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Letter from H. Friend

Henry (Harry) Friend was one of the original selectors who pegged land around Marma Gully, but he lost 20 acres (8.1 hectares) when the township of Murtoa was surveyed.
This information is taken from Land File 13058/19.20
Reproduced by permission of The Keeper of Public Records.

Marma Gully
near Longerenong
11th Sept 1873.

To the President of the Board of Lands & Works.

"Honorable Sir, In a former letter (23rd August 1873) I asked you to grant me some compensation for improvements, which I have made upon my selection at the Marma Lake, and now I must appeal again to you to rectify some wrong I have received since I wrote. I will, as it is impossible for me to attend personally on account of the great distance and consequently the expenses as my means are very limited, lay the matter as short as ever I can in writing before you.

I was the first selector in Marma Gully, selected 160 acres and as the surveyors came to survey the land, I told them to survey as much more as could be included in my block, which I had duly pegged. The survey was made and it was found that 40 acres more were available, but before I could make the proper application at Horsham a certain Mr J B Miller went there and got the land. He even persuaded Mr Surveyor Lawson to alter the road, promising him if he would do so 3.0.0 extra ($6), it was done accordingly to his wish, but he forgot to pay the surveyor.

When Mr Breen the contract surveyor came up here to lay out the township, he told me that I would be obliged to give up 20 acres of my selection, which of course I was obliged to do. He at the time promised to get me the same number of acres back from the same Mr Miller as the said man could get the same quantity at the back part of his selection. Mr Breen went to Horsham and after his return told me that the District Surveyor would not consent to it, he being persuaded not to do so by Mr Robert Clark J.P. who was acting for Mr Miller. Now I take perhaps too great a liberty, but never the less I must ask you is the District Surveyor to be influenced by Mr Clark or Mr Miller? I hope Honorable Sir you will be kind enough to look into the matter and to get me my rights; as I have lost through the laying out of the township the best part of my selection.

I have the honor to be Honorable Sir, your obedient servant."

H Friend.

G. J. W. Degenhardt lost 40 acres, when Murtoa was surveyed. However, his
Land File is not available. The Land File for Martin Uhe is also not available.