Stonnington’s local history publications

The Malvern Historical Society, the former Prahran Historical and Arts Society and the Stonnington History Centre, have produced a number of local history publications that can be downloaded for free.

Many of the titles are available for loan from the Stonnington Library and Information Service and the PMI Victorian History Library

A number are available for purchase from Stonnington Libraries, the PMI Victorian History Library or Jeffreys Books, 140 Glenferrie Road, Malvern.

PDF copies of many of these titles can also be downloaded from the Stonnington History Centre’s website.



Histories of the former City of Malvern

The following Malvern municipal history titles can be viewed on the Stonnington History Centre Catalogue:

Histories of the former City of Prahran

The following Prahran municipal history titles can be viewed on the Stonnington History Catalogue:

Stonnington Thematic Environmental History

‘Stonnington Thematic Environmental History’ is a history of the local area from Indigenous times to the present day. The book and interactive CD are available for purchase and may also be viewed at Stonnington libraries. The book is available in the sections below to download.

Walking Tours

Each book, with photographs and maps, contains six walking trails in Armadale, Kooyong, Glen Iris, Malvern, Malvern East and Toorak.

  • ‘Walk into History 1’: Six more great walks in Stonnington by Di Foster and Steve Stefanopoulos 2001
    (Updated 2009)
  • Walk into History 2‘: Six more great walks in Stonnington by Di Foster and Steve Stefanopoulos 2005
  • Walk into History 3‘: Six more great walks in Stonnington by Steve Stefanopoulos 2006
  • Walk into History 4‘: Six more great walks in Stonnington by Di Foster and Steve Stefanopoulos 2007

An indigenous history of Stonnington: a report to the City of Stonnington

In 2006, the City of Stonnington engaged Dr Ian Clark and Laura Kostanski from the University of Ballarat to undertake research into the indigenous history of Stonnington. The research resulted in a detailed report: An Indigenous History of Stonnington: A report to the City of Stonnington and a summary report Stonnington’s Indigenous History(PDF, 2MB) which contains a brief history, key people, Indigenous clans, countries and languages, and significant sites.

Childrens Books

Back when.. by Jane Nigro 2008

This children’s picture book contains historic photos from the Stonnington History Collection.

Amazing History Amazing Stonnington by Jane Nigro 2013

This local history puzzle book, Amazing History Amazing Stonnington, is designed for primary school-age students.

Additional Stonnington local history publications

A place in history: A guide to the people and places that have played a significant role in the life and development of Stonnington

The book, A place in history, is intended to complement the heritage markers that have been installed throughout the City of Stonnington.

William Philpott: pioneer Victorian first class cricketer by Anne Jackson 2011

This brief biography of William Philpott (1818-1891), examines his time with the Melbourne Cricket Club and his life at Rosehill in Malvern with his wife Rosetta.

Suburbs at War: the Cities of Malvern and Prahran during the Great War by Helen Doyle (2015).

This illustrated history was commissioned by the City of Stonnington to commemorate the centenary of the First World War. It examines the home front experience in Stonnington during the war. It traces the local background to the war, the military training and recruitment of local men, and the different ways in which the war impacted suburban life.

Greetings from Malvern by Jane Nigro and Di Foster 1994

This collection of postcards and photographs was produced to commemorate the end of the City of Malvern. Click here to view.

The following publications may be viewed at the Stonnington History Centre or the PMI Victorian History Library.

Across the slate: Prahran’s schools, 1850s-1985 by Jane Chatham

Bonds of care: Elizabeth Fry Retreat and its founders by Betty Malone

Chapel Street, part I: 1834-1918 by Betty Malone

Chapel Street, part II: 1919-1984 by Betty Malone

Church, community and change: religion in Prahran 1836-1984 by Jill McDougall

Discovering Prahran Areas 1- 8 by Betty Malone.

Early Prahran, 1850-1863 by Betty Malone

Pioneer and hardy survivor: the Prahran Mechanic’s since 1854 by L. B. McCalman

Policeman’s paradise by Peter Aldred, Charles Cox and Ralph Stavely

Prahran’s pubs, 1852 to 1988 by Betty Malone

A record of Rose Street by Marion Dadswell

Select your partners [a history of Leggett’s Ballroom] by Phil Leggett

Toorak as I knew it (1900-1930) by James Paxton

Click here to view these publications.