Stewart Bradley Research


Our research department has a very large collection of Local and District History. Marriage and baptismal records of many local churches have been copied, indexed and these are available for family history research. We also have a comprehensive register of burials in Stawell District Cemeteries for use in our research. Many of our District Schools have been indexed for easy reference.

Since 1853, mining has been a significant part in Stawell's History. We have some information on those early pioneers in the gold fields, as well as individual files on many families which have been compiled as a result of research enquiries received over the years. We also have information concerning businesses, hotels and their licencees and stations.

The Society has available a selection of Birth, Death and Marriage records for Victoria on micro fiche and CD Rom.

We have many files which contain newspaper articles, certificates and other information and about 25,000 cards in our index.

We welcome your enquiries.
Please address all research and details to -

Research Department
Stawell Historical Society Inc.
P. O. Box 133
Stawell. Victoria.
Australia. 3380

Research Fees:
$15 per hour

We do NOT send information by email. It is essential that you provide your postal address. Your address can be forwarded by either our email or postal address.

* Enquiries without a postal address will receive low priority.

Our Main Records

Stawell and District Cemetery Records

Burrum Burrum (Banyena)
Crowlands         Deep Lead
Gray's Bridge (Marnoo)
Great Western         Navarre
One Tree Hill (Stawell)
Pleasant Creek (Stawell)
Stawell and District Church Records (All Indexed)
Church of England Marriages 1862 - 1956
Church of England Baptisms 1863 - 1990

Catholic Church Marriages 1858 - 1907
Catholic Church Baptisms 1875 - 1953

Methodist Church 1869 - 1977
Presbyterian Church 1858 - 1976
Other Records
Some Stawell and District Schools Records (All Indexed)
Some Stawell Town and Shire Rates (All Indexed)
Government Gazettes 1851 - 1914
Stawell Newspapers July 21st 1868 - current day

Books for Sale

Stawell Past and Present by Maynard Ord (Written 1896 reprinted 2002)       $20.00

Shepherds Gold (The History of Stawell)       $20.00

Good Country for a Grant (The History of the Stawell Shire)       $20.00

The Golden Years of Stawell (A History of Stawell)       $20.00

The Golden Days of Mt William - (Mafeking)       $3.00

Morrl Morrl (The History of Morrl Morrl via Stawell)       $10.00

A Range of Views (The History of Jallukar & Bellellen Pomonal)       $15.00 (OUT OF STOCK)

Bridging the Gap (The History of Hall Gap)       $12.50

Stawell Water Supply, 125 Years     $1.00

Stawell Progress Association 1909 - 1999     $10.00

Stawell West Ladies Auxiliary 1957 -     $10.00

Inkwells at Illawarra     $10.00

Gallipolli Heroes     $22.00

Slorach's From Scotland     $10.00

Calendar - Produced Annually By S.H.S.     $5.00

Recipe Book - Produced By S.H.S. 2005      $5.00

Gold Mines of Stawell (A Pictorial History) by Greg Cameron      $30.00 (Out of Print)

The Pictorial History of Stawell Gold Mines 1944-2009 Volume -1 by Greg Cameron    $30.00 (NEW)

History of the Stawell Hospital (1858 - 2009) by Gary S. Withers $30.00
Plus Postage and Handling       Up to $20.00 depending on Location and or Postcode.