Lamplough Names Index: Abbreviations




(Prepared by Denis Strangman, 10 Carrodus Street, Fraser, A.C.T. 2615. Australia. Phone 02.62583912 (H), Fax: 02.62583742, )




ADB: Australian Dictionary of Biography.

ADHS: Avoca and District Historical Society.

AFP: Avoca Free Press.

AJCP: Australian Joint Copying Project.

AM: Avoca Mail.

ARG: The Argus.

BA: The Bendigo Advertiser.

BDM: Births, Deaths and Marriages. Index. Victoria. Microfiche. Births are for Lamplough, 1860, unless otherwise stated.

Benson: C. Irving Benson, “A Century of Victorian Methodism”, 1935.

BL: Bell’s Life in Victoria and Sporting Chronicle.

BODELL: James Bodell. “A Soldier’s View of Empire”. The Reminiscences of James Bodell 1831-1892. Ed. Keith Sinclair. 1982.

BOWDEN: “Doctors and Diggers on The Mount Alexander Goldfields”, Keith Macrae Bowden. 1974.

BS: Ballaarat Star.

BT: Ballarat Times.

Ch.T: The Christian Times and Australasian Weekly News.

CMJ: Colonial Mining Journal.

C OF E BAPTISM: From Church of England Register, copied by Avoca & District Historical Society (ADHS).

C of E Rec: The Church of England Record for the Diocese of Melbourne

E.R.: Electoral Roll for the Electoral District of The Loddon. Avoca Division. 1856. Microfiche 034. Or Avoca Sub Division, Grampians Division, Federal Electoral Roll, 1908.

G.L.H.: Landholder, Glenmona Parish. Taken from photocopies of index cards held by ADHS, showing names of original land. holders, section and allotment. But note: the Parish includes the Village of Lamplough, the Village of Homebush, and outlying areas of Avoca and Bung Bong, therefore, not all names are necessarily associated with Lamplough. Section H is near Rutherford’s Creek. Date of purchases not known and thus some could relate to purchases in the 20th Century.

J.R. GRAY: J.R. Gray. “History of the Wedderburn Gold Fields”. 1888. Ed. Frank Cusack. Republished. 1981.

HD: Home duties (Electoral Roll entry).

HGDV: James Flett. “The History of Gold Discovery in Victoria”. 1979.

HH LETTER: Letter from Mrs Helen Harris, dated 2 February 1986.

P.C. HOOPER THESIS: Frederick Cleverdon Hooper. “The Evolution of Communal Living in the Maryborough Mining District (1854-1870).” MA Thesis. University of Melbourne 1960.

LAMPLOUGH POLICE COURT: A reference to “Lamplough Police Court” will often simply mean that the name appeared in the civil lists for hearing by the Court on a particular day. The name could be either a person prosecuting or being prosecuted – very often for debt or non-payment.

LEASK’S: Leask’s Australian Genealogies.

LETTERS: This list does not yet incorporate all the names on the lists of unclaimed letters at Lamplough P.O. and published in the MADA.


MAA : Mount Ararat Advertiser. (Nuthall & Banfield proprietors). In early 1861 known as “The Ararat and Pleasant Creek Advertiser”.

MADA: “Maryborough and Dunolly Advertiser”. (With masthead notation, at least in 1860: “And Carisbrook, Amherst and Avoca General Register”.)

MAM: Mount Alexander Mail (Castlemaine).

MH: Melbourne Herald.

MURRAY: Robert Murray and Kate White. “The Golden Years of Stawell”. 1983.

H.V. NUNN: H.V. Nunn. “Maryborough (Victoria) 1854-1954. The Story of a Century”. 1954.

NWC: “The North Western Chronicle and Back Creek, Lamplough and Clunes Advertiser.” (Title subsequently changed to “The North Western … and Back Creek, Lamplough and Amherst Advertiser”, later, from 21 February 1861, to “The North Western … and Back Creek, Amherst and Pyrenees Advertiser”, later “… Clunes and later, from 22 October 1861 – after Governor Barkly christened Back Creek “Talbot” – to “Talbot Leader and North Western Chronicle, circulating in the Amherst, Clunes, M’Callum’s Creek, Lexton, and Pyrenees Districts”.) First issue published 6/9/1860. E.J. Bateman proprietor from 5/11/1860.

OLD PUBS … : James Flett. “Old Pubs, Inns, Taverns and Grog Houses on the Victorian Gold Diggings”. 1979.

PG: Portland Guardian and Normanby General Advertiser.

POLICE REQUEST PETITION: Petition to the Chief Commissioner from Lamplough residents, following a public meeting on 16/5/1866 requesting a police presence at Lamplough. (Copy held by ADHS.)

R.E.J.: R.E. Johns’ Diary. State Library of Victoria (SLV).


S.L. and date: Country list of unclaimed ships letters for Lamplough and date of Gazette in which list appears. Date of list is for the previous month.

STATS. 1861: Civil Establishment (1861). Victorian Parliamentary Papers (VPP). Vol 3. 1862-63. P.P. No 9.

SUTHERLAND: Alexander Sutherland. “Victoria and Its Metropolis. Past and Present”. Vol 2. 1888.

U.L.: Lamplough Post Office list of unclaimed letters published in the MADA of the associated date. 15/2/1860 – .

VBI: Victorian Biographical Index. (State Library Victoria). The more distinctive and/or prominent names in the Lamplough Name Index have been correlated with the VBI.

VGG: Victorian Government Gazette.

VPG: Victoria Police Gazette. 15/12/1859 – 22/1/1903. N.B. The title is “Victoria”, not “Victorian”.

VPP: Victorian Parliamentary Papers.

WE: Warrnambool Examiner.

WOODS: Carole Woods. “Beechworth. A Titan’s Field”. 1985.