Tarnagulla Poverty Mine with Mill Chimney

Tarnagulla Poverty Mine with Mill Chimney

This photograph was taken in late 1898, by which time the mine was controlled from London and was known as the Bendigo Consols Company.
The photograph is looking to the north-west. The poppet head is the same structure shown in the preceding photograph although heavy timber supports have been added to the top to enable periodic maintenance and replacement of the pulley wheels. Also, the landing brace has been elevated to facilitate the transport of ore to the recently- erected 20 stamp-head crushing battery which is located in the larger building to the left of the smoke stack.
The lower building to the right is associated with the cyanide extraction works, as are the five vats immediately in front of this building.
All signs of the extensive earlier workings on this fabulously rich reef have been obliterated or are concealed among the trees behind the battery and further up the hill.
David Alexander Collection


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