Who is responsible for our collection?

The historical assets of the Malvern Historical Society Inc, the Prahran Historical And Arts Society Inc, Stonnington Council (and its predecessors the Cities of Malvern and Prahran) and the Stonnington Library and Information Service have been combined to form the Stonnington Local History Collection. This Collection is now the property of the City of Stonnington and the Collection’s management is the responsibility of the Stonnington Local History Service.

The Stonnington Local History Collection provides residents and donors with long-term security for their donations.

The subsequent partnership that has been formed between Council and the Malvern Historical Society and the Prahran Historical and Arts Society ensures the preservation and quality management of the City’s cultural heritage.

The Stonnington Local History Service handles all local history inquiries from Council staff and the Community as well as referrals from the local historical societies.

Waiora c 1900, now home to ‘Very Special Kids’

What can be found in the Stonnington Local history collection?

There are two special collections of historical material, one in Malvern, the other in Prahran. The holdings of these Archives include the collections of the Malvern and Prahran Historical Societies and miscellaneous records from Prahran, Malvern and Stonnington Councils.

Included in the collection are photographs, building and subdivision plans, maps, ephemera, newspapers, conservation studies, theses, council reports, research notes etc. The Archives hold a small reference collection of books. Requests for information from students, researchers and family historians are welcome, though where possible users should first check the catalogues. Copying of photographs and building plans and requests for house dating are popular services provided to local residents (fees apply).

Swastika Garage, Waverley Road 1924

How can I contact the Malvern Historical Society Inc?

Malvern Historical Society Inc
P.O.Box 184, Malvern 3144
Tel: Mobile 0438515631
Email: malvernhistorical@yahoo.com

Circus in Malvern Road c1920

How can I contact the Stonnington Local History Service?

The Stonnington Local History Service is part of the Stonnington Library Service. The Malvern Archives are managed by a Local History Officer and are based at Northbrook. The collection includes records of the former City of Malvern, the Malvern Historical Society and community collections. The service is supported by the Malvern Historical Society.

Stonnington Local History Service
Malvern Archives
P.O.Box 21 Prahran 3181
Tel: 8290 1360
Email: history@stonnington.vic.gov.au

Thomson’s brick works c 1890

Where should I start my research?

The Local History Pathfinder is a guide to starting your local history research with the Stonnington Library and Information Service and the Stonnington Local history Service. The best place to begin local and family history research is the Stonnington Local History Database.

The Collection includes.

  1. Malvern photos - about 4,500 catalogued images
  2. Malvern history - about 8,000 records, mainly council correspondence 1910-50 and land subdivision plans
  3. Malvern building plans - 5,000 records (no images)
  4. Prahran history - about 10,700 records, including images
  5. Prahran newspapers - about 6,600 records: classified ads index 1866-1930; Prahran Telegraph index 1866-1872

New records are being added at the start of each month as the collections of the Malvern and Prahran Archives are progressively catalogued.

The Ranee of Pudakkota, formerly Miss Molly Fink of Malvern 1920

What other topics are covered in detail?

Stonnington Local History Service

Guide and contact details for the Stonnington Local History Service


Righetti Family c1940

Where can I find out about the Local History Publications?

The full text of two rare books, J.B. Cooper's histories of Prahran and Malvern can be viewed here together with their illustrations and portraits.
Just use EDIT then FIND for a key search on any topic of interest

You will find information in the following brochures

  1. Malvern Town Hall
  2. Malvern Central Park
  3. Northbrook

You will find the titles of Stonnington’s local history publications available through the Stonnington Local History Service. Prices are listed together with details for placing orders.

Malvern Auxiliary Fire Service 1941-1943

Where can I read past copies of the newsletters?

Over 16 past issues, full of informative articles, are available

Stonnington History News (1995 - 2006)

Stonnington Local History Service

Malvern Historical Society Newsletters

Local History, News - Keeping Stonningtons' History Alive!

Myamyn corner of Glenferrie Road and High Street 1895

How can I find a photo of my house, my street or my family?

How can I find out when my area was subdivided?

History Catalogue
The catalogue allows you to search by key word. Just select the appropriate history index.

If you are unable to find the information you require or you need additional material, contact the Stonnington Local Historian Tel 8290 1360 or write to the Stonnington Local History Officer, P.O. Box 21, Prahran 3181.

Racecourse Hotel c 1858

How old is my house?

Houses can be dated by using the Council Rate Books. The Malvern and Prahran Rate Books from 1856 on microfiche or CD Rom and the Sands and McDougall Directories from 1864 to 1974 are available at selected Stonnington Libraries The Stonnington Local History Service offers a house dating service. (fees apply)

Viewbank c 1920

What is the schedule of fees?

Schedule of fees All prices include GST All prices subject to review by supplier, and change without notice

Research Fees

Coronal Waverley Road c 1920

Reproduction Fees

Fees for the reproduction of material are charged by the City of Stonnington as owners of the material. These fees ARE NOT COPYRIGHT FEES.

The City of Stonnington does not hold copyright for all items in the City of Stonnington Collection. In such cases it is the responsibility of the user to obtain consent from the copyright holder to publish an item.

Harold and Ray Beamsley c 1910