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Our Newsletters 1981 - 1984

Issue #01 May 1981
Australian Association of Genealogists and Record Agents
Public Records Office
Wills, Probates and Administration Papers
Copying Services at the State Library
Record Sheets
Family members who served in the Arm Forces (1914 -1918 War)
Johnstone Family Reunion
Helpful Addresses
Do you know of any Genealogical Bookshops?
Our Library
Issue #02 September 1981
The Latter Day Saints
German Background
Polish Research
Non-Shipping Genealogical Resources held by the Public Record Office of Victoria
Certificates in Victoria
The Russell’s of Toongabbie
Queries – Dickson and Little families
Some Names and Areas Members are researching
Useful Addresses
Issue #03 December 1981
Office Bearers for 1982
Financial Report – A.G.M
Scottish Certificates
British Births and Deaths at Sea
Irish Census Returns
N.S.W. Public Records
Pre 1841 Records for South Australia
Inglewood, Australia
Army Records
Geelong Area
Tasmania – Page 3
Shipping Records in the South Australian Archives
Family History Manuscripts
The Age
The Traralgon Show
Index to 1981 Newsletters
Next Meeting
Issue #04 March 1982
Bus Trip to the G.S.V. Library – 27th March, 1982
Travelling England
Moe City Reporter
Local Histories
The Weekly Times
Cousins, Cousins, Cousins
School Histories
Changes of Address
The Australian Archives
Traralgon Historical Society
Tea Roster for 1982
Next Meeting
Issue #05 May 1982
Beginners’ Night – 24th June, 1982
Bus Trip to G.S.V.
Guest Speaker – Mr M Dempsey
Public Access to Records
Family Church Records
Price Increase in English Certificates
Ancestors For Australians
Circulating Library
Local Libraries
New Additions to the Mid-Gippsland Group Library
The Boer War
Australians At War
Most Common Surnames
Overseas Telephone Books and Directories
Genealogy, Your Ancestor and Cemetery Records
Queries – Balli and Murphy families
Next Meeting
Issue #06 July 1982
Beginner’s Night
Overseas News
General News
Local News
Queries – Foley and Moulden families
Issue #07 September 1982
July Guest Speaker – D. Wight
English Research
Port Phillip District 1834-1851
Overseas News
Victorian News
South Australian Research
Local News
Calendar of Events
New Additions to the Library
Family Query – Streeter and Sharpley families
Mid-Gippsland Group of The G.S.V. Annual General Meeting, 1982
Nomination Form
Issue #08 December 1982
Office Bearers for 1982 – 1983
Chairman’s Report for 1981 – 1982
Secretary’s Report for 1981 – 1982
October Guest Speaker: Major C. Stephen
November Guest Speaker: Mr. J. Cairns-Smith-Barth
Scottish Descendants in Australia
Historic Australia
Census of N.S.W.
Ladies Must Not Frighten the Horses
Victorian Research
Public Record Office
Victorian Certificates
South Australian Research
Western Australian Research
Queensland Research
Local News
Library Books
New Library Additions
Research at Its Best
Queries – Bloomfield, Blair- Anderson, Elsden-Stone families
Next Meeting
Index to 1982 Newsletters
Issue #09 February 1983
New Year Resolutions
Mr H. Bennett passing
Overseas Research
Australian Research
Watch Your Step Ladies
Victorian Research
Local News
Library Additions
Issue #10 April 1983
Have you ever thought about the name ‘genealogy’?
Overseas News
Australian News
Victorian News
English Research Seminar
Local News
New Additions to Library
Issue #11 July 1983
Reason their ancestors left their homes
Overseas News
Australian News
Victorian News
Local News
Issue #12 September 1983
Mid-Gippsland Group – Seminar on family history
Guest Speakers –Assorted
Overseas News
Australian News
Local News
Issue #13 December 1983
Third Annual General Meeting – Office Bearers for 1983-1984
Office of the Government Statist of Victoria – New Scale of Fees
Increase in Government Fees from January 1st 1984
Query – Murphy families
Announcing New Publications
It’s A Girl
Archives in Germany
Information Recorded in Tasmanian Registrations of Births, Deaths and Marriages
Research in Tasmania
Holdings of the Bendigo Library
Issue #14 February 1984
Introduction - We are here as a result of a series of events
Guest Speaker – Mr C Holt
Walhalla Cemetery
The La Trobe Library
South Australian Certificates
Boer War Veterans
Italian Births, Deaths and Marriages
New Edition of the International Genealogical Index
Additions to the Library
Mid-Gippsland Group subscribes to magazines
Issue #15 April 1984
Newcomers at our March meeting
Australian News
Seeking Help – 8th Field Artillery Brigade, 1st A.I.F. (WW1)
Family Reunions – Davies, Monigatti and Radnell
Overseas News
Index to Newsletters 4 – 13
Issue #16 June 1984
The Genealogist’s Nightmare
May Meeting
New Additions to Library
Central Bureau of Genealogy
Lost A Town?
The Basic Sources for Manx Ancestry on the Isle of Man
The Genealogical Society of Victoria, Policy Statement on Society’s Research
Activities on behalf of Members and Non-Members
Welsh Researcher
Help Wanted – Edwards
British Sources
International Genealogical Index – The Mormon Index: What does it Mean?
Maps for the Family Historian
Issue #17 August 1984
July Meeting
June Meeting
Pre 1900 Index
Mid-Gippsland Group Seminar
Genealogy can be habit forming
Further Library Additions
County Clare Heritage Centre
Balliere’s Official Post Office Directory of Victoria
Wise’s Victoria Post Office Directory
Library Reminder
Notice to Authors
Morwell Historical Society
Lunatic Asylums
A Marriage of Convenience!
Certificates from St. Catherine’s House
Certificates from Ireland
Library Additions
Issue #18 October 1984
September Meeting
New Groups
Genealogical Research Directory
Search Fees in Civil Records
Library Additions
Post Office Directories of Microfishce
Queen Victoria Market
Rosedale History
Morwell History
Driffield History
A Quick Quiz
Generation Gap
N.S.W. Certificates
How many Names?
Convict Colleens
Melbourne General Cemetery
Census Returns
Family Research Queries
Useful Book?
Seminar Report
Seminar Tapes
Liverpool Museum of Emigration
It’s all Relative
Issue #19 December 1984
Officer Bearers 1984 – 1985
Annual General Meeting 1984
New Additions to our Library
Another Useful Book
Letter to the Editor
Poem from Wiltshire Family History Journal
Notice to all Members
Convict Records
Irish Ancestry
Alternate Source
Anyone from South Australia
Other Family History Societies
Book Restoration
Do you have a Chemist in the family?
Fascinating Dates
Old Towns: New Towns
It’s all Relative
A quick quiz
Index to Newsletters 13 – 18