: Son JAMES born Lamplough, 1860. (No 15698 WM). “No. 118 James HUNTER born July 12th 1860 reg July 24th 1860 midwife Mrs Butterworth father- James HUNTER miner born Glasgow Sct mother- Ellen AIKEN born Paisley Sct.” (From letter by Jean Nxon to Graeme Mills 1998.)
JAS HUNTER: UL 28/3/1860.
J.D. HUNTER: UL 4/4/1860.
MAGNUS HUNTER: SL 18/3/1861.
T.D. HUNTER: UL 15/2/1860. THOS D. HUNTER: UL 28/3/1860. THOMAS D. HUNTER: UL 4/4/1860.
HUNTER’S HILL: Prospecting claim near to Amphitheatre Rd. (MADA 23/7/1860).
MRS HUNTZ: Mrs Gobey called her a “toothless old fxxxxx”. Lamplough Police Court. (NWC 8/11/1860.) Abusive language case. (NWC 15/11/1860.)
HURLEY, O’LEARY & CO: Case. Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 5/3/1860). Selling weatherboard store next to U.S. Hotel, opposite London Chartered Bank. (MADA 20,27/4/1860).
MR HURNBER: UL 15/2/1860.
T. HURREN: UL 15/2/1860. THOMAS HURREN: SL 16/2/1860.
MR HURST: Killed. Deep Lead. Inquest. (MADA 20/4,23/4/1860, BA 23/4/1860).
MARTHA HURST: Maiden name. See birth of Caroline Elmer.
HASSELL HURST: Tent cut, property stolen. (VPG 26/1/1860.)
MR HUSSEY: Amateur performance. Theatre Royal. Lamplough. (MADA 30/5, 4/6/1860).
HUSSEY: Lamplough Cricket club. (MADA 26/3/1860).
THOS. HUSSEY: Robbery charge. Lamplough Police Court. (NWC 25/10/1860.)
ALEX HUSTON: UL 9/4/1860.
H. HUTCHINSON: UL 14/3/1860.
J. HUTCHINSON: Prospecting claim. (MADA 24/10/1860).
J.B. HUTCHINSON: UL 14,28/3/1860.
HUTCHISON & PARTY: Prospecting claim. (BS 9/5/1860.)
DR HUTTON: Advert. MRCSE. Lamplough. Consult at Dispensary of Mr Clemes. (MAA 2/3/1860.)
A. HUTTON: UL 7/3/1860.
JAMES HUTTON: Miner, Lamplough. Refused admission to Public Library, Melbourne. (Arg 4/4/1860.)
S.D.S. HUYGHE: At Resident Warden’s office, Ballarat. Pounds 400 p.a. 27/4/1853. Born British America. (V&P Leg C 1858-59 A2.)
MARY HYDE: Charged with stealing a pick. Lamplough Police Court. (MADA 27/2/1860).
M.H. HYDEN: UL 15/2/1860.
G.W. HYNDMAN: UL 14/3/1860.