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Waverley - Mulgrave - Monash City : Schools

Updated 18.3.22

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(Much of this information was drawn from Vision and Realisation published by the Victorian Education Department in 1973.)

Albany Rise Primary 5028 80E3 Opened as Northvale Primary in 1972. Renamed in 1994.
Amsleigh Park Primary   70A7 Opened as East Oakleigh Primary school on 30 Oct 1929 with 12 classrooms. It absorbed Amstel Primary in 1994.
Amstel Primary 4801 70D7 Opened 24 Mar 1958 with 100 pupils in 6 classrooms. Closed in 1993 and combined with Oakleigh East. Site redeveloped with houses on Crown Crt and Kings Crt.
Ashwood Primary 4698 60J10 Opened 3 Feb 1953 with 323 pupils in 6 aluminium prefabricated rooms. Extra rooms were added by 1956 and it became a training school attached to Burwood Teachers College.
Closed 1993. The site was redeveloped in conjunction with the closure of Jordanville Technical school.
Bayview Primary 4752 61B2 Opened 16 Apr 1956 with 6 classrooms.
Brandon Park Primary 5071 71E11 Opened 1971. Absorbed Wellington Primary in the mid 1990s.
Camelot Rise Primary   62H10 Opened 1976
Clayton North Primary 734 79E2 Opened 6 Nov 1865 as Mulgrave Common School with 50 pupils. A new brick and stone building was erected and opened on 22 Apr 1872 with 72 pupils. In 1901 the name was changed to Clayton Primary then Clayton North Primary (in 1956?).
Clayton Primary   70D11 Opened 1956. Closed Dec 2010 with only 61 students.
Cooinda Primary   71A7 Opened 1972 with 7 classrooms and 2 portables. Closed 1994. School site replaced by The Quadrangle and houses.
East Oakleigh      
Essex Heights Primary
4903 61B9 Opened 16 July 1962 with 190 pupils and 6 classrooms.
Name changed April 2016 to avoid confusion with Mt Waverley Heights Primary.
Glendal Primary 5010 62B10 Opened 1971 with ?? pupils.   
Glen Waverley Primary 2219 71C4 Opened in 1880 as the Black Flat School in one room for 80 pupils. In 1921 it was officially known as Glen Waverley.
Glen Waverley South Primary =   71D7 Opened 1995 with the merger of Brentwood with the recently closed Cooinda.
Brentwood Primary = 4984 71D7 Opened on 4 Feb 1969 with 320 pupils.
Glen Waverley Heights Primary 4836 71D1 Opened 25 July 1960 with 352 pupils in 8 classrooms
Highvale Primary 4986 62E10 Opened in Aug 1969. The Education Department purchased the land in Aug 1966. The school commenced in the grounds of Glen Waverley Heights school in early 1969 and on 7 May 1968 the 159 pupils moved into the new school building of 10 classrooms in Ashton St.
Jells Park Primary   71K8 Opened 1979
Jordanville South Primary 4678 69J2 Opened on 10 July 1953 with 510 pupils.
Closed about 1993??? School site replaced by houses on Brindalee Mews.
Mimosa Primary 5052 71G2 Opened initially in 1973 at Mount View Primary (for 3 months). Moved to final site in July with the formal opening on Sat. 27.10.1973. Closed 22.12.1994. School site replaced by houses on Silverwood Way. The name Silverwood derives from the Silver Pine and Silver Birch trees on the original property.
Monash Primary 4591 70J9 Opened 1975 Off Rusden Rd. Closed 2005
Mount View Primary 4923 71F3 Opened 11 Oct 1965 at Cnr of Shepherd and Gallaghers Rds with 8 classrooms.
Mt Waverley Primary 3432 70D2 Opened 24 Apr 1906 with 35 pupils on land donated by the Peggie family. In 1912 another room was added.  Renovated in 2009 (all but two buildings demolished), with library, computer lab, 16 new classrooms and administration wing.
Mulgrave Common (Primary) School 685 80B1 Opened 1861 on Wellington Rd at Garnett Rd. It operated under a denominational board. It received its number 685 in 1863. Closed in 1875.
Mulgrave Primary 2172 80A2 Opened 1 Sep 1879 with 35 pupils and was called Leased School 2172. In Jan 1881 a new school building was opened. In 1898 the building was relocated to SS 3265 Dandenong Forest Village Settlement and the site remained vacant until Jan 1902 with the opening of a new building. In 1926 a further room was added and was in use until 1969.
Northvale Primary 5028 80E3 See Albany Rise.
Notting Hill Primary 4305 70G8 Opened May 1927 with 50 pupils and under the influence of the Young Farmers Clubs concentrated on horticultural and agriculture pursuits in addition to the 3'R"s. By 1958 the YFC had disbanded and the school dropped the agricultural theme. In 1954 a new 2 room school was opened for 87 pupils. In 1965 Monash High school opened in portable rooms placed in the school grounds.
Parkhill Primary   60K9 Opened ?
Pinewood Primary 4874 70H5 Opened 27 Sep 1961 with 149 pupils and 4 staff in 6 classrooms.
St Stephens 833 61D11 Opened in 1866 as a Common School with 22 pupils. Closed 1867.
Sussex Heights Primary
(Renamed Mt Waverley Heights Primary 2016)
4832 70A4 Opened 7 Feb 1967 with 211 pupils.
Syndal North Primary 4946 61H11 Opened 2 Oct 1967.  In 1993 it absorbed Waverley North primary and was renamed Mount Waverley Primary.  (see Waverley North entry below)
Syndal Primary 4714 61K12 Opened in the Horticultural Hall High Street Rd on 13 Apr 1953 then moved to the present site in 1954 and formally opened on 26 Feb 1955
Syndal South Primary 4924 70H2 Opened 1 Sep 1964 with 8 classrooms (built at a cost of 34062 by R F Hosie)
Waverley Golf Links Primary   71H5 Never opened although the site was shown as proposed in the Melway Directory for a number of years.
Waverley Meadows Primary   71G11 Opened 1975.
Waverley North Primary 4884 61F11 Opened 6 Feb 1962 with 294 pupils.  Later in 1992/3 it was amalgamated with Syndal Nth and the resultant school at the Syndal north site was renamed Mount Waverley North. 
Wellington Primary 4947 80D1 Opened 27 May 1968 on Shaftsbury Drive. Closed mid 1990s and absorbed into Brandon Park Primary
Wheelers Hill Primary   71F8 Opened 1976? (pupils from Brentwood primary)
Ashwood High / Ashwood College - 60K10 Opened in Feb 1958 with 170 pupils in temporary premises adjoining Ashburton railway station. The new school building in Vannam Drive opened in 1958.
Brandon Park Secondary 5038 71D7 Opened 1971 at Brandon Park Technical school with 10 classrooms and 189 pupils. Technical curriculum ceased in ??? and the school changed to a High School which then closed in 2003.
Brentwood Secondary - 71D7 Opened ?
Glen Waverley Secondary - 71C1 Established in 1960 in the Railway buildings in Ashburton in with 90 pupils. Moved to the new buildings in Glen Waverley on 1.9.1961. Stage 3 completed in 1963.
Highvale Secondary   62F10 Opened 1982 with 117 pupils (as per the Principal's year book)
Monash High Secondary - 70J10 Opened Feb/Mar 1965 in Notting Hill Primary school grounds with about 60-70 students.  It moved to a new building in Duerdin St in 1966. 
Mt Waverley Secondary College - 61E10 Opened in rooms at Glen Waverley in 1964 then moved to the Mt Waverley Lechte Rd site in 1966.  Renamed Mt Waverley College 1991. Waverley North Primary site (on the west of Stephensons Rd ) was then incorporated as the Junior Campus in 1993.
Oakleigh High Secondary - 70A8 Opened ?
Syndal High Secondary   62B10 Opened 1967 in two portables at Mt Waverley High School which later were moved to the Syndal site .  Downsized to years 7 and 8 in 1995 and operated as a feeder to Glen Waverley High and finally closed later 1996.  The area was subdivided into Knightsbridge Crt and Nottingham  St
Waverley High - 69K3 Opened in 1956 in Railway buildings at Ashburton. In 1956 it occupied the corner of Waverley and Huntingdale Rds and was known initially as Holmesglen High then Jordanville High then Waverley High School. By 2006 the School site was replaced with houses on new streets: Illawarra Close, Savannah Place, Yambie Lane.
Wellington Secondary - 80D4 Opened ?
Wheelers Hill Secondary - 71G10 Opened 1980.
Brandon Park Technical 5038? 71C10 Opened ??? Technical curriculum ceased in 200?? and the school became Brandon Park High School which subsequently closed in 2003.
Jordanville Technical - 60J10 Opened in temporary quarters in Ashburton in 1954. The new school in Vannam Drive opened in 1955 with 450 pupils. Evening classes commenced in the last term. Closed 1993. School replaced with houses on Beechwood Terrace, Scenic Drive, Clearview Close.
Syndal Technical - 70G1 Opened in Feb 1958, 65 pupils were enrolled and accommodated at Burwood Technical School one year later 150 pupils moved into the Lawrence Rd building.
Closed 1993 ?? Some school buildings were retained but much of the area was redeveloped with houses on new Huntingtower Crescent, Clarke Place, Yvette Court and Dorrington Drive. Glen Waverley Secondary School used the buildings for 1 year. 
Avila College Catholic Girls Secondary - 70F1 Opened initially in the grounds of St Leonards School, Glen Waverley in 1965 and moved to Charles St, Mt Waverley in 1966
Caulfield Grammar Primary / Secondary - 71K8 Opened 1981
Christ Holy Redeemer Catholic - 69K6 Opened 1957, 1961 Auspices of Brigidine Sisters
Good Shepherd Catholic Primary - 71C10 Opened 1967 initially at St Leonards then later that year to present site in Academy Ave
Holy Family Catholic Primary - 70D2 Opened 1957 Planned to cater for 600 students.  Auspices of Presentation Sisters
Huntingtower Primary / Secondary - 70G1 Opened originally in Huntingtower Rd, Malvern in 1927. It moved to the present campus in Mt Waverley in 1954.
Mazenod Catholic Secondary - 71C11 Opened 1967 at St Josephs primary school with 79 pupils. In 1968 it moved to Kernot Ave, Mulgrave.
Oakleigh Adventist Primary - 70H12 Opened ?
Salesian College Boys Catholic - 69J3 Opened in 1957 with 61 pupils in 3 classrooms.
St Christophers Catholic Primary.   61K12 Opened 1960
St John Vianney Catholic Primary - 80B4 Opened 1960,   Auspices of Brigidine Sisters in 1962
St Justins Catholic Primary / Secondary - 71J12 Opened 1984 (June) expanded 1992
St Leonards Catholic Primary - 71C4 Opened 1959 with 130 pupils. 1982 School rebuilt with new library and administration block.
St Mary Magdalen Catholic Primary - 69J2 Opened 1954
St Peters Catholic Primary - 79C2 Opened 1955  Auspices of the Brigidine Sisters
Wesley College Primary / Secondary - 71A1 Opened 1966 ( land purchase in 1955)
Oakleigh Greek Orthodox College - 69D6 Opened 1983 as a primary school with 91 pupils. In 2000 the secondary college was opened providing co-educational classes from prep to year 12. Renamed Oakleigh Grammar in 2013.
Oakleigh Grammar - 69D6 See above
Church of Christ Theological College - 80K3 Opened 1989 at the current site. In 2011 name changed to Stirling Theological college
Corpus Christi Catholic Seminary - 70D9 Opened 1973
Monash University - 70F10 Created in 1958 by an Act of Parliament and established on 100 hectares of the former Talbot Epileptic Colony. The University opened in 1961 with about 347-363 students
Deakin University   70H9 Opened 1990 in the merger with Victoria College Rusden campus
GippsTAFE                                                                                - 69G3 Opened originally as the State Electricity Commission Training School.
Rusden Teachers' College - 70H9 The State College of Victoria at Rusden was formed in 1973 by the merger of Larnook Teachers' College and Monash Teachers' College. On December 23  1981 the State College of Victoria at Rusden merged with the State College of Victoria at Burwood, The State College of Victoria at Toorak and the Prahran College of Advanced Education and became Victoria College.
Holmesglen TAFE - 71A3 Opened ?? The site was originally the State Schools' Nursery.
Ashwood Special - 60K8 Opened 1976
Berengarra Special - 71B8 Opened 1988, following relocation from Box Hill.  The GW school was closed in 2010 and the school moved back to Box Hill area.
Cheshire Special 1743 71B8 Opened 1987 by Frank W Cheshire (Originally created from the Burwood Boys Home)
Dando's Sports Academy - 61A10 Opened 1980 (Boys 7 to 16)
Glen Waverley Handicapped - 71B4 Opened ?
Glenallen Special - 71B4 Opened ?
Hillside Special 4841 71H8 Opened 26 May 1959 with 22 male pupils.
Monash Special - 79H1 Opened ?
Monash Special Primary - 70H12 Opened ?
30 5 10 55


  1. State secondary schools in Waverley/Monash have been relatively stable, although Technical schools had become Secondary Colleges (ie. High Schools) by 1995. By 2006 both Syndal Tech. (became a campus of Glen Waverley High School) and Brandon Park Tech. had disappeared. (Syndal Tech's. Clarke Hall on Lawrence Rd. was demolished but the Gymnasium is still in use as the Waverley Gymnastics Centre.)
  2. Many State Primary Schools in Waverley/ Monash disappeared in the “Kennet Purge” of ’92-’94, their land sold to developers to raise State Government Revenue and portable classrooms taken to expanding suburbs further out. (One can guess the adverse effect on ex pupils’ feelings of loyalty and stability.) Most land became high density developments with double storey housing and narrow access roads typically called ‘Close’ or ‘Crt’.
  3. Perhaps the most confusing example of the State Primary policy is the case of Syndal Nth. Primary [61H10] that by 1995 had absorbed children from Waverley Nth. S.S. (now a junior campus of Mt. Waverley Secondary College) and Syndal S.S. (land sold) and changed its name to Mt.Waverley North S.S. in the process.
  4. Some State Schools have managed to survive: in particular Mt.Waverley S.S. that celebrated its centenary in 2006. Others have undergone name changes only. These are indicated in the list.
  5. Special Schools for children with a disability have also been volatile, with moves in the late 80s and the 90s to move children into State schools, with a helper. Glenallen Special School [71B4] is one that has survived since Melway No4, including sharing its land with two other special schools viz. Carronbank Special School and Glen Waverley Physically Handicapped P.S. [This lasted from Melway 4 to Melway 27, at least. Melway 33 and 35 lists only Glenallen School and Scope.]
  6. Private schools such as Wesley and Huntingtower and Catholic primary schools and secondary colleges have not been subject to change.