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BOOK. 91 pages. Historic photographs.  -  An Oral History Project.  It celebrates the pioneers whose working lives unfold in one of Australia's most important fisheries.  Nature provided abundant beauty and bounty within the lakes and inlets of Gippsland and the vast Southern Ocean beyond.  But it took its toll on those who sought to profit from it.  Families descended from those original men and women tell stories resonating with adversity and tragedy.  But especially, they speak of triumph, ingenuity and contentment,  A narrative illustrated with historic photos taken from recorded interviews conducted by ABC Journalist Timothy Lee with limited editing to improve their clarity.

INTERACTIVE CDROM.  Approx 90 minutes.  -  Casting the Net documents and celebrates the working lives of the pioneer fishing families who lived and worked along the Gippsland Coast.  Some fished the pristine waters of the Gippsland lakes, some the vast and dangerous Southern Ocean.  Here their descendants recall family memories of these pioneers.  Stories of hardship, ingenuity, tragedy and contentment.  Nine segments providing almost one and half hours of historical commentary relating interesting facts and stories of the fishing families and the environment in which these fisherman worked.  Over 200 images.  Produced by Keith and Diane White, Lavender Hill Multimedia.  Images courtesy of the Casement, Gilsenan, Gray, Hancock, Mitchelson, Newman, Northrope and Palmer families.  Also images courtesy East Gippsland Historical Society, Whadcoat, Hancock and Warlow collections.  Soundbank produced by Timothy Lee and Anthony Bonnici, based on interviews by Timothy Lee and used courtesy of ABC Radio.  Portrait Photography by Ewen Bell "Two Tins" studio.

AUDIO CD.  -  A two disk sound track of the CD-Rom edition.  90 minutes of commentary and sound.

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WHERE PELICANS ARE - A Story of Tragedy and Tranquility
Written by Joy Seevers            Priced $25.00  p&p $3.00
"The village community of Lakes Entrance is thrown into disarray when a member of a prominent fishing family disappears on the water.  This book traces the reaction of family, friends and neighbours to the tragedy as a community is united in grief.  In telling the story of the family coming to terms with the loss, the book includes a history of the fishing industry of the Gippsland Lakes and the nearby Bass Strait waters.  The reader learns of the daily activities of fishing folk, their variegated skills, the way they predict the weather, and stories from the past which have been retold down the generations.  The lifestyle of the village inhabitants is recreated from the inside, as they learn to cope with a livelihood which oscillates between tranquility and tragedy."

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