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Malvern Historical Society c1973

Malvern Historical Society

The Malvern Historical Society Inc is an active community group based in Stonnington. We are an incorporated Society run by volunteers. We welcome members from all walks of life. You do not need to live in the area to become a member, and new members are always welcome.

We organise walks, talks, children’s puzzles, pamphlets and newsletters. We have published award-winning books and brochures, produced photos for displays, designed plaques, and provided guest speakers and guides for schools and community groups.

Our newsletter, ‘Local History News – Keeping Stonnington’s History Alive! is produced bi-monthly and the Society is active on Facebook and Twitter.

Malvern Historical Society welcomes volunteers and invites them to be part of all the activities. The Society maintains strong links with the Stonnington History Centre and the community.

Malvern Historical Society events are advertised in the bi-monthly newsletter and on Facebook and Twitter.

Our History From 1972

Malvern Historical Society was established in 1972 to promote local history and to actively collect material relating to the history of Malvern. The historical assets of the Malvern Historical Society are now part of the Stonnington History Centre collection.

The Society uses its funds to produce the newsletter, organise guest speakers, hire venues for meetings and purchase items to donate to the Stonnington History Centre.

The Society has received support from Council through the provision of grants. It has supported initiatives including the Stonnington History Committee. The Society is a member of the Royal Historical Society of Victoria and the South Metro History Group.

Malvern Historical Society’s 10th Anniversary rose garden, Malvern Gardens 1982

William Ward Osborne 1944

Stonnington History Centre MP60640

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New members and volunteers are welcome! Members of the Malvern Historical Society receive the bi-monthly newsletter and enjoy walks, talks and visits to places of interest.
Financial donations are always welcome!

Membership rates:

Single $13
Family $20
Student: $13

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Donations to the Stonnington History Centre click here.

Our bi-monthly Newsletter ‘Local History News – Keeping Stonnington’s History Alive!’ and social media posts all contain a selection of articles of historical interest. We invite contributions relating to our local history.


Research Enquiries

The Malvern Historical Society is a volunteer-run organisation that does not have a collection of its own and cannot undertake research.

For all research enquiries, for copies of photographs and other items reproduced on this website, please contact the Stonnington History Centre.

Hand-coloured engraving of Prahran Town Hall, Chapel Street, Prahran c1886

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