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Memorial Rose Garden

A Memorial Rose Garden for Early Settlery and Pioneers until 1900 was established by the Rosedale & District Historical Society Inc. in June 2012 to commemorate the centenary of the 1913 Shire Hall.

Rose Garden June 2012 Rose Garden Nov 2012

Start of Rose Garden in June 2012

Rose Garden in November 2012

ROSES and plaques for the garden are now on sale in memory of early settlers and pioneers up until 1900. A limited number of roses and plaques are available and only one per family name. Your ancestor's name can be preserved for history. A tribute and memorial to your family.

Example of wording for Plaque:

Rose Garden Application Example

Download Rose & Plaque Application Form

PAVERS for the pathway around the rose garden are also available for past and present Rosedale residents together with those from the surrounding districts which formed the old Rosedale Shire. Individual (up to 32 characters) and Double (up to 64 characters) Brick Pavers with your name engraved are available.

Download Paver Application Form

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