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    Stray Certificates - Births

    Stray Certificates are certificates that our members have ordered for themselves and on which are listed other entries.

    If you find a name you are interested in please make a note of the "Stray Certificate" Number in the first column and contact Echuca - Moama Family History Group by email, mail or pop into our room during opening times.

    Number Date Person Father Mother Place
    3169B 25.04.1862 ? William ? Nicholas MURPHY Ellen Sandhurst
    2454B 02.11.1852 ABBOTT Elizabeth ABBOTT Clarke ABBOTT Matilda Melbourne
    0396B 18.01.1864 ADAMS Jannet ADAMS William SHORT Mary Jane White Hills
    1151B 29.10.1890 ADAMS Mary Ellen ADAMS Alfred WHILPDALE Eden Ballarat
    2587B 11.12.1877 AGG Frederick Conway AGG William Henry WEBB Elizabeth Clara South Yarra
    1140B 31.10.1863 ALFORD Samuel Thomas ALFORD Thomas McEFFER Eliza Lydia Avoca
    2334B 11.07.1867 ALLAN Samuel ALLAN Samuel ALLAN Agnes Emerald Hill
    2586B 04.11.1877 ALLAN Stanley ALLAN Richard HENDERSON Margaret South Yarra
    3061B 18.11.1869 ALLAN Edwin Charles ALLAN John HATTER Elizabeth Mount Duneed
    0277B 17.06.1881 ALLAN Emily Maude Mary ALLAN John PAYNE (WEBBER)Eleanor Macarthur V.
    3065B 02.05.1870 ANDERSON Mary Ann ANDERSON Charles McLEAN Isabella Mount Duneed
    1056B 18.07.1857 ANDERSON Janet Christina ANDERSON William WATT Beatrice Bacchus Marsh
    1189B 07.03.1878 ANDERSON Samuel Patterson ANDERSON John WILSON Agnes Collingwood
    0529B 12.05.1885 ANDREWS Ella May ANDREWS Elias NEWMAN Eliza Echuca
    1546B 19.06.1859 ARMSTRONG Jane Ann ARMSTRONG John SMITH Elizabeth Collingwood
    3498B 26.06.1860 BALFOUR James BALFOUR William BLACKBURN Mary Ringwood
    0262B 28.01.1872 BARAGUDY William   BARAGUDY Alice Melbourne V.
    1242B 29.11.1851 BARNES Mary BARNES Daniel TOWNS Mary Wigton Cumberland UK
    2669B 29.10.1877 BARTLETT John BARTLETT Gamaliel TAYACK Elizabeth Cornwall UK
    0758B 08.03.1886 BASTROP Margaret Emma BASTROP James MORLEY Frances Emma Echuca
    1431B 03.10.1851 BATE George BATE David Milley BATE Elizabeth Bellerine (Baptism)
    0265B 12.12.1874 BEARD Abraham Stephen T. BEARD William George FIRMAN Sarah Torrumbarry
    1073B 31.07.1860 BEARD Louisa Ellen BEARD William PRENDERGATH Eliza Jane Echuca
    0219B 23.11.1851 BEATON Susanna BEATON Charles FLYNN Susanna GeelongVic
    1373B 11.08.1875 BECK Amy BECK William KING Ellen Maria Cornella
    0730B 01.11.1871 BECK Ernest Paisley BECK Thomas James Gordon HUDE Letitia Melbourne North
    0286B 05.10.1905 BECKHAM Ivy BECKHAM James DIBBINS Amelia Echuca Vic.
    1127B 26.04.1852 BELSTON William Henry BELSTON Charles BELSTON Mary Melbourne baptism
    2468B 14.04.1858 BENNETT Edward Henry BENNETT Charles POULTER Maria Emerald Hill
    0201B 01.04.1858 BENNETTS Eliza (twin) BENNETTS Alfred THOMAS Elizabert Ballarat Vic
    0202B 01.04.1858 BENNETTS Alfred (twin) BENNETTS Alfred THOMAS Elizabeth Ballarat Vic
    0285B 16.10.1905 BERRYMAN Edna Elizabeth BERRYMAN John BERRYMAN Elizabeth Echuca Vic.
    0659B 24.08.1884 BILLINGS Henry Ernest BILLINGS William RICE Sarah Jane Richmond
    0266B 13.08.1874 BINGLEY Albert Augustice BINGLEY Bryan MCDONALD Mary Mt Hope Vic.
    3082B 26.11.1876 BIRRELL Richard Dean BIRRELL John DEAN Sarah 0
    3111B 00.09.1953 BIRRELL Carmel Monica BIRRELL Brenard HYETT Kathleen Monica Dalesford
    3112B 02.12.1912 BIRRELL Bernard Dean BIRRELL Richard Dean FARRELL Mary ? Mathoura
    2332B 01.06.1867 BLACK Christopher BLACK Juhn CONNOR Mary Emerald Hill
    0205B 21.05.1855 BLACK John BLACK Donald MCINTIRE Mary Ballarat Vic
    0678B 12.11.1861 BLACK Jane BLACK Henry KENNEDY Maria Melbourne
    1371B 14.03. 1875 BLACK Archibard MaGregor BLACK George WATSON Isabella Emily Tarwin
    3034B 20.06.1860 BLACKBURN Herbert BLACKBURN Alferd ATHA Mary White Hills
    2551B 03.10.1892 BLACKER Eliza Rebecca BLACKER John Thomas HENDY Anna Mary Heidleburg
    1631B 11.12.1868 BLYTH Agnes BLYTH John SMITH Mary Inglewood
    0533B 21.07.1878 BODKIN Henrietta Graham BODKIN William LORORY Maria Echuca
    3252B 08.05.1947 BOLT Julia Anne BOLT Arthur Joseph MILLER Ruby Cordelia Hobart
    0251B 06.05.1863 BOND Ester Ruth BOND Thomas Golding PALLISIN Mary Ann Collingwood E
    0590B 20.08.1862 BOULTER Ellen BOULTER John MILLS Caroline Collingwood
    3549B 24.02.1857 BOURKE Eliza BOURKE THOMAS SCARIFF Mary Ballarat
    1148B 07.11.1890 BOURKE Newman BOURKE Thomas Joseph WILKINSON Emily Ballarat
    1055B 17.07.1857 BOW Mary BOW Thomas BURNS Bridget Bacchus Marsh
    1368B 12.08.1881 BOWKET Minnie   BOWKER Alice Carlton
    2572B 09.12.1880 BOYD James BOYD John PATERSON Eliza Mt Korong
    1190B 03.02.1878 BRADBURYMartha Elizabeth  BRADBURY Squire DAVIS Frances Collingwood
    0587B 21.12.1862 BRADLEY Anne Amelia BRADLEY Charles Francis WISEMAN Louisa Collingwood
    3205B 19.01.1892 BRAIDWOOD Ellen Margaret BRAIDWOOD George COSTIGAN Mary Echuca
    3212B 29.08.1863 BRAIDWOOD George BRAIDWOOD Charles CARROLL Bridget Golden Square
    3231B 05.04.1894 BRAIDWOOD Catherine Doris BRAIDWOOD George COSTIGAN Mary Echuca
    3022B 28.10.1855 Braithwaite Mary Jane Braithwaite,James  Haynes,Jane  Emerald Hill
    3545B 28.10.1855 BRAITHWAITE Mary Jane BRAITHWAITE James HAYES Jane Melbourne
    3209B 10.08.1893 BREWER Robert Horace BREWER George Elliott DAVEY Elizabeth Golden Square
    2456B 28.02.1853 BROCK William Frederick BROCK James BROCK Eliza Melbourne
    0215B 10.12.1851 BROCKENSHAW Ellen BROCKENSHAW John BRIEN Ellen Geelong Vic
    1620B 17.01.1873 BROCKINSHAW Daniel Duncan   BROCKINSHAW Ellen Derby Vic
    3172B 01.11.1862 BROOKLEY Elizabeth BROOKLEY Robert BUMSON ? Jane Sandhurst
    1468B 24.01.1861 BROWN Jessie BROWN William MONTGOMERY Jane Echuca
    1606B 24.02.1843 BROWN John BROWN John CAYLE Bridget Melbourne (baptism)
    0538B 01.06.1885 BROWN Arthur Joseph BROWN Joseph HARWOOD Mary Ann Echuca
    0710B 24.01.1861 BROWN Tessie BROWN William MONTGOMERY Jane Echuca
    0721B 14.09.1934 BROWN Gibson Charles BROWN Thomas Gibson GIBSON Doris Mary Kalgoolie WA
    0969B 12.11.1861 BROWN Florance BROWN Benjamin COLL Caroline Indigo
    1019B 1885 BROWN John A BROWN John Alexander CLARKE Alice Evelyn Moulamein
    1020B 1885 BROWN Alice E.M. BROWN John Alexander CLARKE Alice Evelyn Moulamein
    1021B 02.04.1889 BROWN Violet Florence Victoria BROWN John Alexander CLARKE Alice Evelyn Echuca
    1576B 08.02.1887 BRUDENELL Arthur not stated not stated BRUDENELL Ellen Warragul
    2633B 25.12.1821 BUCKLEY Jane BUCKLEY James BUCKLEY Mary Parramatta
    1210B 27.04.1864 BUCKLEY John BUCKLEY William BOOTH Maria Collingwood
    1266B 08.04.1911 BUERCKNER Victoria Elizabeth Ann BUERCKNER Frederick William  HAYES Catherine Teresa  Yarrawonga
    1139B 20.02.1864 BULLOCK George Henry BULLOCK Henry PRATT Margaret Avoca
    3229B 18.03.1895 BURGESS Joseph Roy BURGESS John James O'DONOHOO Adelaide Mary Echuca
    1062B 19.02.1842 BURN Richard BURN James LYNCH Mary Melbourne, Baptism
    0291B 08.09.1883 BURNABY Beatrice V. BURNABY Joseph Matthas Counteway Delilah Echuca
    0689B 29.05.1864 BURTON William BURTON George KERINGBOLD Maria Sandhurst
    0990B 11.01.1867 BUTCHER Henry George BUTCHER Henry George ROE Margaret Echuca
    0989B 24.11.1866 BYRANT Ellen BYRANT Thomas HOWARD Margaret Echuca
    0744B 20.05.1861 CAIRNS (female no name) CAIRNS John ROPER Margaret Taradale Vic
    0745B 20.05.1861 CAIRNS (male no name) CAIRNS John ROPER Margaret Taradale Vic
    0743B 06.05.1861 CAMERON (Not named) CAMERON Robert BOUNTY Elizabeth Taradale Vic
    2453B 18.02.1853 CAMPBELL Archibald Francis CAMPBELL Archibald CAMPBELL Catherine Melbourne
    0656B 21.09.1884 CAMPBELL Ida Florence CAMPBELL William MAIN Francis Julia Richmond
    0912B 24.12.1866 CAMPBELL Ellen Eliza CAMPBELL Duncan William CROWTHERS Eliza Jane Mathoura
    0988B 23.02.1867 CAMPBELL not named CAMPBELL Dugald SIMMONS Mary Anne Echuca
    1612B 10.03.1843 CANALY Bridget CANALY Michael RYAN Honora Melbourne (baptism)
    0512B 13.10.1854 CARR Mary Ann CARR Francis CARLISLE Mary Creswick
    0217B 17.02.1852 CARROLL Catherine CARROLL Edwin CALAGHY Catherine Geelong Vic
    1674B 01.07.1849 CARRUTHERS Mary CARRUTHERS Richard TURNBULL Margaret Wigton, Cumberland UK
    2653B 01.07.1849 CARRUTHERS Mary CARRUTHERS Richard TURNBULL Margaret Cumberland UK
    1605B 06.03.1843 CARTER Patrick CARTER Michael MILLER Janet Melbourne (baptism)
    1127B 12.06.1852 CARTER Mary Ann CARTER Joseph CARTER Catherine Melbourne baptism
    1186B 31.01.1878 CARTER Richard Horaco CARTER Peter Gay McDONALD Maria Gay Collingwood
    0636B 15.08.1887 CARVEREdward William CARVERHenry Garret JOHNSTONE Florence Easton North Carlton
    1454B 06.07.1901 CHAMBERLAIN Ruby Victoria May CHAMBERLAIN William Thomas BUCKINGHAM Emma Wimbledon UK
    1005B 23.12.1895 CHEEP Ethel Irene CHEEP William Andrew WATERS Mary Elizabeth Echuca
    1127B 15.03.1852 CHILDERS Leonard George CHILDERS Hugh Culling Garby CHILDERS Emily Gardley Melbourne baptism
    1357B 07.12.1900 CHILTON George Henry CHILTON John Henry IROWD ?Mary Louisa Echuca
    0280B 07.12.1900 CHILTON George Henry CHILTON John Henry FROWD Mary Louisa Echuca Vic.
    2449B 30.05.1852 CHRISTIAN Edward William CHRISTIAN William David CHRISTIAN Margaret Melbourne
    2607B 08.05.1899 CHRISTOPHER Amelia CHRISTOPHER Hohn William PARSLIN ? Amelia South Melbourne
    0256B 11.05.1871 CLAPHAM Elizabeth Jane CLAPHAM John Goodman BAKER Ruth Casterton Vic
    1472B 14.02.1861 CLEARY John Thomas CLEARY John LYNCH Ann Echuca
    0714B 14.02.1861 CLEARY John Thomas CLEARY John Lynch Ann Echuca
    0719B 1859 CLEARY James CLEARY John LYNCH Ann Echuca
    1062B 29.01.1842 CLIFFORD Mary CLIFFORD Patrick FORD Mary Melbourne, Baptism
    0854B 13.07.1866 CLIFTON Minnie (twin) CLIFTON John SWAN Elizabeth Sarah Glenlance
    1433B 05.03.1852 CLOVER Jemima CLOVER George Clover Mary Bellerine (Baptism)
    2458B 03.08.1852 COBB Sussanah Elizabeth COBB John COBB Elizabeth Melbourne
    0376B 21.10.1867 COCHRANE Selina Ellen COCHRANE Thomas MASKELL Eliza New Gisborne
    0948B 13.07.1853 COCKRANE Theresa COCKRANE Robert COCKRANE Theresa Sydney
    2411B 24.05.1850 COE JAMES COE Levi COE Phoebe Melbourne
    0589B 15.12.1862 COGHILL John Henry COGHILL John HOWLETT Louisa Collingwood
    1599B 02.03.1843 COLEMAN Ellen COLEMAN Henry MANGARD Alicia Melbourne (baptism)
    0746B 08.04.1861 COLEMAN Mary COLEMAN Richard WHITTLE Mary Taradale Vic
    0424B 21.01.1865 COLLIE Albert COLLIE Henry HAY Catherine White Hills
    3494B 23.04.1907 Collins Robert George   Collins,Fanny Esther  0
    0223B 18.02.1852 CONLANNON Mary Anne CONLANNON Henry HUGHES Eleanor Mt Warre Vi
    2354B 03.08.1856 CONNOR Caroline Mary CONNOR Martin CONNOR Caroline Batmans Hill
    0850B 09.07.1866 CONNOR Clara Grace CONNOR Mathew TEMPLEMAN Margaret Nuggetty
    0197B 22.11.1825 COOK Mary Ann COOK James COOK Elizabeth Warwick Eng.
    2348B 22.08.1856 COOP Charles COOP John COOP Jane Melbourne
    0996 11.06.1876 COOPER Thomas Henry COOPER Edward Freeman FORRCOT Emma Echuca
    1126 04.09.1872 COOPER Christina Florence COOPER Alfred Groom CARRICK Christina Melbourne
    0190 22.09.1825 COPE Eliza COPE Joseph COPE Sarah Warwick Eng.
    3202 29.12.1891 CORBETT James CORBETT John TAYLOR Mary Elizabeth Bright
    3215 20.08.1863 COSTIGAN Mary COSTIGAN James HURLEY Ellen Ballarat
    0204 15.06.1855 COUCH Alice Maria COUCH William Henry SNOWDEN Agnes Frost Ballarat Vic
    0252 03.04.1886 COUTTS Richard COUTTS Richard CONDIE Jeanette Talbot Vic.
    1452 07.03.1855 COWAN John COWAN William MILNE Mary Bellarine
    1208 03.06.1864 COWELL Albert EDWARD COWELL Joshua SAUNDERS Louisa Collingwood
    0543 20.11.1884 COX Charles Henry COX Thomas WHITMORE Mary Echuca
    1282 16.06.1858 CRAVEN John CRAVEN Thomas  GABRIEL Eliza  Heathcote
    2431 27.11.1859 CREE Thomas CREE Thomas DAWSON (DURHAM) Margaret Echuca
    2672 27.11.1859 CREE Thomas CREE Thomas DAWSON Margaret Hawthorn
    3185 13.10.1863 CRESSARD Alexander CRESSARD John Spooner MAYNE Eliza Maria Geelong
    2446 06.03.1853 CROCKETT Elizabeth CROCKETT George CROCKETT Ann Melbourne
    2658 18.03.1864 CROUCH Frederick Joseph CROUCH Henry THOMAS Elizabeth Caroline Pleasant Creek
    2730 18.03.1864 CROUCH Frederick Joseph CROUCH Henry THOMAS Elizabeth Caroline Pleasant Creek
    0763 30.09.1865 CROWLEY Ellen CROWLEY ?Henry THOMAS Mary Jane Echuca
    2530 25.06.1871 CULLARD Sarah Jane CULLARD Thomas HOOPER Sarah Amhurst
    0399 14.11.1885 CUMMING Isabella Agnes CUMMING James HAY Jacobina Sandhurst
    2681 02.02.1858 CURRAN Ellen CURRAN James KELLY Margaret Heathcote
    1601 22.02.1843 CURTIS Elizabeth CURTIS Michael MOLLEY Sarah Melbourne (baptism)
    3033 29.04.1860 DALTON Alice DALTON John FARRELL Mary Ann Bendigo
    1449 20.01.1855 DALZIEL Margaret DALZIEL James SHIELD Janet Bellarine
    1621 10.03.1873 DAVIES Morris DAVIES Thomas MORRIS Mary Inglewood
    0368 21.04.1872 DAVIES Thomas DAVIES James BOSELY Susan Sandhurst
    0213 31.03.1881 DAVIS Sarah DAVIS Richard PEARCE Mary Ann Sandhurst Vic
    0643 02.12.1862 DAVIS Elizabeth DAVIS William COLLINS Margaret White Hills
    2351 13.08.1856 DAWBARN William Henry DAWBARN William DAWBARN Catherine Melbourne
    2720 20.04.1870b DAWSON Amelia DAWSON Henry Roly SHAW Louisa Echuca
    0442 09.08.1861 DAWSON Esther Maria DAWSON Charles Henry ESPLIN Jane White Hills
    1250 30.11.1863 DEAN Mary Ann twin DEAN Samuel CLINTON Catherine White Hills
    1251 30.11.1863 DEAN Thomas twin DEAN Samuel CLINTON Catherine White Hills
    1252 05.02.1864 DEAN Henry DEAN Abraham GWILLIM Esther Elizabeth White Hills
    3168 07.08.1862 DEMPSTER Eleanor DEMPSTER James GOW Margaret Sandhurst
    0815 19.01.1885 DENNIS Arthur Edwin George DENNIS Alfred WHITE Sophia South Yarra
    1610 19.01.1843 DICKENS John DICKENS John MULLONEY Catherine Melbourne (baptism)
    0537 22.07.1885 DICKSON John Martin DICKSON Alexander MARTIN Jane Echuca
    0860 24.07.1858 DIXON Emily DIXON Ward McINTOSH Honnoria Ballarat
    2715 08.04.1899 DOBBIE Dorothy May DOBBIE Henry VINECOMB Rowena Ann Shepparton
    0986 24.12.1866 DODKINS Martha DODKINS Edward Henry COOMBS Elizabeth Echuca
    1280 25.06.1858 DOOLAN Alexander DOOLAN John  MURPHY Ellen  Heathcote
    1286 06.06.1860 DOOLAN James DOOLAN John  CONBOY Margaret  Heathcote
    3299 15.01.1867 DORAN Louisa DORAN Daniel TARAW ? Harriett Goornong
    1004 31.01.1896 DOUGHARTY John Andrew DOUGHARTY  Joseph  ENVALL Annie Louisa Echuca
    0203 03.03.1858 DOWLAN Martin Patrick DOWLAN Martin MCKELL Elizabeth Ballarat Vic
    1062 18.02.1842 DOWLING Bridget DOWLING David SHEEHAN Mary Melbourne, Baptism
    2714 24.04.1899 DOWNIE Margaret DOWNIE Richard McLAREN Margaret Shepparton
    1267 15.04.1911 DOYLE Julia Mary DOYLE Patrick James  PIGDON Annie  Yarrawonga
    1627 11.10.1868 DRIVER Lucy Amelia DRIVER Albert John BELL Margaret Wright Loddon
    1358 26.11.1900 DRYDEN Sarah Caroline Whiteley DRYDEN Joseph Andrew SPENCER Margaret Alice Echuca
    0288 05.10.1905 DRYDEN Joseph John DRYDEN Joseph Andrew SPENCER Margaret Alice Echuca Vic.
    0281 26.11.1900 DRYDEN Sarah Caroline DRYDEN Joseph Andrew SPENCER Margaret Alice Echuca Vic.
    1603 25.02.1843 DUNNE Patrick DUNNE Michael MAGRATH Sarah Melbourne (baptism)
    1062 17.02.1842 DUNNE Mary DUNNE JAMES WILKINSON Catherine Melbourne, Baptism
    1008 05.01.1896 DUNSTAN Elsie Edith DUNSTAN Charles SMITH Edith Ellen Echuca
    0527 30.04.1885 DUSTING William Vivian DUSTING Abraham WISE Harriet Annie Echuca
    1478 07.08.1835 DUTTON Robert DUTTON William not stated Mary Ann Launceston (Baptism)
    0528 26.05.1885 EARNSHAW May Pearl EARNSHAW Charles MONKAnn Ruth Echuca
    0191 19.10.1825 EDKINS John EDKINS William EDKINS Alice Warwick Eng.
    1265 02.05.1911 EDWARDS Sidney Langden EDWARDS William Langdon  JAMES Ellen May  Yarrawonga
    3035 16.03.1860 EDWARDS James EDWARDS Josiah EATHER Emily Epsom
    3186 16.09.1863 EDWARDS Elizabeth EDWARDS John EDWARDS Jane Geelong
    0248 03.02.1902 EGAN William Matthew EGAN William Augusta CAIN Mary Ballarat E.
    1850 05.11.1864 ELLIOTT ROBERT Charles ELLIOTT Charles WOOLLEY Eliza Echuca
    0403 20.08.1861 ELLIS William James ELLIS William Henry KENNEDY Maria White Hills
    2408 11.05.1850 EMERSON Margaret Jane EMERSON George EMERSON Margaret Melbourne
    2402 30.07.1850 EMPORN? Charles William EMPORN? William EMPORN? Elizabeth Melbourne
    0761 18.02.1886 EVERY Margaret Mitchell EVERY John FRAZER Sarah Ann Barmah
    1623 12.03.1873 FACY Isabella Gertrude Amelia FACY George DAVIS Sarah 0
    3145 01.03.1888 FARRELL Mary FARRELL Bernard MacKAY Catherine Moira
    1569 11.02.1861 FAULL Caroline FAULL James MOYLE Mary Jane Campbells Creek
    1062 14.02.1842 FAYHY Ellen FAYHY Thomas WARD Marian Melbourne, Baptism
    1062 07.02.1842 FENESSY Bridget FENESSY Thomas COMPTON Ally Melbourne, Baptism
    3492 22.04.1907 FERGUS Margaret   FERGUS Margaret  0
    3543 03.11.1855 FERRISS Clara Ann Elizabeth FERRISS James GOULD Caroline Melbourne
    0862 18.08.1858 FISHBURN Sarah FISHBURN George RACE Jane Ballarat
    2343 02.06.1856 FITZGERALD Richard Augustus FITZGERALD Martin FITZGERALD Mary St Kilda
    0261 28.01.1872 FITZGERALD John FITZGERALD John DOOLAN ?Emily Melbourne Vic
    3198 16.11.1891 FLETCHER Vera May FLETCHER Henry GREENWOOD Ada Bright
    2547 27.08.1892 FOSSEY Hurtle Lewellyn Campbell FOSSEY Arthur John STUART Jeanie Heidleburg
    3189 03.07.1863 FOWLER Thomas FOWLER Daniel NOLAN Mary Geelong
    2361 16.03.1856 FRANCES Jenny FRANCES Clement Wall EDWARDS Elizabeth Collingwood
    0428 23.01.1862 FRANCESCO (unnamed) FRANCESCO Moresi TURINE Susan White Hills
    1281 20.06.1858 FRASER Isabella FRASER James  ROBSON Isabella  Heathcote
    1027 21.11.1914 FREESTONE Harry Jock FREESTONE Harry James CHAPMAN Helen Lenore Kyneton
    2437 03.01.1864 FROST Mary Ann FROST John SMITH Elizabeth Allan Boroondara
    3020 03.11.1855 Furness Furnep Clara Ann Elizabeth Lefevre Furness Furnep  Gould,Caroline  Melbourne Nth
    2716 30.04.1899 FURPHY Felix Raymond FURPHY Feix Ernest BOLEYN Emily Sarah Shepparton
    0729 22.06.1871 FYANS Mary Ann FYANS John BRADSHAW Catherine Melbourne North
    0208 27.10.1889 GANDINI Frances GANDINI Andrew EVANS Emily Strathfield.
    1630 02.07.1868 GANNAN Bernard GANNAN Patrick O'BRIEN Ellen Bridgewater-on-Loddon
    2588 20.12.1877 GARDENER not named GARDENER Robert Ballard CAMPBELL Christine South Yarra
    2324 20.12.1867 GARDINER Samuel GARDINER Samuel GRIFFIN Mary Melbourne
    0813 22.01.1885 GARTH George Henry GARTH Henry Edward LOYALL  Emily  South Yarra
    2571 30.10.1880 GEARY James Patrick GEARY John HALLIAN Mary Mt Korong
    1469 04.01.11861 GIBSON James Murray GIBSON William BURNS Catherine Echuca
    0466 11.10.1859 GIBSON George GIBSON David NICHOLAS Jane White Hills
    0711 04.01.1861 GIBSON James Murray GIBSON William Edward BURNS Catherine Echuca
    0717 29.04.1859 GIBSON Edward William GIBSON Edward William BYRNS Cathern Echuca
    0737 10.91.898 GIBSON Leslie Norman GIBSON James QUINN Julia White Cliffs NSW
    2655 09.03.1864 GILCHRIST Archibald GILCHRIST Archibald CAMPBELL Ellen Pleasant Creek
    2727 09.03.1864 GILCHRIST Archibald GILCHRIST Archibald CAMPBELL Ellen Pleasant Creek
    0540 19.11.1884 GILMARTIN Sarah Ann GILMARTIN James EVERETT Elizabeth Echuca
    0540 19.11.1884 GILMARTIN Sarah Ann GILMARTIN James MANSFIELD (formerly) Eliz. Echuca
    0760 07.03.1886 GILMARTIN Ada Ellen GILMARTIN James EVERETT  Elizabeth  Kanyapella
    1279 13.06.1858 GODDARD Caroline Annie Elixabeth Ker GODDARD Benjamin  HORAN Bridget  Heathcote
    2719 26.03.1870 GRACY Maude Isabel GRACY Hugh TRAINOR (late MOORE) Mary Ann Echuca
    0231 14.03.1871 GRAHAM Ernest GRAHAM James William CLARKE Betsy Folland Ballarat W.
    1619 08.04.1873 GRANT Elizabeth (twin) GRANT Alexander SWEETMAN Margaret Inglewood
    0233 14.11.1870 GRANT Alpine GRANT James PALMER Janet Ballarat W.
    2409 08.09.1850 GRATTOW Mary GRATTOW John GRATTOW Sarah Ann Melbourne
    0531 30.06.1878 GRAY Laura Maria GRAY Josiah WATERS Mary Louisa Echuca
    2434 11.01.1864 GRAY Lucy Selina GRAY Epheran MASON Lucy Boroondara
    0657 09.07.1884 GRAY William Henry GRAY William TITLES  Francis  Richmond
    2349 24.06.1856 GREAR William John GREAR William (George) John GREAR Mary Benevolent Asylem
    1682 11.10.1857 GREY Henry John GREY George PILE Sarah Geelong
    1047 11.10.1857 GREY Henry John GREY George PILE Sarah Kildare
    1127 23.03.1852 GREY Charles James Symons GREY James Symon GREY Jane Melbourne baptism
    0418 12.02.1867 GROVES Arthur GROVES William McCANN Susan White Hills
    0676 20.05.1861 GUARD Harriet Mary GUARD John MADDEN Catherine West Melbourne
    3493 23.04.1907 Guinea Dorothy Ella   Guinea,Ellen  0
    2333 19.06.1867 GUTHERIE Margaret Lee GUTHERIE Andrew McKENZIE Margaret Emerald Hill
    0534 31.07.1878 HAGBOOM John James E. HAGBOOM Edward LAZAR Annie Echuca
    1289 10.07.1862 HALL Robert HALL George  PATTON Jane  Redcastle
    3210 17.08.1863 HALL William HALL William CLARK Catherine Golden Square
    1295 03.02.1871 HALL George HALL George  HEPBURN Isabella Stachan  Costerfield
    0864 15.08.1858 HALLEY Janet Galletly HALLEY William GALLETLY Elizabeth Ballarat
    1290 13.05.1862 HALLIDAY Elizabeth HALLIDAY James  MARKLEY Margaret  Heathcote
    1297 01.05.1871 HALLIDAY Mary Ann HALLIDAY James  SMITH Jane  Kyneton Rd
    1069 16.08.1866 HAMILTON Cooke Henry HAMILTON Thomas? Alexander MOORE Margaret Echuca
    3161 20.05.1924 HAMPSON Beris Veronica HAMPSON Thomas John Patrick REISER Elizabeth Ada Ipswich Qld
    3062 09.12.1969 HANDT Maria HANDT William MILLER Johanna Eleanane Mount Duneed
    1116 29.02.1887 HANNA James HANNA Edward KEENAN Margaret Granville
    3346 24.03.1871 HANSON Edward HANSON Edward NORTHCOTT Maria Spring Creek
    0238 21.09.1886 HARDIN Alfred James A. HARDIN Thomas HOWARD Alice Elizabeth Echuca Vic.
    0526 17.04.1885 HARDIN Grace Edith HARDIN Thomas HOWARD Alice Elizabeth Echuca
    0393 04.12.1863 HARE Mary HARE Patrick BOURKE Bridget White Hills
    3063 29.11.1869 HARKNESS Elizabeth Janet HARKNESS James WEILD Rebecca Mount Duneed
    1477 16.11.1841 HARMER Ethelbert HARMER Henry not stated Marion Launceston (Baptism)
    3207 20.01.1892 HARPHAM Gladys Ether Maud HARPHAM Ernest RUSSELL Harriett Thursa Echuca
    1260 24.08.1888 HARRINGTON Richard HARRINGTON William Henry  FERRY Annie  Echuca
    1261 26.06.1899 HARRINGTON Daniel Bernard HARRINGTON William Henry  MATTHEWS Matilda  Echuca
    1541 12.12.1880 HARRIS Walter Henry HARRIS Walter WILKINSON Rosetta Moama
    1542 23.01.1891 HARRIS Maud HARRIS Walter WILKINSON Rosetta Narrandra
    1548 14.05.1859 HARRIS Walter HARRIS Walter MARA Hannah Collingwood
    0465 24.09.1859 HARRIS Eliza HARRIS William PRENGROVE Agnes Harriet White Hills
    2675 15.01.1895 HARRISON Wilfred Webster HARRISON Thomas Henry GRAHAM Mary Redfern NSW
    3201 03.01.1892 HARRISON Charlotte HARRISON John NORLEY Harriet Bright
    2448 23.02.1853 HARRISS Mary Jane HARRISS Thomas HARRISS Mary Ann Melbourne
    0423 22.03.1865 HARRY Thomas Benjamin HARRY Jonathan PEARCE Harriet White Hills
    0365 02.02.1867 HART Margaret HART James SIMPSON Maria White Hills
    1570 15.02.1861 HARVESTWORTH James HARVESTWORTH James ANNARD ? Ann ? Campbells Creek
    3217 18.09.1863 HAVELL Jesse HAVELL Jestion ? JONES Elizabeth Ballarat
    0853 23.06.1866 HAWORTH Catherine HAWORTH Henry HINDS Catherine Golden Gully
    0464 11.09.1859 HAYWilliam Thomas HAY Robert READ Elizabeth White Hills
    1124 24.07.1872 HAYDOCK Frances HAYDOCK Henry McMURRAY Mary Melbourne
    0397 07.11.1885 HAYES Norma Marion J. HAYES James Rookwood DUNCAN Victoria Helen Sandhurst
    1072 17.07.1866 HAYES John HAYES Jerimiah McMAHAN Ellen Echuca
    0214 06.07.1847 HAYNES Cecila HAYNES Michael KINLEY Mary Corio Vic.
    2574 22.11.1880 HEAP Alice Ann HEAP Samuel GOODMAN Jane Mt Korong
    0218 21.07.1852 HEDE Francis HEDE Thomas CLARKE Isabella Geelong Vic.
    0767 03.12.1865 HENDERSON Mary Maud HENDERSON David STRANGE Ellen Echuca
    0461 10.02.1870 HENNESY Margaret HENNESY William HIGGS Mary White Hills
    2347 04.07.1856 HENRIQUES Edith Mary HENRIQUES Alexander Lindo HENRIQUES Jeanette Collingwood
    2680 09.02.1958 HENSON Ben HENSON Henry DONNOLLY Elizabeth Heathcote
    2589 15.12.1877 HERRING Edna Josephine HERRING Nigel Charles SMYTH Anna Letitia South Yarra
    0263 29.01.1872 HICKEY Mary   HICKEY Mary Melbourne Vic
    0462 25.08.1869 HICKEY James Bartholomew HICKEY Martin GLESSON Margaret White Hills
    0863 24.08.1858 HICKS Ann HICKS Richard LAWRIE Annie Ballarat
    0241 16.05.1883 HIGGINS Austin William HIGGINS John Henry COOPER Sarah Talbot Vic
    0445 17.02.1863 HILL Charles Robert HILL George William McCARTHY Teresa White Hills
    1112 27.08.1887 HINSHELWOOD Archibald HINSHELWOOD Thomas CHARTERS Margaret Richmond
    0463 24.11.1869 HODGE Elizabeth Ann HODGE Joseph BENNETT Ann Jane White Hills
    2656 04.01.1864 HOOPER Joseph Henry HOOPER William FINN Bridget Pleasant Creek
    2728 04.01.1864 HOOPER Joseph Henry HOOPER William ? Bridget Pleasant Creek
    3208 30.10.1863 HOPKINS not named HOPKINS John ANDERSON Mary Ann Golden Square
    2659 08.04.1864 HORAN William HORAN Michael CAPHIS Mary Pleasant Creek
    2731 08.04.1864 HORAN William HORAN Michael C Mary Pleasant Creek
    2359 29.04.1856 HORE Elizabeth Esther HORE Joseph Percival CLOTHIER Ellen Esther Collingwood
    3343 31.07.1866 HOWARTH Eli HOWARTH Eli BRADBURY Elizabeth Spring Creek
    0796 30.07.1930 HOWELL Shirley Dawn HOWELL Ernest George WEEKS Rita Clarice Narrandera
    0800 22.10.1850 HOWELL George HOWELL William GERRINGE Hannah Lewes,Sussex UK
    0819 02.10.1904 HOWELL Ernest George HOWELL George William POOLE Adelaide Rebbeca Benalla
    0820 03.04.1892 HOWELL Albert Edward HOWELLGeorge TRASH Louisa Moama
    1249 19.01.1864 HULL Richard HULL Stephen BROWN Susan White Hills
    0416 06.01.1867 HULLS Matilda HULLS Frederick MYERS Dorothea White Hills
    1418 30.04.1871 HUMPHRY Ozias William HUMPHRY Ozias KEATCH Ann Eliza Good Hope at sea
    0239 31.05.1883 HURLEY James John HURLEY George SIVEWRIGHT Annie Talbot Vic
    2435 02.01.1864 HUTCHINGS Mary HUTCHINGS Suncon? HARDING Emma Boroondara
    1453 27.06.1854 HUXTABLE Thomas HUXTABLE William MOILES Catherine Bellarine
    1127 05.06.1836 HYDE Dorothea HYDE George John HYDE Mary Ann Melbourne baptism
    2360 22.04.1856 INGHAM Sarah Ann INGHAM James HUDSON Sarah Richmond
    1071 29.07.1866 IRVINE Robert IRVINE John PITHIE Elizabeth Echuca
    1851 21.11.1864 IRWIN Jane IRWIN Charles BRAID Margaret Echuca
    0764 20.11.1865 IRWIN Thomas IRWIN Charles BRAID Margaret Echuca
    1188 05.02.1878 ISHERWOOD Dawson ISHERWOOD John CARODUS Sarah Collingwood
    0814 25.01.1885 IVORY Arthur Gordon IVORY Walter LIVINGSTON Mary Elizabeth South Yarra
    1571 03.01.1861 JACK ? Barbara Jane JACK Andrew M ? Barbara Jane Campbells Creek
    0766 31.10.1865 JAGO Mary Sarah Bonney JAGO Thomas Barrett BONNEY Mary Echuca
    3216 18.09.1863 JAMES Thomas JAMES Thomas LEMON Kezia Ballarat
    2451 18.12.1852 JAMISON Marion JAMISON William JAMISON Marion Melbourne
    0638 13.07.1887 JARVIS Henry Stuart JARVIS William MOODIE Maria North Carlton
    1285 28.01.1860 JASPER Sarah Ann JASPER Stephen  HORAN Bridget  Heathcote
    0243 03.03.1888 JEFFREY Frederick Emanu. JEFFREYSamuel GLOVER Lavina Lowan County
    0588 20.01.1863 JENKINS George Ridley JENKINS Joseph HARRINGTON Mary Ann E. Collingwood
    1009 1854 JENNER Mary Ann JENNER George CARTER Sarah Ann Kent
    1009 1843 JENNER William JENNER George CARTER Sarah Ann Kent
    1009 1845 JENNER John JENNER George CARTER Sarah Ann Kent
    1009 1848 JENNER George Bentick JENNER George CARTER Sarah Ann Kent
    1009 1850 JENNER Edward JENNER George CARTER Sarah Ann Kent
    1009 1860 JENNER Thomas JENNER George CARTER Sarah Ann Bombala NSW
    1009 1862 JENNER Caroline JENNER George CARTER Sarah Ann Cooma NSW
    0639 18.08.1887 JENNINGS James Dalton JENNINGS George DALTON Maria North Carlton
    0968 13.07.1861 JOHNS Rosina JOHNS James KINCHLEY Peris Indigo
    3490 22.04.1907 Johnson Ruby Beatrice Johnson,David  Evans,Christella  0
    1628 08.01.1869 JOHNSON Timothy Lehy JOHNSON Melchert Johann LEHY Ellen Timothy Serpentine
    2548 03.10.1892 JOHNSTON Alfred Charles Johnston Alexander MORLEY Mary Ann Heidleburg
    0747 03.05.1861 JOHNSTON Harriet JOHNSTON John KNOWLES Mary Elphinstone Vic
    2403 04.08.1850 JONES Edward William JONES Edward JONES Elizabeth Melbourne
    3023 29.01.1855 Jones Margaret Jones,John Richard  Winter,Margaret  Collingwood
    3546 29.01.1856 JONES Margart JONES John Richard WINTER Margaret Melbourne
    0542 27.10.1884 JONES William Joseph H. JONES William James BURNS Sarah Jane Echuca
    0642 07.10.1862 JONES Patrick William JONES Joseph WARD Mary White Hills
    1607 10.03.1843 JOYCE Robert JOYCE Robert McLOUGHLAN Catherine Melbourne (baptism)
    3233 25.02.1895 JUDGE Louisa Anne JUDGE George Joseph EARNSHAW Ethel Sarah Echuca
    1550 09.05.1859 KEARTHLAND Emily Louisa HEATHLAND William MORRISS Martha Collingwood
    3203 10.01.1892 KEILY Cora Agnes KEILY Patrick MURDOCK Jessie Echuca
    0475 30.04.1872 KELLY Julia Ann KELLY Patrick WHATELY Mary Sandhurst
    0216 03.02.1852 KENEDY John KENEDY John DOOLEY Catherine Geelong Vic
    0236 28.09.1886 KENNEWELL Arthur Roy KENNEWELL Joseph James CHRISTY Isabella Echuca Vic
    3021 12.09.1855 Keough Margaret Keough,Patrick  Bromley,Pheobe  Melbourne
    3544 20.09.1855 KEOUGH Margaret KEOUGH Patrick BROMLEY Phoebe Melbourne
    1109 03.10.1887 KETELS Ellen twin KETELS Frederick Johannis McCORMACK Ellen Jane Richmond
    1110 03.10.1887 KETELS Margaret twin KETELS Frederick Johannis McCORMACK Ellen Jane Richmond
    0275 22.06.1881 KEYTE Albert(twin) KEYTEJohn CURTIN Johanna Macarthur V.
    0276 22.06.1881 KEYTE Francis (twin) KEYTE John CURTIN Johanna Macarthur V>
    0938 15.05.1933 KIRCHHOFERSarah Christina      Echuca
    0995 15.05.1876 KNIGHT Wiliam Henry Portmouth KNIGHT Henry Joseph HARRIS Margaret Ellen Echuca
    2450 23.02.1853 LAIDLOW Mary Ann LAIDLOW Charles LAIDLOW Susannah Melbourne
    1187 23.02.1878 LAINSON Emma LAINSON Henry JACK Johannah Collingwood
    0257 26.03.1871 LAMONT Agnes Tod LAMONT Murdock MCCALLISTER Margaret Casterton Vic
    0447 21.04.1863 LANDER Caroline LANDER Thomas HARE Amelia White Hills
    1283 27.07.1858 LANDY Francis Henry LANDY William  BEATIE Louisa  Heathcote
    1152 10.10.1890 LANE Ruth LANE William Henry TAYLOR Ada Matilda Ballarat
    3550 10.03.1857 LANEY Matthew LANEY John FITZGERALD Maria Ballarat
    0852 27.07.1866 LARCOMBE Mary LARCOMBE Charles PICKENS Elizabeth(Clemens) Spring Gully
    0544 06.10.1884 LAURENCE Henry Newman LAURENCE Samuel John NEWMAN Emily Mary Echuca
    1356 02.12.1900 LAURENSON Arthur Frederick LAURENSON Samuel John HANCOX Annie Echuca
    0279 02.12.1900 LAURENSON Arthur Freder. LAURENSON Samuel John HANCOX Annie Echuca Vic
    0273 30.09.1876 LAWRENCE Ellen Anastasia LAWRENCE Thomas John KENNA Bridget Echuca Vic
    0532 09.07.1878 LAWRENCE Nora LAWRENCE Maurice WALSH Ellen Echuca
    0541 02.11.1884 LAWRENCE Mary Anastasia LAWRENCE James Thomas McCARTHY Anastasia Echuca
    0715 29.01.1959 LAWRENCE James LAWRENCE Thomas WELCH Ellen Echuca
    2713 27.03.1899 LAWREY Ptrick James LAWREY James Joseph STOPPS Jane Shepparton
    2610 09.05.1899 LAYBURN Verna Irene LAYBURN Walter Joseph KEYSON Sissie South Melbourne
    0998 31.05.1876 LEASK John LEASK James Martha GEORGE  Echuca
    1012 31.05.1876 LEASK John LEASK James GEORGE Martha Echuca
    3199 29.11.1891 LEE Reuben LEE Henry Seymour JOLLEY Susan Bright
    0258 01.04.1871 LEEHANE Ellen LEEHANE Jerimiah SULLIVAN Honora Casterton V.
    0446 09.04.1861 LEEMAN Elvina Sophia LEEMAN William MIAH Matilda White Hills
    1127 20.05.1852 LEIGH Sydney Charles LEIGH Sydney LEIGH Elizabeth Melbourne baptism
    1149 04.12.1890 LESSALS Lily LESSELS Davis CURNON Mary Ballarat
    0427 24.11.1861 LINDSAY William James LINDSAY William GREER Sarah White Hills
    3342 20.08.1866 LITTLEDALE Margaret LITTLEDALE John O'NEIL Sarah Spring Creek
    1127 20.05.1852 LIYLE Sydney Charles LIYLE Sydney LIYLE Elizabeth Melbourne baptism
    0254 12.04.1871 LLOYD Alice   WAGLAND Mary Jane Casterton V.
    2459 24.02.1853 LOWE William Samuel LOWE William LOWE Ann Melbourne
    0426 15.12.1861 LOWERY John Alexander LOWERY James ALEXANDER Martha White Hills
    0207 15.10.1889 LOWNDES Angus Norman LOWNDES Thomas MCKAY Jessie Strathfield.
    1150 17.09.1890 LUCAS Henry LUCAS Edward James HUMPHREY Fanny Louisa Ballarat
    0530 27.07.1878 LUKIES Mildred Maria LUKIES John SAGGENS Martha Echuca
    1059 10.51.857 LYNCH Cecilia LYNCH Martin BRAID Margaret Bacchus Marsh
    0646 11.07.1892 MAAG Detlef Bendix MAAG Julius Albert MOSS Maria Christina Brunswick
    1684 24.08.1857 MACKAY David (twin) MACKAY David NICHOLSON Barbara Geelong
    1685 24.08.1857 MACKAY Charlotte (twin) MACKAY David NICHOLSON Barbara Geelong
    1049 24.08.1857 MacKAY David MacKAY David NICHOLSON Barbara Geelong
    1050 24.08.1857 MacKAY Charlotte MacKAY David NICHOLSON Barbara Geelong
    1138 23.04.1864 MacKERETH Victoria Elizabeth MacKERETH Edwin Horatio HEINZ Catherina Elizabetha Avoca
    1296 23.07.1871 MACQUEEN Flora Jane MACQUEEN James  PATON Jane  Costerfield
    3548 01.01.1857 MAIN John MAIN Dugald BOURKE Alice Ballarat
    0240 31.04.1883 MAJOR Margaret Jane MAJOR Francis BRICE Ellen Talbot Vic
    1466 29.08.1865 MALONE Annie MALONE John BOYLE Annie Smeaton
    0967 20.07.1861 MALONEY Winifred MALONEY James DALTON Maria Indigo
    0539 29.0.81885 MARSH John Edward MARSH Henry George GLEW Marion Crozet Echuca
    2466 09.05.1858 MARSHALL George Henry MARSHALL ? KERBY Catherine Emerald Hill
    1463 09.08.1865 MARTIN Samuel MARTIN James HYDE Bridget Kingston Vic
    2353 27.03.1856 MARTYR Henry William MARTYR George HISCOCK Fanny Somerton
    1372 06.07.1875 MASLEN Sara Jane MASLEN James SMITH Lydia Mornington
    0687 17.10.1856 MASTERTON Julia MASTERTON Fouller MacFARLANE Helen Port Melbourne
    0211 27.04.1881 MASWO William Henry MASWO Henry STACKER Margaretha Sandhurst V.
    1292 20.06.1862 MATTHEWS James Michael MATTHEWS James  BARRY Ellen  Heathcote
    2527 00.06.1871 MATTHEWS William John MATTHEWS George VINECOMBE Caroline Amhurst
    0210 10.03.1881 MAYEN Laura Georgina MAYEN John DUNBAR Mary Sandhurst V.
    1465 22.09.1865 McALPINE John McALPINE Peter CLARK Janet Smeaton
    1611 12.06.1841 McCARTHY Charles McCARTHY Michael McASCLE Effie Melbourne (baptism)
    0647 05.10.1892 McCLOY Sarah Rose   McCLOY Mary Jane Brunswick
    0651 30.11.1886 McCLOY William Patrick   McCLOY Mary Jane Richmond
    0658 21.07.1884 McCLOY Ernest KELLY William (in error) McCLOY Mary Jane Richmond
    0692 25.04.1864 McCLOY Mary Jane McCLOY John FLANNIGAN Ann Sandhurst
    3296 25.07.1866 McCROSSEN Mary Laffah   McCROSSEN Susan White Hills
    1359 19.12.1900 McDONALD Allen McDONALD William Duncan BOSSE Sophia Echuca
    2447 01.03.1853 McDONALD James McDONALD George McDONALD Ellen Melbourne
    0268 03.02.1875 MCDONALD James MCDONALD Ewin FIGGINS Elizabeth Torrumbarry
    0282 19.12.1900 MCDONALD Allen MCDONALD William Duncan BOSSE Sophia Echuca Vic
    0765 21.01.865 McDONALD Sarah Jane McDONALDJoseph KEAR Maria Echuca
    3200 25.10.1891 McFADYEN Isaball Craford McFADYEN Duncan FAULKNER Sarah Bright
    2355 26.07.1856 MCGEE Thomas McGEE John McGEE Jane Melbourne
    0997 25.04.1876 McGRATH John Roger McGRATH John CASSIN Margaret Echuca
    1209 05.05.1864 McGREGOR Thomas James McGREGOR James HUNTER Sarah Collingwood
    0812 15.02.1885 McGUINESS Gordon Stuart McGUINESS Thomas Henry SEATON Christine South Yarra
    0206 09.07.1855 MCKENZIE Daniel MCKENZIE Daniel BOSS Isabella Ballarat Vic
    0679 26.09.1861 McKENZIE Edmund McKENZIE Kenneth WILLIAMS Ann Melbourne
    1467 28.04.1865 McKINNON Agnes McKINNON John MAHER Margaret Smeaton
    3499 26.07.1860 McLACHLAN Alexander McLACHLAN Peter CAMPBELL Agnes Ringwood
    3170 09.09.1862 McLAREN John McLAREN John LAWLESS Ellen Sandhurst
    3180 27.08.1892 McLAREN Irene Lillie McLAREN John Edward HORSNELL Amelia Ann Echuca
    0224 04.10.1851 MCLEAN Peter James MCLEAN Peter NOBLE Jane Geelong Vic.
    0278 21.06.1881 MCLEAN G.? Allan MCLEAN Allan ELFORD Clara Isabella Macarthur V.
    3495 28.05.1860 McLENNAN Catherine McLENNAN Murdock McLEAN Catherine Ringwood
    0272 03.10.1876 MCLENNAN John MCLENNAN Murdoch PENHOLM Ann Ness Echuca Vic.
    0226 06.11.1881 MCLOUGHLIN Thomas Neal MCLOUGHLIN Thomas Joseph KRAUSE Elizabeth Sandhurst V.
    0641 28.12.1862 McMAYON Eleanor McMAYON Peter MORAN Elizabeth White Hills
    3206 09.01.1892 McMEEKEN Anie McMEEKEN John STOKES Elizabeth Echuca
    2573 09.12.1880 McMILLAN Jeanie Alexander McMILLAN Alexander STEEL Catherine Mt Korong
    3232 27.04.1895 McMILLAN John McMILLAN Anthony CULLIN Mary Elizabeth Echuca
    1451 20.08.1854 McNAUGHTON Elizabeth McNAUGHTON John CLARK Jane Bellarine
    1123 24.07.1872 McNIECE Alethe Violet Ada McNIECE Robert JOHNS Alethe Melbourne
    1464 28.09.1865 McPHERSON William Francis McPHERSON Donald BARRETT Eliza Kingston Vic
    0684 21.08.1856 McSKIMING Mary McSKIMING Robert PITCHER Mary North Melbourne
    0762 1886 MEDDINGS  MEDDINGS  NICHOLSON Margaret Wharparella
    0648 28.10.1892 MENZIES Arthur James MENZIES James Barriet SWINBOURN Elizabeth Mary Brunswick
    0732 30.08.1871 MERIFIELD Joseph MERIFIELD William MINTON Mary Melbourne North
    2407 27.07.1850 MERRY Elizabeth MERRY William MERRY Isabella Melbourne
    1455 06.03.1848 MIDDLETON Robert MIDDLETON Charles not stated Mary Geelong
    3253 28.05.1922 MILLAR Ruby Cordelia MILLAR Ernest Bertrand TAYLOR May Olive Cordelia Hobart
    1029 04.12.1914 MILLER Sarah Eliza MILLER Charles August BREMNER Sarah Barbara Kyneton
    2358 03.04.1856 MILNER Emma MILNER Edwin PEAL Charlotte Collingwood
    3497 26.02.1860 MITCHELL James Ewen MITCHELL William KURELLI Fanny Ringwood
    0718 10.01.1859 MITCHELL Ellen MITCHELL Thomas MALLYTHAG Jane Echuca
    0994 15.12.1875 MONAHAN John Martin William MONAHAN Robert McCARTHY Mary Treeick Terrick
    1360 26.11.1900 MOOR Maggie MOOR Hugh RICE Annie Echuca
    0283 26.11.1900 MOOR Maggie MOOR Hugh RICE Annie Echuca Vic
    3211 08.09.1863 MOORE Mary Jane MOORE Samuel JENKINSONS Maria Golden Square
    0250 19.05.1863 MOORE Elizabeth NO  MOORE Mary Ann Collingwood E
    1287 17.01.1860 MOOREHenry MOORE Robert  SINCLAIR Marion  Heathcote
    0220 31.05.1851 MORGAN John MORGAN Martin O'GORMAN Alice Indented Head
    0230 21.06.1855 MORGAN Alice Ines MORGAN Henry WESTAWAY Elizabeth Youl. Ballarat Vic
    1057 17.08.1857 MORRISON John James A. MORRISON Simon ROBERTSON Mary Bacchus Marsh
    0797 02.07.1927 MUDGWAY Stanley John MUDGWAY Amos James BEVERIDGE Nettie Auckland NZ
    0514 22.11.1854 MUNRO Catherine MUNRO William POLSON Catherine Ceswick
    0460 21.01.1870 MUNZEL Margaret Ellen MUNZEL Edward McKIM Mary White Hills
    3181 02.09.1892 MURRAY Albert William MURRAY Robert PREST Catherine Elizabeth Echuca
    0536 09.08.1885 MYLAM Albert Vincent MYLAM Albert MURPHY Mary Ann Echuca
    0476 09.02.1872 NALDER Frederick NALDER Frederick SHANNON Susan Sandhurst
    2410 27.06.1850 NARCOMBE James NARCOMBE John NARCOMBE Abigail Melbourne
    2609 03.05.1899 NAYLOR Thomas Joseph NAYLOR Thomas Joseph HARRISON Ursula South Melbourne
    2344 11.05.1856 NEVILLE Alice Mary NEVILLE John NEVILLE Hannah Melbourne
    0425 12.01.1862 NICHOLAS William NICHOLAS James SMITH Margaret White Hills
    3214 03.08.1863 NICHOLSON Frank Henry NCHOLSON John LEE Emma Ballarat
    0245 30.01.1902 NICHOLSON Christina F. NICHOLSON Arthur Henry CASSELLS Elizabeth Ballarat E.
    0690 15.07.1864 NICKER James Thompson NICKER Samuel Foreman THOMPSON Margaret Sandhurst
    3064 21.01.1870 NITSCHKE John Edward NITSCHKE John George COUBURN Maria Mount Duneed
    3347 06.07.1871 NOONAN John NOONAN John O'DONNELL Margaret Spring Creek
    0287 05.10.1905 NOONAN Roy Francis NOONAN James Francis CHAMBERS Maude Merrian Echuca Vic
    3348 16.07.1871 NORMAN James NORMAN James MURPHY Mary  Spring Creek
    0731 15.06.1871 OAKLEY George Clive OAKLEY Edward HEWITT Mary Ann Melbourne North
    0264 19.09.1874 O'BRIEN Bridget O'BRIEN Michael MCNAMARRA Catherine Torrumbarry
    1609 01.01.1843 O'CONNELL Hannah O'CONNELL Daniel MULCAHY Honora Melbourne (baptism)
    1604 29.09.1842 O'CONNOR Michael O'CONNOR William CRONAN Catherine Melbourne (baptism)
    0292 06.09.1883 ODDY Eva Naomi ODDY Joseph RUSSELL Marion Echuca
    0234 18.01.1871 OLDEN Constance Ettie OLDEN Olof Samuel NIQUET Sophia Louisa Ballarat W.
    1374 22.08.1875 O'MEARA Isablla Mabel O'MEARA John Bernard MISSON Emily Cornella
    0444 28.05.1861 ORTH Henry ORTH Henry SMITH Jane White Hills
    0453 08.11.1885 OSBORNE Ethel Maud OSBORNE Oscar Henry COOMBES Elizabeth Jane Sandhurst
    1115 22.02.1887 OSBORNE George Victor OSBORNE Thomas Young SIRE Mary Ann Granville
    2464 20.05.1858 O'SHEA Jane O'SHEA Daniel TULLY Bridget Emerald Hill
    1253 06.04.1887 OWEN Ethel OWEN Charles Barber  THOMAS Jane  Echuca
    1448 16.12.1890 OWEN John Thomas OWEN James KAVANAGH Ellen Picola
    2606 28.05.1899 OWEN Lucy Elizabeth OWEN William REYNOLDS Florence Louise South Melbourne
    1622 01.04.1873 PAPINEAU Annie PAPINEAU Ottley BIRD Caroline Elizabeth Bridgewater-on-Loddon
    1269 19.04.1911 PAPWORTH Thomas Henry PAPWORTH John  DELANEY Mary  Yarrawonga
    0472 09.09.1873 PARKER Emma L'Estrange PARKER Richard WALL Elizabeth Eyase White Hills
    1125 30.07.1872 PARKER Anna Martha PARKER William Henry MEE Emma Melbourne
    2529 31.07.1871 PARKINSON Beddenan PARKINSON John Henry COFFEY Catherine Amhurst
    0640 20.09.1887 PARSONS Alice Mary PARSONS William Thomas SAWYER Mary Jemima North Carlton
    0685 09.09.1856 PARSONS William Thomas PARSONS John BERRY Frances (FERRER) North Melbourne
    1474 07.08.1841 PASCOE Eliza PASCOE James not stated Hannah Launceston (Baptism)
    1475 26.11.1839 PASCOE Jane PASCOE James not stated Hannah Launceston (Baptism)
    2717 23.05.1899 PATERSON John William George PATERSON John Francis DeLaHAYE Mary Ann Shepparton
    2722 15.04.1870 PATERSON John Francis PATERSON John MOUNTFORD Maria Echuca
    3213 30.08.1863 PATTINSON Elizabeth PATTINSON James WALTON Sarah Ballarat
    0270 22.07.1876 PAY William Henry PAY John William MAHER Elizabeth Echuca Vic
    0474 19.08.1873 PAYNTER Hester PAYNTER Thomas BRANCH Ann White Hills
    1226 26.04.1881 PEARCE Alfred Henry PEARCE Henry DUNNING Harriet Kingston, Surry UK
    0244 05.02.1902 PEART Norah Jane PEART William FAHEY Margaret Ballarat E.
    1476 07.10.1841 PEATCROFT Eliza Eugenia PEATCROFT William not stated Mary Launceston (Baptism)
    0269 11.09.1876 PECK William Michael PECK James HOWARD Bridget Echuca Vic
    1006 31.12.1895 PENGLASE Charles Nicholas PENGLASE Charles CRUMP Ada Mary Echuca
    3019 19.10.1855 Perkins Anne Perkins,James  Lake,Harriet  South Yarra
    3542 19.10.1855 PERKINS Harriet Anne PERKINS James LAKE Harriet Melbourne
    0965 16.06.1861 PERRIN Caroline PERRIN John CAMERON Mary Indigo
    0249 30.05.1863 PICKUP Margaret PICKUP George CONSIDINE Mary Ann Collingwood E
    1268 04.05.1911 PIGDON George Edward PIGDON George  HOGAN Mary Ellen  Yarrawonga
    0816 24.12.1884 POOLE  Rebecca Adelaide  POOLE Benjamin SLADE Helen South Yarra
    1111 25.08.1887 POOLE Elizabeth May POOLE Joseph FENTON Elizabeth Richmond
    2345 24.02.1856 POPE James POPE George POPE Sarah Melbourne
    2330 29.01.1867 POTTER John  POTTER William ALLEN Hannah Emerald Hill
    0221 05.11.1851 POYNTON Margaret POYNTON William MCCARTHY Julia Colac Vic
    1471 04.02.1861 PRATT Bertha PRATT Charles Edward STRUTT Margaret Bridget Echuca
    0759 15.03.1886 PRATT William Cherry Cam PRATT William LUELF ?Haydee Frances C. Echuca
    3177 14.08.1892 PREST Walter George PREST John HART Hannah Echuca
    2356 26.07.1856 PRICE James PRICE William PRICE Lettie Melbourne
    0255 10.05.1871 PROUDFOOT James Albert PROUDFOOT John Gibson MELHOUSE Harriet Carapoole V.
    2550 26.10.1892 RAGG Ellen Euginie Maud RAGG Walter HORNE Leagusta Clara Heidleburg
    0691 02.08.1864 RANDELL Mary RANDELL John REID Grace Gordon Sandhurst
    0247 08.03.1902 RASMUSSEN William Carl RASMUSSENCarl POLLARD Eunice Ballarat E.
    0193 13.07.1825 REEVES Emma REEVES Joseph REEVES Mary Warwick Eng.
    1369 12.08.1881 REEVES William REEVES Thomas EMSON Emily Carlton
    0417 03.02.1867 REGGANI Annie Elizabeth REGGANI Vlisto MILLS Caroline White Hills
    2320 02.02.1868 REIDY Edmund REIDY Patrick CROSBY Ellen Melbourne
    0227 06.11.1881 REMFRY Samuel Oscar REMFRY Samuel OAKLEY Eliza Sandhurst V.
    0653 23.11.1886 RICE Charles Ernest RICE Robert WREN Elizabeth Richmond
    0830 19.10.1815 RICHARDSON Henry RICHARDSON Henry RICHARDSON Elizabeth Windsor NSW
    2460 10.03.1853 RICKTER Edward RICKTER Henry RICKTER Charlotte Melbourne
    2549 18.10.1892 RIDDELL James Alfred George RIDDELL James Forrester PEGG Margaet Heidleburg
    0851 22.07.1866 ROACH Nancy ROACH Peter SAGE ?Margaret Nuggetty Creek
    1600 27.02.1843 ROACHE Mary ROACHE Timothy DONOHOE Julia Melbourne (baptism)
    3341 28.06.1866 ROBERTS Charles Edward ROBERTS William RIDGWAY Caroline Louisa Spring Creek
    3350 15.06.1871 ROBERTS Lillian Johannah ROBERTS William RIDGWAY Caroline Louisa Spring Creek
    3496 02.05.1860 ROBERTS William Joseph ROBERTS William Ridgway Caroline Louisa Ringwood
    0448 13.04.1863 ROBERTS Joseph James ROBERTS Joseph BAYLES Eveline Ann White Hills
    1298 24.05.1871 ROBINSON Elizabeth ROBINSON James  HURSTFIELD Ann  Heathcote
    2430 23.10.1859 RODMAN William George RODMAN Joseph COOPER Eliza Echuca
    2671 23.10.1859 RODMAN William George RODMAN Joseph COOPER Eliza Camberwell
    2438 06.01.1864 ROFF Robert ROFF George DONEGHEY ? Margaret Boroondara
    0680 23.10.1861 ROGERS Jane Emily ROGERS Robert Ravenshaw STEPHEN Margaret West Melbourne
    0398 24.11.1885 RONAN Margaret Casiniere RONAN Patrick LYONS Ann Sandhurst
    0271 25.09.1876 ROSE Caroline Bertha ROSE Frederick MANLY Caroline Echuca Vic
    1142 22.03.1864 ROSS Jessie Christina ROSS Donald McKAY Christina Avoca
    1479 11.01.1842 ROWLANDS Mary Ann not stated not stated Rowlands Ann Launceston (Baptism)
    3165 08.05.1963 RUDD John William RUDD William Richard unknown Stella Brisbane
    0284 28.09.1905 RUSSELL Mary Gladys RUSSELL Charles William WALSH Mary Ann Echuca Vic
    1573 08.02.1861 RUTLEY Charles Rucastle RUTLEY Thomas RADLEY Elizabeth Jane Campbells Creek
    3178 11.08.1892 RYAN Ada Maria RYAN Thomas BRODERICK Penelope Echuca
    0637 03.08.1887 RYAN John Harold RYAN John Luke SMITH Elizabeth North Carlton
    1062 05.02.1842 RYAN Mary RYAN John BURKE Bridget Melbourne, Baptism
    1062 19.02.1842 RYAN Martin RYAN Connor LEONARD Bridget Melbourne, Baptism
    1062 17.02.1842 RYAN Mary   RYAN Bridget Melbourne, Baptism
    1070 19.02.1866 RYAN Patrick RYAN Andrew LAHIFF Mary Echuca
    0525 23.03.1885 RYE Charles Ernest G. RYE John REED Prescilla Echuca
    2465 20.05.1858 RYLAUGH ? Charles Walter RYLAUGH Thomas MILLER Phoebe Emerald Hill
    3037 08.06.1860 SAGSMAN Edward  SAGSMAN Edward Mitchll Catherine Epsom
    0513 15.10.1854 SAMPSON Rose Emily SAMPSON James THOMPSON Louisa Castlemaine
    3036 29.06.1860 SANDERS William John SANDERS William RICHARDS Jane White Hills
    0473 05.09.1873 SANDERS Beatrice SANDERS William Bray RICHARDS Jane White Hills
    1248 16.01.1864 SANDS Stephen SANDS Henry WELLS Mary White Hills
    2429 01.11.1859 SARGINSON John Henry SARGINSON John Henry ROBSON Betsy Echuca
    2670 01.11.1859 SARGINSON John Henry SARGINSON John Henry ROBSON Betsey Hawthorn
    0677 16.11.1861 SAWYER Mary Jemima SAWYER William SYKES Mary West Melbourne
    0644 22.01.1863 SCHULTZ Elizabeth SCHULTZ Fredrick STITZ Christina White Hill
    0194 09.09.1825 SCOTT Louisa SCOTT Edward SCOTT Phebe Warwick Eng.
    0477 12.02.1872 SCOTT Henry Charles SCOTT Henry Charles CAREY Albertine Sandhurst
    2406 29.06.1850 SEAVILLE Elizaneth Charlotte SEAVILLE William SEAVILLE Mary Ann Melbourne
    1127 18.03.1852 SEDGWICK Isabella SEDGWICK Thomas SEDGWICK Mary Melbourne baptism
    3297 20.03.1866 SERLA Jane SERLA John DUNN Mary Anne Huntley
    0861 10.07.1858 SHADFORTH Robert Henry SHADFORTH James SWAN Ann Ballarat
    1608 09.03.1843 SHANAHAN Bridget SHANAHAN Patrick O'NEIL Bridget Melbourne (baptism)
    0195 10.10.1825 SHAW Joseph SHAW Edward SHAW Sarah Warwick Eng.
    1849 12.05.1864 SHERAR Thomas Henry SHERAR Thomas FOLIN Julia Echuca
    1683 03.09.1857 SIBBALD William SIBBALD Charles Robert TAYLOR Isabella Seamon Geelong
    1048 03.09.1857 SIBBALD William SIBBALD Charles Robert TAYLOR Isabella Seamon Geelong
    2433 23.11.1859 SIM Albert SIM George SWEETLAND Catherine Echuca
    2674 23.11.1859 SIM Albert SIM George SWEETLAND Catherine Nunawading
    1853 25.11.1864 SIMPSON John SIMPSON Joseph BLACK Mary Echuca
    2608 17.04.1899 SIMPSON William Leslie SIMPSON George FRASER Jessie Ann South Melbourne
    3230 24.02.1895 SIMPSON Catherine Annie SIMPSON Robert George TAYLOR Catherine Echuca
    1288 22.04.1860 SINCLAIR Mary Ann Sophia   DOORLEY Bridget (DOORAN)  Heathcote
    0294 30.09.1883 SINCLAIR David Robert SINCLAIR Thomas RYAN Alice Theresa Echuca
    1127 26.05.1852 SIREMary Ann SIREFrancis SIREMary Ann Melbournebaptism
    2718 26.03.1870 SKUDDER Emma Mary SKUDDER John THOMPSON Mary Ann Echuca
    3204 05.02.1892 SLATTERY May SLATTERY John Patrick MYERS Johanna Echuca
    2346 17.06.1856 SMART Thomas Christie SMART Archibald SMART Mary Melbourne
    1492 23.07.1924 SMITH Constance Hannah SMITH Robert James H ? TONGUE Florence Alpha Victoria
    0225 18.05.1851 SMITH Walter James SMITH James HORN Martha Newtown Vic
    0242 20.04.1888 SMITH Edward Alfred SMITH Edward KRUGER Bertha Brimpean Vic
    0688 29.09.1856 SMITH Francis Blew SMITH Francis BLEW Ellen Saint Kilda
    0693 07.07.1864 SMITH William Flynn   SMITH Margaret Sandhurst
    1127 05.11.1829 SMITH ElizabethNicholson SMITH Thomas SMITH Elizabeth Melbourne baptism
    1028 27.11.1914 SPENCER Eileen Grace SPENCER John Thomas KELLY Margarita Kyneton
    0591 27.10.1879 SPRETT John Thomas   SPRETT Sarah Wilcannia
    0394 29.07.1863 STANLEY Edward STANLEY John DWYERBridget White Hills
    0259 27.01.1872 STAPELTON Michael STAPELTON Michael CROWE Ann Melbourne V.
    0511 20.09.1854 STEERS Elizabeth STEERS Francis STOREY Sophia Creswick
    1294 15.05.1871 STEPHENS Elizabeth Emily STEPHENS Richard  DOORLEY Bridget (DOORAN)  Heathcote
    0212 27.03.1881 STEPHENS Lottie May STEPHENS Tobias HOLMAN Eliza Sandhurst V.
    1852 13.11.1864 STRUTT not named STRUTT Charles Edward RYAN Margaret Echuca
    0713 04.02.1861 STRUTT Bertha Sylvia STRUTT Charles Edward RYAN Margaret Bridget Echuca
    3298 30.07.1866 SULLIVAN John SULLIVAN Patrick McMAHON Catherine Elmore
    1206 03.06.1864 SUTHERLAND Violet Elizabeth SUTHERLAND William TAIT Violet Collingwood
    1007 20.12.1895 TAIG Esther Olive TAIG Thomas GARMENT Emily Mary Echuca
    0987 01.11.1866 TANNER ALICE TANNER William HENDERSON Margaret Runnymede
    0237 29.08.1886 TARRANT Ruby May TARRANT John STANLEY Isabella Echuca Vic
    1434 18.12.1851 TAYLOR Elizabeth TAYLOR Duncan TAYLOR Catherine Bellerine (Baptism)
    1450 10.08.1854 TAYLOR Duncan TAYLOR Duncan ALLEN Catherine Bellarine
    2721 26.03.1870 TAYLOR Alice Elizath TAYLOR Wiliam BRICK ? Mary Echuca
    3171 07.11.1862 TAYLOR Henry Edward TAYLOR Henry GOULD Ellen Sandhurst
    3255 09.04.1882 TAYLOR May Olive Cordelia TAYLOR Henry CORVEN Mary Ann Hobart
    3345 03.09.1866 TAYLOR Rosina Jane TAYLOR Edwin RIDGWAY Elizabeth Jane Spring Creek
    0290 19.07.1883 TAYLOR Anne TAYLOR John GUERNSEY Martha Echuca
    0535 29.07.1885 TAYLOR William Walter TAYLOR Charles LIDDELL Mary Ann Echuca
    0535 29.07.1885 TAYLOR William Walter TAYLOR Charles WINCH (formerly) Mary Ann Echuca
    1207 18.07.1864 TAYLOR Adah Matilda TAYLOR Edwin TADMAN Matilda Collingwood
    0196 14.11.1825 TERRY Mary Ann TERRY William TERRY Mary Warwick Eng.
    2457 27.03.1853 THOMAS Ruth ? THOMAS Thomas THOMAS Susannah Melbourne
    0395 28.08.1863 THOMAS William THOMAS John OLIVER Ann White Hills
    0652 24.11.1886 THOMPSON John James Bell THOMPSON William Dickson RYDER Amy Rosetta Richmond
    0443 05.08.1861 THOMSON Mary Ann THOMSON William OGLEVIE Mary Ann White Hills
    3344 04.04.1866 THORNTON Charles Arthur THORNTON Charles BELL Elizabeth Jane Spring Creek
    1291 13.06.1862 TIMOTHY Ellen TIMOTHY Michael  WOOD Ellen  Heathcote
    1058 26.08.1857 TOOMEY Mary TOOMEYJames WHITEHEAD Fanny Bacchus Marsh
    1062 11.01.1842 TOOMEY James TOOMEY James WHITEHEAD Fanny Melbourne, Baptism
    0650 08.10.1892 TOWNSEND Harry Orton TOWNSEND Harry Orton EASTWOOD Frances Mary Brunswick
    0799 26.05.1854 TRASH Louisa TRASH Henry PAGE Sarah Lewes, Sussex UK
    0235 23.09.1886 TRAVERSO Frederick TRAVERSO George James MCLANE Mary Echuca Vic
    0645 11.11.1862 TRAYES Frederick TRAYES William DARTON Mary Maria White Hills
    2432 06.11.1859 TREACY Mary Frances TREACY William Winter HARDY Jane Echuca
    2436 12.01.1864 TREACY Florence TREACY William Winter HARDY Jane Boroondara
    2673 06.11.1859 TREACY Mary Frances TREACY William Winter HARDY Jane North Melbourne
    0246 04.03.1858 TRELOAR Mary Jane TRELOAR Bennett CADDY Ann Ballarat Vic
    3300 05.02.1867 TREWHILLA Charles Henry TREWHILLA Christopher KEARNEY Elizabeth White Hills
    0222 15.05.1849 TULLY Alexander TULLY Thomas BROPHY Anne Mt Napier V.
    1114 11.03.1887 TUSSELL Mary Isabel TUSSELL Alfred WALLS Elizabeth Jessie Granville
    0966 04.07.1861 TYACK Thomas TYACK James McKENNA Catherine Indigo
    1549 21.04.1859 TYLEY Charles Frederick TYLEY James Thomas BEYER Louisa Collingwood
    1062 13.02.1842 UNKNOWNMary Unknown  Unknown  Melbourne, Baptism
    0192 01.08.1825 VALE Amelia Randles VAL James VALE Sarah Warwick Eng.
    0456 18.06.1873 VANCE Ellen Jane VANCE James HUNTER Mary Ann White Hills
    1470 03.02.1861 VEALE Mary Elizabeth VEALE Oliver LARBERT Elizabeth Echuca
    0712 03.02.1861 VEALE Mary Elizabeth VEALE Oliver LAMBERT Elizabeth Echuca
    1025 18.10.1914 VICKER Clemens VICKER Martin John DONOHUE Catherine Kyneton
    2678 28.03.1858 VICKERY Sarah VICKERY John POPE Emma Heathcote
    3547 08.04.1857 VINING Caroline VINING George RICHARDS Louisa Ballarat
    0274 08.07.1881 WAGLAND Catherine Nield   WAGLAND Elizabeth Macarthur V.
    2528 11.07.1871 WALKER George WALKER Thomas JENKINS Phillis Amhurst
    3187 21.10.1863 WALKER Sophia Elizatwin WALKER William BREWER (formally PROUT) Harriet Geelong
    3188 21.10.1863 WALKER Sarah Annie twin WALKER William BREWER (formally PROUT) Harriet Geelong
    1122 23.05.1872 WALKER Frank Romain WALKER William Foggat COLTHERD Isabella Murray Melbourne
    2322 27.02.1868 WALLACE Frances WALLACE George MORAN Eliza Melbourne
    2677 13.04.1858 WALLEN Henry Joseph WALLEN William PETERS Matilda Heathcote
    2455 12.03.1853 WALLIN Victor WALLIN Francis Robertson WALLIN Catherine Melbourne
    2657 20.04.1864 WALLIS not named WALLIS John Alfred  Mary Bridget Pleasant Creek
    2729 20.04.1864 WALLIS not named WALLIS John Alfred ? Mary Bridget Pleasant Creek
    0716 11.02.1859 WALTERS Georgina WALTERS Edwin Alfred PALETHORP Margaret Echuca
    1547 14.05.1859 WALTON Mary Eliza WALTON Henry SNEYD Elizabeth Collingwood
    0457 14.01.1865 WATERS Charlotte Ann WATERS Isaac TEDDER Arabella White Hills
    1686 28.10.1857 WATKINS Charles Alfred WATKINS Charles Alfred MORRS Julia Ann Geelong
    1051 28.10.1857 WATKINS Charles WATKINS Charles Alferd MORRIS Julia Ann Geelong
    3551 05.05.1857 WATSON Jonathon WATSON John DAWSON Margaret Ballarat
    1629 29.10.1868 WATTS Ellen WATTS George GOODGER Ellen Inglewood
    3179 06.08.1892 WEBB Violet WEBB James Waters ? Kate Echuca
    0728 12.11.1871 WEBB Annie Louisa WEBB Thomas PROTT Louisa Melbourne North
    0818 03.04.1911 WEEKS Rita Clarice WEEKS Herbert H.   Binalong NSW
    0655 31.11.1886 WELLS Frederick Harry WELLS Harry OLIVER Elizabeth Richmond
    0660 04.08.1884 WERTHAIMER Alfred WERTHAIMER Moritz SCHANK Rosa Richmond
    1113 19.09.1887 WEST James Frederick WEST James Frederick AUSTEN Mary Richmond
    0253 17.07.1866 WHEELER Jane WHEELER Charles CHAMBERS Catherine Majorca Vic
    0293 11.10.1883 WHINFIELD Maud Dalton WHINFIELD John Atkinson DALTON Alice Echuca
    3491 22.04.1907 White Violet Lucy White,William  Hargarves,Isabel Frances  0
    0267 28.12.1874 WHITE Crucalinus ? WHITE John Robert RYAN Julia Anne Torrumbarry
    0228 05.12.1881 WHITEHAIR William (twin) WHITEHAIR William KENNEDY Mary Ann Sandhurst V.
    0229 05.12.1881 WHITEHAIR Josephine twin WHITEHAIR William KENNEDY Mary Ann Sandhurst V.
    0649 22.04.1892 WHYTE Michael WHYTE Peter CARRIGY Mary Brunswick
    3349 11.06.1871 WILKINS Jane WILKINS David LYON Ellen Spring Creek
    1572 24.02.1861 WILKINSON Charles WILKINSON John WATSON Lydia Campbells Creek
    0209 28.10.1889 WILKINSON Ellis Richard WILKINSON Richard HAYES Jane Strathfield.
    1284 30.61.860 WILLET Francis William WILLET Francis  HOCKING Margaret  Heathcote
    2321 28.12.1867 WILLIAMS William George WILLIAMS Henry MOSS Mary Ann Melbourne
    2350 17.07.1856 WILLIAMS Harriet WILLIAMS John WILLIAMS Mary Newbridge
    0422 14.03.1865 WILLIAMS William WILLIAMS William KEARNEY Bridget White Hills
    0467 02.10.1859 WILLIAMS Peter Ellis WILLIAMS John ELLIS Nancy White Hills
    0593 02.08.1881 WILLIAMS John Henry WILLIAMS John Henry SPRETT Sarah Martha Echuca
    1127 21.04.1852 WILLIAMS William John WILLIAMS Henry WILLIAMS Sarah Melbourne baptism
    1432 04.12.1851 WILLIAMSON Donald WILLIAMSON James WILLIAMSON Eliza Bellerine (Baptism)
    1293 24.06.1862 WILSON Ellen Mary WILSON John  JOSE Mary  Heathcote
    1370 31.07.1875 WILSON John William WILSON John DOURNE Ann Mornington
    1473 24.09.1841 WILSON Theodore not stated Not stated WILSON Eleanor Launceston (Baptism)
    1602 06.10.1842 WILSON Mary WILSON Thomas HARTY Honora Melbourne (baptism)
    2352 24.02.1856 WILSON Alice Maud Margaret WILSON George Frederick Augustus WILSON Margaret Emerald Hill
    2357 24.02.1856 WILSON Hannah WILSON George Frederick Augustus TRACEY Margaret Collingwood
    2405 14.04.1850 WILSON Maria Jane WILSON George Frederick Augustus WILSON Margaret Melbourne
    2452 09.03.1853 WILSON Robert WILSON George Frederick Augustus   Melbourne
    2467 09.05.1858 WILSON Selina Augusta WILSON George Frederick Augustus TREACY Margaret Emerald Hill
    1062 03.11.1841 WILSON Margaret WILSON John BUCKLEY Henrietta Melbourne, Baptism
    0686 15.09.1856 WISE Josephine WISE John CUNDLE Lilly Melbourne
    2585 ??.11.1877 WRIGHT Lavinia Maud Elizabeth WRIGHT Richard ? Mary Ann South Yarra
    0260 28.01.1872 WRIGHT Harriett WRIGHT William TALBOT Ellen Melbourne V.
    0654 31.11.1886 WRIGHT Joseph Robert Leslie WRIGHT Robert RAEJessie Richmond
    2531 26.06.1871 WULFF William Ernest WULFF Ernest SCANLON Margaret Amhurst
    2323 09.04.1868 YOUNG Alfred YOUNG James MOTT Sarah Melbourne
    2331 26.07.1867 YOUNG Ellen YOUNG James MOTT Sarah Emerald Hill
    2679 24.03.1858 YOUNG Jane YOUNG James BROWN Isabella Heathcote
    1141 09.03.1864 YOUNG Francis England YOUNG Robert BOULGER  Elizabeth Avoca

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