Hudson at Murtoa -- Past Links Revealed

Welsh & English

Robert JONES (JON/5/Robert) a gardener, married Ann ? Around 1826 somewhere in the County of Denbighshire, they had a son George Gomer Trevor JONES. In May 1852 George married Margaret Rowlands in the County of Anglesey, also in Wales. George and Margaret sailed to Australia as assisted passengers, aboard the David McIver, arriving at Sydney on the 1st of September 1853. They came to Victoria the next Winter and settled at Clunes, where George worked as a Blacksmith. They had 4 children, Robert was born in 1855, Anne (my great grandmother) on the 5th of May 1856, Sarah in 1858 and Ruth in 1860. George G. T. JONES died at Clunes on the 15th of March 1862. Anne JONES married George William HUDSON on the 8th of January 1876 at Creswick.

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ROWLANDS. Thomas ROWLANDS (ROW/5/Thomas) married Margaret ROBERTS in the County of Anglesey. Around 1831 they had a daughter Margaret, who was born at Llangefni in the County of Anglesey, Wales. In May 1852, Margaret married George G. T. JONES above. Following George's death in March of 1862, Margaret married Jonathan Rogers on the 19th of November 1862. Jonathan died at Williamstown in Victoria in 1891. Margaret (Rowlands / Jones / Rogers,) died at Williamstown in 1897.


BELL. John BELL (BEL/3/John), married Margaret ? at Middleton in Teesdale, Durham, England. They had a son Richard who was baptised on the 8th of February 1767. Richard married Nancy DOVER and they had a daughter Jane BELL who was baptised on the 1st of November 1795. Jane BELL married Westgarth HUDSON on the 15th of February 1819 at Blanchland in Northumberland. Richard BELL was buried on the 28th of January 1836 at Shildon in Durham.

DOVER. William DOVER (DOV/2/William), married Mary ?. William was buried at Brough, Westmoreland, England on the 7th of July 1748, Mary was buried on the 28th of March 1766. Among their children was a Daniel DOVER who was baptised on the 20th of March 1738 at Brough. Daniel married Rebecca RIGG at St Bees in Cumberland in 1761. They had children including Nancy DOVER who was baptised on the 7th of May 1764, at Brough. Nancy DOVER married Richard BELL above.

HUDSON. Michael HUDSON senior (HUD/2/Michael) was buried on the 28th of April 1774 at Blanchland in Northumberland, England. His son Michael married Elizabeth ? and they had at least 4 children before he died and was buried at Blanchland on the 13th of March 1791. One of their children was called Whitfield, who was baptised on the 7th of May 1758 at Blanchland. Whitfield became a lead miner and married Margery WESTGARTH at Stanhope, Durham on the 5th of August 1780. They had 12 children including Westgarth HUDSON who was baptised on the 24th of August 1795. Westgarth HUDSON married Jane BELL on the 15th of February 1819 at Blanchland, Northumberland, England. They had a few children including Michael HUDSON who was baptised at Blanchland on the 15th of February 1819.

Michael (HUD/6/Michael) a miner, married Mary HUTCHINSON on the 11th of May 1840 at Cumberland. They had 8 children in England. Jane ~1841, Hannah ~1843, John ~1845, 3 who died young, Mary ~1853, and my great grandfather George William HUDSON, who was born on the 12th of June 1855 at Consett in the County of Durham. Michael and his family came to Australia in 1861 aboard the Donald McKay. See chapter 'The Donald McKay.' Michael died at Clunes on the 20th of February 1886. His wife Mary died at Clunes on the 2nd of September 1892. George William HUDSON married Annie JONES at Creswick on the 8th of January 1876, in St John's Church of England.

HUTCHINSON. George HUTCHINSON (HUT/4/George) married Mary HUTTON on the 4th of February 1790 at Alston in Cumberland, England. They had a son John HUTCHINSON who was baptised on the 31st of December 1793 at Alston. On the 21st of December 1816 John married Hannah YATES at St Bees in Cumberland, England. On the 12th of October 1817, their daughter Mary HUTCHINSON was baptised at Cumberland. On the 11th of May 1840 at Cumberland, Mary married Michael HUDSON above.

WATHEN. John WATHEN (WAT/4/John) married Judith MARSTON on the 18th of November 1810 at Stroud in the County of Gloucestershire. In 1814 they had a son Joseph WATHEN. Not much is known about him until he turned up in Sydney. On the 3rd of June 1845, he married Mary Longmore in the Presbyterian Church at Pitt Town.