Kerang Cemetery

27 August 1860 - 5 acres set apart at Kerang as a site for a public cemetery and Donald Cameron, William Bax, Abram Booth, Thomas Farmer & Woodford Patchell appointed trustees of the land.

Cemetery established in 1862 at north end of Westblade Ave. Earliest grave 11 Jan 1863.

First burial - A. McDonald

A. G. Adams & Sons burial registar started in February 1878. There were 73 internments prior to this.

First motorised hearse 1925.

Lawn cemetery established by Cemetery Trust 1976.

Kerang Cemetery picture down loaded from “Google Earth” - 16 March 2008

Cemetery fees:

1878 - £1

1917 - £3/5/-

1926 - £4

1952 - £8/2/6

1960 - £16/10/6

1968 - $49

1971 - $80

1975 - $108.50

1976 - $149

1982 - $260

Cemetery Gates

cemetery memorial gates

Official opening of the new gates was held on Sunday 28th May 1967 at 2.15 pm. Officially opened and dedicated by The Hon. Mr Harold V. STIRLING, M. L. A., in the presence of Chairman of the Cemetery Trust, Mr J. B. MESSER, members of Trust, Cr K. W. DICKSON (representing the Kerang Borough Council), Scouts and Guides, and the Kerang Returned Serviceman’s & Citizens Band played Hymns before the ceremony, attended by a large gathering of residents. In dedicating the gates to the Memory of our Pioneers, Mr Stirling said, “People passing through these gates will pause and realise just how much the pioneers did for us.”

dedication plaque on cemetery gates

Prior to this Kerang had no fitting Memorial to its pioneers, the Cemetery Trust wanted to construct a new fence and gateway at the main entrance to the cemetery. The money was raised for the project by public subscription, the improvements costing $1,250.00 for gates ordered through Dunstan Engineering $400, the fence $700, and labour $150, the wire was donated by the Kerang Borough Council.