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Mr John HOWE
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Surname Particulars
Barnstable All Middlezoy, Chedzoy & Othery, SOM ENG
Barnstable pre 1878 NZ & Maryborough, QLD, AUS
Barnstable 1878+ Macorna, Kerang, Echuca, VIC AUS
Baskerville c1100+ Erdisley, HEF, ENG
Bates c1811 Catskill, Greene Co., NY, USA
Bates Pre 1900 Bundalaguah, VIC, AUS
Bates c1838-1841 NSW & VIC, AUS
Bates c1841-1850 Melbourne, VIC, AUS
Blaket "Sir John" of Iccombe, GLS, ENG (died 1431 in French War)
Blott 1500's Grendon, NTH, ENG
Blott 1600's Barnwell All Saints, Wigsthorpe & Titchmarsh, NTH, ENG
Blott 1700's Winwick, Nth & HUN, ENG
Blott 1780+ Witton (Wyton), HUN, ENG
Blott All, HUN, ENG
Bolitho 1700's Constantine & Wendron, CON, ENG
Boyle c1845 Dungloe, DON, IRL
Bucknal c1720's Hemington, NTH, ENG
Chenall Pre 1764, St Just, CON, ENG
Combes / Coombs pre 1850 Linchmere, SSX, ENG
Crook cl759 St Decuman's, SOM, ENG
Date All dates, SOM, ENG
Dinneen Pre 1870 Ballingarry, LIM, IRL
Dinneen 1867+ Gippsland, VIC, AUS
Drake 1700's Stockland Bristol, SOM, ENG
Duppa Pre 1700 Whitney & Clifford, HEF, ENG
Duppa 1700+ KEN, ENG
Gadsby Pre 1830 Donegal, IRL
Game "Sir David" killed at Agincourt in 1415
Geach 1700's Lanteglos-by-Fowey, CON, ENG
Gill 1700's Stockland Bristol, SOM, ENG
Gordon 185Vs+ Warrenmang, VIC, AUS
Hancorn(e) Pre 1800 Whitney, HEF, ENG
Hancorn(e) 1700+ Stoke & Hoo, KENT, ENG
Harvey Pre 1850 St Just in Penwith, CON, ENG
Harvey 1850's+ Avoca, VIC, AUS
Hawken 1870's+ Pyramid Hill & District, VIC, AUS
Hawken pre 1854 CON, ENG
Hawken 1850'S - 1870'S Port Elliot, SA, AUS
Hawkins c1804 Stogursey, SOM, ENG
Head 1700's Minster-in-Sheppey, KEN, ENG
Howe 1800+ London, ENG
Howe 1815+ Minster-in-Sheppey, KEN, ENG
Howe 1850-53 Melbourne, VIC, AUS
Howe 1852+ Bendigo, VIC, AUS
Howe 1876 - 1900 Haddon Downs, SA & QLD, AUS
Howe Pre 1900 Arrabury & St Alban's, QLD, AUS
Howe 1904-26 Bridgewater on Loddon, VIC, AUS
Howe 1926-54 Murgha & Nullam Stations via Deniliquin, NSW, AUS
Howe cl791 Welwyn, HRT, ENG
Howe Pre 1800 Hoo & Stoke, Kent ENG
Howe 1800+ Newington & Walworth, SRY, ENG
Lacy 1757 Iwade, Kent ENG
Lesser 1700s Iwade & Queenborough, KEN, ENG
Lewis Pre 1812 Pembroke, WLS
Lewis 1812-1853 St Pancra's, MDX, ENG
Lewis 1870's & 80's Kangaroo Flat, VIC, AUS
Maguire 1800-30 Fermanagh, IRL
Marchment Pre 1850 WIL, ENG
Martin Pre 1850 LIM, IRL
Martin Pre 1810 Witton/Wyton, HUN, ENG
Martin Pre 1840 Deeping Fens, Spalding, LIN, ENG
Martin 1839 -early 1840's Melbourne & Brighton VIC AUS
May cl755 Sittingbourne, KEN, ENG
McCaffrey Pre 1841 Fermanagh, IRL
McCaffrey 1841-2 Melb, VIC, AUS
McElgunn cl820's, Killesher, Fermanagh, IRL
McElgunn 1845 Dungloe, DON, IRL
McElgunn cI847-57 London, ENG
McElgunn 1857+ Melbourne & Alberton, VIC, AUS
Murray c1848 Camberwell, SRY, ENG
Mylborne 1400's Tillington, HEF, ENG
Myle / s Pre 1600 Newcourt, BAC, WLS
Newton Pre 1832 London & Chatham, KEN, ENG
Newton cl832-37 Launceston, TAS, AUS
Newton 1836-43 Melbourne, VIC
Newton 1843+ Alberton, VIC, AUS
Randall Pre 1766 Harty, Isle of Sheppey, KEN, ENG
Redpath Pre 1850's Greenwich, KEN, ENG
Redpath 1850's+ Avoca, VIC, AUS
Richards Pre 1850 Wendron, CONl, ENG
Roach Pre 1812 Pembroke, WLS
Silke All Stogursey, Stockland Bristol, Fiddington & North Petherton SOM, ENG
Silke 1850-54 Melbourne, VIC, AUS
Silke 1854+ Bendigo & 1865+ Murphy's Creek, VIC, AUS
Skinner cl769 Bampton, DEV, ENG
Swift 1700-1860 Leysdown & Minster,Isle of Sheppey, KEN, ENG;
Swift Pre 1800 Ashford, Hothfield & Goodnestone, KEN, ENG
Vaughan "Sir Roger" of Bredwarden, HER, ENG (killed at Agincourt in 1415)
Vaughan 1400+ Bredwarden, HER, ENG
Walford 1500's Stogursey, SOM, ENG
Walters 1500's Clifford, HER, ENG
Whitney Pre 1600 Clifford, HEF, ENG
Winter 1500's Stogumber & 1600's Stogursey, SOM, ENG
Witch 1600's Bicknoller, SOM, ENG
Woods 1850's & 1860's Geelong Dist, VIC, AUS
Woolcock Pre 1800 St Just, CON, ENG
Yendell 1600's Wilveiscombe, SOM, ENG


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