Subdivision Plan 1

Part of a subdivision plan of 20 valuable shop sites in Burke Road Gardiner. The plan dates from 1923 and includes views of the shops and the station.

Subdivision Plan 2

Plan of land subdivision to be sold by agents Munro and Baillieu, includes allotments in Malvern Road, Embling Road, Haverbrack Avenue, Glenferrie Road and Spring Road 1890

Building Plan 1

From 1925 a number of houses in the streets west of Belgrave Road, East Malvern were built of Baltic timber and used the pattern book designs issued by the State Savings Bank of Victoria.

Copy of design from The State Savings Bank of Victoria Design Book of timber dwellings, 1936.

Building Plan 2

Colour photograph of plan drawn by C. A. D'Ebro, architect. on the 10 May 1888. Prior to 1890, land on the east side of Glenferrie Road on the site of present day Moorakyne Avenue, was sold to merchant John Grice, who commissioned London-born architect Charles D’Ebro to design a mansion of grand proportions. In 1889 builder Stephen Armstrong was awarded D’Ebro’s tender to build the mansion at a cost of £18,888. Grice named the house Moorakyne.

Residence for J.Grice 1888