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YOUR HISTORY . . . Alive for future generations in Mulgrave - Waverley - Monash, Victoria through the Waverley Historical Society (WHS). Know your home turf? Think again. Its secrets surround you, waiting for rediscovery. Local train commuters pass the motherlode daily, unaware that a treasure trove of over 160 years of pioneering spirit and district development is across the road from Mount Waverley railway station, above the Monash Public Library branch at 41 Miller Crescent, and is waiting to be tapped. WHS is here to promote and preserve the history of the Mulgrave/Waverley/Monash area and assist interested people with historical research.

St Stephens - Oldest extant church in Waverley district
St.Stephens celebrates 154 years 1865 - 2019.  The oldest church in Monash City

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Updated 18.5.19
. The WHS has much pleasure in announcing the publication of Then and Now - A Pictorial History of the City of Monash. The book was launched by Anna Burke MHR at the WHS 40th birthday celebrations on Sunday 3 Oct 2010. This A4 book comprises 60 pages of Then and Now (B&W and colour) images, maps and text of scenes within the City of Monash. The book is available from the WHS directly, or by post. Click here for further details and order form.

Once There Was Jordanville by local historian Jeffrey Turnbull. This A4 sized book of 170 pages, describes the history of the settlement of the district by the Jordan Family through to the development of the suburb and the creation of the Housing Commission estate. This most readable text is complemented with many maps and (B&W) images of the area. The book is available from the WHS directly, or by post. Click here for further details and order form.

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Historical Walk - 26 May 1pm:
Location: Oswego area  GW
Registration Essential:

The Waverley Historical Society invites you to take part in the ‘Oswego’ Historical Walk in Syndal.  This walk will be in a slightly hilly area so be prepared by wearing comfortable shoes and bringing water.

Never heard of ‘Oswego’?  Here is your chance to learn more about Waverley’s history.  Also learn about the families who farmed the area before suburbanisation, and what they grew. What evidence still exists today of their labours?

Find the heritage-listed trees in the area, and one that surprisingly isn’t. Did you know some very old ones are about to be removed? Discover hidden gems of remnant  indigenous vegetation, tucked away and relatively undisturbed.

Compare estates that are well established with one of the newest in Monash. What was there before? Why were they preserved so long?

Do you know about the very deep and gigantic hole that once opened up in a quiet residential court? What was the story behind it, and how was it fixed?

Maybe you know: which sport was played here for  many decades? What government organisations had their headquarters here? How is it that the TAFE site has never been subdivided? What suburban street has all-but disappeared? Share your stories of the area too.

Enjoy a guided walk of about 3 kilometres.  Numbers are limited so book your place soon. The walk is free for WHS members; $5 for others. (Membership is only $25 – your might like to join instead of paying the walk fee!) Please let us know if you are able to join us. We look forward to seeing you again.

RSVP:  Bookings essential.

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The Society has a number of maps, early sub-division plans and aerial photographs of the district. Many of the streets in the Waverley area originate from our early pioneers, while the name "Waverley" and some particular streets relate back to Walter Scott's Waverley novels. If you are searching for the locality: Amstel, Ashwood, Black Flat, Brandon Park, Brentwood, Burwood, Chadstone, Clayton North, Glen Waverley, Jordanville, Mount Waverley, Mulgrave, Notting Hill, Pinewood, Springvale North, Syndal, Talbot Colony, Tally Ho, Waverley Park, Wellington, Whitburn or Wheelers Hill, then maybe we have the information you seek.

You can search the origin of street names in the Waverley area by accessing our on-line database. (If you can add to the information we would welcome your contributions).

We are most grateful to the City of Monash for providing the accommodation for our collection.

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