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  1. Hi there,

    Just researching the Theatre Royal Lamplough venue for the Ausstage project and came across your website and the map of the village of Lamplough. Do you know if there are any remains of the village left today and where abouts it’s located? I’m trying to get a GPS co-ordinate for the Theatre Royal.

  2. Hi Sean and Anne,
    I too work on AusStage as one of the volunteers at the National Library of Australia. During the COVID shutdown we have been working on digitised theater broadsheets, because we can do that without going into the Library. We have just put in one broadside for a show at the Lamplough Royal Garrick Theatre, which according to Denis Strangman’s excellent article, lasted only 6 weeks. The show was The Poachers, or Love and Revenge. Here is the link to the Trove digitised playbill :

    and to the AusStage entry. https://www.ausstage.edu.au/pages/event/153908

    There is another entry in AusStage picked up from the NLA catalogue entry for the playbill and wrongly dated to 1871. We are in the process of getting that corrected.

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