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    Stray Certificates - Marriages

    Stray Certificates are certificates that our members have ordered for themselves and on which are listed other entries.

    If you find a name you are interested in please make a note of the "Stray Certificate" Number in the first column and contact Echuca - Moama Family History Group by email, mail or pop into our room during opening times.

    Number Date Person Father Mother Spouse
    3338M 25.12.1858 Elizabeth Garret Henry DONOVAN Catherine OSWALD James
    3336M 18.12.1858 Mary Ann Edward QUINTON Mary DAVIES William
    1489M 13.06.1842 ? Mary WAKEFIELD William
    0309M 22.09.1926 ADAMS Elizabeth Mary ADAMS Richard SPIERS Elizabeth GRANT George
    0360M 22.05.1873 ADAMS Samuel ADAMS John HOGG Nancy FISHER Margaret
    0340M 29.02.1853 ALEY Louisa LEWIS Daniel
    0991M 20.04.1918 ALLAN Violt Louisa ALLAN Edward CONNELL Ellen TROUNSON? Edwin Henry
    1211M 20.04.1918 ALLEN Violet ALLEN Edward ? Ellen TROUNSON Edwin Henry
    1137M 20.06.1860 ALLISON Joseph ALLISON Thomas EATON Jane MITCHELL Mary Jane
    0608M 19.03.1897 ALMEIDA Lawson CUNNINGHAM Lawrence ALMEIDA Annie MILES Thomas
    0316M 29.07.1897 ANDERSON James Douglas ANDERSON William FISHER Marion EDWARDS Alma
    0297M 15.06.1906 ANDERSON Voilet Emma ANDERSON ALexander THORPE Violetta Elizabeth KENDELL George Thomas
    0755M 17.02.1876 ANDREWS Annie ANDREWS Thomas HUMPHREYS Ann MORRIS Alonzo Ephrain
    3079M 14.03.1876 ARUNDALE Jane Ann ARUNDALE Thomas RHODES Sarah Helena WINTERBOTTOM James
    0335M 29.04.1901 ASPINALL George Herbert ASPINALL Thomas STRETTON Jane FRANCIS Sophia
    1593M 12.07.1858 ASTELL Mary Ann ASTELL William ? Mary Ann THORNE Charles
    3241M 27.08.1853 BACON James BACON Edward Mary PARSON Eliza
    3226M 10.07.1859 BAKER John Edward BAKER Edward ORWIN Elizabeth WHELAN Mary
    0352M 04.07.1874 BALDWIN Mary BALDWIN Edward RYAN Mary BOWLES Patrick
    1460M 1851 BALL Charles PHILLIPS Amy
    0339M 14.02.1853 BALZARY Vincent Albert BARTHLY Honorah
    0327M 25.08.1881 BAMFORD Jane Eleanor PURDY Joseph MAGILL Elizabeth TROOD Thomas
    0811M 09.03.1903 BANGHAM Catherine BANGHAM Daniel McDINLEY Mary TELLENACHE Ernest D.
    0326M 06.08.1881 BARKER Alice Mary BARKER William LOFT Jane RAINFORD Thomas
    0339M 14.02.1853 BARTHLY Honorah BALZARY Vincent Albert
    0902M 17.04.1882 BATTEN Maria BATTEN Frederick MATHEWS Sarah HAYES Charles
    0551M 17.09.1873 BAYLISS Edward BAYLISS John ASHBURN Sophia TURNER Agnes
    0900M 06.04.1882 BEDFORD Henreitta BEDFORD George DUDDRIDGE Frances O'CONNOR John
    0845M 17.01.1883 BEECH William Edmund BEECH John PERVIS ? Mary WILLIAMSON Maria Jane
    1439M 24.04.1889 BEGGS John Richard BEGGS John HENNESSBY Catherine Sawyors Fanny Helen
    0321M 20.02.1895 BELL Alice Amelia BELL Joseph ELMS Elizabeth MANLEY Albert Richard
    3190M 06.08.1891 BENNETT Sarah Jane BENNETT John WARDMAN ? Annie HOWARD James
    0300M 01.09.1897 BERRYMAN Edward John BERRYMAN Edward Pooley TONKIN Mary Ann WILD Edith
    0702M 20.06.1858 BEWLEY George James BEWLEY Charles CARTER Sarah Anne CLEGG Jessalina
    1365M 20.06.1858 BEWLEY George James BEWLEY Charles CARTER Sarah Anne CLEGG Jessalina
    0549M 08.0.71873 BICKENSALL Sarah Carol. BICKENSALL Henry KENNEDY Sophia MAGGS Joseph
    0993M 01.06.1918 BIRRELL Eva Eileen BIRRELL (Geo) Henry COFFEE Catherine Frances FOYSTER Albert George
    1213M 01.06.1918 BIRRELL Eva Eileen BIRRELL George COFFE Catherine Frances FOYSTER Albert George
    3083M 30.09.1864 BIRRELL John DEAN Sarah
    3084M 30.03.0000 BIRRELL Richard Dean BIRRELL John DEAN Sarah FARRELL Mary Christine
    0783M 09.03.1878 BIRSS James BIRSS James ANDERSON Barbara DENNIS Annie Maria
    1462M 1851 BLADES Jane SWEEP John
    2438M 01.01.1859 BLAIR James William BLAIR James DAWKINS ? Anne POTTER Elizabeth
    1486M 31.05.1842 BLAND John McCLELLAND Matilda
    1483M 23.05.1842 BLEMMER Joan SHILLINGLAW William
    1085M 12.04.1907 BLOSSAGE Louis BLOSSAGE Gasper BOYLE Mary FOGG Grace Olive
    3251M 13.04.1946 BOLT Arthur Joseph BOLT Frederick William O'Sullivan Treasa MILLAR Ruby Cordelia
    1362M 03.09.1874 BONGTSSON Johan BONGTSSON Borman NORBERG Chistina STEWART Janet
    1135M 07.06.1860 BOULGER Elizabeth BOULGER John RICHISON Hannah YOUNG Robert
    1717M 27.01.1890 BOURKE Elizabeth BOURKE Robert TULLY ? RYAN Thomas
    0926M 02.01.1878 BOWCOCK Elizabeth Ann BARNES James CARTER Elizabeth McMASTER Alexander
    0328M 07.03.1895 BOWERS Charles BOWERS David WHITE Rose HALL Barbara
    3238M 22.07.1852 BOWES Joseph F BOWES Isaac F ?? Mary Ann STEWART Janet
    0352M 04.07.1874 BOWLES Patrick BOWLES John HOGAN Ella BALDWIN Mary
    1258M 23.08.1871 BOYCE Alice BOYCE James Holmes Elisabeth  CAMERON Duncan
    0913M 06.10.1887 BRACKENRIDGE Charles BRACKENRIDGE Robert RAPHAL Mary Ann CAMPBELL Eleanor
    1134M 27.09.1871 BRADSHAW Henry John BRADSHAW George ROBERTSON Sarah HOLLAND Sarah
    3228M 21.07.1859 BRAIDWOOD Charles BRAIDWOOD James REA ? Mary CARROLL Bridget
    3038M 30.06.1889 BRAIDWOOD George BRAIDWOOD Charles Douglas CARROLL Bridget COSTIGAN Mary
    0302M 14.04.1913 BRANDER Duncan BRANDER William Laurence DENNIER Elizabeth WOOKEY Myrtle Lilian
    0950M 18.06.1890 BRASIER William Thomas HORELISTON Mary Ann PAYNTER Evangeline C.C
    0603M 25.04.1835 BROAD William (widower) COHEN Leah (widow)
    1632M 22.10.1855 BROCKINSHAW Ellen O'BRIEN Patrick KEHOE Bridget GANNAN Patrick
    1348M 18.01.1847 BROOKS Emma BUSSELL Robert George
    3081M 29.03.1876 BROOME Charles BROOME John Fransis FISHER Jemima SOUTHGATE Mary Ann
    0304M 21.08.1920 BROWN Ernest BROWN John RACE Ann DONOVAN Florence
    0308M 21.09.1926 BROWN Ernest BROWN William LEE Sarah ENGLISH Lilian Mary
    0386M 02.10.1902 BROWN Herbert BROWN Joseph HARWOOD Mary LAWRENCE Ellen Anastasia
    1018M 11.06.1884 BROWN John Alexander CLARKE Alice Evelyn
    0319M 24.01.1899 BROWN Samuel BROWN John CARMICHAEL Isabella STEVENS Emily Charlotte
    1339M 20.10.1856 BROWN Caroline BROWN John BROWN Sarah HARRIS John
    0550M 06.08.1873 BROWNE Joseph BROWNE Joseph Henry UNKNOWN Mary Ann HARWOOD Mary Ann
    0353M 01.08.1874 BUCHANAN Cunningham BUCHANAN Cunningham JOHNSON Jane LARRENCE Mary
    3236M 08.10.1862 BUCK Catherine BUCK John BALEIR ? Anne HEGARTY Timothy
    1488M 01.06.1842 BUCKLES Anne CAMPBELL Donald
    2631M 19.07.1872 BUCKLEY Edward BUCKLEY James STTOW ? Janes HOLMAN Elizabeth Ann
    2619M 30.12.1879 BUCKLEY Jane BUCKLEY Jomes unknown Mary COX John Robert
    2634M 15.02.1837 BUCKLEY Jane HALLWELL George
    1081M 19.09.1876 BULL Eliza BULL Jacob COUZNER Emily O'TOOLE Alfred
    1588M 11.10.1856 BURKE Winifred BURKE William BURKE Winifred CROFT Ishmael
    2650M 19.05.1859 BURNETT Jane BURNETT William WARRON Elizabeth FIELDER Alfred Albons
    0844M 02.01.1883 BURNS Eliza BURNS Peter McGEE Ann RICHARDSON Henry John
    0703M 22.06.1858 BURNS Katherine BURNS James LENNEN Katherine GIBSON William James
    1366M 22.06.1858 BURNS Catherine BURNS James LENNIN Catherine GIBSON William Edward
    3237M 08.07.1854 BURTON Richard BURTON Samuel GIBSON Mary Anne MANTON Mary Anne
    1348M 18.01.1847 BUSSELL Robert George BROOKS Emma
    1688M 29.12.1875 BUTTERS Susan BUTTERS William
    0831M 21.03.1837 BUTTSWORTH Elizabeth RICHARDSON Henry
    0358M 12.01.1852 BYRNES Mary KILKENNY Edward
    0748M 05.01.1882 CAHILL Elizabeth Alice CAHILL John FIRMAN ? Ellen McMAHON Thomas
    0345M 26.06.1901 CAHILL Nora CAHILL James QUICK Catherine SCOBBIE Alexander
    0756M 27.02.1876 CAIRNS William CAIRNS John ROPER Margaret CORKER Winifred
    0949M 26.04.1890 CALLANDER Peter CALLANDER John N ? Margaret McKENZIE Margaret
    0349M 01.02.1888 CALLINAN Maria Josephine CALLINAN Patrick COFFEY Bridget SANDERS James
    0962M 17.11.1857 CAMERON Margaret CAMERON Alexander McKAY Margaret HILL John
    1258M 23.08.1871 CAMERON Duncan   BOYCE Alice
    0980M 02.07.1863 CAMPBELL Dugald CAMPBELL Hug NIVEN Catherine SIMMONS Mary Ann
    0913M 06.10.1887 CAMPBELL Eleanor CAMPBELL Duncan William BRACKENRIDGE Charles
    2567M 27.07.1865 CAMPBELL Anne CAMPBELL ? McMILLAN ? McLEOD Duncan
    1488M 01.06.1842 CAMPBELL Donald BUCKLES Anne
    2698M 14.09.1903 CAMPBELL Donald CAMPBELL William STEVENS Elizabeth HANCOCK ? Bessy Jane
    1436M 09.04.1884 CAPENESS Emma Maria CAPENESS John TAYLOR Mary ROYAL George Alfred
    1308M 06.06.1905 CARR Mary Ella  CARR Samuel UNKNOWN Sarah Esther  DENDLE Edwin
    0787M 07.11.1895 CARROLL Alice CARROLL John CARTER Catherine GLEESON Patrick
    0878M 27.11.1895 CARROLL Alice CARROLL John CARTER Catherine GLEESON Patrick
    3228M 21.07.1859 CARROLL Bridget CARROLL Thomas HALTON Catherine BRAIDWOOD Charles George
    1443M 06.12.1872 CARSON Lillian CARSON Samuel MANING Mary TONGUE Elias
    0898M 27.12.1880 CASTLETON Harriet CASTLETON James GALE Elizabeth O'BRIEN Richard
    0723M 14.02.1925 CHANDLER Mary Maud CHANDLER Thomas RYAN Mary McINTYRE Daniel Joseph
    0299M 20.06.1906 CHARLES Selina CHARLES George McCULLOUGH Jessey WESTON Alfred Arthur
    1487M 31.05.1842 CHRISTIE Elizabeth HOFFMAN William
    1437M 26.02,1889 CLANCY Bridget CLANCY Patrick QUILLYAN Bridget DUNLEA Michael
    2735M 11.03.1879 CLARK Eliza CLARK Charles CHICK Elizabeth KINSEY Albert Edmund
    1018M 11.06.1884 CLARKE Alice Evelyn BROWN John Alexander
    0387M 04.11.1902 CLEARY Helena CLEARY John LYNCH Anne MAGUIRE Thomas
    1365M 20.06.1858 CLEGG Jessalina CLEGG George BRISTOW Mary Anne BEWLEY George James
    0702M 20.06.1858 CLEGG Jessaline CLEGG George BRISTOW Mary Anne BEWLEY George James
    1060M 12.07.1875 COATES Louisa Baker COATES Charles James ? Isabella TOOMEY Edward
    0383M 10.07.1883 COCHRANE Selina COCHRANE Thomas (widower GEARD Eliza DODKINS Henry
    0384M 02.04.1866 COCHRANE Thomas COCHRANE James MAJOR Ellen MASKELL Eliza
    0408M 21.02.1874 COCK James Alfred COCK Joseph ? Ann JORY Elizabeth
    0603M 25.04.1835 COHEN Leah (widow) BROAD William (widower)
    0782M 04.03.1878 COLEMAN Emma COLEMAN George WILSON Harriet WILSON George
    0388M 13.12.1902 COLLINS William Patrick COLLINS Michael McMAHON Bridget SIMMONS Alice
    1270M 12.10.1879 COMTE Stephen  COMTE Stephen  BROWN Mary RAMSEY Isabella
    1263M 21.02.1906 COMTE Thomas Henry  COMTE Stephen   HILL Sarah FLOWER Matilda
    0311M 13.09.1866 CONDON Thomas CONDON Jerimah BURKE Anne KEATING (KIERCE) Mary
    1715M 14.01.1890 CONHEADY Ellen CONHEADY John FLAHATY ? Briget O'KEEFE Dniel
    0343M 27.06.1861 CONNELLAN John CONNELLAN John CONNELLAN Bridget QUINN Mary
    0546M 09.07.1866 CONNIFF Margaret CONNIFF Peter LEARY Mary WINTERBURN Reuben
    0924M 29.12.1841 CONNOR William CRONAN Catherine
    1597M 29.12.1841 CONNOR William CRONAN Catherine
    0899M 16.11.1905 CONNORS John Henry CONNORS John BEDFORD Henreitta O'BRIEN Elizabeth
    3227M 14.07.1859 CONWAY Daniel CONWAY John ?? Catherine SLATTERY Johanna
    1347M 16.02.1867 COOK Mary Ann COOK James NOLAN Mary Ann WILKINSON John
    0385M 22.11.1853 COOMBS Elizabeth COOMBS Charles YOUNG Maria DOTKINGS Edward
    0604M 05.05.1835 COOPER Mary LAMBERT Michael
    1343M 22.03.1864 COOPER William Tupper COOPER John ? DOUGLASS Elizabeth WILKINSON Maryann
    3071M 06.02.1861 COOTE Emma BRADWELL Sebrina TOKLEY Richard David
    0756M 27.02.1876 CORKER Winifred CORKER Richard KELLY Mary CAIRNS William
    0351M 11.02.1869 CORNISH Charles CORNISH William MOREOW ? Johanna HALL Emily
    0963M 21.11.1857 CORRAN John Joseph CORRAN Paul LEGLASE ? Mary Anne PILLEAR Elizabeth
    3261M 14.04.1879 CORVEN Mary Ann CORVEN Thomas TEWBURY Mary Ann TAYLOR Henry
    3235M 07.10.1862 COSTIGAN James COSTIGAN James BRENNAN Mary HURLEY Ellen
    3038M 30.06.1889 COSTIGAN Mary COSTIGAN James HURLEY Ellen BRAIDWOOD George
    0750M 04.02.1882 COTTER James COTTER William HOFFERMAN Mary RIORDAN Catherine
    0298M 16.06.1906 COX Joseph COX Joseph THATCHER Martha TURNER Ella Rose
    1171M 14.01.1871 COX Sarah COX William AULDROUPE? Sarah WARWAY Henry
    0839M 07.03.1898 COX William John COX William John MAY Edith TODD Elizabeth Jane
    0333M 24.12.1879 COX William Mason COX William MASON Maria Elisa HORNER Elizabeth White
    2697M 14.07.1863 COX Frances Margaret COX Francis James MacMILLAN Margaret MacMILLAN John Campbell
    2565M 19.07.1865 COX Isabella COX Francis James McMILLAN Margaret PETER James
    2619M 30.12.1879 COX John Robert COX John Robert NOLAN Mary BUCKL:EY Jane
    1375M 10.10.1900 CRAWFORD Violet Elizabeth CRAWFORD James William VOS Bernard
    3183M 13.07.1858 CRESSARD John Spooner CRESSARD James BOWER Caroline MAYNE Eliza Maria
    1588M 11.10.1856 CROFT Ishmael CROFT Edward LESLEY ? June BURKE Winifred
    1245M 18.11.1933 CROKER Sylvia May CROKER William Robert Horsfall Mary Maud Alison WALKER Reginald John
    0842M 03.10.1890 CROMBIE William CROMBIE Robert GRAY Dorothy LOGAN Jane
    1170M 05.01.1871 CROMPTON Thomas CROMPTON Peter TAYLOR Mary Ann LAMB Emma
    0924M 29.12.1841 CRONAN   Catherine CONNOR William
    1597M 29.12.1841 CRONAN Catherine CONNOR William
    2618M 29.12.1879 CRUMP Thomas Bennett CRUMP James BENNETT Mary HOKEN Emily
    0320M 23.02.1899 CURRIE Catherine (widow) WESTERN Job GLEESON Bridget THOMPSON William Henry B
    0978M 22.06.1863 CUTHBERTSON Philadelphea CUTHBERTSON William KENMUSE Margaret SCHROODER Charles W.
    2725M 04.05.1898 DAINTON Elizabeth DAINTON James Henry PARKER Elizabeth STEVENSON Lionel William
    0342M 22.06.1861 DARRAGH Parrick DARRAGH John BRADLEY Mary HEFFERNAN Ellen
    1352M 26.04.1871 DAVEY Noel DAVEY Michael D ? Margaret McQUEEN Eliza Ross
    3336M 18.12.1858 DAVIES William DAVIES Thomas THOMAS Sarah Mary Ann
    2630M 11.07.1872 DAVIS Eleanor DAVIS Thomas JONES Eleanor SIDWELL John
    0296M 13.09.1868 DAWSON Mary DAWSON John STEWERD Agnes McKEWN Edward
    3083M 30.09.1864 DEAN Sarah BIRRELL John
    2723M 07.04.1898 DeLaHAYE Mary Ann DeLaHAYE ? ? Mary Ann PATERSON John Francis
    1308M 06.06.1905 DENDLE Edwin DENDLE Philip  OKE Mary Ann CARR Mary Ella
    0783M 09.03.1878 DENNIS Annie Maria DENNIS Fernando FEREAL ? Elizabeth BIRSS James
    0322M 01.07.1897 DEWAR Robert DEWAR James WARLEW   TYECK Sarah
    2648M 25.06.1852 DICTZ ? Johannis Paul McHALE Mary
    0944M 11.12.1894 DOBELL Mary DOBELL Horace Binge FORDHAM Elizabeth TANNER James
    0547M 15.08.1866 DODD Elizabeth DODD Aaron WHITE Mary FARNSWORTH David
    0382M 21.05.1913 DODKINS George Edward H. DODKINS Henry MACARTY Minta Fern B.
    0383M 10.07.1883 DODKINS Henry DODKINS Edward Henry COOMBS Elizabeth COCHRANE Selina
    0923M 26.12.1841 DONNOHUE Anne KING Patrick
    1596M 26.12.1841 DONNYHUE Anne KING Patrick
    0304M 21.08.1920 DONOVAN Florence LONG A.J. (Guardian) PATERSON J.J. (Guardian) BROWN Ernest
    0553M 09.01.1884 DONOVAN Martin DONOVAN Michael FOGARTY Margaret O'BRIEN Sarah Descales
    1457M 24.02.1857 DOOLEN Martin DOOLEN James HAYES ? Margaret MORAN Catherine
    0385M 22.11.1853 DOTKINGS Edward DOTKINGS George AMBROSE Amelia COOMBS Elizabeth
    0310M 25.09.1926 DOUGLAS Marjorie Annie DOUGLAS Albert BISMARK ? Jane KENNEDY Robert Daniel
    1444M 25.08.1869 DOWNS Mary DOWNS Patrick ?? Margaret MEADE Thomas
    1590M 15.10.1856 DRISOLL Denis DRISOLL ? GRIFFITH Anne MOYLAN Julia
    3302M 17.08.1886 DRUMMOND Elizabeth Emma DRUMMOND John Jane WILKINSON David
    0324M 07.07.1897 DRYDEN David DRYDEN William Edward DEMPSEY Mary Ann SALMON Sarah
    0323M 07.07.1897 DRYDEN Joseph Andrew DRYDEN William Edward DEMPSEY Mary Ann SPENCER Margaret Alice
    1338M 12.01.1857 DUFFY Mary DUFFY John ??? RUDDELL George
    1437M 26.02,1889 DUNLEA Michael DUNLEA Maurice DONOHOE Mary CLANCY Bridget
    0356M 12.01.1852 DUNN Richard FLINN Mary
    0749M 26.01.1882 DUNNE Thomas DUNNE Edward DUFFY Maria WALSH Mary
    0350M 01.01.1869 DUNSTAN Thomas DUNSTAN Edward TRELOAR M. GRENFELL Margaret Jane
    1461M 04.04.1851 DUTTON William TURVEY Mary Ann
    2666M 06.11.1882 DWYER Clara Ellen HALL Joseph M. BRAMWELL ? Elizabeth Treacy Richard Moore
    0877M 15.07.1866 EALES Sarah EALES Edward WOODARD ? Sarah Hudgson William
    0596M 11.07.1901 EASTWOOD Polly EASTWOOD Henry VINER Elizabeth SHEPHERD David
    0893M 12.11.1918 EDDY Lilian May EDDY John BERRYMAN Eliza Ann MILLER George Croker
    0894M 12.11.1918 EDDY Lilian May EDDY John BERRYMAN Eliza Ann MILLER George Croker
    0316M 29.07.1897 EDWARDS Alma EDWARDS George PEARCE Jane ANDERSON James Douglas
    1346M 05.11.1867 EDWARDS Sarah EDWARDS ? Francis CASIN Elizabeth HANLEY Joseph Henry
    1354M 28.01.1878 ELDRIDGE Mary Ann ELDRIDGE John GRIFFIN Bridget WILKINSON William
    0992M 25.05.1918 ELGAR Victor Lionel ELGAR Andrew Marvel PAY Agnes FLOWER Elizabeth M.M.
    1212M 25.05.1918 ELGAR Victor Lionel ELGAR Andrew PAGE? Agnes FLOWER Elizabeth Mary M
    0696M 08.02.1902 ELLIOTT William ELLIOTT George FARNSWORTH Martha
    1054M 25.01.1856 ELLIS Charles ELLIS James ? Mary MULLEN Mary Jane
    0305M 13.05.1874 ELLIS William Robert ELLIS John COLBY Mary Ann WARD Maria Kate
    0308M 21.09.1926 ENGLISH Lilian Mary ENGLISH William ?? Mary BROWN Ernest
    3242M 28.08.1853 ENNOR Selina ENNOR Nicholas Jane FOWLER William Colton
    0725M 01.03.1930 EWER Teresa Jane EWER Thomas Joseph TIGHE Frances Madeline GAVEGAN John Cyril
    0362M 12.10.1870 FARAM William FARAM George FARAM Mary MCNIECE Jane
    0547M 15.08.1866 FARNSWORTH David FARNSWORTH David SAMMERLAND Martha DODD Elizabeth
    0548M 15.08.1866 FARNSWORTH George Will. FARNSWORTH David SAMMERLAND Martha McALISTER Barbara Ellen
    0696M 08.02.1902 FARNSWORTH Martha FARNSWORTH David DODD Elizabeth ELLIOTT William
    0347M 22.06.1854 FARRELL Catherine FARRELL John NEIL Eliza TONER Patrick
    3084M 30.03.0000 FARRELL Mary Christine FARRELL Bar ? Catherine M BIRRELL Richard Dean
    1614M 20.07.1866 FENNER Thomas Paris FENNER Thomas Paris ROSS Mary Ann STEWART Georgina
    0757M 25.03.1876 FENTON William FENTON William BURTON Rhoda GOODRIDGE Elizabeth
    1592M 10.07.1858 FENTON Georgina Sophie FENTON Michael KNOX? Elizabeth McCULLOCK Robert
    1086M 01.12.1897 FERAN Luke FERAN Luke MORGAN Catherine Elizabeth LAWSON Alice Maud
    1447M 06.05.1876 FERRELL Caroline FERRELL Wm.
    2650M 19.05.1859 FIELDER Alfred Albons ? FIELDER Edward Hicks CLARKE Caroline Susannah BURNETT Jane
    0875M 21.12.1882 FISHER Margaret FISHER Allen PATTINSON Jane GAVEL William Stillman
    0360M 22.05.1873 FISHER Margaret (widow) NICOLL John WHITECROSS Janet ADAMS Samuel
    2617M 00.12.1879 FISHER Mary FISHER William Eliza WILLIAMS John
    0357M 12.01.1852 FITZGERALD Alice RYAN Patrick
    1377M 08.09.1868 FITZGERALD Mary Ann FITZGERALD John ?? Anne KEOGH John
    1481M 16.05.1842 FITZWILLIAMS Catherine McCURRY Henry
    0682M 06.02.1862 FLANNIGAN Anne FLANNIGAN Thomas DOLAN Mary McCLOY John
    3191M 08.08.1891 FLETCHER Henry ? FLETCHER George Sarah GREENWOOD Ada
    0356M 12.01.1852 FLINN Mary DUNN Richard
    1212M 25.05.1918 FLOWER Elizabeth Mary M FLOWER William James ?   Elizabeth Jane ELGAR Victor Lionel
    0992M 25.05.1918 FLOWER Elizabeth Mary M. FLOWER William James HARVEY Elizabeth Jane ELGAR Victor Lionel
    1263M 21.02.1906 FLOWER Matilda  FLOWER JAMES SCINDINA Sophia  COMTE Thomas Henry
    1085M 12.0.41907 FOGG Grace Olive FOGG Henry Charles JOHNSON Jean BLOSSAGE Louis
    0329M 09.09.1889 FORBES George FORBES David WARDLOW Ellen TOSHACK Catherine
    1589M 13.10.1856 FORBES Andrew FORBES Andrew LEING ? ? MORAN Mary
    0932M 09.04.1882 FOSTER Eliza McGILL Betsy McLEAN Whyman
    3242M 28.08.1853 FOWLER William Colton FOWLER John ? ? Ann ENNOR Selina
    0993M 01.06.1918 FOYSTER Albert George FOYSTER Albert George Beer Mary Ann BIRRELL Eva Eileen
    1213M 01.06.1918 FOYSTER Albert George FOYSTER Albert? George ?   Mary Ann BIRRELL Eva Eileen
    0335M 29.04.1901 FRANCIS Sophia FRANCIS James RAIN Rachel Annie ASPINALL George Herbert
    1351M 18.04.1871 FRAZER Christina FRAZER John BAXTER Margaret WILKINSON Joseph
    1262M 14.09.1865 FROWER William Lewis  FLOWER George  TYRROLL Louisa Rebecca  HOSKINGS Jane Amelia
    1485M 24.05.1842 FULLER Francis JENKINS Margaret
    1701M 28.07.1870 GALLAGHER Rose GALLAGHER Maurice ? WARD Rose KING Alexander
    1632M 22.10.1855 GANNAN Patrick GANNAN Patrick BYRNE Ann BROCKINSHAW Ellen
    1013M 18.12.1891 GARMENT Emily GARMENT William SHARKEY Elizabeth TAIG Thomas
    0725M 01.03.1930 GAVEGAN John Cyril GAVEGAN Francis Joseph KAY Alice Maud EWER Teresa Jane
    0875M 21.12.1882 GAVEL William Stillman GAVEL Andrew Stillman ALLEN Sarah Jane FISHER Margaret
    0315M 01.03.1864 GAY Emily Amelia GAY Samuel William BETTS Anne MCFARLANE John
    1052M 09.01.1856 GEOFFRY Sarah Walton WALTON Edward WALTON Mary RUSSELL William
    1010M 25.05.1857 GEORGE Martha GEORGE Joseph HAWKENS Mary LEASK James
    0306M 18.06.1874 GEORGE Sampson GEORGE Sampson BROWN Catherine PENTALUNICK Louisa
    0735M 18.12.1889 GIBSON James QUINN Julia
    0703M 22.06.1858 GIBSON William Edward GIBSON William EDWARDS Sarah BURNS Katherine
    1459M 18.12.1889 GIBSON James QUINN Julia
    2700M 30.09.1903 GIBSON Susannah GIBSON Thomas HASLOP ? Susannah HARVEY William
    1366M 22.06.1858 GIBSON William Edward GIBSON Mill ? EDWARDS Sara BURNS Catherine
    2341M 09.10.1857 GILCHRIST David GILCHRIST James BEVRIEL ? Margaret ORRACK Margaret
    0925M 30.12.1842 GLANWRIGHT George McGYNN Johanna
    1598M 30.12.1841 GLANWRIGTH George McGLYNN Johanna
    0784M 02.03.1862 GLEESON Patrick GLEESON Patrick AMSTRONG Margaret KENNEDY Mary
    0787M 07.11.1895 GLEESON Patrick GLEESON Patrick KENNEDY Mary CARROLL Alice
    0878M 27.11.1895 GLEESON Patrick GLEESON Patrick KENNEDY Mary CARROLL Alice
    0880M 20.31.862 GLEESON Patrick GLEESON Patrick ARMSTRONG Margaret KENNEDY Mary
    0947M 16.12.1856 GOFF Emily GOFF William DRAPER Sarah MARSH William
    0757M 25.03.1876 GOODRIDGE Elizabeth Mary GOODRIDGE Thomas ROWE Elizabeth FENTON Wiiliam
    1438M 21.04.1889 GORDON Caroline GORDON George GORDON Elizabeth HICKSON Walter
    3167M 21.03.1891 GOSLING James GOSLING Thomas LAWRENCE Annie IRVINE Elizzie
    0361M 03.06.1873 GOURLAY Elizabeth Andis. GOURLAY Thomas STEWART Jessie SMITH Thomas
    1617M 16.09.1885 GRAF Arthur William GRAF LITTLE Lucy Elizabeth
    1080M 08.09.1876 GRAHAM John GRAHAM John FULTON Alice STEWART Jane
    2665M 17.01.1863 GRAHAM Mary GRAHAM William MURRAY Anne O'CONNELL Owen
    0704M 29.06.1858 GRANT Ellen GRANT John BEASLY Hannah MURPHY Timothy
    1367M 29.06.1858 GRANT Ellen GRANT John BEASLEY Hannah MURPHY Tiothy
    0309M 22.09.1926 GRANT George GRANT William MCDONALD Ann ADAMS Elizabeth Mary
    1355M 23.12.1908 GRANT James Highmore GRANT James McPherson HIGHMORE Sarah WILSON Alice Ada Elizabeth
    0597M 31.07.1901 GRAY Sarah Elizabeth GRAY Thomas GOODALL Fanny REED Richard
    2651M 19.05.1859 GRAY Elizabeth GRAY James FRANCES Mary ROWE John
    1484M 24.05.1842 GREEN William LAWRIE Mary
    3191M 08.08.1891 GREEWOOD Ada GREENWOOD David MURGATROYD Fanny ? FLETCHER Henry
    0350M 01.0.11869 GRENFELL Margaret Jane GRENFELL Martin WHITE Nancy DUNSTAN Thomas
    0694M 05.0.21902 GREYSON Clara Lucy GREYSON David Henry HALL Kathleen RYAN Alfred Joseph
    0312M 17.09.1866 GRUNDON Charles GRUNDON Charles SYNTEDS? Johanna ? LYONS Hannorah
    0328M 07.03.1895 HALL Barbara HALL James BECKET Mary Anne BOWERS Charles
    0351M 11.02.1869 HALL Emily HALL William GIBBS Sarah CORNISH Charles
    0330M 28.09.1889 HALL Margaret Ellen HALL Jonathan TAYLOR Annie NANCARROW Stephen
    0841M 01.10.1890 HALL Mary Ann HALL James HORSINGTON Cornelia V. RANDALL Alfred Daniel
    2634M 15.02.1837 HALLWELL George BUCKLEY Jane
    0724M 19.02.1925 HAMILTON Christina HAMILTON William McDONALD Christina HENDERSON William F.
    1255M 08.09.1921 HAMILTON Vera  HAMILTON William  SNOWDEN Mary WILLISCROFT Alfred
    0405M 14.10.1911 HANAN Eliza CARTER William JACKSON Sarah POPE William Francis
    2698M 14.09.1903 HANCOCK ? Bessy Jane HANCOCK Thomas WAKEMAN Elizabeth CAMPBELL Donald
    2499M 02.06.1897 HANCOCK Emily HANCOCK Thomas WAKEMAN Elizabeth RICHARDSON Rowland
    1591M 08.02.1858 HANIFY Michael John Page HANIFY John PAGE Catherine LANE Annie Mary
    1346M 05.11.1867 HANLEY Joseph Henry HANLEY Henry MOODIE ? Ann EDWARDS Sarah
    2439M 05.01.1859 HARDY Jane HARDY Freeman GARDINER Mary TREACY William Winter
    1259M 28.01.1914 HARRINGTON Annie  HARRINGTON William Andrew  FERRY Annie MORTON James
    1339M 20.10.1856 HARRIS John HARRIS John John GOWN Sarah V BROWN Caroline
    1337M 10.01.1857 HARRIS Walter HARRIS James MOORE Elizabeth MARA Hannah
    1342M 22.01.1880 HARRIS Walter WILKINSON Rosetta
    0937M 25.05.1882 HARVEY Matthew Thomas HARVEY Matthew Thomas SEARLE Elizabeth WELDON Henrietta
    2700M 30.09.1903 HARVEY William ? HARVEY William RICHARDS Louisa GIBSON Susannah
    0550M 06.08.1873 HARWOOD Mary Ann HARWOOD John UNKNOWN Mary Ann BROWNE Joseph
    0317M HAWKINS Joseph MILLER Phoebe Isabel F.
    0902M 17.04.1882 HAYES Charles HAYES Charles NOTT Martha BATTEN Maria
    0318M 22.09.1857 HEALY Eliza HEALY John WELSH Ellen MOORE Michael
    0881M 02.03.1862 HEALY Monica ? HEALY Patrick FALLIHER ? Margaret O'HALLERON George
    3182M 08.07.1858 HEANRY Mary HEANEY John RYAN Mary LEE Joseph
    3262M 15.04.1879 HEAPHY Daniel HEAPHY Michael McCARTHY Julia Charlotte TIERNEY Catherine Adelaide
    0342M 22.06.1861 HEFFERNAN Ellen HEFFERNAN John RYAN Ellen DARRAGH Patrick
    3236M 08.10.1862 HEGARTY Timothy HEGARTY John O'NEIL Alice BUCK Catherine
    0724M 19.02.1925 HENDERSON William Francis HENDERSON William George LINDSAY Florence HAMILTOM Christina
    3039M 20.09.1866 HENDERSON Agnes Elliot HENDERSON Andrew ALLAN Isabella MALLEN William
    2566M 22.07.1865 HERBERTSON Andrew HERBERTSON James ? Margaret McKECKNIE Alice
    0301M 07.04.1913 HEWAT Charles Andrew HEWAT William BENTICK Ellen WOODMAN Anne
    0840M 15.03.1898 HICKS George HICKS John SELLARS Sally SLEEP Edith Winifred
    0344M 15.05.1901 HICKS Louisa HICKS Walter  George BAILEY Eliza ROY Louis Henry
    1438M 21.04.1889 HICKSON Walter HICKSON Daniel STUBBS Mary GORDON Caroline
    2440M 04.01.1859 HIGGINBOTHAM Olivia HIGGONBOTHAM William HASLEM Elizabeth PURNELL Edwin
    0962M 17.11.1857 HILL John CAMERON Margaret HILL Richard HILL Betsey
    1716M 18.01.1890 HILL Julia HILL Patrick GOONEW ? MURPHY William
    1487M 31.05.1842 HOFFMAN William CHRISTIE Elizabeth
    2618M 29.12.1879 HOKEN Emily HOKEN Charles BAKER Ann ? CRUMP Thomas Bennett
    1134M 27.09.1871 HOLLAND Sarah HOLLAND Timothy SHIPTON Elizabeth BRADSHAW Henry John
    2631M 19.07.1872 HOLMAN Elizabeth Ann HOLMAN Thomas ? Hester Ann BUCKLEY Edward
    2668M 29.11.1882 HOLMES Thomas William Henry HOLMES Charles Appleby HOWARD Elizabeth PERGALLE ? Blanche Emily
    0389M 23.10.1856 HOPE Elizabeth HOPE John BARNER Jane RYAN John
    0407M 10.01.1874 HORE Mary Celia HORE Simon BORLACY Elizabeth HORE William Henry
    0407M 10.01.1874 HORE William Henry HORE Joseph STENEMAN Ann HORE Mary Celia
    2693M 28.04.1922 HORE Ivy HORE George Sampson JAMES Mary WARD Harold Greening
    2649M 18.05.1859 HORNE Frances ORNE James STARLING Sarah MARCUS Edward
    1615M 26.-7.1866 HORNEBY James Robert HORNSBY James HANDAGE ? Mary PARKER Mary Jane
    0333M 24.12.1879 HORNER Elizabeth White HORNER James MCCREADIE Elizabeth COX William Mason
    3166M 17.03.1891 HORSNELL Amelia HORSNELL Charles PURSELL Mary McLAREN John
    1262M 14.09.1865 HOSKINGS Jane Amelia  HOSKINGS William Henry  RAMSAY Isabella  FROWER William Lewis
    3190M 06.08.1891 HOWARD James HOWARD John BOWTHAM Rachel BENNETT Sarah Jane
    1480M 10.05.1842 HOWE Robert MITCHELL Janet
    1136M 15.06.1860 HOWELL Annie HOWELL Thomas ? Elizabeth RAMISDON John
    0793M 31.01.1901 HOWELL Edith HOWELL George TRASH Louisa POOLE Francis John
    0794M 08.02.1930 HOWELL Ernest George HOWELL George William POOLE Adelaide Rebecca WEEKS Rita Claris
    0801M 14.04.1873 HOWELL George HOWELL William TRASH Louisa
    0809M 09..03.1903 HOWELL George William HOWELL George TRASH Elizabeth POOLE Adelaide Rebecca
    0795M 14.02.1953 HOWELL Shirley Dawn HOWELL Ernest George WEEKS Rita Clarice MUDGWAY Stanley John
    0877M 15.07.1866 HUDGSON William Henry HUDGSON William LUCKMAN Anna EALES Sarah
    0390M 20.08.1887 HUMPHREY Annie Mirk HUMPHREY William MIRK Annie Marie KAIGHIN Robert Charles
    3235M 07.10.1862 HURLEY Ellen HURLEY Laurene HANNEN Bridget COSTIGAN James
    1594M 13.07.1858 HURREN Mary Ann HURREN George ? Mary THISTLETHWAITE Edward
    1341M 25.12.1856 HUTCHINSON Thomas HUTCHINSON Thomas CARR Anna WAKEFORD Louisa
    3167M 21.03.1891 IRVINE Elizzie IRVINE John MURPHY Johanna GOSLING James
    2724M 13.04.1898 ISK Charles ISK Thomas LEBRICE ? Margaret Elizabeth PETERBRIDGE Anna
    0901M 11.04.1882 IVERSON Ivor IVERSON Ivor OLSEON Jane SYMONS Eugine Horsley
    2646M 23.06.1852 IVES Elizabeth LIPSON ? George Thomas
    1172M 09.02.1871 JACK Joan Smith JACK Andrew SMITH Jasima LAINSON Henry
    0359M 05.04.1873 JACKSON Susannah JACKSON George MCDONALD Catherine MARTIN Arthur William
    2654M 01.03.1941 JACKSON Doris Monica JACKSON Reginald HAMMERLY Helena WORMINGTON John Henry
    1429M 31.08.1875 JACOBS Eliza VINEY Thomas
    1430M 06.08.1877 JACOBS James STONE Ellen
    0754M 29.08.1885 JAMES Alfred MATHEWS Elizabeth Ann
    3080M 22.03.1876 JAMES Mary Jane JAMES William REES Elizabeth VICKERS George
    1485M 24.05.1842 JENKINS Margaret FULLER Francis
    1340M 13.11.1856 JENKINSON Susana JENKINSON John BRAND Rebecca WOODS Thomas
    1133M 26.09.1871 JOHNS Alethe JOHNS John REYNALD Caroline McNIECE Robert
    1440M 24.04.1889 JOHNSON  Mary   JOHNSON George GRAY ? NELSON Alfred
    0722M 14.02.1925 JOHNSTON Hugh Percival JOHNSTON Joseph DYER Annie Elizabeth McGRATH Hugh Percival
    0726M 01.03.1930 JOHNSTON Sidney JOHNSTON George McCONVILLE Annie LEAHY Myra
    3192M 10.08.1891 JOLLEY Susan JOLLEY William McCORMACK Catherine LEE Henry Seymour
    0325M 11.07.1881 JONES Bridget JONES Ambrose LOGHLAN Mary Ann SHADFORTH William Adams.
    1153M 20.02.1909 JONES Rose Miriam JONES William YOUNG Annie Maria JONES Samuel Randolph
    1153M 20.02.1909 JONES Samuel Randolph JONES Samuel VAGUE Elizabeth Ann JONES Rose Miriam
    0882M 16.03.1862 JONES William Alexander JONES Thomas REDICKEN Elizabeth QUINN Mary Anne
    0786M 16.03.1862 JONES William Alexander ALEXANDER Thomas REDICKEN Elizabeth QUINN Mary Anne
    0404M 18.10.1911 JORDAN Helena JORDAN Hannah SHARPE Willaim Augustus
    0781M 07.02.1878 JORDAN John Henry JORDAN John WOOLDRIDGE Eliza MITCHELL Elizabeth
    0408M 21.02.1874 JORY Elizabeth JORY William WHITFORD Elizabeth COCK James Alfred
    0390M 20.08.1887 KAIGHIN Robert Charles KAIGHIN Charles GORBETT Ann HUMPHREY Annie Mirk
    0311M 13.09.1866 KEATING (KIERCE) Mary KIERCE James KEATING Honora CONDON Thomas
    0341M 23.12.1860 KEBBLE George KEBBLE Joseph SMITH Mary WELSH Margaret
    1244M 19.10.1933 KELLACK Arthur Edward WATERS Eunice Evelyn
    0297M 15.06.1906 KENDELL George Thomas KENDELL John HARGRAVES  Elizabeth ANDERSON Voilet Emma
    0681M 30.01.1862 KENELLY Bridget KENELLY Thomas FORIN Hannah MORISEY Patrick George
    0784M 02.03.1862 KENNEDY Mary KENNEDY William MAGUIRE Ellen GLEESON Patrick
    0880M 02.03.1862 KENNEDY Mary KENNEDY William MAGUIRE Ellen GLEESON Patrick
    0310M 25.09.1926 KENNEDY Robert Daniel KENNEDY Thomas HIGGINS Mary Kate DOUGLAS Marjorie Annie
    1376M 05.09.1868 KENNY Anne Maria KENNY William PAGE Mary SUTCLIFFE John
    1377M 08.09.1868 KEOGH John KEOGH William PAGE Mary FITZGERALD Mary Ann
    1353M 03.01.1878 KILKENNY Bridget CLOYNE Patrick MYLADY Bridget SIMMS Charles
    0358M 12.01.1852 KILKENNY Edward BRYNES Mary
    1700M 14.07.1870 KILLIHER Mary Ann KILLHER Daniel FOLEY Mary McNAMERA
    0348M 14.02.1888 KINANE Minnie KINANE Martin DOWLING Bridget SHEEHAN Denis
    0979M 25.06.1863 KING Isabella KING Adrain BOODIE Isabella LAY William Davy
    0338M 08.02.1853 KING James WHERRY Jane
    0923M 26.12.1841 KING Patrick DONNOHUE Anne
    1701M 28.07.1870 KING Alexander KING Alexander CAMERON May GALLAGHER Rose
    1596M 26.12.1841 KING Patrick DONNYHUE Anne
    2735M 11.03.1879 KINSEY Albert Edmund KINSEY William BAYENS Mary Ann CLARK Eliza
    2647M 24.06.1852 KITCHIN John BASSINGHAM Esther
    1079M 06.08.1876 KRAUSE John Henry KRAUSE John Ferdinand Wengrath Johanna Dorothea MULLINS Mary Jane
    0975M 13.11.1969 LAHEY Jane LAHEY John DUMPLEY Bridget LANGTON James
    1088M 21.12.1897 LAINSON  Emma LAINSON Henry JACK Johanna YOUNG Francis
    1172M 09.02.1871 LAINSON Henry LAINSON Richard ELISHA Mary JACk Joan Smith
    0810M 09.03.1903 LAITY Fanny LAITY Thomas McCARTNEY Mary MITCHELL Herbert F.
    1170M 05.01.1871 LAMB Emma LAMB George Philip NEWLAND Mary Caroline CROMPTON Thomas
    0604M 05.05.1835 LAMBERT Michael COOPER Mary
    1154M 22.02.1909 LANE Ruth LANE William Henry TAYLOR Ada Matilda OSBORNE George Victor
    1591M 08.02.1858 LANE Annie Mary LANE Michael McSWEENY Maria HANIFY
    0975M 13.11.1969 LANGTON James LANGTON Owen DONNELL Margaret LAHEY Jane
    0353M 01.08.1874 LARRENCE Mary LAWRENCE Thomas WALSH Ellen BUCHANAN Cunningham
    0555M 29.01.1884 LAURENCE James Thomas LAURENCE Thomas WALSH Ellen McCARTHY Anna
    0332M 03.12.1902 LAVENDER Clara Frances LAVENDER Thomas Wood WALLACE Margaret ROWSON Harry Montana
    0386M 02.10.1902 LAWRENCE Ellen Anastasia LAWRENCE Thomas KENNA Bridget BROWN Herbert
    1086M 01.12.1897 LAWSON Alice Maud LAWSON Robert SMITH Kate FERAN Luke
    2632M 19.07.1872 LAWTON John LAWTON Esekiel PETERS Susan SMITH Mary Ann
    0979M 25.06.1863 LAY William Davy LAY George DAVEY Jane KING Isabella
    2611M 23.10.1920 LAYBURN Verna Irene LAYBURN Walter Joseph PATERSON John
    0726M 01.03.1930 LEAHY Myra LEAHY John CUMMINS Mary JOHNSTON Sidney
    0922M 26.12.1841 LEARY James LEONARD Louisa
    1595M 26.12.1841 LEARY James LEONARD Louisa
    1010M 25.05.1857 LEASK James LEASK William CHAMBERS Hellin GEORGE Martha
    3192M 10.08.1891 LEE Henry Seymour LEE Henry CAMPBELL Susan JOLLEY Susan
    3182M 08.07.1858 LEE Joseph LEE Joseph KNIGHT Jane HEANEY Mary
    1361M 29.07.1874 LEESON Mary DONAGHOE Michael RYAN Mary MISSON Ephraim
    0922M 26.12.1841 LEONARD Louisa LEARY James
    1445M 25.08.1869 LEONARD Bridget LEONARD Thomas MUSTEN Winnefred MORAN Patrick
    1595M 26.12.1841 LEONARD Louisa LEARY James
    0340M 29.02.1853 LEWIS Daniel ALEY Louisa
    2695M 11.04.1922 LEWIS Helen GRAY Alexander LAMARTINE ? Caroline MacMillan John Colin
    2646M 23.06.1852 LIPSON ? George Thomas IVES Elizabeth
    1617M 16.09.1885 LITTLE Lucy Elizabeth LITTLE Dugald GRAF Arthur William
    0727M 17.03.1930 LLOYD Dorothy LLOYD John Thomas ANTHONY Ann  Ruby NIALL Michael
    1061M 27.09.1875 LODGE . LODGE Phillip Christopher McGOVEN Anne ? SORAGHAN Rosanna Agnes
    0842M 03.10.1890 LOGAN Jane LOGAN Walter McEWAN Jane CROMBIE William
    1446M 27.08.1869 LONG Kate LONG Patrick SPINSER Catherine OSBORNE William
    0312M 17.09.1866 LYONS Honnorah LYONS William O'DONELL Mary GRUNDON Charles
    0355M 12.01.1852 LYONS Margrett MAHONY Maurice
    0382M 21.05.1913 MACARTY Minta Fern B. MACARTY William James DODKINS George Edward H.
    3303M 30.09.1886 MacFADYEN Neil MacFADYEN David McK ? Catherine ROBERTS AbigailBertha
    1482M 17.05.1842 MacKINNON Margaret RCHARDS George
    2697M 14.07.1863 MacMILLAN John Campbell MacMILLAN John CAMPBELL Jane COX Frances Margaret
    2695M 11.04.1922 MacMILLAN John Colin MacMILLAN John Campbell COX Frances Margaret LEWERS Helen 2nd
    0549M 08.07.1873 MAGGS Joseph MAGGS Joseph WALKER Mary Ann BICKENSALL Sarah Carol.
    0387M 04.11.1902 MAGUIRE Thomas MAGUIRE John POWER Mary CLEARY Helena
    1435M 08.03.1864 MAHER Margaret MAHER Stephen BRUFFY Jane McKennan John
    0355M 12.01.1852 MAHONY Maurice LYONS Margrett
    1336M 10.01.1857 MAIRS David MAIRS Thomas IRELAND Mary TAYLOR Sarah
    3039M 20.09.1866 MALLEN William MALLEN James WILLIAMS Mary HENDERSON Agnes Elliot
    0321M 20.02.1895 MANLEY Albert Richard MANLEY Samuel NUTT Annie BELL Alice Amelia
    0314M 16.0.11864 MANNING Leonora MANNING Daniel BARRETT Helen MASLEN Cornelious
    3237M 08.07.1854 MANTON Mary Anne COX George VAUGHAN Mary BURTON Richard
    1337M 10.01.1857 MARA Hannah ?? Thomas HICKEY Mary HARRIS Walter
    2649M 18.05.1859 MARCUS Edward MARCUS Charles BLACKBURN Isabella HORNE Frances
    0947M 16.12.1856 MARSH William MARSH James CROSS Eliza GOFF Emily
    0359M 05.04.1873 MARTIN Arthur William MARTIN Edward CASTILDINE Susannah JACKSON Susannah
    2699M 16.09.1903 MARTIN Catherine MARTIN William McKAY Christina MORGAN Thomas
    1618M 17.09.1885 MARWOOD Emily MARWOOD Matthew FENNOR Mary Ann STEWART Jame
    0384M 02.04.1866 MASKELL Eliza (widow) GEARDY Charles HOCKIE Mary COCHRANE Thomas
    0314M 16.01.1864 MASLEN Cornelious MASLEN John ANDREWS Ann MANNING Leonora
    754 M 29.08.1885 MATHEWS Elizabeth Ann JAMES Alfred
    3239M 21.07.1854 MATHISON Isaac MATHISON Mathew ?? Maria MORGAN Mary
    3183M 13.07.1858 MAYNE Eliza Maria MAYNE Nicholas BODY ? Eliza CRESSARD John Spooner
    0548M 15.08.1866 McALISTER Barbara Ellen McALISTER Abraham GRANT Maria FARNSWORTH George Will.
    0555M 29.01.1884 McCARTHY Anna McCARTHY Michael DARCY Anastasia LAURENCE James Thomas
    1486M 31.05.1842 McCLELLAND Matilda BLAND John
    0682M 06.02.1862 McCLOY John McCLOY George BEATY Jane FLANNIGAN Anne
    0695M 06.02.1902 McCLOY Mary Jane McCLOY John FLANNIGAN Anne PLATTS William James
    1456M 23.02.1857 McCONVILLE Anthony McCONVILLE Anthony O'HAGAN Sarah MCCONVILLE Elizabeth
    1456M 23.02.1857 McCONVILLE Sarah McCONVILLE John McGUINESS Mary McCONVILLE Sarah
    0354M 29.08.1874 MCCOY James MCCOY James O'GRADY Alice VITTLER Josephine
    1442M 25.11.1872 McCOY Thomas McCOY James DOOGSHON ? May TURNER Mary
    0303M 07.05.1913 MCCULLOCH Henry MCCULLOCH John CLARKE Mary Ann ROBB Margaret
    1592M 10.07.1858 McCULLOCK Robert McCULLOCK William ? ? FENTON Georgina Sophie
    1481M 16.05.1842 McCURRY Henry FITZWILLIAMS Catherine
    0552M 27.03.1895 McDOUGAL Peter Joseph McDOUGAL Peter CRAWFORD Elizabeth SMITH Elizabeth Ann
    3301M 15.07.1886 McFADYEN Lilly McFADYEN David WHINFIELD Stephen
    0315M 01.03.1864 MCFARLANE John MCFARLANE Thomas BEATTIE Helen GAY Emily Amelia
    1598M 30.12.1841 McGLYNN Johanna GLANWRIGTH George
    0722M 14.02.1925 McGRATH Hugh Percival McGRATH Hugh Phillip PERCIVAL Annie JOHNSTON Stella Sylvia P.
    0683M 04.03.1862 McGUINE Hannah McGUINE Patrick CURNEEN Ellen WILLIS Christopher
    0925M 30.12.1842 McGYNN Johanna GLANWRIGHT George
    2648M 25.06.1852 McHALE Mary DICKZ Johannis Paul
    1702M 20.08.1870 McILVENNA James McILVENNA James McFADDIN Mary TANNER Catherine
    0723M 14.02.1925 McINTYRE Daniel Joseph McINTYRE Daniel DOREN Annie CHANDLER Mary Maud
    2566M 22.07.1865 McKECKNIE Alice McKECKNIE John WILLCOX ? HERBERTSON Andrew
    0964M 08.12.1857 McKENNAH Catherine McKENNAH Thomas SHERRY Bridget TYACK James
    1435M 08.03.1864 McKENNAN John McKENNAN Angus McGUINESS Anne MAHER Margaret
    0949M 26.04.1890 McKENZIE Margaret McKENZIE David BATCHELOR Isabella CALLANDER Peter
    0296M 13.09.1868 McKEWN Edward McKEWN Francis BENNETT Margaret DAWSON Mary
    3166M 17.03.1891 McLAREN John McLAREN John LAWLESS Ellen HORSNELL Amelia
    0932M 09.04.1882 McLEAN Whyman McLEAN Archibald McLEAN Louisa FOSTER Eliza
    2567M 27.07.1865 McLEOD Duncan McLEOD Donald ? Flora CAMPBELL Anne
    0748M 05.01.1882 McMAHON Thomas McMAHON John CONNELLY Maria CAHILL Elizabeth Alice
    0926M 02.01.1878 McMASTER r Alexande McMASTER William Mary MILLER BOWCOCK Elizabeth Ann
    1700M 14.07.1870 McNAMERA John McNAMERA Daniel NIHEL Mary KILLIHER Mary Ann
    0751M 05.12.1880 McNEIL Eliza PLEW John FISHER Mary SUGDEN William
    0362M 12.10.1870 MCNIECE Jane MCNIECE Thomas MAHON Jane FARAM William
    1133M 26.09.1871 McNIECE Robert McNIECE Thomas MAHON Jane JOHNS Alethe
    1613M 19.07.1866 McPHEIL Annie McPHEIL HAY Mary SMITH Thomas Henry
    1352M 26.04.1871 McQUEEN Eliza Ross McQUEEN Donald MILLER Janet Drysdale DAVEY Noel
    2342M 20.10.1857 McRAE Catherine McRAE Colin McRAE Catherine TRACEY George Seward
    1444M 25.08.1869 MEADE Thomas MEADE Peter HARLEY Mary DOWNS Mary
    1349M 02.11.1846 MIDDLETON Charles PILKINGTON Mary
    1155M 24.02.1909 MIDDLIN Janet Agnes MIDDLIN Thomas STEWART Janet OSBORNE Edward Jago
    0608M 19.03.1897 MILES Thomas MILES Robert ARSTON Annie ALMEIDA Lawson
    3254M 25.01.1911 MILLAR Ernest Bertrand MILLAR Frederick BROOKS Sarah Ann TAYLOR May Olive Cordelia
    3251M 13.04.1946 MILLAR Ruby Cordelia MILLAR Ernest Bertrand TAYLOR Mary BOLT Arthur Joseph
    0893M 12.11.1918 MILLER George Croker MILLER Rowley Croker HAMLING Ann Eliza Rowley Croker EDDY Lilian May
    0894M 12.11.1918 MILLER George Croker MILLER Rowley Croker HAMLING Ann Eliza EDDY Lilian May
    0317M MILLER Phoebe Isabel Florence HAWKINS Joseph
    1363M 26.09.1874 MISSON Emily MISSON George TWEED Mary O'MEARA John Bernard
    1361M 29.07.1874 MISSON Ephraim MISSON George TWEED Mary LEESON Mary
    0781M 07.02.1878 MITCHELL Eliza MITCHELL William WILLIAMS Mary JORDAN John Henry
    0810M 09.03.1903 MITCHELL Herbert Francis MITCHELL James HUON Sarah Jane LAITY Fanny
    1137M 20.06.1860 MITCHELL Mary Jane MITCHELL Joseph BROMDELL Jane ALLISON Joseph
    1480M 10.05.1842 MITCHELL Janet HOWE Robert
    1458M 24.02.1857 MOLONY George MOLONY Andrew LARNER ? Anne SHEA Honora
    2733M 07.02.1868 MONTFORD Maria Mountford BRIDE Belinda PATERSON John
    0318M 2.20.91857 MOORE Michael MOORE Maurice MOORE Mary HEALY Eliza
    1457M 24.02.1857 MORAN Catherine MORAN William MURPHY Ellen DOOLEN Martin
    1589M 13.10.1856 MORAN Mary MORAN William MURPHY Ellen FORBES Andrew
    1445M 25.08.1869 MORAN Patrick MORAN Martin CALLINAN Mary LEONARD Bridget
    3239M 21.07.1854 MORGAN Mary MORGAN James Henderson Margaret MATHISON Isaac
    2699M 16.09.1903 MORGAN Thomas MORGAN Richard PHILLIPS Mary MARTIN Catherine
    0755M 17.02.1876 MORRIS Alonzo Ephrain MORRIS Alonzo KENNARD Alice ANDREWS Annie
    0681M 30.01.1862 MORRISEY Patrick George MORRISEY Patrick BYRAN Catherine KENELLY Bridget
    1259M 28.01.1914 MORTON James MORTON Adam FERRY Annie HARRINGTON Annie
    1311M 09.08.1887 MOTT Alfred George  MOTT David McGEE Margaret  OPITZ Margaret Emile
    1310M 24.06.1885 MOTT Emma MOTT David HARVEY Mary Ann  SUTHERLAND William James
    1590M 15.10.1856 MOYLAN Julia MOYLAN Patrick ROACHE Julia DRISOLL Denis
    0313M 19.09.1866 MUBREHILE Bridget MUBREHILE Jermiah MUBREHILE Mary RYANS John
    0795M 14.02.1953 MUDGWAY Stanley John MUDGWAY Amos James BEVERIDGE Nettie HOWELL Shirley Dawn
    1053M 21.01.1856 MULHOLLAND Fanny WHITEHEAD John JOHNSON Sarah TOOMEY James
    1054M 25.01.1856 MULLEN Mary Jane MULLEN Charles EVANS Mary ELLIS Charles
    1079M 06.08.1876 MULLINS Mary Jane MULLINS John FOGARTY Ann Erskine KRAUSE John Henry
    0704M 29.06.1858 MURPHY Timothy MURPHY John CORNISH Margaret GRANT Ellen
    1367M 29.06.1858 MURPHY Timothy MURPHY John CORNISH Margaret GRANT Ellen
    1716M 18.01.1890 MURPHY William MURPHY Bartholemew  DOLLING ? Jane Theresa HILL Julia
    0346M 19.06.1854 NAILAN Michael NAILAN William MCMAHON Honor RIDDEN Bridget
    0330M 28.09.1889 NANCARROW Stephen NANCARROW Richard John RODDA Elizabeth Jane HALL Margaret Ellen
    1440M 24.04.1889 NELSON Alfred ? NELSON John Millbank ? HADLEY Louie JOHNSON Mary Ann
    0727M 17.03.1930 NIALL Michael NIALL Michael O"CONNOR Annie LLOYD Dorothy
    0899M 16.11.1905 O'BRIEN Elizabeth O'BRIEN Richard CASTLETON Harriet CONNORS John Henry
    0406M 17.10.1911 O'BRIEN Elizabeth A. O'BRIEN James HENNEY Jane PERKINS Charles Ernest
    0898M 27.12.1880 O'BRIEN Richard O'BRIEN Patrick HIGGINS Marianne CASTLETON Harriet
    0553M 09.01.1884 O'BRIEN Sarah Descales O'BRIEN Robert BOYLE Margaret DONOVAN Martin
    2665M 17.01.1863 O'CONNELL Owen O'CONNELL Dan'l MULCAHY Hanah GRAHAM Mary
    0900M 06.04.1882 O'CONNOR John O'CONNOR   John BEDFORD Henreitta
    0977M 20.11.1869 O'CONNOR Michael O'CONNOR Michael SHEAHAN Mary RUSSELL Mary Catherine
    0881M 20.31.862 O'HALLERON George O'HALLERON George RICE Anne HEALY Monica?
    0785M 02.03.1862 O'HALLORAN George O'HALLORAN George RICE Anne HEALY ?
    1378M 10.09.1868 O'KANE John O'KANE Roger MASSEY Ellen WALSH Hannah
    1715M 14.01.1890 O'KEEFE Daniel O'KEEFE Owen KAVENAGH Elizabeth CONHEADY Ellen
    1344M 03.10.1867 OLIVER Samuel OLIVER Thos Hodge CHICK Mary Ann WILKINSON Emma
    1363M 26.09.1874 O'MEARA John Bernard O'MEARA Michael WILSON Mary MISSON Emily
    2341M 09.10.1857 OORACK Margaret ORRACK George LUTTET ? Janet GILCHRIST David
    1311M 09.08.1887 OPITZ Margaret Emile  OPITZ Ch McGLASHAN Mary  MOTT Alfred George
    1155M 24.02.1909 OSBORNE Edward Jago OSBORNE Samuel JANE Sophia MIDDLIN Janet Agnes
    1154M 22.02.1909 OSBORNE George Victor OSBORNE Thomas SIRE Mary Ann LANE Ruth
    1446M 27.08.1869 OSBORNE William OSBORNE Michael DUNN Catherine LONG Kate
    3338M 25.12.1858 OSWARD James OSWALD Michael WHAN Jane Elizabeth
    1081M 19.09.1876 O'TOOLE Alfred O'TOOLE Paddy Biddy BULL Eliza
    2645M 21.06.1852 PARKER Henry RODGERS Mary
    1615M 26.-7.1866 PARKER Mary Jane ANDREWS James PILLING Mary HORNSBY James Robert
    0295M 05.09.1868 PARSLOW Eilzabeth PARSLOW James MEIGHAN Mary PRENDERGAST John
    3241M 27.08.1853 PARSON Eliza PARSON William BACON James
    2733M 07.02.1868 PATERSON John PATERSON LUFORTH Ellen MONTFORD Maria
    2723M 07.04.1898 PATERSON John Francis PATERSON John MOUNTFORD Maria DeLaHAYE Mary Ann
    2611M 23.10.1920 PATERSON John William George PATERSON John  Mary Ann LAYBURN Verna Irene
    0950M 18.06.1890 PAYNTER Evangeline C.C PAYNTER John FRANKLIN Elizabeth BRASIER William Thomas
    0306M 18.06.1874 PENTALUNICK Louisa PENRTALUNICK Abraham JULIAN ?? GEORGE Sampson
    2668M 29.11.1882 PERGALLE ? Blanche Emily PERGALLE ? HOLMES Thomas William Henry
    0406M 17.10.1911 PERKINS Charles Ernest PERKINS Robert KNEE Sarah O'BRIEN Elizabeth A.
    2565M 19.07.1865 PETER James PETER James JACKSON Mary COX Isabella
    2724M 13.04.1898 PETERBRIDGE Anna PETERBRIDGE Richard DENNER Lavina ISK Charles
    1460M 1851 PHILLIPS Amy BALL Charles
    0946M 13.12.1856 PICKING Alfred PICKING Isaac MUNCY Maria TALBOT Jane
    1349M 02.11.1846 PILKINGTON Mary MIDDLETON Charles
    0963M 21.11.1857 PILLEAR Elizabeth PILLEAR Thomas BLACK Maria CORRAN John Joseph
    0381M 24.10.1917 PINEO Annie PINEO Douglas George PETERS Susan STEWART Hugh
    3351M 30.08.1893 PITTY Catherine Mary PITTY George ROBERTS Charles Edward
    0695M 06.02.1902 PLATTS William James PLATTS Joseph HAINES Sarah McCLOY Mary Jane
    0809M 09.03.1903 POOLE Adelaide Rebecca POOLE Benjamin SLADE Ellen HOWELL George William
    0793M 31.01.1901 POOLE Francis John POOLE Benjamin John SLADE Ellen HOWELL Edith
    0405M 14.10.1911 POPE William Francis POPE Thomas MADDREN Lynda HANAN Eliza
    2438M 01.01.1859 POTTER Elizabeth POTTER George ? Elizabeth BLAIR James William
    0295M 5.09.1868 PRENDERGAST John PRENDERGAST John DWYER Elizabeth PARSLOW Elizabeth
    0554M 24.01.1884 PRIOR Charles PRIOR Gottleib RUSSELL Christina RUDKINS Mary
    2440M 04.01.1859 PURNELL Edwin PURNELL Edwin DOCKERY ? Ann HIGGINBOTHAM Olivia
    1688M 29.12.1875 PYERS Thomas
    1014M 08.10.1841 QUIGLEY Edmond SHANNESY Ellen
    0976M 19.11.1869 QUIGLEY Edward QUIGLEY Edward SHANNESSY Ellen TYACK Catherine
    0735M 18.12.1889 QUINN Julia GIBSON James
    0786M 16.03.1862 QUINN Mary Anne QUINN Martin GLYAN Mary JONES William Alexander
    0882M 16.03.1862 QUINN Mary Anne QUINN Martin GLYSON Mary JONES William Alexander
    0343M 27.06.1861 QUNN Mary QUINN Martin GUTHRIE Mary CONNELLAN
    1214M 01.05.1937 RAE Robert Victor RAE Alexander ALLEN Mary SCOTT Jessie Noel
    0326M 06.08.1881 RAINFORD Thomas RAINFORD Joseph BATES Elizabeth BARKER Alice Mary
    1136M 15.06.1860 RAMISDON John RAMISDON Samuel CLEGG Elizabeth HOWELL Annie
    1270M 12.10.1879 RAMSEY Isabella  RAMSEY Thomas  DELANEY Mary COMTE Stephen
    0841M 01.10.1890 RANDALL Alfred Daniel RANDALL Alfred McEWAN Margaret HALL Mary Ann
    0597M 31.07.1901 REED Richard REED Richard WEBBER Mary GRAY Sarah Elizabeth
    0334M 29.09.1873 RENWICK John RENWICK Thomas HARD ?? Isabella SCOTT Agnes
    0337M 28.01.1853 RHOOK Matthew WALKER Barbara
    1482M 17.05.1842 RICHARDS George MacKINNON Margaret
    0843M 15.10.1890 RICHARDSON Eliza BURNS Peter McLEOD ?   Ann SPERLING Fredrick
    0831M 21.03.1837 RICHARDSON Henry BUTTSWORTH Elizabeth
    0844M 02.01.1883 RICHARDSON Henry John RICHARDSON Henry BUTTSWORTH Elizabeth J. BURNS Eliza
    2499M 02.06.1897 RICHARDSON Rowland RICHARDSON Rowland KNEEBONE Susannah Birkett HANCOCK Emily
    1687M 21.10.1875 RICHTER Edward RICHTER Henry SAVVILLE Charlottte SALT Susan Eliza
    1447M 06.05.1876 RICKARD Joseph RICKARD John FERRELL Caroline
    0346M 19.06.1854 RIDDEN Bridget RIDDEN John MCMAHON Mary NAILAN Michael
    3337M 24.12.1858 RIDGWAY Caroline Louisa RIDGWAY Joseph B ? Abigal ROBERTS William
    0750M 04.02.1882 RIORDAN Catherine RIORDAN John RICH ?? COTTER James
    0303M 07.05.1913 ROBB Margaret ROBB John COOPER Martha MCCULLOCH Henry
    3303M 30.09.1886 ROBERTS Abigail Bertha ROBERTS William Louisa MacFADYEN Neil
    3351M 30.08.1893 ROBERTS Charles Edward ROBERTS PITTY Catherine Mary
    3337M 24.12.1858 ROBERTS William ROBERTS Robert McCONNOR? Caroline RIDGWAY Caroline Louisa
    2645M 21.06.1852 RODGERS Mary PARKER John
    3018M 17.11.1867 Rohan Philip Keating,Mary
    1616M 02.09.1885 ROSE Evelyn ROSE Frederick George BYRNE Margaret SALAS George Frederick
    2667M 09.11.1882 ROSS David Menzie ROSS James MENZIE Ann WESTBROOK Elizabeth Sarah S.
    2651M 19.05.1859 ROWE John ROWE James ORCHARD Jane GRAY Elizabeth
    0332M 03.12.1902 ROWSON Harry Montana ROWSON Joseph Gasked ? MINCHIN Kate Ann LAVENDER Clara Frances
    0344M 15.05.1901 ROY Louis Henry ROY Alexander GRANT Louise HICKS Louisa
    1436M 09.04.1884 ROYAL George Alferd ROYAL William WARD Mary CAPENESS Emma Maria
    1338M 12.01.1857 RUDDELE George RUDDELL Samuel CASSELL Sarah DUFFY Mary
    0554M 24.01.1884 RUDKINS Mary WALSH Michael BERGIN Julia PRIOR Charles
    0977M 20.11.1869 RUSSELL Mary Catherine RUSSELL James READY Mary O'CONNOR Michael
    1052M 09.01.1856 RUSSELL William RUSSELL George RUSSELL Mary GEOFFRY Sarah Walton
    0694M 05.02.1902 RYAN Alfred Joseph RYAN John Robinson Margaret GREYSON Clara Lucy
    0389M 23.10.1856 RYAN John RYAN John WARREN Rosa Anne HOPE Elizabeth
    0357M 12.01.1852 RYAN Patrick FITZGERALD Alice
    3234M 06.10.1862 RYAN James RYAN John HYLAN Jane RYAN Margaret
    3234M 06.10.1862 RYAN Margaret RYAN William HARRINGTON Mary RYAN James
    1717M 27.01.1890 RYAN Thomas RYAN Timothy MONAGHAN Alice BOURKE Elizabeth
    0313M 19.09.1866 RYANS John RYANS James FINSIDE ? Mary MUBREHILL Bridget
    1616M 02.09.1885 SALAS George Frederick SALAS Frederick CUTFORTH Annie ROSE Evelyn
    0324M 07.07.1897 SALMON Sarah SALMON Thomas MCGILLIVRAY Agnes DRYDEN David
    1687M 21.10.1875 SALT Susan Eliza SALT Robert STOCKWELL Eliza RICHTER Edward
    1345M 21.10.1867 SAMPSON William Thos SAMPSON William HOCKING Elizabeth WALLIS Mary Jane
    0349M 01.02.1888 SANDERS James SANDERS William MALONE Margaret CALLINAN Maria Josephine
    3184M 14.07.185 SAVAGE Elizabeth SAVAGE Thomas JOLSON Mary WHITE Joseph
    1439M 24.04.1889 SAWYER Fanny Helen SAWYORS William KENNEDY Charlotte BEGGS John Richard
    0978M 22.06.1863 SCHROODER Charles William SCHROODER Heinrich CERSTEN Charlotte CUTHBERTSON Philadelphea
    0345M 26.06.1901 SCOBBIE Alexander SCOBBIE James ROBERTS Sarah CAHILL Nora
    0334M 29.09.1873 SCOTT Agnes SCOTT James ORR Jane RENWICK John
    1087M 01.12.1897 SCOTT Anna Maria SCOTT Frederick McKENNA Anna Maria TAYLOR David Henry
    1246M 23.12.1933 SCOTT Arthur Clarence SCOTT David CASTLE Minnie TERNS Evelyn Sarah
    1214M 01.05.1937 SCOTT Jessie Noel SCOTT David Carey HEMPEL Pauline Harriet RAE Robert Victor
    0307M 19.06.1874 SCOTT Teresa HUGHES Eugene DARCY Margaret WILLIAMS Matthew
    0325M 11.07.1881 SHADFORTH William Adams. SHADFORTH James MCINTOSH Ann JONES Bridget
    1014M 08.10.1841 SHANNESY Ellen QUIGLEY Edmond
    0404M 18.10.1911 SHARPE William Augustus SHARPE Charles Joseph MORTON Mary Jane JORDAN Helena
    1458M 24.02.1857 SHEA Honora SHEA Daniel McMAHON Honora MOLONY George
    0348M 14.02.1888 SHEEHAN Denis SHEEHAN Luke SHEEHAN Mary KINANE Minnie
    0596M 11.07.1901 SHEPHERD David SHEPHERD David WHITE Elizabeth EASTWOOD Polly
    1483M 23.05.1842 SHILLINGLAW William BLEMMER Joan
    0945M 06.12.1856 SHOTFORD James SHOTFORD Joshua CAMPBELL Margaret WALLACE Ann
    2630M 11.07.1872 SIDWELL John SIDWELL Thomas SHARPLE ? Elizabeth DAVIS Eleanor
    0388M 13.12.1902 SIMMONS Alice SIMMONS Anthony TOWZER Eliza COLLINS William Patrick
    0980M 02.07.1863 SIMMONS Mary Ann SIMMONS Thomas BOOBAT Mary Ann CAMPBELL Dugald
    1353M 03.01.1878 SIMMS Charles SIMMS George WENDLAND Charlotte KILKENNY Bridget
    3227M 14.07.1859 SLATTERY Johanna SLATTERY Edmond MEGET ? Catherine CONWAY Daniel
    0840M 15.03.1898 SLEEP Edith Winifred SLEEP Thomas David NANCARROW Elizabeth Jane HICKS George
    0552M 27.03.1895 SMITH Elizabeth Ann SMITH John SMITH Mary Ann McDOUGAL Peter Joseph
    0361M 03.06.1873 SMITH Thomas SMITH Henry DOBBS Elizabeth GOURLAY Elizabeth Andis.
    2632M 19.07.1872 SMITH Mary Ann SMITH James AGAR ? Evis? LAWTON John
    1584M 01.09.1924 SMITH Robert James Holderness SMITH James Edward Hannah TONGUE Florence Alpha
    1613M 19.07.1866 SMITH Thomas Henry SMITH Richard HOSKING ? Mary McPHEIL Annie
    1061M 27.09.1875 SORAGHAN Rosanna Agnes SORAGHAN Owen O'BRIEN Kate LODGE Thomas James
    3081M 29.03.1876 SOUTHGATE Mary Ann COOMBS John Parsons HARTLEY Ann Maria BROOME Charles
    2676M 20.07.1896 SPEECHLEY Amy Florence SPEECHLEY Alfred GARWELL Emily TRIPP William
    0323M 07.07.1897 SPENCER Margaret Alice SPENCER Thomas WHITE Sarah DRYDEN Joseph Andrew
    0843M 15.10.1890 SPERLING Fredrick SPERLING John BANISTER Sarah RICHARDSON Eliza
    0592M 24.12.1879 SPRETT Sarah Martha SPRETT Moses (dec) OTOLE ? Catherine WILLIAMS John Henry
    3263M 17.04.1877 STEELE Phoebe STEELE Charles CORNISH Elizabeth WRIGLEY James Joseph
    0319M 24.01.1899 STEVENS Emily Charlotte STEVENS George Edwards ANDREWS Mary Grant BROWN Samuel
    2725M 04.05.1898 STEVENSON Lionel William STEVENSON George SWAN Amy DAINTON Elizabeth
    0381M 24.10.1917 STEWART Hugh STEWART John McKAY Jessie PINEO Annie
    1080M 08.09.1876 STEWART Jane STEWART Thomas HENDERSON Mary GRAHAM John
    1490M 22.06.1842 STEWART Eugina STEWART Gideon
    1614M 20.07.1866 STEWART Georgina STEWART Alexander KAY Euphemia FENNER Thomas Paris
    1490M 22.06.1842 STEWART Gideon STEWART Eugina
    1618M 17.09.1885 STEWART James STEWART Gideon STEWART Georgina MARWOOD Emily
    1362M 03.09.1874 STEWART Janet STEWART Robert CAMPBELL Catherine BONGTSSON Johan
    3238M 22.07.1852 STEWART Janet STEWART Thomas ? ?? Isabella BOWES Joseph F.
    1430M 06.08.1877 STONE Ellen JACOBS James
    2647M 24.06.1852 STRINGER Esther KITCHEN John
    0363M 19.10.1870 STRONGMAN William STRONGMAN William CARTER Catherine TERRY Mary
    0751M 05.12.1880 SUGDEN William SUGDEN William Johnstone FROST Louisa McNEIL Eliza
    0331M 30.10.1869 SURPELL Ann (widow) ROSSCROW Thomas BOND Ann TEAGUE John
    1376M 05.09.1868 SUTCLIFFE John SUTCLIFFE John Allen APPLETON Mary KENNY Ann
    1310M 24.06.1885 SUTHERLAND William James  SUTHERLAND William  HARVEY Mary Ann  MOTT Emma
    1462M 1851 SWEEP John BLADES Jane
    0901M 11.04.1882 SYMONS Eugine Horsley SYMONS Robert ADAMS Sarah Ann IVERSON Ivor
    1013M 18.12.1891 TAIG Thomas TAIG James McKENNA Catherine GARMENT Emily
    0946M 13.12.1856 TALBOT Jane TALBOT Henry FARNEY Jane PICKING Alfred
    0944M 11.12.1894 TANNER James TANNER James KINGSTONE Gertrude DOBELL Mary
    1702M 20.08.1870 TANNER Catherine TANNER Thomas CONNELL Catherine McILVENNA James
    1087M 01.12.1897 TAYLOR David Henry TAYLOR John HENRY Barbara SCOTT Anna Maria
    3261M 14.04.1879 TAYLOR Henry TAYLOR William RANCH Mary CORVEN Mary Ann
    3254M 25.01.1911 TAYLOR May Olive Cordelia TAYLOR Harry CORVEN Mary Ann MILLAR Ernest Bertrand
    1336M 10.01.1857 TAYLOR Sarah TAYLOR James TAYLOR Jane MAIRS David
    0331M 30.10.1869 TEAGUE John TRAGUE John OSBORNE Catherine SURPELL Ann
    1246M 23.12.1933 TERNS Evelyn Sarah TERNES Henry McDONALD Eva SCOTT Arthur Clarence
    0363M 19.10.1870 TERRY Mary TERRY Thomas Rilington LONG Elizabeth STRONGMAN William
    0320M 23.02.1899 THOMPSON William Henry B THOMPSON James Storey RYAN Nora CURRIE Catherine
    1593M 12.07.1858 THORNE Charles THORNE Joshua ROBERTS Susan ASTELL Mary Ann
    3262M 15.04.1879 TIERNEY Catherine Adelaide TEIRNEY Peter RYAN Winifred HEAPHY Daniel
    0839M 07.03.1898 TODD Elizabeth Jane TODD William CLARKE Mary Anne COX William John
    3071M 06.02.1861 TOKLEY Richard David MOSS Emma COOTE Emma
    0811M 09.03.1903 TOLLENACHE Ernest Dysant TOLLENACHE John Welbraham KENT Caroline BANGHAM Catherine
    0336M 02.05.1901 TOLLIT Annie TOLLIT Charles LARCOMBE Mary TROUNSON Thomas
    0347M 22.06.1854 TONER Patrick TONER James CARROL Anne FARRELL Catherine
    1443M 06.12.1872 TONGUE Elias TONGUE Elias HILLARD Mary CARSON Lillian
    1584M 01.09.1924 TONGUE Florence Alpha TONGUE William SMITH Robert James H.
    1060M 12.07.1875 TOOMEY Edward TOOMEY James WHITEHEAD Fanny COATES Louisa Baker
    1053M 21.01.1856 TOOMEY James TOOMEY Patrick URRAY Catherine MULHOLLAND Fanny
    0329M 09.09.1889 TOSHACK Catherine TOSHACK William WARLOW Catherine FORBES George
    3016M 12.11.1867 Tracey Charles Austin Shannahan,Mary
    2342M 20.10.1857 TRACEY George Seward TRACEY George Seward WINTER Maria McRAE Catherine
    2362M 12.05.1881 TRACEY Robert TRACEY George Seward WINTER Mary YOUNG May
    0801M 14.04.1873 TRASH Louisa TRASH Henry HOWELL George
    2666M 06.11.1882 TREACY Richard Moore TREACY George Seward WINTER Maria DWYER Clara Ellen
    2439M 05.01.1859 TREACY William Winter TREACY George Seward WINTER Maria HARDY Jane
    2676M 20.07.1896 TRIPP William TRIPP Richard CARIGAN ? Margaret SPEECHLEY Amy Florence
    0327M 25.08.1881 TROOD Thomas TROOD John BODY Sarah BAMFORD Jane Eleanor
    0991M 20.04.1918 TROUNSON Edwin Henry TROUNSON Francis DOEL Fanny TONSISE Violet (ALLEN)
    1211M 20.04.1918 TROUNSON Edwin Henry TROUNSON Francis ? ALLEN Violet
    0336M 02.05.1901 TROUNSON Thomas TROUNSON Francis DOEL Fanny TOLLIT Annie
    0551M 17.09.1873 TURNER Agnes TURNER Hugh McGIBBON Agnes BAYLISS Edward
    0298M 16.06.1906 TURNER Ella Rose TURNER Francis KANE Mary Armstrong COX Joseph
    1442M 25.11.1872 TURNER Mary TURNER Clarkson BANOW Martha McCoy Thomas
    1461M 04.04.1851 TURVEY Mary Ann DUTTON William
    0976M 19.11.1869 TYACK Catherine McKENNA Thomas SHERRY Bridget QUIGLEY Edward
    0964M 08.12.1857 TYACK James TYACK Thomas MOORISH Sarah Jane McKENNAH Catherine
    0322M 01.07.1897 TYECK Sarah TYECK James MCKENNA Catherine DEWAR Robert
    3080M 22.03.1876 VICKERS George VICKERS George ROSS Isabella JAMES Mary Jane
    1429M 31.08.1875 VINEY Thomas JACOBS Eliza
    0354M 29.08.1874 VITTLER Josephine VITTLER John SCHRO ?? MCCOY James
    1375M 10.10.1900 VOS Bernard VOS Meyer Benjamin CRAWFORD Violet Elizabeth
    1489M 13.06.1842 WAKEFIELD William ?? Mary
    1341M 25.12.1856 WAKEFORD Louisa WAKEFORD William JENNINGS Maria HUTCHINSON Thomas
    0337M 28.01.1853 WALKER Barbara RHOOK Matthew
    1245M 18.11.1933 WALKER Reginald John WALKER Augustus ?nry Carl MARTIN Margaret CROKER Sylvia May
    2694M 06.04.1922 WALKER Neil Strachom ? WALKER Frances STRACHAM Hellen Ross YUNNIE Margaret Catherine
    0945M 06.12.1856 WALLACE Ann WALLACE Edmond Crowe Ann SHOTFORD
    1345M 21.10.1867 WALLIS Mary Jane WALLIS Thomas TREMBATH Ann SAMPSON William Thos
    1441M 23.11.1872 WALLWORTH Thomas Hiram WALLWORTH APPLELEY Martha WILKINSON Martha
    0749M 26.01.1882 WALSH Mary WALSH Robert KELLY Mary DUNNE Thomas
    1378M 10.09.1868 WALSH Hannah WALSH John STEPHENS Mary Anne O'KANE John
    0305M 13.05.1874 WARD Maria Kate WARD William LAMPING ? Maria ELLIS William Robert
    2693M 28.04.1922 WARD Harold Greening WARD James Greening LITTLE Mary Jane HORE Ivy
    1171M 14.01.1871 WARWAY Henry WARWAY Henry CROUTE ? Elisabeth COX Sarah
    1244M 19.10.1933 WATERS Eunice Evelyn WATERS Harvey CHEEP Emily KELLACK Arthur Edward
    2340M 01.10.1857 WATSON Mary WATSON Samuel ANDERSON Mary WRAY James
    0794M 08.02.1930 WEEKS Rita Claris WEEKS Herbert Harold HUGHSDON Margart Ann HOWELL Ernest George
    0937M 25.05.1882 WELDON Henrietta WELDON James William HARVEY Matthew Thomas
    0341M 23.12.1860 WELSH Margaret WELSH Robert SHEEN Mary KEBBLE George
    2667M 09.11.1882 WESTBROOK Elizabeth Sarah Scott WESTBROOK John Scott STEVENS Jane ROSS David Menzie
    0299M 20.06.1906 WESTON Alfred Arthur WESTON Richard REILLY Margaret CHARLES Selina
    3226M 10.07.1859 WHELAN Mary WHELAN Thomas CURRAN Bridget BAKER John Edward
    0338M 08.02.1853 WHERRY Jane KING James
    3301M 15.07.1886 WHINFIELD Stephen WHINFIELD Stephen Elizabeth McFADYEN Lilly
    3017M 13.11.1867 White Joseph Byrns,Mary
    3184M 14.07.185 WHITE Joseph WHITE John HANSEN Betsy SAVAGE Elizabeth
    0300M 01.09.1897 WILD Edith WILD Thomas OVEREND Elizabeth BERRYMAN Edward John
    3302M 17.08.1886 WILKINSON Davis WILKINSON Robert Faulds Margaret DRUMMOND Elizabeth Emma
    1344M 03.10.1867 WILKINSON Emma WILKINSON John WATSON Lydia OLIVER Samuel
    1347M 16.02.1867 WILKINSON John WILKINSON John WATSON Lydia COOK Mary Ann
    1351M 18.04.1871 WILKINSON Joseph WILKINSON John WATSON Lydia FRAZER Christina
    1441M 23.11.1872 WILKINSON Martha Katherine WILKINSON Henry BRYANT Martha WALLWORTH Thomas Hiram
    1343M 22.03.1864 WILKINSON Maryann WILKINSON John WATSON Lydia COOPER William Tupper
    1342M 22.01.1880 WILKINSON Rosetta HARRIS Walter
    1354M 28.01.1878 WILKINSON William WILKINSON John WATSON Lydia ELDRIDGE Mary Ann
    0592M 24.12.1879 WILLIAMS John Henry WILLIAMS John Henry LOCHYER Mary Ann SPRETT Sarh Martha
    0307M 19.06.1874 WILLIAMS Matthew WILLIAMS Michael EYELBY Ann SCOTT Teresa
    2617M 00.12.1879 WILLIAMS John WILLIAMS John Henrietta FISHER Mary
    0845M 17.01.1883 WILLIAMSON Maria Jane WILLIAMSON John GREEN Sarah BEECH William Edmund
    0683M 04.03.1862 WILLIS Christopher WILLIS James Teale Anne McGUINE Hannah
    1255M 08.09.1921 WILLISCROFT Alfred  WILLISCROFT Alfred  THOMAS Jane HAMILTON Vera
    0782M 04.03.1878 WILSON George WILSON John COBERSON? Elizabeth COLEMAN Emma
    1355M 23.12.1908 WILSON Alice Ada Elizabeth WILSON George TOCK Jane Elizabeth GRANT James Highmore
    3079M 14.03.1876 WINTERBOTTOM James WINTERBOTTOM Samuel POUTEFRED Mary Ann ARUNDALE Jane Ann
    0546M 09.07.1866 WINTERBURN Reuben WINTERBURN John HICKEN Sarah CONNIFF Margaret
    0301M 07.04.1913 WOODMAN Anne WOODMAN John BENTICK Eliza Tomlin HEWAT Charles Andrew
    1340M 13.11.1856 WOODS Thomas WOODS Chapma ASHBY Mary JENKINSON Susana
    0302M 14.04.1913 WOOKEY Myrtle Lilian WOOKEY . BLACKMORE Annie Coster BRANDER Duncan
    2654M 01.03.1941 WORMINGTON John Henry WORMINGTON John Henry WORMINGTON Annie JACKSON Doris Monica
    2340M 01.10.1857 WRAY James WRAY William HOLMES Eliza WATSON Mary
    3263M 17.04.1877 WRIGLEY James Joseph WRIGLEY Stephen HOLDEN ? Jane STEELE Phoebe
    1088M 21.12.1897 YOUNG Francis YOUNG Robert Authur BOLGER Elizabeth LAINSON Emma
    1135M 07.06.1860 YOUNG Robert YOUNG Francis England YOUNG Ann BOULGER Elizabeth
    2362M 12.05.1881 YOUNG May LANSBOROUGH ? James HOLLAND Mary TRACEY Robert
    2694M 06.04.1922 YUNNIE Margaret Catherine YUNNIE Alexander S. Douglas SUTHERLAND Isabel Jean WALKER Neil Stracham

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