Hudson at Murtoa -- Past Links Revealed

German Ancestry

BUNGE. Jurgen Julius BUNGE (BUN/4/Jurgen J.) had a son Jurgen Heinrich BUNGE who was born on the 2nd of October 1783. Jurgen H. BUNGE married Margarita Dorothea HINRICHS and they had 6 children including, Catrina Maria Elizabeth BUNGE who was born on the 22nd of January 1814 at Wieren. Wieren is 12 km S/E of Uelzen or 50 km N/E of Celle in West Germany.

PAGEL. Anna was baptised on the 26th of February 1828 at Kotzlin in Prussia. Kotzlin is 80 km North West of Berlin in East Germany today. Her parents were Andreas PAGEL (PAG/5/Andreas) and her Mother's maiden name was LAMPRECHT.

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SCHULZ. Johann Heinrich SCHULTZE (SCH/4/Johann H.) had a son Johann Christian Heinrich SCHULZE, who was also a house keeper at Flinten. Flinten is near Bodenteich and Wieren, South East of Uelzen in West Germany. Johann C H SCHULZE married Dorothea Maria WIDMUND on the 13th of November 1789 at Bodenteich. Dorothea was the daughter of Christoph WIDMUND, a farm worker. Johann C H SCHULZE and Dorothea M WIDMUND had children including Johann Joachim SCHULZ who was born on the 27th of September 1811. On the 24th of July 1836 Johann Joachim SCHULZ married Catrina M E BUNGE at Bodenteich which is 6km S/S/E of Wieren. Johann Heinrich SCHULZ was born at Hacklingen on the 11th of March 1840. Hacklingen is between Bodenteich and Wieren. The Schulz family came to Port Adelaide on the 5th of November 1854. They lived at Callington, Mt. Gambier and Tahara before settling at Murtoa around 1874. See further chapters about the Schulz family.

UHE. Johann Heinrich August UHE was born at Lautenthal on the 2nd of April 1770, to George Andreas UHE (UHE/4/George A.) and Dorothea nee KRUGER. Lautenthal is 50 km S/S/W of Braunschweig in West Germany. On the 13th of February 1795, Johann married Christine Friederike HERALD. Christine was born on the 17th of July 1775 at Lautenthal to Zacharias Friedrich HERALD and his wife .?. MAHN. Johann & Christine had a son Johann Heinrich Martin UHE who was baptised on 6th April 1813. The UHE's sailed from Bremen aboard the George Washington and arrived at Adelaide on the 2nd of March 1849. Johann married Anna Maria PAGEL on the 19th of December 1900 at the Adelaide Registry Office. For more details see the chapter, 'THE UHE FAMILY'.

WAGNER. According to Church records at Osterfeld, Franz Ottomar WAGNER was the illegitimate son of Wilhelmine Pauline WAGNER and the father was unknown. Wilhelmine was born on the 15th of July 1837 and was christened on the 21st of July. She was the second child of Carl Friedrich WAGNER (WAG/5/Carl F.), a butcher at Osterfeld and his wife Johanne. Franz Ottomar WAGNER was born at Osterfeld on the 13th of July 1859. Osterfeld is 45 km South of Halle in East Germany. Franz O WAGNER sailed from Bremen on the Hapsburg and arrived at Port Melbourne on the 24th of November 1886. He did odd jobs including working on a farm at Minyup before he came to Murtoa and set up a Blacksmith Shop in 1892. For more details see, 'THE WAGNER STORY'.