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WAACH Lindsay D.1920
WAACK Alice Margaret M.1920
WAACK Alice Margaret Marie B.1900
WAACK Freidrich Wilhelm Heinrich S.A.B.1869
WAACK Heinrich S.A.D.1897
WAACK Henry D.1949
WAACK Henry M.1900
WAACK Marie Louise Friederike S.A.B.1866
WAAKES Anne M.1860
WACK Heinrich SA M.1882
WACKETT George Tas D.1857
WACKETT Stirling John M.1956
WADDELL Agnes Warne M.1860
WADDELL Archibald Charles B.1907
WADDELL Caroline Mary D.1924
WADDELL Doris B.1891
WADDELL Elizabeth Mary M.1885
WADDELL Ellen Mary D.1877
WADDELL Linda Jen B.1884
WADDINGTON Mary Sophia Tas.B.1880
WADDLE Elsie Lydia B.1893
WADDLE Frances Tas.M.1825
WADDLE Joseph Tas B.1816
WADE Ann Louisa B.1861
WADE Catharine Ann M.1860
WADE Charles Clement M.1873
WADE Clarence Hunter B.1893
WADE Edward Arthur D.1897
WADE Edward Arthur M.1896
WADE Eliza Tas.B.1834
WADE Ernest Albert D.1887
WADE Florence Amy B.1872
WADE Frank Ford B.1863
WADE James Edward George D.1921
WADE John Tas B.1814
WADE Kataline B.1859
WADE Ludiorcus Tas.B.1836
WADE Margaret D.1855
WADE Orlando Edward M.1903
WADE Richard William D.1876
WADE Sarah Ann M.1866
WADE Susan M.1891
WADE William Robert M.1868
WADESON Frederick Richard D.1860
WADLEY Amy Lavinia Tas.B.1880
WADMAN James D.1859
WADSWORTH Alexander IRE.M.1836
WADSWORTH George D1868
WADSWORTH William D.1877
WADSWORTH William NTH.B.1796
WAGG Arthur Abraham B.1895
WAGGLEN George Seymour M.1871
WAGHORN James M.1857
WAGHORNE Andrew Peter B.1982
WAGHORNE Edward James B.1978
WAGHORNE Edward Peter KEN B.1947
WAGHORNE Ellen M.1858
WAGHORNE Maria M.1846
WAGLAND Bridget Mary D.1909
WAGLAND Samuel M.1897
WAGMAN Hugh Tas.B.1894
WAGNER John Harrison B.1863
WAGSTAFF Thomas M.1853
WAH CHUM   D.1897
WAHLERT Theodore Ernest M.1924
WAIGHT John Baden Powell B.1900
WAIN Ann Frances M.1922
WAIN Florence D.1918
WAIN William Henry M.1887
WAINWRIGHT Henry Alfred B.1877
WAISGALL Martha D.1886
WAISTELL Mary Jane M.1877
WAIT Emily M.1885
WAITE Charles Edward D.1946
WAITE Constance Margaret B.1899
WAITE Cornelius Thomas D.1917
WAITE Jamima Mary Ann M.1870
WAITE William Henry D.1868
WAITES Alfred M.1867
WAITING Frank D.1917
WAKEFIELD Alice B.1870
WAKEFIELD Elizabeth D.1887
WAKEFIELD Ephriam George ENG.D.1909
WAKEFIELD Francis NFK.D.1794
WAKEFIELD George B.1862
WAKEFIELD George David B.1891
WAKEFIELD George David M.1923
WAKEFIELD Helena May M.1920
WAKEFIELD Margaret M.1912
WAKEFIELD Phillip James B.1870
WAKEFIELD William NTH.B.1796
WAKEMAN Edward D.1915
WAKEMAN Priscilla D.1911
WAKFER Hannah D.1899
WALDEN Eleanor NTH.D.1797
WALDEN Violet Ellen GLA.B.1898
WALDEN Violet Ellen M.1922
WALDHAUER Caroline Mathilda S.A.B.1886
WALDHAUER Marie Sophie S.A.M.1864
WALDIE Isabella M.1862
WALDOCK John M.1871
WALDON Frederick D.1881
WALDREN Lillie Watson M.1873
WALDRON Mary D.1912
WALDRON William D.1896
WALE Mabel Mona Halfhide B.1903
WALES Ann NTH.D.1797
WALES George Westlake M.1915
WALES Nathanael Armstrong M.1857
WALES William NTH.D.1747
WALFORD Elizabeth Henrietta Tas.B.1826
WALFORD Francis William Barnard Tas B.1822
WALFORD Joshua John Tas B.1820
WALFORD Thomas D.1916
WALGRAVE Anthony NTH.D.1728
WALKEDEN James Richard D.1902
WALKEDEN Mary Ann Frances B.1867
WALKEMAN Martha D.1886
WALKEOR Dorothy Rose B.1898
WALKER (Unnamed female) Tas.B.1854
WALKER Adelaide M.1910
WALKER Alexander Noel D.1913
WALKER Alice B.1871
WALKER Andrew Bishop D.1932
WALKER Ann B.1875
WALKER Ann D.1866
WALKER Ann Tas D.1860
WALKER Ann Tas.D.1847
WALKER Anna B.1851
WALKER Annie B.1888
WALKER Annie D.1874
WALKER Annie Christina B.1883
WALKER Annie Elizabeth D.1917
WALKER Arthur William John D.1909
WALKER Brian NSW.M.2004
WALKER Bryan Holmes M.1890
WALKER Catherine D.1857
WALKER Catherine Miller M.1845
WALKER Charles D.1869
WALKER Charles M.1869
WALKER Charles Alexander McKay B.1878
WALKER Charles Alexander McKay D.1878
WALKER Charles Edward D.1876
WALKER Charles Edwin D.1884
WALKER Charles Edwin M.1876
WALKER Charles Fred Tas.B.1842
WALKER Charles Henry B.1855
WALKER Charles James M.1859
WALKER Charles Lightfoot D.1853
WALKER Christina Lavinia Jessy Tas.B.1832
WALKER Daniel D.1884
WALKER Danielle Louise NSW.B.1990
WALKER David B.1893
WALKER David James B.1877
WALKER Donald Alexander B.1912
WALKER Doris D.1937
WALKER Dorothy Lillian NSW.M.1946
WALKER Earnest Joseph B.1920
WALKER Edith D.1882
WALKER Edward Percy B.1861
WALKER Eleanor M.1872
WALKER Elinor Mary M.1855
WALKER Eliza D.1892
WALKER Eliza D.1920
WALKER Eliza NSW.M.1873
WALKER Eliza Jane D.1874
WALKER Elizabeth OXF B.1817
WALKER Elizabeth Ann Prince M.1884
WALKER Ellen Cottrell Tas B.1825
WALKER Emily Tas.B.1846
WALKER Emma D.1888
WALKER Emma Teresa B.1863
WALKER Esther Tas.B.1850
WALKER Florence Emmeline Tas.B.1883
WALKER Frank M.1916
WALKER Frederick B.1877
WALKER Frederick Horsefall Caleb D.1909
WALKER Frederick William Radford B.1898
WALKER George D.1903
WALKER George NTH.D.1768
WALKER George Alfred B.1873
WALKER George Henry D.1887
WALKER Gertrude Olive D.1919
WALKER Gladys M.1885
WALKER Grace Elizabeth B.1892
WALKER Greenwell M.1880
WALKER Hannah M.1902
WALKER Hannah Tas.B.1844
WALKER Hannah Tas.M.1861
WALKER Henry D.1877
WALKER Henry NSW.M.1920
WALKER Henry Edvvard B.1862
WALKER Henry George M.1859
WALKER Herbert Charles NSW.M.1928
WALKER Isaac D.1917
WALKER James B.1893
WALKER James D.1881
WALKER James D.1898
WALKER James Wilson D.1866
WALKER Jane D.1906
WALKER Jane M.1878
WALKER Janet M.1842
WALKER Janice Anne NSW.B.1954
WALKER Janice Anne NSW.M.1971
WALKER Jean M.1914
WALKER John B.1863
WALKER John D.1861
WALKER John D.1894
WALKER John M.1870
WALKER John M.1880
WALKER John M.1910
WALKER John James D.1899
WALKER John Robert B.1850
WALKER Joseph Tas.D.1874
WALKER Joseph WAR.B.1781
WALKER Lillian Elizabeth Regina B.1887
WALKER Male Tas.B.1849
WALKER Margaret B.1859
WALKER Margaret D.1877
WALKER Margaret D.1930
WALKER Margaret M.1928
WALKER Margaret TAS.M.1872
WALKER Margaret Ann D.1917
WALKER Margaret Jessie D.1950
WALKER Mary M.1856
WALKER Mary M.1871
WALKER Mary Ann B.1851
WALKER Mary Ann D.1917
WALKER Mary Ann D.1918
WALKER Mary Ann Gertrude M.1928
WALKER Mary Jane Tas B.1855
WALKER Mary Louisa D.1950
WALKER Matilda M.1871
WALKER Michael D.1882
WALKER Minnie B.1880
WALKER Peter D.1873
WALKER Reginald B.1922
WALKER Rikki Louise NSW.B.1986
WALKER Robert Tas.M.1854
WALKER Robert Bradbury B.1894
WALKER Robert Samuel Henry NSW.B.1930
WALKER Robert Samuel Henry NSW.D.1982
WALKER Robert Samuel Henry NSW.D.1992
WALKER Rosetta Victoria Beatrice M.1906
WALKER Ruby B.1902
WALKER Samuel D.1865
WALKER Samuel D.1892
WALKER Samuel M.1854
WALKER Sarah B.1844
WALKER Sarah Ann D.1896
WALKER Susan Ann B.1869
WALKER Susanna Tas B.1827
WALKER Sydney M.1894
WALKER Tahnee Adele Leslie NSW.B.1990
WALKER Thomas M.1862
WALKER Thomas Charles M.1914
WALKER Thomas Richard John M.1915
WALKER Unnamed female Tas.B.1854
WALKER Unnamed male D.1876
WALKER William B.1863
WALKER William D.1883
WALKER William D.1912
WALKER William D.1930
WALKER William DBY.B.1802
WALKER William LND.B.1791
WALKER William M.1854
WALKER William M.1855
WALKER William M.1874
WALKER William M.1879
WALKER William Archibald Douglas M.1864
WALKER William Henry B.1863
WALKER William Vernon Milroy D.1897
WALKERDEN Flora D.1898
WALKERDEN Horatio Norman B.1884
WALKERDEN Sarah D.1892
WALKERDON Harriet M.1908
WALKOM Elizabeth Mary NSW.B.1873
WALL Amy B.1908
WALL Henry M.1883
WALL James TIP.B.1867
WALL Johanna M.1860
WALL Mary Elizabeth M.1916
WALL Myrtle May M.1917
WALL Samuel M.1869
WALL Thomas D.1908
WALL Thomas M.1904
WALL William B.1852
WALL William D.1907
WALLACE Andrew Edward D.1885
WALLACE Ann D.1920
WALLACE Arthur Cyril M.1915
WALLACE Blanche B.1868
WALLACE Bridget D.1859
WALLACE Bridget M.1853
WALLACE David B.1856
WALLACE Dorothy Mary M.1907
WALLACE Elizabeth D.1904
WALLACE Elizabeth SCT.B.1832
WALLACE Elizabeth SCT.M.1852
WALLACE Ellen B.1865
WALLACE Ellen D.1901
WALLACE Ellen D.1908
WALLACE Ellen M.1889
WALLACE Florence D.1924
WALLACE Francis M.1854
WALLACE Frank Charles B.1881
WALLACE Gertrude May D.1921
WALLACE Hannah Ruth B.1891
WALLACE Hellen Tas M.1838
WALLACE Hugh Alexander D.1870
WALLACE Isabella D.1922
WALLACE James SCT.M.1827
WALLACE Jane B.1849
WALLACE Jane M.1880
WALLACE John D.1891
WALLACE John M.1867
WALLACE John Brophy B.1904
WALLACE John Bruce D.1889
WALLACE John Scott B.1876
WALLACE Leopold George D.1930
WALLACE Leslie M.1916
WALLACE Lillian Fanny D.1934
WALLACE Margaret B.1851
WALLACE Margaret M.1890
WALLACE Mary Margaret D.1927
WALLACE Patrick M.1859
WALLACE Peter M.1858
WALLACE Rachael D.1893
WALLACE Richard Leishman B.1875
WALLACE Robert D.1909
WALLACE Robert M.1886
WALLACE Robert M.1922
WALLACE Sabina D.1885
WALLACE Stanley Moncrieff Bell B.1872
WALLACE Thomas D.1894
WALLACE Unnamed Female B.1860
WALLACE Unnamed Girl B.1854
WALLACE Unnamed male W.A.B.1865
WALLACE William B.1870
WALLACE William B.1880
WALLACE William D.1872
WALLACE William D.1892
WALLACE William Johnson M.1870
WALLE William Joseph D.1874
WALLEN Charles Alexander Tas.B.1883
WALLEN Thomas Augustus M.1862
WALLER Amelia D.1872
WALLER Amelia Marian M.1860
WALLER Ann Ede M.1859
WALLER Charles Stephen B.1872
WALLER Eliza Emily Amelia D.1892
WALLER George Frederick B.1883
WALLER Jemima Mary Ann SFK B.1837
WALLER John M.1871
WALLER John NFK.M.1794
WALLER Kate Sarah M.1863
WALLER Leslie Charles B.1888
WALLER Mabel Evelyn M.1929
WALLER Martha Amelia SFK B.1832
WALLER Mary Jane D.1880
WALLER Westrop William SFK.M.1830
WALLER Westropp William D.1887
WALLES Elizabeth Jane B.1866
WALLIN George Henry Waygood D.1913
WALLINGTON Mary Ann M.1870
WALLIS Abraham D.1915
WALLIS Ann D.1888
WALLIS Annie Maris D.1923
WALLIS Benjamin D.1875
WALLIS Cecil George NSW.D.1959
WALLIS Edward D.1901
WALLIS Eleanor Alice D.1925
WALLIS Eliza Ellen M.1888
WALLIS Elsie Blanche B.1892
WALLIS Frank Burton D.1880
WALLIS George Richard GSY.D.1903
WALLIS James KEN.D.1900
WALLIS James Edward M.1939
WALLIS Jane D.1897
WALLIS Joseph Augustine D.1904
WALLIS Lilian Alexandra M.1924
WALLIS Mary Elizabeth M.1885
WALLIS Maude M.1905
WALLIS Percy M.1931
WALLIS Richard Thomas D.1868
WALLIS Robert M.1873
WALLIS William Bower D.1944
WALLS Barbara B.1856
WALLS Sarah Ann M.1877
WALLS William B.1875
WALLWORK Mary Emma M.1890
WALMSLEY Norah D.1910
WALPOLE Anna Ida Letitia M.1905
WALPOLE Charlotte M.1877
WALPOLE Emma Jane D.1930
WALPOLE Robert Greer M.1894
WALSCH Jane D.1911
WALSDORF Ellen D.1889
WALSH Ada Mary Beatrice D.1890
WALSH Agnes Margaret M.1901
WALSH Albert Edward M.1899
WALSH Alfred B.1866
WALSH Anastasia B.1883
WALSH Anastasia M.1844
WALSH Annie M.1921
WALSH Bridget B.1876
WALSH Bridget D.1863
WALSH Catherine Margaret B.1874
WALSH Celilia B.1847
WALSH David M.1856
WALSH David M.1901
WALSH David NSW.D.1873
WALSH Diana Jane B.1882
WALSH Dickson D.1891
WALSH Donald Desmond D.1922
WALSH Edmond M.1873
WALSH Edward Sterne (?) B.1889
WALSH Ellen B.1867
WALSH Emily D.1921
WALSH Francis B.1876
WALSH George M.1890
WALSH Helen D.1922
WALSH Henry M.1897
WALSH Henry Thomas H. M.1859
WALSH Honora M.1857
WALSH James Henry B.1913
WALSH Jean Mary Eileen B.1913
WALSH John B.1899
WALSH John D.1913
WALSH John M.1869
WALSH John M.1889
WALSH John M.1920
WALSH John Joseph B.1887
WALSH John Joseph M.1870
WALSH John Swain D.1895
WALSH Juliana B.1895
WALSH Lawrence D.1882
WALSH Margaret D.1899
WALSH Margaret M.1874
WALSH Margaret Mary IRE.B.1867
WALSH Martin D.1894
WALSH Martin James M.1906
WALSH Mary M.1872
WALSH Mary M.1876
WALSH Mary Ann M.1893
WALSH Mary Elizabeth D.1903
WALSH Mary Jane D.1857
WALSH Mary Katherine M.1900
WALSH Mary Margaret B.1870
WALSH Mary Margaret M.1910
WALSH Nellie M.1911
WALSH Nicholas M.1860
WALSH Norman Joseph D.1903
WALSH Patrick B.1859
WALSH Percy James M.1900
WALSH Richard B.1851
WALSH Richard D.1876
WALSH Rosanna D.1877
WALSH Rose Veronica B.1899
WALSH Thomas D.1912
WALSH Thomas M.1845
WALSH Thomas Tas.D.1862
WALSH Thomas John B.1855
WALSH Unnamed male Tas.B.1842
WALSH William B.1893
WALSH William QLD.M.1887
WALSHE Edward D.1882
WALSHE Michael Joseph D.1899
WALSHE Thomas M.1881
WALTER Ann M.1852
WALTER Catherine B.1857
WALTER Clarice Eulalie Tas.B.1894
WALTER Emelia Charlotte Tas.B.1833
WALTER Henry NTH.D.1747
WALTER Henry John D.1898
WALTER Hugh Oliver M.1886
WALTER Thomas John Tas.B.1830
WALTERS Ann Matilda CON.M.1827
WALTERS Edward B.1859
WALTERS Edwin George B.1861
WALTERS Joseph James M.1905
WALTERS Lilian Frances B.1885
WALTERS Sarah Elizabeth M.1888
WALTERS Unnamed male Tas.B.1842
WALTERS William Henry D.1915
WALTERS William James B.1888
WALTERSON Margery B.1867
WALTHAM Robert NTH.D.1797
WALTHAUER Caroline Emilie S.A.M.1874
WALTHOUER Betsy M.1878
WALTON Ada Tas.D.1869
WALTON Alice NFK.M.1794
WALTON Christopher M.1905
WALTON Dorothy M.1888
WALTON Edward Charles B.1860
WALTON Edwin John B.1892
WALTON Elizabeth D.1889
WALTON Emily Jane M.1915
WALTON George Tas D.1828
WALTON Herbert Orswell B.1912
WALTON John D.1910
WALTON Joseph James M.1876
WALTON Richard D.1913
WALTON Robert D.1912
WALTON Sands Howard B.1867
WALTON Thomas B.1847
WALTON William D.1916
WALTON William M.1879
WALTON William Tas D.1835
WAMBACH Louisa B.1878
WAMBACH Weigand D.1899
WAN (Unknown) D.1931
WANDIN Jemima M.1910
WANE Arthur Stanley M.1915
WANE Isabella Jane D.1919
WANKE Alfred Richard D.1889
WANKE Bertha Nathalie D.1950
WANKE Carl Gottlieb M.1870
WANKE Charles Adolphus D.1914
WANKE Charles Gustavus Adolf M.1874
WANKE Ernest Edward D.1889
WANKE Ernest Gottlob D.1897
WANKE Gottlob Immanuel B.1856
WANKE Gottlob Immanuel M.1879
WANKE Helina D.1884
WANKE Herman Immanuel D.1974
WANKE Herman Immanuel M.1920
WANKE Hermann Immanuel B.1883
WANKE ImmanuelGottlieb D.1934
WANKE Johanna Carolina M.1857
WANKE Karl Gottleib D.1915
WANKE Marie Harriet D.1892
WANKE Minnie Ida D.1968
WANKE Muriel D.1974
WANKE Oscar Wilfred D.1970
WANKE Oscar Wilfred M.1913
WANKE Pauline Wilhelmina D.1904
WANKE Ronald Leslie D.2001
WANKE Ronald Leslie M.1948
WANN Florence Adelaide M.1906
WANNEMACHER George Lewis D.1910
WANSBY(?) William D.1874
WARBURTON Charles Edwin M.1922
WARBURTON Charles Samuel M.1893
WARBURTON Mary Perceval D.1870
WARD Albert Henry D.1930
WARD Alfred Percy M.1901
WARD Amy Elizabeth B.1868
WARD Arthur Herbert M.1901
WARD Catherine M.1850
WARD Catherine Aurora D.1938
WARD Catherine Mary M.1924
WARD Charles M.1855
WARD Charles M.1865
WARD Charles Tas.B.1865
WARD Charles William Tas B.1894
WARD Clarance B.1878
WARD Daniel D.1885
WARD Eliza Matilda M.1876
WARD Elizabeth M.1869
WARD Elizabeth M.1875
WARD Elizabeth Tas.M.1839
WARD Elizabeth Jane Charman B.1883
WARD Ellen D.1859
WARD Emma M.1875
WARD Emma D.1866
WARD Eric William B.1908
WARD Ernest Thomas B.1884
WARD Esther May B.1901
WARD Eveline Mary B.1870
WARD George NTH.M.1738
WARD George Arthur B.1856
WARD George Edward D.1932
WARD Gladys Irene B.1914
WARD Harriet B.1843
WARD Harriet M.1858
WARD Hector D.1926
WARD Helena Coca B.1896
WARD Henry D.1887
WARD Henry NTH.B.1717
WARD Henry Charles B.1855
WARD Herbert George Tasman Tas.B.1865
WARD Hugh B.1870
WARD Isabella M.1882
WARD James D.1888
WARD James Robert D.1919
WARD Jane M.1854
WARD Jane M.1886
WARD Jane Cecilia M.1904
WARD Jane Elizabeth B.1863
WARD John D.1862
WARD John D.1869
WARD John M.1862
WARD John NTH.B.1796
WARD John Tas B.1817
WARD John Morrison M.1857
WARD John William D.1907
WARD Joseph James B.1857
WARD Joshua D.1861
WARD Maria D.1918
WARD Marie M.1878
WARD Martha Jane M.1890
WARD Mary B.1855
WARD Mary D.1866
WARD Mary D.1878
WARD Mary D.1911
WARD Mary D.1913
WARD Mary M.1873
WARD Mary Agnes Helen D.1923
WARD Mary Ann M.1897
WARD Mary Anne Ellena Tas.B.1842
WARD Mary Jane D.1922
WARD Minnie Francis Tas B.1894
WARD Neil D.1916
WARD Richard Stratford M.1867
WARD Roland M.1859
WARD Rosa Madeline INDIA.B.1861
WARD Rosa Madeline INDIA.M.1875
WARD Rosina D.1897
WARD Sarah ESS.M.1831
WARD Sarah M.1862
WARD Sarah M.1870
WARD Selina Tas.M.1895
WARD Thomas D.1922
WARD Thomas M.1843
WARD Thomas M.1882
WARD Thomas Burton B.1869
WARD Thomas Burton D.1916
WARD William D.1867
WARD William D.1884
WARD William M.1858
WARD William M.1867
WARD William Daniel D.1879
WARD William Dawson B.1864
WARD Thomas Henry M.1878
WARDDLE John M.1852
WARDEN Ambrose Wray D.1918
WARDLAW Edward D.M. D.1870
WARDLAW Robert R. D.1873
WARDLAW William R. D.1880
WARDLE Elizabeth Tas.M.1846
WARDLE Henry Carpenter M.1860
WARDLEY Thomas M.1856
WARDLEY Thomas M.1924
WARDLOW Eliza Datson D.1879
WARDMAN Septimus B.1869
WARE Ann M.1860
WARE Eliza Ann D.1884
WARE Esther M.1867
WARE George B.1866
WARE James Ellis M.1901
WARE John M.1862
WARE Martha D.1903
WARE Mary M.1855
WARE Pamela B.1855
WARE Stanley Albert D.1888
WARE Willie Gladys B.1890
WARES Charles SSX B.1799
WARES Elizabeth SSX B.1794
WARES Harry SSX B.1793
WARES James SSX B.1803
WARES William SSX B.1805
WAREY(?) Maria D.1849
WARFORD Francis Arthur M.1935
WARING Elizabeth SA M.1882
WARING Ellen M.1873
WARING Jane B.1860
WARING Sarah M.1882
WARK Mary Elizabeth B.1883
WARMAN James D.1873
WARMBRUNN Ernest Martin D.1915
WARN Caroline Tas.B.1832
WARNE Alfred Francis M.1882
WARNE Edwin D.1870
WARNE Eliza Ellen SA D.1941
WARNE John D.1897
WARNE John D.1926
WARNE Mary Ann M.1868
WARNE Olive M.1906
WARNE Sceden M.1877
WARNE William Henry D.1894
WARNECKE Mary Elizabeth D.1898
WARNELL Patrick B.1868
WARNER Charles Edmund M.1903
WARNER Elsie Phyllis D.1899
WARNER George Samuel B 1871
WARNER George Samuel M.1896
WARNER Harriet NTH.B.1826
WARNER Ismelda M.1872
WARNER Joshua Cemist B.1868
WARNER Rosina B.1854
WARNER William Malcolm M.1885
WARNOCK Robert D.1918
WARR Bertha Marion GSY.D.1903
WARR Ruth Aston B.1855
WARR Thomas D.1899
WARRELL George B.1860
WARREN Alice D.1898
WARREN Anne D.1869
WARREN Annie D.1898
WARREN Bertie D.1901
WARREN Caroline Hannah B.1875
WARREN Christina Mona B.1892
WARREN Dennis John D.1926
WARREN Edward D.1853
WARREN Elizabeth D.1876
WARREN Emily DOR.B.1870
WARREN Emily Maria M.1899
WARREN Emma M.1867
WARREN Harriet M.1877
WARREN Henry D.1911
WARREN Herbert James B. 1890
WARREN James Rowe M.1871
WARREN John D.1880
WARREN John D.1900
WARREN John D.1912
WARREN John DOR.B.1845
WARREN John M.1850
WARREN John M.1850
WARREN John M.1862
WARREN John Henry Thomas B.1869
WARREN John Thomas M.1886
WARREN John William Tas.B.1857
WARREN Joshua D.1860
WARREN Joshua Feartherstone M.1865
WARREN Julia M.1873
WARREN Linda Martha Hannah M.1939
WARREN Margaret B.1857
WARREN Margaret B.1862
WARREN Margaret M.1881
WARREN Mary M.1856
WARREN Mary Anne M.1883
WARREN Mary Jane M.1869
WARREN Mary Thomas D.1926
WARREN Minnie B.1877
WARREN Rebecca D.1866
WARREN Robert M.1860
WARREN Robert Tas.B.1846
WARREN Robert Alexander B.1874
WARREN Robert Charles B.1874
WARREN Roy D.1920
WARREN Samuel S.A.M.1858
WARREN Sarah Ann Tas B.1827
WARREN Sarah Elizabeth D.1897
WARREN Sarah Elizabeth Emily B.1887
WARREN Sarah Elizabeth Emily M.1908
WARREN Selina D.1906
WARREN Stewart Peter McNicoll B.1889
WARREN Thomas D.1892
WARREN Thomas M.1860
WARREN Thomas John Hughes M.1898
WARREN Thomas Walter M.1868
WARREN William D.1922
WARREN William NSW.D.1930
WARREN William TAS.M.1866
WARRICK Eliza Maud D.1878
WARRIN James Halse D.1872
WARRY Sarah Hemsworth M.1868
WARTERSON Elizabeth Tas D.1835
WARTON Ann M.1881
WARTON Henry Richard D.1910
WARWICK George Guy D.1840
WARWICK John William M.1887
WARWICK Mary Jane M.1886
WARWICK Philip D.1909
WARWICK Richard M.1894
WASHINGTON Bridget B.1864
WASLEY John D.1856
WASLEY Sarah Ann D.1903
WASON Sarah Maria D.1899
WASTELL Rosa M.1885
WASTLE Winifred Elizabeth M.1925
WASTYLLS Mary Jane B.1856
WATCHOM Robert M.1873
WATCHORN Jennett Tas.B.1832
WATCHORN Rachel B.1853
WATERFIELD Mary Tas.D.1865
WATERFIELD William B.1861
WATERHOUSE John Howarth D.1902
WATERHOUSE John Howarth D.1902
WATERLAND Edward B.1875
WATERMAN Clifford D.1919
WATERS Ann M.1889
WATERS Annie M.1899
WATERS Elizabeth NTH.M.1817
WATERS Francis William D.1915
WATERS James D.1903
WATERS James Coleman M.1879
WATERS John B.1888
WATERS John D.1857
WATERS John M.1842
WATERS Mary B.1874
WATERS Thomas Beaumont D.1913
WATERS Unnamed male B1885
WATERSON James Tas D.1825
WATERSON James Tas M.1812
WATERSON James Tas M.1824
WATERSON Mary Ann Tas M.1826
WATFIELD Thomas Tas D.1835
WATHAN Emily Elisabeth M.1889
WATHEN Rebecca B.1859
WATKIN William D.1899
WATKINS Ann D.1894
WATKINS Catharine M.1839
WATKINS George D.1894
WATKINS Harriet B.1874
WATKINS Henry B.1856
WATKINS Henry SSX B.1808
WATKINS James GLS B.1798
WATKINS John D.1891
WATKINS Mary D.1873
WATKINS Richard M.1868
WATKINS Richard Henry B.1875
WATKINS Rose M.1888
WATKINS Sarah SSX B.1798
WATKINS Tom B.1854
WATKINS William M.1859
WATKINS William James Watkins B.1855
WATLING Robert NSW.M.1877
WATSFORD John Douglas B.1876
WATSON Alfred Ernest Tas.B.1872
WATSON Amy Caroline B.1870
WATSON Angelina Catherine Tas B.1829
WATSON Annie M.1872
WATSON Annie Maude B.1868
WATSON Benjamin B.1859
WATSON Catherine M.1856
WATSON Charles D.1888
WATSON Edward George Wentworth D.1917
WATSON Edward Samuel D.1931
WATSON Elizabeth D.1847
WATSON Elizabeth Jane B.1861
WATSON Elizabeth Nicholson M.1853
WATSON Ellen Rose D.1887
WATSON Emily M.1873
WATSON Frank B.1861
WATSON George M.1888
WATSON George Joseph D.1918
WATSON Gertrude Elsie B.1898
WATSON Grace B.1879
WATSON Helena Kate B.1861
WATSON Henry Thomas M.1873
WATSON Herbert William D.1876
WATSON Hilda B.1889
WATSON Irma Louise D.1885
WATSON Irving Walter M.1903
WATSON Isabella D.1898
WATSON James D.1920
WATSON James Crombie TAS.B.1833
WATSON James G. M.1906
WATSON Jane Gershemer NSW.B.1845
WATSON Johanna D.1882
WATSON John D.1840
WATSON John D.1882
WATSON John D.1884
WATSON John NTH.D.1797
WATSON John OXF B.1818
WATSON John SCT.M.1835
WATSON John Thomas B.1849
WATSON Lavinia Beatrice B.1892
WATSON Lizzie May M.1900
WATSON Margaret D.1901
WATSON Margaret M.1855
WATSON Margaret M.1862
WATSON Margaret M.1900
WATSON Margt Isabella LND.B.1796
WATSON Martha B.1847
WATSON Martha M.1866
WATSON Mary Tas M.1827
WATSON Mary Ann B.1851
WATSON Mary Ann B.1854
WATSON Mary Ann D.1853
WATSON Mary Eliza M.1876
WATSON Matilda Elizth Agnes NFK.B.1809
WATSON Richard Tas M.1813
WATSON Robert Late D.1882
WATSON Samuel Alfred D.1860
WATSON Sydney Grandison NSW.M.1843
WATSON Thomas B.1858
WATSON Thomas B.1881
WATSON Thomas D.1893
WATSON Thomas M.1875
WATSON Thomas Tas D.1819
WATSON Thomas William B.1848
WATSON Thomasine M.1872
WATSON Victor Louis B.1859
WATSON William B.1855
WATSON William D.1872
WATSON William M.1852
WATSON William Joseph M.1916
WATT Agnes Lang B.1863
WATT Armstrong M.1891
WATT Caroline M.1876
WATT Claude Henry Leonard M.1928
WATT George William B.1867
WATT George William M.1897
WATT Isabella M.1875
WATT James D.1903
WATT James M.1898
WATT James M.1900
WATT John M.1860
WATT John Henry M.1893
WATT Joseph Crane M.1889
WATT Lydia Harding D.1901
WATT Margaret D.1903
WATT Margaret Ann B.1903
WATT Mary Ann Mapley M.1910
WATT Myrtel Amy D.1916
WATT Peter M.1882
WATT Royston D.1890
WATT William M.1907
WATT William Francis D.1922
WATTERSON Philip M.1899
WATTERSON Phillip B.1863
WATTHER Julia M.1861
WATTS Agnes B.1880
WATTS Albert John B.1895
WATTS Alice B.1886
WATTS Allarina Sarah D.1870
WATTS Charles At sea.D.1854
WATTS Charles NSW.D.1909
WATTS Charles NSW.M.1873
WATTS Edith May D.1896
WATTS Elizabeth D.1858
WATTS Elizabeth Ada M.1905
WATTS Ellen M.1896
WATTS Emilie Jane M.1890
WATTS Emma B.1853
WATTS Ethel May B.1890
WATTS Florence May D.1871
WATTS Frances D.1893
WATTS George D.1912
WATTS Henry M.1852
WATTS Henry M.1858
WATTS James B.1844
WATTS James D.1857
WATTS James D.1867
WATTS James D.1869
WATTS James D.1881
WATTS James D.1888
WATTS James D.1896
WATTS James M.1875
WATTS John D.1858
WATTS John GLS M.1806
WATTS Leslie Roy M.1935
WATTS Mabel Miller Tas.B.1841
WATTS Maria At sea.D.1854
WATTS Maria Eliza B.1855
WATTS Mary M.1858
WATTS Mary Jane B.1863
WATTS Pauline Estelle D.1927
WATTS Ronald Robert D.1925
WATTS Ruby D.1892
WATTS Sophia B.1903
WATTS Unnamed female WA.B.1871
WATTS William D.1899
WATTS William Alexander M.1854
WATTS William John D.1880
WATTS Winifred D.1888
WAUGH Adelaide M.1864
WAUGH Catherine D.1870
WAUGH Grace Colwell M.1913
WAUGH Martha Elizabeth M.1897
WAULACE Isabella Ann D.1891
WAY Edward Thomas B.1851
WAY Margaret M.1856
WAY Mary M.1853
WAY Thomas Cowan D.1900
WAY Thomas Cowan D.1900
WAYCOTT Baxter M.1904
WAYCOTT Mary Alice B.1883
WAYMAN Emily Kate B.1862
WAYMOUTH Sara D.1898
WAYTE Julia Ann M.1853
WEADMAN Clara Daisy B.1912
WEAR George B.1866
WEARE Catherine Tas B.1836
WEARE Harriett Tas B.1833
WEARN James Edward B.1864
WEARNE Ethel Phyllis Victoria D.1897
WEARNE James B.1876
WEATHERALL Samuel M.1903
WEATHERALL Thomas D.1881
WEATHERHEAD Charlotte Ellen M.1884
WEATHERHEAD Henry Fortescue MDX.B.1821
WEATHERHEAD John Stroyan D.1909
WEATHERILL Henry Wilkinson B.1855
WEATHERILL Samuel Watkins M.1872
WEATHERLY Frances D.1877
WEATHERSTON Margaret Louise M.1910
WEAVER Caroline B.1855
WEAVER Catherine M.1928
WEAVER Elizabeth Ellen M.1883
WEAVER Henry Stratford B.1886
WEAVER Thomas Francis Sydney B.1887
WEAVERS Louisa M.1876
WEBB Ambrose D.1907
WEBB Ann M.1840
WEBB Annie B.1869
WEBB Charles H. D.1904
WEBB Dorothy DBY.D.1801
WEBB Edward Victor B.1872
WEBB Eliza B.1870
WEBB Elizabeth D.1860
WEBB Emma Elizabeth B.1858
WEBB Frank Sidney B.1864
WEBB George D.1882
WEBB George John Hudfield D.1910
WEBB Hannah GLS M.1805
WEBB Harriet B.1863
WEBB Harry James Freeman M.1856
WEBB Harry Stanley D.1896
WEBB Henry D.1896
WEBB Jane D.1893
WEBB John Childers M.1872
WEBB Joseph Tas.D.1835
WEBB Laura Amelia Maria B.1856
WEBB Laura Amy D.1895
WEBB Leonard Cassanette B.1888
WEBB Louisa D.1879
WEBB Louisa M.1882
WEBB Mary D.1882
WEBB Mary NSW.M.1826
WEBB Mary Jane D.1857
WEBB Richard D.1871
WEBB Robert Valentine B.1880
WEBB Rosetta M.1878
WEBB Samuel Henry D.1854
WEBB Sarah GLS M.1810
WEBB Thomas B.1865
WEBB Thomas D.1862
WEBB Thomas B.1865
WEBB Walter Edwin D.1897
WEBB William D.1857
WEBB William M.1910
WEBB Winifred Emma D.1911
WEBBER Caroline Ann D.1855
WEBBER Charles SSX B.1794
WEBBER Francis SSX B.1798
WEBBER George D.1871
WEBBER Gertrude B.1880
WEBBER Jane D.1877
WEBBER Louisa B.1859
WEBBER Mary SSX B.1792
WEBBER Samuel George B.1851
WEBBER Samuel John M.1863
WEBBER Susan Sophia D.1903
WEBER Catharina M.1859
WEBER George D.1898
WEBER Jacob Neapold B.1877
WEBER Robert Gustaf Frederick D.1911
WEBSDALE Alfred B.1858
WEBSTAIL Bridget B.1851
WEBSTAIL Robert M.1850
WEBSTER Alexander B.1862
WEBSTER Alexandra Agnes D.1903
WEBSTER Ann Hebden B.1862
WEBSTER Benjamin John B.1878
WEBSTER Charles Clemont (?) B.1843
WEBSTER Christina M.1871
WEBSTER David M.1856
WEBSTER Eliza M.1883
WEBSTER Elizabeth D.1860
WEBSTER Elizabeth D.1870
WEBSTER Elizabeth Jane B.1869
WEBSTER Emily Edith M.1891
WEBSTER Ernest Matthew NZ.D.1893
WEBSTER Euphemia B.1856
WEBSTER Fairley M.1898
WEBSTER Florence M.1876
WEBSTER Grace Henderson N.Z.B.1861
WEBSTER James D.1854
WEBSTER Jeannette Goodsir M.1885
WEBSTER John B.1857
WEBSTER John D.1867
WEBSTER John D.1882
WEBSTER John D.1890
WEBSTER John Wallace NZ.D.1890
WEBSTER Leslie Leeder M.1919
WEBSTER Mary D.1903
WEBSTER Mary D.1919
WEBSTER Mary M.1869
WEBSTER Mary Agnes D.1879
WEBSTER Mary Ann Charlotte M.1891
WEBSTER Melle M.1893
WEBSTER Robert Dundonald N.Z.B.1861
WEBSTER Ruby Isabel M.1924
WEBSTER Samuel D.1921
WEBSTER Victor Baden-Powell B.1900
WEBSTER William M.1896
WEBSTER William Charles Herbert NSW.M.1931
WEBSTER William Emil D.1869
WEBSTER William George Tas.D.1835
WEBSTER William Robert M.1874
WECHERT Bert D.1909
WEDD Elizabeth Henrietta Stockbridge M.1850
WEDDELL William M.1866
WEDDOCK Eliza Mary M.1861
WEEDING Rose Tas.B.1845
WEEKES Ella May B.1886
WEEKES Mabel Hannah B.1886
WEEKES Samuel Thomas D.1900
WEEKLEY James B.1845
WEEKS Eliza M.1894
WEEKS Hannah M.1864
WEEKS Samuel D.1886
WEIL Christina M.1860
WEILANDT John Jacob B.1863
WEILANT Fritz M.1892
WEILANT Susan Ann M.1905
WEINBERG Henry William D.1910
WEINBERG Nellie Barbara D.1911
WEINBERG Phillip Albert M.1917
WEINERT Edward B.1900
WEIR Andrew John B.1874
WEIR Charles David M.1905
WEIR Emily D.1908
WEIR Helena M.1893
WEIR James D.1874
WEIR John D.1893
WEIR John William B.1878
WEIR Margaret D.1853
WEIR Mary Lees D.1897
WEIR Reuben Fitch B.1875
WEIR Thomas B.1869
WEIR William D.1932
WEIRE Elizabeth Marianne Frances D.1861
WEISA Helena Lloyd B.1884
WEISS George D.1915
WEISSBERG Ferdinand Mark D.1905
WEIST Alfred Charles D.1912
WEIST Carl M.1880
WEIST Charles D.1941
WEIST Gotlieb D.1901
WEIST Ida Minna B.1892
WEIST Ida Pauline D.1912
WEIST John Charles B.1859
WEIST Minna Ida M.1913
WEIST Monica D.1911
WELBOURNE Jane Charter B.1861
WELBY Mary LND.B.1791
WELCH John Michael D.1888
WELCH Margaret B.1862
WELDON William D.1882
WELHAM Gilbert B.1876
WELHAM Sarah Sabina B.1873
WELLADAY Sarah Tas B.1824
WELLAM John Charles D.1919
WELLARD Richard D.1887
WELLARD Unnamed female B.1857
WELLER Elizabeth D.1869
WELLER Elizabeth M.1864
WELLER George KEN.M.1852
WELLER George SSX.M.1737
WELLER John M.1869
WELLER Mary Ann M.1857
WELLER Sarah Jane D.1906
WELLER William D.1919
WELLINGTON Arthur D.1917
WELLINGTON Elizabeth M.1886
WELLINGTON Rosina Maria B.1862
WELLMAN Donaldson John Harvey Tas D.1838
WELLMAN Horace James D.1908
WELLS Alice Katharine B.1899
WELLS Amy Blanch M.1891
WELLS Catherine B.1848
WELLS Catherine D.1905
WELLS Charles D.1928
WELLS Charles Frederick D.1934
WELLS Edward NTH.B.1770
WELLS Edward George D.1919
WELLS Elizabeth D.1880
WELLS Elizabeth GLS M.1786
WELLS Elizabeth NTH.D.1797
WELLS Felix Lionel B.1908
WELLS Frank Richard D.1938
WELLS Frederick August M.1906
WELLS Frederick Herbert M.1910
WELLS Gavin Fredrick B.1904
WELLS Georqe S.A D.1901
WELLS Henry D.1911
WELLS Henry Edmund Tas B.1823
WELLS Isaac D.1860
WELLS Isabel KEN.D.1858
WELLS James M.1887
WELLS James SSX B1840
WELLS James Tas.B.1850
WELLS Jean D.1932
WELLS John BDF.B.1816
WELLS John D.1897
WELLS John GLS M.1759
WELLS John M.1884
WELLS John NFK.D.1795
WELLS John William B.1873
WELLS Louisa Tas B.1821
WELLS Lucy M.1852
WELLS Mabel D.1878
WELLS Martha B.1863
WELLS Martha NFK.D.1795
WELLS Mary M.1859
WELLS Mary Agnes NZ.B.1903
WELLS Naomi Blanch B.1870
WELLS Sarah Tas B.1822
WELLS Stephen James D.1874
WELLS Susannah D.1878
WELLS Theodore Philip B.1841
WELLS Thomas Tas B.1846
WELLS Unnamed female W.A.B.1868
WELLS Unnamed female WA.B.1871
WELLS William M.1847
WELLS William M.1864
WELLS William M.1886
WELLS William SSX B.1872
WELLS William Tas M.1820
WELLS William Henry Harrison M.1868
WELLS William Hobart Tas B.1818
WELLS William James D.1857
WELLS (or Wills) Catherine D.1905
WELLWORTH Thomas M.1857
WELSH Denis D.1882
WELSH Edwin D.1911
WELSH Elizabeth Tas.B.1851
WELSH Ellen NSW.D.1874
WELSH Ellen Mary B.1876
WELSH Hannah M.1865
WELSH James M.1939
WELSH Jane D.1927
WELSH Johanna D.1904
WELSH John M.1863
WELSH John M.1867
WELSH Margaret M.1860
WELSH Margaret M.1885
WELSH Margaret Isabella M.1901
WELSH Mary Ann D.1853
WELSH Michael B.1866
WELSH Thomas B.1871
WELSH Thomas D.1935
WELSH Thomas M.1904
WELSH William Andrew M.1904
WELSH William Gladstone M.1924
WELSH William Henry D.1899
WELSH William Henry M.1870
WENBORN Alfred M.1877
WENDEL Gertrude B.1883
WENDEL Louis D.1875
WENER Mary B.1862
WENMOTH Harriet Ann B.1872
WENMOTH Harriet-Ann M.1897
WENN Britannia Tas.B.1893
WENNEN Mary B.1854
WENSLEY Ada Elizabeth Tas.B.1894
WENZENBERG Henry Tas.M.1856
WERBER Paul D.1910
WERCHON Mildred D.1931
WERE Charles Brooking M.1884
WERE Emma B.1843
WERE Sophia Mullett D.1881
WERNER Kathleen Pearl D.1912
WERNER Otto Charles B.1862
WERRETT Mary Ann M.1896
WERRIN Norman D.1909
WERRY Mary M.1868
WESCOTT Robert Smith M.1899
WESSEL Emilie Frieda M.1920
WESSELL Frank Edward D.1926
WESSON Henry D.1898
WESSTOCH John M.1853
WEST Amelia D.1857
WEST Amelia May M.1912
WEST Anne Tas B.1866
WEST Benjamin B.1875
WEST Charles D.1862
WEST Charlotte D.1890
WEST Clara Mary D.1885
WEST David Venson D.1867
WEST E.B. D.1900
WEST Eliza M.1873
WEST Elizabeth B.1871
WEST Elizabeth M.1894
WEST Elizabeth NTH.D.1789
WEST Ellen Susan M.1877
WEST Emily B.1865
WEST Emily Blanche D.1920
WEST Ernest Alfred William M.1897
WEST Eva Tas B.1866
WEST Frederick James D.1904
WEST Frederick Wright B.1873
WEST Gladys Maude D.1921
WEST Henry D.1866
WEST Henry M.1860
WEST Henry George D.1918
WEST Henry Thomas M.1891
WEST James M.1873
WEST John D.1881
WEST John SSX B.1820
WEST John Tas.D.1874
WEST John Francis D.1900
WEST Joseph Tas.B.1835
WEST Leslie George B.1893
WEST Margaret Gertrude D.1923
WEST Maria Elizabeth M.1890
WEST Mary Jane B.1876
WEST Mollie Crawford B.1909
WEST Sarah Eliza M.1862
WEST Selina M.1885
WEST Susannah Martha B.1881
WEST Sydney Stephen DOR.B.1867
WEST William At sea.D.1854
WEST William D.1859
WEST William D.1902
WEST William NTH.B.1741
WEST William Francis D.1853
WEST Zillrah NTH.D.1797
WEST John M.1870
WESTALL Albina M.1897
WESTALL Christopher D.1887
WESTAWAY Alfred B.1872
WESTAWAY Cecil Horace D.1932
WESTAWAY Frederick B.1875
WESTBROOK Eliza Tas B.1821
WESTBURY Clara Eliza B.1884
WESTCOTT Eric Thomas M.1939
WESTCOTT Rita Amelia B.1916
WESTERN William B.1865
WESTERNE Winnifred Martin B.1884
WESTGARTH Sydney Austral M.1930
WESTHEAD Jane D.1873
WESTHEAD Joseph M.1884
WESTICOTT Hilda Agnes D.1917
WESTLAKE Amelia Tas B.1815
WESTLAKE Walter M.1899
WESTLAKE William M.1863
WESTLAKE William Phillip M.1904
WESTLAKE Mary M.1875
WESTLEY Thomas BDF.B.1837
WESTON Agnes B.1870
WESTON Edwin D.1856
WESTON Elizabeth Jane B.1881
WESTON Ephriam D.1916
WESTON Florence Evelyn W.A.D.1953
WESTON George D.1883
WESTON George Alexander B.1891
WESTON Henry George B.1875
WESTON Hilda Lillian B.1893
WESTON Mary D.1916
WESTON Mervyn Gerald B.1909
WESTON Peter B.1857
WESTON Richard John Theodore D.1908
WESTON Thomas Henry M.1872
WESTON Vivian Edwin D.1932
WESTON William Henry M.1905
WESTPHALEN Charlotte B.1858
WESTRUP John Lawrence D.1891
WESTWOOD Ann Elizabeth D.1872
WESTWOOD Blanche Emma B.1871
WESTWOOD Edward Tas.B.1829
WESTWOOD Emily Jane M.1868
WESTWOOD Mary Emily B.1907
WESTWOOD Samuel D.1898
WESTWOOD Thomas D.1892
WESTWOOD William Ernest M.1907
WETHERS James D.1906
WETTENHALL Mary Burgess D.1896
WETZEL Anna Catherina D.1865
WETZEL Annie Marie D.1886
WETZEL Carl Heinrich Ferdinand M.1869
WETZEL Margaret Catherine D.1914
WEYMAN Hanna M.1859
WHALAN Christina B.1891
WHALAN Hugh D.1933
WHALAN Hugh NSW.B.1885
WHALE Nora NSW.M.1910
WHALE Simon M.1908
WHALEBONE Eliza M.1867
WHALEN Christina M.1910
WHALEN Honnorah M.1862
WHALEN Hugh M.1910
WHALEN John D.1892
WHALLEY George M.1857
WHALLY Joseph M.1860
WHAMOND Jesse Margaret B.1854
WHARRIE Mary D.1906
WHARTON William M.1864
WHATELEY Georgina Maud Tas.D.1874
WHATELY Charlotte Tas.M.1854
WHATMAN Robert D.1899
WHATMOUGH Elizabeth B.1838
WHATMOUGH Robert Emmett M.1867
WHATTON Charles Leslie B.1891
WHEADON Albert John Clinton B.1900
WHEARETT T.Thomas Tas M.1824
WHEATLAND Alice Mary M.1920
WHEATLAND Benjamin Wilmot M.1856
WHEATLEY Annie M.1890
WHEATLEY Sophia LND.1803
WHEELER Alfred Garrard B.1867
WHEELER Alice B.1858
WHEELER Annie D.1895
WHEELER Bartholomew D.1893
WHEELER Edward Sanderson D.1912
WHEELER Elizabeth NSW.M.1871
WHEELER Frederick B.1873
WHEELER George B.1858
WHEELER Henry Elsham D.1907
WHEELER Henry Thomas D.1919
WHEELER Isaac D.1904
WHEELER James D.1854
WHEELER Joshua David B.1878
WHEELER Lucy Victoria M.1905
WHEELER Thomas Henry M.1891
WHEELER Thomas Henry M.1891
WHEELER Thomas Henry M.1900
WHEELER Unnamed Girl BKM/OXF.B.1839
WHEELER William D.1884
WHEELER William M.1862
WHEELER Zenas D.1869
WHELAN Annie D.1910
WHELAN Bridget M.1856
WHELAN Catherine M.1883
WHELAN Edmond Thomas D.1886
WHELAN Frances Margaret B.1899
WHELAN James B.1869
WHELAN James D.1915
WHELAN Jane M.1880
WHELAN Joanna M.1865
WHELAN Michael D.1889
WHELAN Michael D.1893
WHELAN Peter James B.1882
WHELAN Sarah D.1923
WHELEHAN John B.1862
WHELEN (WHALAN) Sylvia M.1916
WHELLANS Daisy Roberta Hancock M.1910
WHELLER Ann B.1861
WHERETT Anna Field Tas.B.1838
WHICHELLO Leah Mary B.1893
WHICHELLO Leah Mary Farrant B.1893
WHIFFIN Alfred D.1916
WHIFFlN Annie B.1859
WHIGHT George B.1858
WHIGHT George B.1858
WHILEY James B.1896
WHILEY Mary Ann D.1920
WHIMPEY William Norman D.1891
WHINTON John William D.1918
WHIPP William Thomas M.1887
WHISTON Elizabeth Jane D.1897
WHITAKER Alice Rose B.1881
WHITAKER Catherine D.1896
WHITAKER Frederick Alfred D.1923
WHITAKER George D.1889
WHITAKER John Grieve B.1895
WHITAKER Joseph De La Poer D.1934
WHITAKER Lucy Fenn NFK.B.1794
WHITAKER Samuel M.1880
WHITAKER Unnamed male Tas.B.1850
WHITBOURN Arabella M.1891
WHITBOURN Arthur Evelyn M.1915
WHITBOURNE Martha D.1889
WHITCHER Constance Lila M.1922
WHITCOMB John D.1857
WHITCROFT Thomas D.1891
WHITE Abraham M.1906
WHITE Aileen D.1916
WHITE Alexander D.1876
WHITE Alfred SSX B.1807
WHITE Alfred James MDX.B.1868
WHITE Amelia Ann M.1887
WHITE Amy Maud M.1893
WHITE Amy Maude Tas.B.1873
WHITE Annie Beatrice D.1911
WHITE Annie Collo B.1895
WHITE Arthur John M.1912
WHITE Arthur Joseph Halley B.1910
WHITE Arthur Thomas B.1891
WHITE Beatrice May B.1908
WHITE Benjamin Boxall D.1874
WHITE Catherine B.1848
WHITE Catherine B.1866
WHITE Catherine D.1892
WHITE Catherine M.1869
WHITE Charles M.1872
WHITE Charlotte SSX B.1794
WHITE Christina D.1913
WHITE Daniel B.1870
WHITE Daniel B.1878
WHITE Daniel D.1882
WHITE Deborah GLS D.1786
WHITE Dora Emma M.1882
WHITE Eden M.1876
WHITE Edith Margaret B.1882
WHITE Edward Tas.B.1838
WHITE Edwin Alfred M.1921
WHITE Eleanor Elizabeth Susannah B.1899
WHITE Eliz. SSX.M.1737
WHITE Eliza D.1915
WHITE Elizabeth B.1856
WHITE Elizabeth M.1858
WHITE Elizabeth M.1868
WHITE Elizabeth M.1897
WHITE Elizabeth NSW.D.1860
WHITE Elizabeth NTH.B.1741
WHITE Elizabeth SSX B.1804
WHITE Elizabeth Jane B.1880
WHITE Ellen D.1863
WHITE Ellen M.1883
WHITE Emilie M.1893
WHITE Emma M.1856
WHITE Fanny NZ.B.1883
WHITE Fanny SSX B.1791
WHITE George B.1880
WHITE George CAM.B.1834
WHITE George Henry Couth Tas.D.1874
WHITE Hadassah D.1927
WHITE Hannah D.1863
WHITE Harold Austin D.1892
WHITE Harriet SSX B.1803
WHITE Harriet Easton Tas.M.1881
WHITE Henry D.1911
WHITE Henry Walker M.1897
WHITE Irene Veronica M.1928
WHITE Jacob B.1852
WHITE James D.1870
WHITE James D.1892
WHITE James D.1910
WHITE James M.1850
WHITE James Tas.B.1832
WHITE James Alexander D.1853
WHITE James Henry B.1886
WHITE Jane D.1863
WHITE Jane D.1919
WHITE Jessie D.1924
WHITE Johanna M.1845
WHITE John B.1876
WHITE John D.1933
WHITE John NTH.D.1728
WHITE John Francis D.1922
WHITE John Surties D.1876
WHITE Joseph B.1878
WHITE Joseph Tas B.1846
WHITE Leslie George B.1894
WHITE Leslie James D.1922
WHITE Madeline Clara Laxton M.1888
WHITE Manny SSX B.1800
WHITE Margaret M.1856
WHITE Margaret M.1884
WHITE Margaret D.1875
WHITE Margaret Mary B.1872
WHITE Martin Lawrence D.1928
WHITE Mary LND.1799
WHITE Mary M.1854
WHITE Mary M.1875
WHITE Mary M.1889
WHITE Mary SSX B.1804
WHITE Mary Ann D.1872
WHITE Mary Ann M.1863
WHITE Mary Ann McGuollard Tas.B.1871
WHITE Mary Jane D.1866
WHITE Mary Margaret M.1844
WHITE Michael D.1869
WHITE Michael M.1878
WHITE Michael Tas B.1844
WHITE Michael M.1868
WHITE Mildred Priscilla B.1914
WHITE Minnie M.1885
WHITE Mr.W. O. D.1906
WHITE Nicholas D.1924
WHITE Norman Hector M.1918
WHITE Percival Marwood D.1932
WHITE Reuben Horatio M.1868
WHITE Richard M.1865
WHITE Robert D.1885
WHITE Robert M.1866
WHITE Sarah Ann D.1886
WHITE Sarah Elizabeth M.1907
WHITE Sophia B.1859
WHITE Stella May M.1925
WHITE Susan Tas B.1855
WHITE Susanna M.1860
WHITE Sydney Harold NSW.D.1961
WHITE Thomas D.1861
WHITE Thomas GLS B.1786
WHITE Thomas M.1870
WHITE Thomas M.1894
WHITE Thomas Edwin B.1869
WHITE Thomas Henry D.1922
WHITE Thomas Orrell D.1884
WHITE Unnamed female Tas.B.1854
WHITE Victor Alfonso D.1921
WHITE Violet Rose Amelia B.1909
WHITE William B.1870
WHITE William NTH.D.1797
WHITE William SCT.M.1796
WHITE William Andrew D.1880
WHITE William Francis Tas.B.1879
WHITE Sarah Ann D.1886
WHITEAWAY Harriett Elizabeth M.1917
WHITECROFT Amelia M.1863
WHITEHEAD Annie Veronica D.1905
WHITEHEAD Emily B.1862
WHITEHEAD John Reeve D.1928
WHITEHEAD Margaret M.1904
WHITEHEAD Ruth Charlotte D.1887