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We have information on file of the families listed below. This list has been compiled from the numerous enquiries we have received from around Australia and overseas. The amout of information varies dependant on what information is held by our society and the local knowledge of our members.

Ainsworth Aitken Allen Allison
Anderson Archman Armstrong Ashton
Austin, Kate Barrett Bastin Becker
Bellman Benzley Berry Biggs
Blair Bliss Borserini Brown
Buckley Butters Carabott Carkeek
Carr Cashman Cattanach Chalmers
Chalwell Chance Chancellor Chequer
Clark(e) Clinnick Colles/Collis/Collas Conley/Conly
Connop Copper Cox Cutting
Daly Danson/Dawson Darcy Davies
Davis/Davies Daw Deane Dendy
Dent Doyle Duck Dunne
Dwyer Edwards Enright Falconer
Favre Feely Ferguson Field
Framlingham Fry Gamble Gay
Gherardin Giri Gleeson Goode
Gooding Hunt Graham Green
Griffiths Guthrie Guyatt Guymer
Hare Hayward Harridge Henry
Holt Hopkins Hurley Irvine
James Jansen/Johnson Jarvie Johns
Johnstone Kay Kells Kemp
Kennedy Knight Knox Lane
Lavell Lemin Linane Lindner
Lorensini/Lorenzini Maher Mannix Marsh
Mayne McDonald McFarlane McGowan
McKenzie McMillan McPhee McSweeney
Middleton Miller Millar Mills
Moore Morgan Morrison Moysey
Murie Nadebousch Negri Nicholas
Nippe Nottle O'Neil O'Toole
Ouchirenko Parker Parkhurst Boys Pennington
Peters Poynter Richards Richardson
Riley Rose Ryan Savige
Saxton Scales Sharp Singer
Smith Southall Stevens Stone
Sykes Tempest Tuena Vagg
Watson Weston White Wilson