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Proclamation of Murtoa

Proclamation of, Township At Murtoa In The Parish Of Ashens - 1890.
Reproduced by the permission of the Keeper of Public Records.


By his Excellency the Right Honourable John Adrian Louis, Earl of Hopetoun, Viscount Aithrie, and Baron Hope, in the Peerage of Scotland; Baron Hopetoun of Hopetoun, and Baron Niddry of Niddry Castle, in the Peerage of the United Kingdom; Knight Grand Cross of the Most Distinguished Order of Saint Michael and Saint George; Governor and Commander-in-Chief in and over the Colony of Victoria and its Dependencies, &c.,&c.,&c.

Whereas by the Land Act 1890 (54 Vict.No.1106, sec.73) it is amongst other things enacted that the Governor in Council may from time to time, by a notice in the Government Gazette, proclaim as a street or road or as a township any portion or portions of Crown lands, and the lands in such townships, or within any city, town or borough proclaimed before the passing of The Land Act 1884 shall be sold by auction in the manner therein provided for the sale of Crown lands by public auction, and the lands upon which such street or road have been proclaimed shall be deemed to be thenceforward dedicated to the public: Now therefore I, the Governor of Victoria, by and with the advice of the Executive Council thereof, do by this notice proclaim as a township the portion of Crown lands hereafter described, that is to say:-

TOWNSHIP AT MURTOA IN THE PARISH OF ASHENS. - County of Borung, Parish of Ashens: Commencing at the north-west angle of township section 17; bounded thence by a road bearing southerly to the north-west angle of the Race-course reserve; thence by that reserve bearing S. 89o 55' E. twenty three chains seventy six links, and S. 40o 29' E. three chains fifty four links; thence by a Recreation reserve bearing N. 14o 44' E. ten chains thirteen links N. 36o 7' E. three chains fifty links, and east four chains nineteen links; thence by the road from Longerenong bearing N. 4o 33' W. three chains eighty five links; and thence by a line and allotment 160 bearing S. 89o 58' E. twenty chains forty three links, by the said allotment, a line, and allotment 142 bearing N. 0o 2' E. forty chains eight links; and by the last mentioned allotment and a road bearing westerly to the point of commencement.-(A.168(6) (M.483).

Given under my hand and the Seal of the Colony,at

Melbourne, this fourth day of August, in the year

of our Lord One thousand eight hundred and ninety,

and in the fifty fourth year of Her Majesty's reign.


By His Excellency's Command,


Acting as Commissioner of Crown Lands and Survey.