Surf Coast Family History Group

Meetings for 2015

The 2nd Thursday in every month at 10am at Anglesea's History House.
Visitors very welcome. Please check back for any programme changes.

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Date Programme
We aim to have guest speakers on all topics requested. Please send topics of interest or offers of presentations to Jan Morris.
January Sorry - No meeting in January.
12 Feb Stewart McConachy: Connecting with your family worldwide.
12 Mar Margery Edwards: Organising a family re-union.
Thu 16 Apr
not 9 Apr
Outing to the Immigration Museum's exhibition, "Scots Wha Hae", which reveals the influence of the Scots in Victoria. Details:
14 May Martin Hooper, author of Honour the Fallen Soldier.
11 Jun Norma Morrison: Narrapumelap, Wickliffe, Western Victoria.
16 Jul
not 9 Jul
Combined Winter Feast with Historical Society. Mick Robinson: Geelong Heritage Centre records.
13 Aug Cheryl Baulch: tba.
August National Family History Month. Details:
10 Sep *Royston Lawson from Queenscliff.
8 Oct Annual General Meeting. *Susie Zada: Victorian Land Titles and Documents.
12 Nov Combined cemetery outing with the Historical Society.
10 Dec Christmas Breakup.
* To be confirmed.

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Updated 9 May 2015