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10 Generations of Hudson
Lead Mining
The Donald McKay
Schulz Migration
Hanover to Victoria
End of the Squatters
Henry Friend Letter
The Uhe Family
Paul Anders' Story
Johann Schulz Inquest
The Kranz Story
Early Map of Murtoa
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Hudson - Coat of Arms
Will of Johann Kranz
Johanna Kranz Obituary
George Hudson Inquest
J. Gerlach Naturalization
The Wagner Family
Murtoa - First 50 years
The Gerlach Family
"The Gums" Murtoa
Carl Heinrich Schulz
North Dam
Robert Roland Hudson
Talk by Doctor S. Rabl
Emma Hudson Obituary
Map of Murtoa Today

The story of the
author's ancestors,
their lives in Europe,
their journey to Australia
and their arrival at Murtoa.

This book also
provides details of
the first selectors, how
they tamed the land and about
the early development of Murtoa.

Copyright 1989 - 2009
ISBN 0 7316 3286 9

Hudson at Murtoa  - Past Links Revealed
The family history book about Murtoa,
(in the Wimmera district of Victoria, Australia)
and the extended family of Trevor Hudson has
been placed on the internet as all 100 copies
of the original 1989 book have been sold.

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