Memorandum of Agreement

Duncan to Clarkson

March 10th, 1819.

Memorandum of an Agreement bearing date the 2nd day of February 1819 Between Thomas Clarkson of Hunter Street Sydney in the Territory of New South Wales Baker of the one part and George Duncan of Bank Mill near Botany in the Territory aforesaid Paper Maker of the other part. It is witnessed that the said George Duncan - for and in consideration of the said Thomas Clarkson undertaking to Build a Mill and Machinery for making paper on that part of the Run of Water or Water Stream situated between Sydney and Botany Bay and next below the allotment Assigned by the Governor to Mr. John Hutchinson which said Allotment was Assigned by His Excellency Lachlan Macquarie Esquire the present Governor to the said Thomas Clarkson And also for the further consideration he the said George Duncan Did sell assign transfer and make over all his right Title Interest and expectancy in a certain allottment situated on the aforesaid next above the situation assigned to Mr. John Hutchinson which said Allotment was promised by His Excellency Lachlan Macquarie Esquire to the present Governor to one Frederick Fisher and George Duncan. And it was further agreed by the said parties that the said Thomas Clarkson was to pay such Debts as remained unpaid for the Machinery at the late Paper Mill and the said Thomas Clarkson did Agree to build a Compleat Mill for Manufacturing Paper on the allotment Assigned by His Excellency the Governor to him and to allow the said George Duncan two shillings per week for provisions and two shillings in money for his Services in compleating said Mill and Machinery until the Expense of building the Mill and all other incidental expenses relating or Appertaining thereto were paid by the profits arising from the Trade or business of paper Manufacturing and when the whole expenses were paid then the said George Duncan was to have one third share of the business of Paper Making aforesaid which sd. share was to expire and not be Transferable at the decease of the said George Duncan And the said George Duncan did thereby undertake and agree to execute any such further or other Deed or Instrument in writing which may be required as thereafter thought necessary by the said Thomas Clarkson for the better securing the said George Duncan's share on the Run of Water situated next above Mr. John Hutchinson's Allotment therein Transferred and Sold by the said George Duncan which said Memorandum of Agreement is Witnessed by Richard Palmer and Frederick Fisher and was registered at 11 o'clock in the forenoon of the 10th day of March 1819.


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