Ned Kelly

NED KELLY, leader of the famous gang, was the last bushranger to be hanged in Victoria. Our authentic memorabilia and displays give an understanding of the whole Kelly story.

The Kelly Story, which highlights the exploits of the Kelly Gang, is partly housed in a portable prison cell in which Ned was twice imprisoned. This contains artifacts of interest including Ned’s bloodstained sash (which he wore at the siege at Glenrowan) and his horse’s bridle. There are also letters, documents, and a 12 minute video giving an excellent, concise narration of the Kelly story.

The authentic, famous bloodstained sash worn by Ned Kelly under his armour during the siege at Glenrowan. The witness box from the former Benalla Court House and behind is a 19th Century transportable cell  which houses the Kelly Sash and other artifacts.
An excellent replica of Joe Byrne’s armour

Tim Bowtell’s interpretation of the conflict known as the ‘Fitzpatrick Affair’ between the Kelly family and Constable Alexander Fitzpatrick.