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“Rosedale is really interesting for the number of early buildings that have survived from when it was a major Gippsland town of the 1850s and 1860s.” – Linda Barraclough, legendary Gippsland historian.

Join us for a walk around Rosedale and enjoy the historic buildings that.....

The Rosedale Historic Walk is designed to reflect the rich history of this significant area as a tribute to the pioneers. The walk offers a town loop of approximately 1.8 km taking the churches of Rosedale, or a return walk of 2.8 km to the popular Willow Park Reserve, 1.4 km to the north of the town.

Start at the old school in Prince Street, walk along Prince Street to the roundabout; turn left into Lyons Street; then return via the historic churches, or follow the path under the highway bridges to Willow Park.

Or do the reverse, starting at Willow Park and head into town.

Visit the following historic sites along the walk.

1 Rosedale Common School

Statue of Patrobas

2 Rosedale Mechanics' Institute Hall

3 Bank of Australasia

4 Post and Telegraph Office; Rosedale Masonic Lodge

5 The Royal Hotel and The Rosedale Hotel

6 Rosedale Historic Church Walk

7 Two Historic Sites Blind Joe’s Hut and The Bridge Inn

8 Rosedale Historic Bridges

9 Geology of The Ridge at Rosedale

10 Willow Park Reserve

Willow Park

Town Common

Rosedale Tannery

Latrobe River Bridge Rosedale

Moloney Grove

Historic Walk Extension

11 McCarthy House

12 Rosedale 1913 Shire Building

13 Rosedale Railway Station

Historic Church Walk

St Rose of Lima Catholic Church

St Andrew's Presbyterian Church

St Mark's Anglican Church

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