Monumental Clean-Up
Scrubbing of Hume & Hovell Monument

Hamilton Hume and William Hovell led an expedition overland in 1824, to reach the Southern coast. On the evening of Saturday 27th November they camped by Hollands Creek.

On June 17th 2005, members of the Tatong Heritage Group scrubbed the Hume & Hovell monument at Fern Hills, 7km past Tatong, on the Tolmie rd.

Extensive research had recommended a solution of a horse shampoo, and the monument should by now feel downright frisky.

The weather was not clement, but it did save a bit of rinsing down.

Toby tended to the boulder on top, where an arrow once pointed to the spot Hume and Hovell were thought to have camped.
Toby reported that the arrow had not broken off, but had clearly been stolen; most disappointing.
The group will examine the possibilities of replacing the arrow.

The 'Before' Shots:

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