Index to our "Coach News" 2011-2013
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2011 Vol 38 No. 3 March
World War I letter
A History of the Moe Youth Club
Burglaries in Moe
Obituary Mrs V Staff
In and Around Coalville
Incidents in the History of Thorpdale and District
Unique Paper Industry Thrives in Moe
From Our Collection
Obituaries: Jack Vines; Betty Collins; Edith Goode
2011 Vol  38 No. 4 June
Buildings With History Moe Mechanics Institute
The Temperance Movement
Memories of Early Moe City History
Roly Barrett’s Sand Dredge at Westbury
Magnificent Gesture of Cr & Mrs Staff
Pioneer corner – Coalville Residents
The Haunted Hills
2011 Vol 39 No. 1 September
Moe Mechanics Institute history
Roly Barrett’s Sand Barge
Valibilt Industries
Demolition Cobb & Co Building
Last Gippsland Steam Train
Holy Trinity Church Construction
2011 Vol 39 No 2 December
Driving Newborough History - Norm Holyoak
How It Came to Pass - Peter Butcher
St Mary’s Parish – The Early Days
The Moe Versus Newborough Pool Story
VOLUME 39 No 3 March 2012
Moe Bank Robbery 1879
Notes by the Way – Coalville
Moe - A Little Country Town Charles Jacobs
60 Years Ago Monash Estate, Herbert Martin
Obituary – Ron Nation
VOLUME 39 No 4 June 2012
Moe in 1950 Growing pains and Civic Affairs
Memories of Visiting Gould
Strange Animal shot near Moe
Rotary and the Pioneers
DVD Moe Walhalla Railway – launched
New Holland – Dutch residents in Newborough
Unemployed Youth’s Camp 1937
VOLUME 40 No 1 September 2012
A special edition on the history of the Narracan Valley as written by Fred Halden in 1910 and published in the Advocate newspaper.
VOLUME 40 No 2 December 2012
Vale Andy Ringin
Bush Fire Moe 1898
Hotel Licenses 1879
The Photographic Service with the Most – Adrian Van Houts
Obituary Geo J Bennett 1917
Air Raid Precautions WWII
Jubilee Train Moe 1951
Moe – Cyclopaedia Victoria 1905
VOLUME 40 No 3 March 2013
The Moe City Story
Address by Bob Pugsley – 2013 Anniversary Dinner
Mountain Glen Pastoral Run – Lloyds Subway & underpass.
Memorial to Bushfire Victim – James Vague 1934
Obituary – Bert Summerton
VOLUME 40 No 4 June 2013
Ron Bowley – recollections of the Declaration of the City of Moe
John Hutchinson presentation for the 2013 Anniversary Dinner
Time Capsule Letter in City Offices from 1962
Gippsland Blue Metal & Fuel Ltd Quarry Trafalgar East
William Calder – Calder Bridge Moe
Put the Moe Rail Underground
VOLUME 41 No 1 September 2013
History of the Moe Waterworks Trust
VOLUME 41 No 2 December 2013
50th Society Anniversary memoirs - A & K Ringin
New Catholic School Opened - St Kierans 1950
Moe Squatting runs of the 1800s
The Memoirs of J J O‘Connor
Audrey Bennett Reporting- Erica Fires 1932
Mail Bag