Tatong Heritage Group - Flora of the Tatong Region

Flowers seen on the trip to Bell's Peak, October 31 2004.
List by Robyn Maclean. Pictures by Gregory Kirk.
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Thanks to Frances Barton for some more identifications.




Austral Bluebell

Wahlenbergia Trichogyna


Austral Indigo

Indigofera Australis


Australian Bugle flower

Ajuga Australis


Billy Buttons

Craspedia Uniflora


Black Eyed Susan

Tetratheca Thymifolia

Blue Fingers

Caladenia Caerula


Blue Pincushion

Brunonia australis


Bulbine Lily

Bulbine Bulbosa





Chocolate Lily

Dichopogon Fimbriata


Common Fringe Myrtle

Calytrix Tetragona


Everlasting Daisies (Several types)

Helichrysum Bracteatum


Fan Flower

Scaevola Aemula


Fringe lily

Thysanotis Tuberosis


Geranium Neglecta


Grass Tree

Xanthorrhoea Australis


Grevillea Alpina

Goldfields Grevillea


Guinea Flower

or probably the Ranunculus family? (FB)

Hop Bush

Dodonea Viscosa


Ivy Leafed Violet

Viola Hederacea


Leopard Orchid

Diuris Pardina


Purple Daisy

Brachycome Angustifolia


White Fingers

Caladenia Alba


Yam Daisy

Microseris Lanceolata


Guinea Flower Family



Burchardia umbellata

Narrow Leaf Bitter Pea

Daviesia leptohylla

Not Tiger Orchid but
Leopard Orchid

Diuris pardina


Bauera family

Bulbine Lily

Bulbine bulbosa

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