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Tarnagulla is a small rural town situated in the heart of the Golden Triangle, central Victoria, Australia. It is a town founded on the excitement and hope of the Victorian Gold rush and quickly developed into a thriving community. Many large company gold mines employed scores of miners at their peak and many large gold nuggets were found. It was a town of enormous wealth for some. Over the years as gold became less plentiful many turned to farming and other pursuits.
With a colorful history, Tarnagulla today is a quiet town with a population of only a few hundred. The following pages provide an insight into some of the history of Tarnagulla through photos, historic records, stories, articles from local papers and more. There are always new articles and records to be included and we are working towards getting as many of these online as possible. It is our hope that anybody with articles or photos of interest would also submit them for inclusion. In this way it is our aim to make this site a living resource for those of us interested in the township of Tarnagulla and to preserve our history for future generations.

Tarnagulla Today

Tarnagulla today still has the charm and character of a town with a rich history and is well worth a visit. Many of the towns historic buildings still remain, as do remains of many of the mining sites - which will reward the visitor who takes the time to stop and have a look around. Township maps can be downloaded here and a walking tour found here.

Photos of Tarnagulla today.

Strictly Vintage Fair - Sept/Oct 2017

We're proud to announce the 2017 Tarnagulla Strictly Vintage Fair will be held this year on Saturday 30th September and Sunday 1st October. We think the program of events is easily the best we've had so far, and you're assured of a very entertaining and enjoyable day or two in the old town.
The history display will have some excellent additions this year. The Tarnagulla Golf Course is celebrating its centenary with a display of memorabilia. Ken Arnold is presenting a collection of vintage teddy bears. Trevor McDougal will again have a display from his wonderful rare bottle collection and there will be many other items for you to see.
David has been able to add to the wonderful photographic collection again this year in additon to the vast material from previous years.
A very significant new feature this year will be a collection of memorabilia and material from descendants of Thomas Page, the proprietor of Tarnagulla's newspaper for many years. This will include copies of the Tarnagulla Courier from the 1880s and some of his family's collection of glass plate photographic images. A number of these photos of the town have not been seen within living memory.
We look forward to seeing you there!
The full size programme can be downloaded here.
More information can be found on our 'Upcoming Events' page.

Tarnagulla's Golden History - Part 4

We are pleased to announce that the fourth and final book in David Gordon's wonderful Tarnagulla's Golden History series is now available.
Book four is much larger than the earlier books at 237 pages, and embraces the period from 1891 until 1920. It's subtitled Fluctuating Fortunes and a Time of Transition. Within the book, there are many photos and other images of people and places taken during this very important period of Tarnagulla's history. The index is extensive, so there's a good chance you'll find references to your family among the 60,000-plus words.
The period from 1891 to 1920 is perhaps the most dynamic in Tarnagulla's history. During this time, British mining investors finally became very interested in deep mining at Tarnagulla, and this was followed by a sensational series of shallow gold-rushes which broke out on a huge scale and took the district by storm. Not long after, the Great War of 1914-1918 and its aftermath would deal a blow to Tarnagulla.
All these events and many more are featured and brought into context in the book.
David's managed to keep the cost down to $29, which is a bargain-basement price for what truly is a high-quality and well produced publication. (Postage is available for an additional $10).
If you would like to purchase a copy then you can either email David directly or contact us at the web site to get in touch with him.

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