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Posted By: Anne Taplin (
Guestbook Message ID: 169
Interests: Gribble , Ashburn
Message: information regarding the name of Ashburn buried in the Tarnagulla cemetry, is there any reference to a daughter Elizabeth Ellen Ashburn. I am trying to find if she is related to any of those people. She was born 1891 Thank you Anne Taplin

Posted By: Cathy Toze (
Guestbook Message ID: 166
Interests: Brideson family
Murray family
Message: I am a descendent of Ida Eunice Brideson so interested in the Brideson family and Mary Murray, Ida's mother.

Posted By: Andrew Hetherington (
Guestbook Message ID: 164
Interests: Hetherington, Kangderaar Creek
Message: Thank you for this wonderful site. My ancestor Charles Hetherington married in Tarnagulla and farmed at Kangderaar Creek for a couple of years.

Posted By: William Griffth (
Guestbook Message ID: 158
Interests: Rev.John Griffith Methodist,in Tarnagulla about 1865
Message: Re:Looking for any information of my Geat Graet Grand parent. Rev.John Griffith Methodist,about 1865

Posted By: Fiona Powell (
Guestbook Message ID: 156
Interests: Laurie Family
Message: I am interested in any information about Peter Laurie (1828-1902),his family and his descendants, especially his son, Peter Laurie (1863-1944)
I would especially like to know about their life in Tarnagulla after they arrived from Scotland in about 1853.

Posted By: Leith Birnie (
Guestbook Message ID: 155
Interests: John Clarricoat(e)s Connected to "The Good Templars"
William Clarricoates son of the above.
John McKean blacksmith and his daughter Mary John Mc Kean
John Hamilton Builder/cabinet maker and his daughter Elizabeth also connected to "The Good Templars"
All of the above were connected to Tarnagulla around the mid 1870's and include a rather scandalous court case held in Tarnagulla Court in 1875. This case carried a by line in "The Argus" of that year.
Message: Great to see the updated website. I still have a strong interest in the Tarnagulla area and my family connections to it. I do have some historical info about my ancestors time in the area and am happy to share

Posted By: Greg Marian (
Guestbook Message ID: 154
Interests: Any info on James Thompson or his descendents would be greatly appreciated. Also pics of Blacksmith Shop, James Garage, Old Golf Club House as my father helped build,New Years Eve Photos of Town Hall 1960,s. Great Uncle Mick Riordon's 90th Birthday at Town Hall(1970) or photo's of M.Riordon. Great Site and Memories.
Message: I am the nephew of Stan Mcnamee also related to the Riordon family. Also my Great Grandfather was James Thompson who lived in the area between 1852 till 1897 i believe.

Posted By: Kirsty Ohlsen (
Guestbook Message ID: 152
Interests: Randell. I am currently trying to find relatives. If you are related to the Radnells please contact me.
Message: I am currently trying to find relatives. If you are related to the Radnells please add us on face book. The link is above or email me.

Posted By: Glenda Lesley Coenen (
Guestbook Message ID: 150
Interests: Family Research and Reunions
I am a decendant of the RADNELL family. My Great Great grandmother was Emma Radnell. I attended the Radnell reunion in Tarnagulla in 1999 with my brother Brian Rodwell and my cousin Sandra Arnold.
Message: I am a decendant of the RADNELL family. My Great Great grandmother was Emma Radnell. I attended the Radnell reunion in Tarnagulla in 1999 with my brother Brian Rodwell and my cousin Sandra Arnold. If any rellies wish to contact me they may do so.
I would like to know when the next Radnell reuion will be, if there is one planned.
Thanks for your great site and all the useful info.

Posted By: Richard STaylor (
Guestbook Message ID: 149
Interests: Taylor Radnell
Message: My Grandparents were born married and died in tarnagulla. My father and his siblings were born there as well , i have been researching the Taylor and Radnell history for many years ,have been to a few of the radnell weekends in march over the years and really love the little town

Posted By: Helen Murdoch (
Guestbook Message ID: 148
Interests: Zimmerman Leroux
Message: Please note that my email address is not as previously recorded. Still looking for information about the Zimmerman and Leroux families. Thank you.

Posted By: Barbara Windle (
Guestbook Message ID: 147
Interests: Zimmerman; Leroux; Steele; Jochimsen
Message: If Helen Murdoch is still interested in finding out more about Zimmerman and Leroux I would be happy to help her as I am related to these people from Tarnagulla. Ive tried contacting her via her email address here but it bounced back to me.

Posted By: deborah cragg (
Guestbook Message ID: 144
Message: Hello my name is Deborah Cragg i am a great grand daughter of Frederick and Elizabeth Bool,grand daughter of one of his sons Frederick George and Annie Elizabeth Bool.My great grand parents lived and raised their family in Tarnagulla between 1867 and 1933. My husband and i recently visited the town ,found grave stones and the old masonic hotel which was the family home. Although i have found numerous pieces of information i still have a long way to go.Thanks to this site i have been able to unfold some puzzles

Posted By: helen murdoch (helenmmurdoch@
Guestbook Message ID: 142
Interests: Zimmerman, Leroux
Message: Delighted to find this website.I am a descendant of Hein Zimmerman I believe he was a Baker in Gladstone Road Tarnagulla. I am also related to William Leroux who with his brother Midford lived in the area in the mid 1800s. Would love to find out more about these people.

Posted By: Kerry Kirk (
Guestbook Message ID: 141
Interests: Laurie Laidlaw Wemyss Whelan Priest
Message: Thanks for providing this valuable website. I am researching my family and note our records seem to hae a lot of relatives buried in Tarngulla including
Ebenezer Laurie b 25. 2.1857 d 3.2. 1914
Jane Laurie nee Wemyss b 11.5.1830 d 6.7.1915
Janet Wemyss nee Laidlaw b 1801 d 20.5.1882
I will try ad get my hands on the cemetry CD if possible Regards Kerry

Posted By: leith birnie (
Guestbook Message ID: 140
Interests: clarricoates Good Templars Lodge Circa 1875
Message: Researching my families involvement in the early days(1860s-1870s) of Tarnagulla and the surrounding small towns. Other family names connected directly with Tarnagulla are Mc Kean; Clarricoates: Ault and Hamilton. I have a particular interest in the Good Templars Lodge which I believe existed in the district for many years.
Great to see our history being preserved. Regards Leith Birnie

Posted By: Anne Unsworth (
Guestbook Message ID: 136
Interests: Lockett and Stephens families
Message: I am researching my family history and my Great Great Grandmother Elizabeth Lockett died at Tarnagulla in 1868 but cant find any buriel records. Her brother was James Lockett and apparently well known in the area. She was married to Edward Stephens and they orginally migrated from Cornwall, England. I would very much appreicate if any one can give me any details on Elizabeth or Edward Stephens. Kind Regards Anne

Posted By: Darryl Peters (
Guestbook Message ID: 135
Interests: Newbridge History
Message: My wife and I own and operate the Newbridge General Store and are currently piecing together a History of the Store and Newbridge in general, any information that can be obtained through this website will be usful and will assist us with our search
Darryl and Beryl Peters

Posted By: susan Griggs nee Graham (
Guestbook Message ID: 133
Interests: George Graham D: 1878
Message: I would like to congratulate you on a fantastic site.
I am researching my GGG Grandfather, I believe he purchased allotment 144 section c, 115 acres of land before 1878. Any information about George or his family would be most welcome.

Posted By: Morris Jones (
Guestbook Message ID: 130
Interests: Jones
Message: My father came from Waanyarra and uncle lived there till the mid 70s,I attended the Tarnagulla school for a few months in about 1960/61 and love to hear from any of the guys that attended in those years.You have done an excellent job with this site keep up the good work.

Posted By: Helen Watt (
Guestbook Message ID: 129
Interests: Burstall Family of Tarnagulla
Message: I am the Great Granddaughter of Robert Harrison and Jessie Brown Burstall. Their son Harry Bousfield Burstall was my Grandfather. The family lived at The Anchorage. Robert owned a butcher shop and was also Mayor of Tarnagulla at one stage. Also, two of Roberts brothers, Spencer and Thomas lived in the area as well. Spencer like Robert Harrison is buried at Tarnagulla. I would love any information or photoes that there may be out there.
Many thanks
Helen Watt

Posted By: Geoff Kilgour (
Guestbook Message ID: 125
Interests: Kilgour, Alexander.
Message: My Great Grandfather William Mills Kilgour,Great Grandmother Sarah Ellen Kilgour nee Dearnalley Grandfather William Kilgour and Grandmother Jessie Victoria Kilgour ne Alexander lived in Tarnagulla.William and Jessie on Commercial Rd and Married in the Presbyterian Church Sept 1920. William was a Blacksmith and worked at McNamees I believe.Great Grandparents lived on the goldfields.William Mills Kilgour was a Plate Layer. I think William was a volunteer fire fighter also. William joined Military Service in 1916,served overseas and was awarded a D.C.M.
A Bill Kilgours photo appears in the early football team and looks like my Grandfather although I had no idea he was into football in all the years we had Family visits when they lived in Ballarat in my youth.(I am now 62). I have a lot of info for my Family tree of my Grandparents on but, little of my Great Grandparents and was wondering if you may be able to help.
I am receiving emails already but havent seen anything that is a link to Kilgours.
Great site...keep up the good work..
Regards, Geoff.

Posted By: John Tucker (
Guestbook Message ID: 124
Interests: Philip King TUCKER (Postmaster, Tarnagulla, 1866-73)
Message: Any information or guidance re: relevant websites, family history or genealogical research concerning Philip King Tucker, Postmaster at Tarnagulla (1866-73) and Postmaster from 1873 at Smythesdale, or staff movements in the Victorian Post and Telegraph Department around that time would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, John Tucker

Posted By: lynette winskill (
Guestbook Message ID: 120
Interests: hayes tarnagulla inglewood
Message: wodering if any one can help me with info on hayes family great site

Posted By: Richard Eastwood (
Guestbook Message ID: 118
Interests: Eastwood Family Research
Message: Hi there,
Love your site. Tracking Celia Eastwood and came across Ironbark Gully Heritage Assoc. It would appear from my records that I descend from George Eastwood b.1761 Burwash, Sussex. George had an older brother Samuel Eastwood b.1760 who was Celias grandfather.My family line also arrived in Australia,but not until 3 Oct 1914 aboard the SS Beltana. I would love to hear from anyone with any photos or info concerning Celia.
KInd regards, Rick Eastwood.

Posted By: sandra pain (
Guestbook Message ID: 117
Interests: Gathercole, walkers,wooltorton, taylors,soutters
Message: Hi my husband Colin Pain, his parents ADA PAIN nee GATHERCOLE from Dunnolly -Tarnagully is now 87 yrs old and living in nursing home mildura vict. Her husband Jack Pain passed away 1975 I have been researching all the above families for many yrs and would love to hear from any of these family relations bye sanz. So wonderful to see an actual country town with history links

Posted By: Teresa Kemp (
Guestbook Message ID: 116
Interests: family form central/north central victoria
Message: I just thought I?d let you all know that Vida Cottle born 27 Feb 1909 had her 100th birthday celebrations at Leonda on the Yarra this year.
She appears in some of your school photos. One of those photo is claimed to be in 1926, but Vida does not look 17 in the picture!
Her grandfather, Thomas Cottle, was the first settler at Cottles Bridge, now almost a suburb of Melbourne.
Teresa Kemp

Posted By: Elizabeth McDonald (
Guestbook Message ID: 114
Interests: Francis Henry Gilbert Spencer
Message: I was interested to find some information about Tarnugulla as my grandfather was born there. His brother drowned at the age of 8 years old and is burried at tarnugulla cemetery. I was intending to bring my mother to tarnugulla some time as she is interested to go there. Not sure if there is any accomodation there now days.

Posted By: Amanda Clarke (
Guestbook Message ID: 110
Interests: Comrie, Clarke and Chamberlain
Message: Great to see the site is still going, i am sad to say that Roy Comrie the last of that generation as died but had alot of fond memories talking about the town. i just remember when my father built the carava park when i was little.
again great work

Posted By: Josephine leiper (nee Robertson) (
Guestbook Message ID: 107
Interests: Maternal family name Mcnamee.
Message: Many many years ago my family moved to Tarnagulla for my fathers (Ken Robertson) new job as local Police Officer (1976). His wife was Barbara, nee McNamee the daughter of Australian boxing champion Jack McNamee.
My brother Nigel and I attended Tarnagulla Primary School and he was very involved with the Jnr Fire Brigade. I was too young to have many interests but one of my favourite pastimes was playing in the school pine plantation. I also fondly remember having the end of year school concert at the Victoria Hall and the social functions at the old Fire Station.
Condick and Sutton families were and continue to be close family friends.
Nigel went on to become a commercial pilot and now resides in Furstenfeld Austria and is happily married with 2 beautiful girls.
I have been married to Dale leiper for 13 yrs and we have 2 boys. Jordan and Nicholas.
Mum and Dad have retired to Mystic Park near Swan Hill and spend their time travelling.

Posted By: Meg Gibson (
Guestbook Message ID: 105
Interests: Brouff - Tarnagulla, Newbridge, Fryers Creek
Message: Terrific site. My greatgrandmother was born at Fryers Creek in the 1850s and eight of her brothers and sisters were born in the area too but most ended up moving to the Central West of NSW during the 1880s. Will come back for another look in the future. Thanks.

Posted By: nigel robertson (
Guestbook Message ID: 104
Message: Hi, Great to see the old town is still alive. my father was the police man (Ken Robertson) at Tarnagulla from 1976 until 1982 when we had to move near Barham in NSW. i was really interested in the school photos. Unfortunately through there is not much info from when i was there. if anyone has any photos from these years, it would be great to get a copy of them. we were in the Fire Brigade under the command of Barry Condick until we left. if anyone remembers us, it would be great to hear from you. thanks, nigel.

Posted By: Bruce Willersdorf (
Guestbook Message ID: 102
Interests: Family History
Message: My great grandfather was Justice Conrad Willersdorf
He arrived in Australia in 1854 and he established a bakery in Tarnagulla on the corner of the road leading to the caravan park.The old bakehouse and oven are still there but no longer in use. A sales docket from the period describes the business as a bakery and confectionery supplier.
The family held a family reunion in Tarnagulla in about 1984 and some 110 descendants attended with descendants coming from all states of Australia.

Posted By: Marion Leggate (
Guestbook Message ID: 98
Interests: Dowsley
Message: I note that Mssrs Lyndon and Dowsley ran the cyanide extraction plant at Doctors Gully from 1902 until 1912.
Do you have any records of this ? If so, would you have a record of the Christian name of Dowsley, and also his place of residence ?
Can you help ?
I have enjoyed the various Tarnagulla sites and feel I must make a visit some day.
Thankyou..... Yours faithfully, Marion Leggate

Posted By: Donna Marie Kennedy (
Guestbook Message ID: 91
Interests: Family History
Message: I am interested in any information regarding the Kennedy and Clarke Family history from this area.

Posted By: kenneth Webb (
Guestbook Message ID: 90
Interests: Grey,Goltz,Rands, Webb, Ironbark and Nuggerty Gully
Message: Searching for information/photo,s on the above two Gullies situated just to the south of the township.
In particular re William and Celia Grey who built cottage at Ironbark Gully, which the Ironbark Gully Heritage Assoc.Inc. is in the process of restoring.
Would be interested in any information re the Greys or any other families that resided in these two gullies.

Posted By: Judy Stanhope (
Guestbook Message ID: 83
Interests: Jonathon Falder
Message: Interested in anything to do with Jonathon Falder - Methodist Preacher who appears on this site as I thin he may be a distant relative.

Posted By: Steve Burrows (
Guestbook Message ID: 82
Message: WANTED:: Jamed Burrows information 1852 to 1900, family tree etc.. must be decendent from Wheatfield Eng on the Bride arrived 1852 married Elizabeth died 1870.

Posted By: Peter Williams (
Guestbook Message ID: 80
Interests: Harwood
Message: A friend of Wilf and Leonie Harwood whose relatives lived in the town for many years (and possibly still do). I worked with Wilf in the ANZ Bank (and with my namesake Peter Williams who is from Tarnagulla and visited the site in 2000) and enjoyed many a great week end in the area with the Harwoods and their Masonic friends. Recently holidayed at Laenecoorie and revisited the town to take some wonderful photos. Have lost touch with Wilf who I think now resides in Qld. Congratulations to those who made the site possible. A great journey through a magnificent old Gold town.

Posted By: Susan Gill (
Guestbook Message ID: 71
Interests: James B Reid
Message: Interested in anything about James B Reid and his family - he is pictured in the Bet Bet Shire Photo 1948 on the website - He was my Grandfathers brother -He was born in Chapel of Garioch Aberdeenshire Scotland about 1887 and emigrated to Australia
I understand at one time he was mayor

Posted By: Leslie Grey Dale (
Guestbook Message ID: 69
Interests: Grey and Strahan families and their descendants
Message: William and Celia Grey built a four-room wattle and daub house at Ironbark Gully in the early 1860s. It is still there but is now six rooms. Their descendants have a heritage licence on the site and will protect and restore the site and the building on it in forthcoming years. Everyone interested in that site and possibly in helping us withour project should contact me.

Posted By: Harry Prosser (
Guestbook Message ID: 68
Interests: Llanelly, Tarnagulla and families related to Charles Thomas Sharman
Message: Fantastic site, Ive now visted the area three times because of this site. Family stayed overnight in Maryborough. Frequently come back to see what other readers may have contributed. Can you keep this area updated, as it requires little work and of great interest. You also need to remove some dead links from past contributers

Posted By: david webb (
Guestbook Message ID: 63
Interests: goltz /webb family
Message: Iam happy to have discovered this site .The old photos
contain pictures of my family goltz and webb.Most of all picture of my grandmother dulcie goltz a special
lady.Thank you for efforts in putting pages to-gether.

Posted By: Barb Sims (Thompson) (
Guestbook Message ID: 57
Interests: Leonard and Davies
Message: The maternal side of my family lived in Tarnagulla for some time.
Emma Davies (my Great Grandmother)lived and grew up in Tarnagulla, she married Thomas Leonard. My grandmother Merle Leonard, also grew up in Tarnagulla.
I also have a connection to the Runting family (esp. Gladys Runting).
I have boxes of photographs from Tarnagulla days, and lots of bits and pieces that have been kept.
My mother also passed on many many stories of Tarnagulla days.
If anyone is interested in any information, please email me.

Posted By: Dorothy Ingram (
Guestbook Message ID: 55
Interests: Taking cemetery photos
Message: Hi, I was recently given a copy of a photo found at the Tarnagulla tip. The photo is of a Mrs. Charles Sweeney leaving for the Court at Buckingham Palace, dated 12 of June (no year). Photo was taken by British International Photos, 176 Fleet Street, London.
If anyone can lay claim to it I will happily pass it on.
Cheers Dorothy

Posted By: Jill Capuano (
Guestbook Message ID: 53
Interests: lockett, murchison williams ect...
Message: My Grandmother was born in wannyarra so l have been on that sight aswell, my mother has a heap of pld photos from yesterday years at tarnagulla, l will see what she has and e-mail to you..l am from jack lockets family tree.. great job...

Posted By: Dave White (
Guestbook Message ID: 52
Interests: All Asutralian History.
Message: Hello, I very much enjoyed visiting this site. Especially I loved how you are willing to share your information with others. As you said, that feeling of finding some missing piece of the story. I love our history, especially the gold rush era on. Thankyou for your site, regards Dave White.

Posted By: nadine leigh wood (
Guestbook Message ID: 50
Interests: Stokes, Sheahan, Carroll
Message: John Stokes and Anne Sheahan moved to the area around 1865.
John Stokes was a cooper.
They married at the Catholic Church,Carisbrook on the 10th November 1865.
They stated their residence as Eddington.
They had their 2nd child (Michael)on 28th Jan 1866.
The birth is recorded in the district of Newbridge and the cert states that Michael was born at River Loddon. (Birth reg 4708)
The birth was registered by a neighbour Charles ? of River Loddon.
Next born was Patrick James Stokes in 1868, with his birth being listed as Ballarat. (Birth reg 13601)
Patrick James Stokes married Mary Agnes Naughton in Newbridge in 1896.(marriage reg 2765)
They obviously moved to Yarroweyah as all their 7 childrens births are registered in Yarroweyah from 1896 to 1912.
Next born was John Stokes in 1869 (in Collingwood)
This was a bit of a surprise.(birth reg 14743)
Next born was Henry Stokes in 1873 in Tarnagulla. (birth reg 13161)
Henry Stokes married Margaret Kelly and all their children were born in Strathmerton.
Next was Hannah in 1875 in Tarnagulla.(reg 5888)
She married a Robert Tracey and all their children were born in Cobram.
Somewhere is here is Catherine Stokes.
We cant find any record of her birth?
Her death and marriage records her birth as around 1877 in Newbridge.
She married Jeremiah Carroll in Numurkah on the 6th February 1895.(marriage reg 649)
Next came Anne Stokes born in 1877 in Tarnagulla.(Birth reg 19061)
She married Benjamin Leonard Worrall in Ballarat in 1899 (reg. 5967)
Between the birth of Anne in 1877 and 1882, the family moved to Yarroweyah.
Their next child was Richard Stokes, born in Yarroweyah in 1882.
Their last child was Ellen, born in 1884 in Yarroweyah.
She married Alfred Edward Fimister and they had at least 8 children in Cobram.
I would love to hear from anyone who has any information on the area from 1865 to 1877.

Posted By: Valerie Stephenson (
Guestbook Message ID: 49
Interests: Eman married Tarnagulla
Message: Thomas Eman (Scotland) married Margaret Crichton (Scotland) in Tarnagulla on December 25th, 1866. They were married by Stewart Wilson, Baptist Minister of Tarnagulla, at the house of Hodgson Bousfield, Newthum in Tarngulla. I have a copy of the marriage certificate No. 9 in the register. One of the witnesses was George Crichton, Margarets father. These are my husbands great grandparents. It looks like George Crichton and his wife came out to Australia, but Thomas is a bit of a mystery. Any info. on this family would be appreciated.
Thank you Val Stephenson.
Thomas Eman - Margaret Crichton
Grace Isabella Eman m. Edwin Marsh
Margaret Georgina Marsh m. Stanley George Stephenson
Russell Stanley Stephenson m. Valerie Hocking

Posted By: Sue Adamson (
Guestbook Message ID: 43
Interests: Edward JONES c 1861 Tarnagulla. Son of Edward JONES and Elizabeth HARRIS/HARRIES
Message: Edward JONES married Agnes Watson ADAMSON in Maldon 4th Jan 1888. Although they were childless l would love to find his family.

Posted By: Des Akers (
Guestbook Message ID: 36
Interests: The Akers Family
Message: Just stumbled on your great site whilst looking for some research material for my book I am writing on the Akers family. Congratulations.
Hiram and Thomasina (my great parents)lived all their lives at Tarnagulla. Hirams photo still appears in the Tarnagulla Hall with many other leading inhabitants of the 1800s. Hiram and his wife are buried in the Tarangulla cemetery and last year I arranged for our family to erect a proper headstone for them.
I am interested in hearing from any of Hirams descendants.I am writing a book on the history of the family and their life in Tarnagulla.
Congratulations on a great site.

Posted By: Gaynor Brown (
Guestbook Message ID: 31
Interests: Brown family
Message: Wonderful site. Hope to visit oneday.Interest is Jessie Brown b. Tarnagulla 1862 and her brother George james Brown. Their parents were William thompson Brown and Eliza Burridge.

Posted By: Pauline White (
Guestbook Message ID: 22
Interests: Mary Ann (Polly) Williams born Tarnagulla 25th Jan,1862
Message: Thanks to Camerons wonderful web site, the mystery of
Golden Age written on the back of Mary Williams photo
is solved, grandma said they had a hotel and on your
web site there for the period between 1868 to 1874 T.L.
Williams held the licence for the Golden Age hotel, also on my mothers birth certificate the word
Gladstone came after Tarnagulla and before Victoria, I now know that there is a Gladstone St, and I guess when
the certificate was typed up the usual problem with
transcribing occured. Thank you again. Pauline White.