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    We aim to place here information of a general nature that may be topical and/or helpful in your research. Sometimes there will be links to external sites and sometimes there will be pages from our site highlighted. Please be aware that we cannot control what is on the external links (although when we looked last they were OK). If you find anything offensive please let us know and we will remove the link. Thank You.

    Don't forget to check our Updates page for all site updates and new pages.

  • August, 2012

    Family History Week 2012
  • September, 2011

    Seeking entries for our 4th publication - "Families of the Echuca & Moama Districts".

      Entries are invited from families who lived in the following localities: In Victoria: Ballendella, Bamawm, Barmah, Echuca, Echuca Village, Kanyapella, Kotta, Koyuga, Lockington, McEvoys, Millewa, Nanneella, Patho, Piavella, Pine Grove, Restdown, Rochester, Roslynmead, Strathallan, Tennyson, Tongala, Torrumbarry, Wyuna, Yambuna and In NSW: Bunnaloo, Caldwell, Mathoura, Moama, Thyra and Womboota.

      One entry for a surname;
      Contains majority of 'local' relevance;
      1000 words or less;
      At least one photograph allowed.
      For further information email or post entry to P.O.Box 707, Echuca, Vic 3564,

  • September, 2006

    State Library's.

      The State Library of Victoria and the State Library of NSW hold massive amounts of information relative to your family history research.

      By registering online (or over the phone) you can gain access to their -
      Registering is very simple, you can do it over the phone or online. Within 5 to 10 working days you will receive a library card. When you complete the registration process (online or over the phone) you will have access to those databases. You must register with the library in the state that you reside.

      They include the Times Digital Archive 1785-1985 which is the complete content of the London Times, fully searchable and viewable as images.

    Copyright Law In Australia!

      This is a new link in our collection of Links. Click here to read about how copyright laws apply in Australia. It is a simple explanation and of great importance when you are trying to protect your work.

    Photographic Index's!

      Just in case you missed the announcement in the Updates page, we would like to take this opportunity to point out a new section of the website - Churches and Historical Buildings.

      What do you think of when you think churches!

      Well some people think of marriage, Sunday School, sitting through the sermon, family times, community times and sad times. With so many old buildings being pulled down or 'renovated' we thought we would try and collect current images of (hopefully) all the district churches. Some church pages have a short written history. We would like to help people remember their churches or see the churches that their ancestors worshiped in.

      What about those memories of going with mum to get the baby weighed? The Alton Gallery was once where new mums went to get their babies weighed and checked by the local health centre sisters.

      Did you know there is a website that you can look up photos from day's gone by? Picture Australia is an Internet based service that allows you to search many significant online pictorial collections at the same time.

      Why not give it a go? Just click on Picture Australia and type in a word in the search box - try Echuca, or your surname! - and see what you get.

    • July, 2006

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