Hudson at Murtoa -- Past Links Revealed

About the Author

I was born at Murtoa Hospital on Sunday the 3rd of July 1949. At that time my parents lived on a farm called The Gums, which by road is 8km North East of Murtoa. I received my education at Murtoa Primary School, Murtoa High School, Immanuel College in Adelaide and Horsham Technical School. In 1968 I went down to Melbourne to be employed by the SEC as an Electrical Tester. Through the Youth Hostels Association I did a lot of travelling around Australia and met Jenny Burdett, a Primary School Teacher. We were married at Preston on 30 December 1978 and have two children, Leah Caroline who was born on 28 April 1984 and Andrew James on 16 May 1986. Apart from genealogy and my family, I have an interest in photography, computers, bike riding, nature and the Hawthorn Football team.
From a desire to find out about my great grandfather, George William HUDSON, I enrolled in a C.A.E. Genealogy course in 1982 and learnt about the three C's - Certificates, Cemeteries & Conversation. As my interest grew it wasn't long before I learnt about the three M's - Mail, Money and Man hours. Some people select a pioneer and trace his/her descendants. I chose to trace my ancestors on all family lines back to their country of origin. The information collected over 6 years of research from private and government sources was too valuable to be filed and forgotten, so I decided to write this book as a permanent record of my efforts. As a descendant of the first selectors at Murtoa, I have included stories on the part that the KRANZ, SCHULZ, UHE & WAGNER families played in the early settlement of Murtoa.

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Trevor Hudson in 1986

At present (1989) I am a Senior Technical Officer with Technical Services Department in the SEC. My job is to supervise a section which performs safety approval tests to Australian Standards on new electrical appliances like - Toasters, Steam Irons & Power Supplies.