[Taken from Avoca Lists of Unclaimed Letters from 1854 to 1864, compiled my Mrs E C Graham.]


© Copyright to Mrs E C Graham and the Avoca and District Historical Society.


I, The undersigned Charles Emanuel Pascoe, hereby make application to register the AVOCA GOLD MINING ASSOCIATION (registered),under the provisions of the Mining Companies Limited Liability Act 1864; and I do solemnly and sincerely declare that the following statement is, to the best of my belief and knowledge, true in every particular, namely

1. The name and style of the company is “Avoca Gold mining Association (registered)”

2. The place of operations is on the Deep Lead Avoca.

3. The nominal capital of the company is Fifteen thousand pounds in fifteen hundred shares at Ten pounds each.

4. The amount already paid up is twelve thousand seven hundred and five pounds.

5. The name of the manager (acting as managing director is Charles Emanuel Pascoe.

6. The office of the company is at Avoca.

7. The names and several residences of the shareholders, and the number of shares held by each at this date, are as follows.


ALLANSON, William Henry. Avoca. 2

ARKINE, Patrick Richard. Buninyong. 2

BADCOCK, William. Melbourne. 5

BAILEY, Charles. Avoca. 1

BAILLIE, William Gray. Melbourne. 11

BATCHELOR, John. Avoca. 2

BONWICK, James. Melbourne. 5

BOWDEN, Henry. Melbourne. 10

BOYCE, Edward. Creswick. 46

BRAYSHAW, William. Melbourne. 12

BRENNAN, James. Avoca. 2

BROWN, Elizabeth. Avoca. 1

BROWN. George. Avoca. 2

BROWN, George Andrew, Preston. 25

BROWN, James. Avoca. 2

BRYANT, Edward. Ballarat. 1

BURKE, Thomas. Avoca. 1

CARLTON, William. Avoca. 1

CAMPBELL. Charles Caldwell. Melbourne. 5

CHAMBERS, Archibald. Geelong. 3

CLAPP. Oliver.B. Melbourne. 7

CLARKE, William. (junior).Melbourne. 1

COFFIN, James. Avoca. 1

DALRYMPLE, M.J.P.Melbourne. 2

DAVIS, Charles. Melbourne. 25

DAWSON, Margaret. Avoca. 2

DAY. Charles. Melbourne. 15

DAY. Christopher. Melbourne. 10

DIXON, William. Melbourne. 2

DONALDSON, Thomas Robert. St.Arnaud.1

DOWNIE, John. Avoca. 1

DOWNIE & McLEAN. Avoca. 2

EDWARDS. William, unknown. 1

ELLIS, E.G. Melbourne. 5

FAWCETT, James William. Melbourne. 1

FILBEY, Robert. Avoca. 2

GOODSHAW, William. Avoca. 17

GREEN, John Thomas. Emerald Hill. 10

GRIFFITH, James. Avoca. 1

HALL/ Mary. Avoca. 2

HASSELL, William. J. Melbourne. 2

HASTE, Richard. Melbourne. 5

HOUSE, Berrage Willis. 4

HOW QUA, Ah Kim. Avoca. 2

HOPKINS, John. Melbourne. 2

JACKSON, Joseph. Melbourne. 3

JAMES, William. Melbourne. 30

JOHNSTONE, John. Avoca. 2

JOSEPH, Joseph Solomon. Melbourne. 3

IRVINE, William. Melbourne. 2

KIEHL, Anton. Avoca. 1

KINGSTON, Michael, Avoca. 5

LECKY, Oliver. Melbourne. 2

LUDGATER, William G. Melbourne. 1

LYNCH, Patrick Melbourne. 9

MAGEE, John. Avoca. 5

Mc LEAN, see DOWNIE. –

Mc MAHON, John. Avoca. 2

Mc PHEE. Ballarat. 2

MILES, Edward Henry. Avoca. 1

MOGG, Benjamin. St Arnaud. 2

NEILL, Robert. Geelong. 10

NESBIT, James. Lamplough. 3

NEWMAN, George Martin. (mining manager) 50

OGILBY Leslie. Avoca. 7

ORR. Frederick. Melbourne. 3

PASCOE, Charles Emanuel. Avoca. 249

PATON, Andrew. Melbourne. 15

PATON, John F. Avoca. 1

PEARSON, Charles K. Avoca. 78

PILLEY, George. Melbourne. 5

POWERS, Henry. Avoca. 2

QUINLAN, Francis. Melbourne. 5

RAIT, George F. Melbourne. 10

RANNES, John. Melbourne. 13

RAWLINS, William. Melbourne. 24

REED, Jonathan. Avoca. 2

REYNOLDS, Henry. Melbourne. 5

RITCHIE, Frederick Henry. Melbourne. 2

RITCHIE, Henry. Melbourne. 225

ROBERTSON. Laura A. Melbourne. 3

ROBERTSON, William St. Leonard. Melbourne. 3

ROSS & SMITH, Fitzroy. 2

SALL, William, Melbourne. 16

SCRASE, Samuel. Lamplough. 1

SECRETAN, Frederick. Majorca. 2

SELLARS, Thomas William. Melbourne. 3

SHARPE, Henry L. Melbourne. 10

SINGLETON, Robert. Melbourne. 2

SKARRATT, Melbourne. Melbourne. 16

SMITH. see ROSS. –

SMITH, Henry. Melbourne. 10

SMITH, James Barber. Avoca. 5

SNELL, Edmund. Avoca. 2

SNOWDEN, James. Geelong. 25

STEPHENS, Samuel. Hawthorn 7

SUGDEN, Patrick. Melbourne. 2

TAYLOR, Peter Robert. Avoca. 5

TAYLOR, Samuel Smith. Avoca. 1

TENNANT, Margaret. Avoca. 2

THOMAS, James. Avoca. 1

TREVENA, Wm. in trust for E. Ann Trevena. Avoca. 2

TREVENA, Wm. in trust for Henrietta Trevena. Avoca. 2

TREVENA. Wm. in trust for Mary Jane Trevena. Avoca. 2

TREVENA, William. Avoca. 50

VEROLI, Luigi. Melbourne. 1

WARD, Cuthbert S. Melbourne. 12

WHITTLE, John. Melbourne. 2

WILLAN, Robert. Melbourne. 10

WILLOX, James Leonard. Avoca. 2

WILTSHIRE, John. Avoca. 1

WITHERS, John Richard. Melbourne. 3

WOLSTENHOLME, John. Melbourne. 2

WOODWARD, J.H. Avoca. 1

YATES, George. Melbourne. 20

YOUNG, Robert. Avoca. 3

Signed 7th day of December 1864.

Chas. Eml. Pascoe

Legal Manager

Witness to signature –

John F. Kelly

Avoca. No. 2377

Compiled by Mrs Elsie C. Graham 147 Broadway. Reservoir. 3073. January 1985.

Source. 1864 Victorian Government Gazette. pages 2806 2807.