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Our Newsletters 1996 - 1998

Issue #82 February 1996
Death of Mr J. H. Noy
Right of Burial
Roll Call – SECV Personnel
Chinese drowning
New library acquisitions
Access to Hazelwood Cemetery records
Issue #83 April 1996
Hazelwood Cemetery Records
Violet Bartley – a Centenarian
Roll Call – SECV Personnel
Notes and News
Monthly Meeting schedule
Issue #84 June 1996
Sudden Death – Mrs Mates of Traralgon
PROV Talks Program
Roll Call – SECV Personnel
The Catacombs of Paris
What’s on Around the Societies
Issue #85 August 1996
President’s Report 1996
Census Records
Roll Call SECV Personnel
Making the Most of the Census Returns
Edited excerpts from Office bearer reports
Issue #86 November 1996
Seminar report
Roll Call of the Peace – SECV Personnel
Electoral Rolls Computerised - Warragul
Notes on Birth Registrations Indexes
Family Search: An Invitation to Contribute
Family Letters from Jim Brown 1922
Issue #87 December 1996
Waanyarra Historic Cemetery
PROV Talks program
City Search Room is Moving
Sacred Ground – Australian Army War Graves in Scotland
Book Review: On the Ridge – Shire of Mirboo 1884-1994
New Books in our Library
Inquiry into the Public Record Office
AIGS Services
Improved access to Probate Records
Issue #88 February 1997
Research queries: Woodas, Maskrey, Lawrence, Mitchell
Old Occupations
Glimpses of Old Traralgon
Morwell Open Cut History
Perfect Remedy for a Sick Headache
Research: William Duke Life Expectancies in Early Victoria
Short list of Teachers 1889-90
Euphemism for "The Electrick Chair" Book Review – Education Dept’s record of War Service 1921
MGFHS Publications for sale
Issue #89 April 1997
Poem on Starting
STATUES: Significance of horse and rider
NICKNAMES: Ingham, Trigg, Bassett, Blundell, Larter, Toogood, Furfy/Furphy, Gooch, Spiller
Telephone Books in our local libraries 1940-1996
Explore the WWW
ancestry.com: Selection of free search databases
Irish settlers near Gunning NSW
Parcels to Jack (John George Strietberg) sent in WWII
Relationship chart
Coming Events
Heyfield Family History Group Open Day
MGFHS Publications for sale
Issue #90 June 1997
Shocking Suicide in Geelong - John Biggs
Internet addresses
Rambling Notes – Up the Narracan
Report on Show and Tell Meeting
Gippsland History Conference
The Tetbury Workhouse Diet dated 1799
Historic Wedding: Bindt-Mitchell 1902
MGFHS Publications for sale
Issue #91 August 1997
Lost at Sea 1909 the “Orme”
Mount Royal, Melbourne – a Social history
North Melbourne Library
Brown Coal Mine/Yallourn North 50 yrs name change anniversary
The Death of a Countess
Fertile and Frisky on Whisky
Galligaskins and the Elizabethan Gentleman
MGFHS Publications for sale
Issue #92 October 1997
New members and New resources
Commemorating Strzelecki
Moncrieff research query
Formation of Latrobe Shire Cobined History Group
Moncrieff, Bagot, Neilson research query
Articles from the “Traralgon Record”
Mental Scales for Housewives
Bertie Boardman, a Gippsland farmer and photographer
Mental Illness a century ago: Sarah Twigg, Edward Hickman, Charlotte Louisa Brown, Kate Williams
Lists, Lists and more Lists
MGFHS Publications for sale
Issue #93 December 1997
Meeting reports: October, November
Bates, Monigatti, Chalmers, Maxfield, Read, Sheppard, Shepherd, research query
West Gippsland Genealogy Society Inc seminar
Aldous family – Families and felting
Corbett, Samuel Butt – assault report 1897
Bits and Pieces: Around the Groups
Pioneer Women’s Hall of Fame
MGFHS Publications for sale
Issue #94 February 1998
Meeting Matters: January
New premises for The GSV
The Settlement of Gippsland – A regional history – Book revue
Have You Tried This? The Education Department's Record of War Service (WWI)
First Families 2001
Newsletter Notes - Around the Groups
MGFHS Publications for sale
Issue #95 March-April 1998
Projects in progress
List of Family History Software
Assynt Publications:Celtic Names Research Book
Research: Scaife and varients
Newspapers on Microfilm held by the Centre for Gippsland Studies
Newsletter Notes - Around the Groups
MGFHS Publications for sale
Issue #96 May-June 1998
Editor's Notes
Recent additions to the library
Local libraries for Family Historians
Davis Bros. – Furniture store in Collingwood
Colonial Occupation, Titles and Definitions
Newsletter Notes - Around the Groups
Issue #97 July-August 1998
Office bearers for 1998/9
Editor's Notes
Colonial occupations
MGFHS Seminar details
New acquisitions in the library
New microfiche for library
Leviston family reunion
Will of William Stares 1639
Newsletter Notes - Around the Groups
More Colonial occupations
Issue #98 September-October 1998
Editor's Society news
Seminar notes
Favourite Internet sites
Education Reports: List of female teachers 1860-61
Beatitudes of Genealogists
Colonial Occupations continued
Newsletter notes - Around the Groups
MGFHS publications for sale
Issue #99 November-December 1998
Editor's Society news
AIGS visit
List of Victorian certified teachers 1860
Newsletter notes - Around the Groups
Colonial occupations Final
MGFHS publications for sale