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History of the Waverley Area

Updated 8.6.23

Before the appearance of the white man the Woi Wurrung - Wurundjeri Aboriginal tribe occupied the area from the mountains East of Melbourne to the shores of Port Phillip Bay as they hunted throughout the year.

It would appear that the earliest white settlement of the Mulgrave area was in about 1836/37 with Joseph and John Hawdon grazing cattle along the Dandenong Creek.

The City of Waverley grew from the Oakleigh and Mulgrave Roads district which was created by an Act of Parliament in 1857 following the land sales of 1853.

Featured in the logo of the WHS is St. Stephens Church which was established in 1865 and is the oldest church in what was the City of Waverley which has subsequently been absorbed into the City of Monash. See the development of schools in the Waverley Mulgrave district at Schools History.

This is not an exhaustive list! If you have any dates which you feel should be included or have detected any errors, please email us.

1803 Charles Robbins sights future Parish of Mulgrave (Feb)
1837 Joseph and John Hawdon graze cattle along the "Dandenong Creek" flats
1837 Robert Hoddle traces the first 5 miles and 30 chains of Kooyong  Koot Creek  (Sept)
1839 Thomas Napier leases west bank Dandenong Creek, later Bushy Park Run (Oct)
The Woi Wurrung, a nomadic tribe of aborigines, included the present Waverley area in their hunting grounds (before 1839)
1840 John McMillan applies for licence of Scotchman's Creek Run (Jan)
Survey of Dandenong Creek, Scotchman's Creek and Kooyong Koot (Gardiner's Creek) (Thomas Nutt during Sep)
1842 South Yarra Pound gazetted (later site of Oakleigh) (July)
1846 John McKean takes over McMillan's lease (Dec)
1850 R Hoddle instructs surveyor  B H Foote to lay out a 640 acre reserve, later known as Oakleigh township
1850 Wesleyan Methodists held cottage meetings at Black Flat
1853 Survey of the Parish of Mulgrave by Eugene Bellairs (Bellairs resigned before completing the survey)
First land sales of country block in Mulgrave (Sep - Oct )
Dr James Silverman purchases a site in what was to become Mt Waverley (Dec)
1854 Dr James Silverman subdivides and sells first lot of the "Waverley Estate" subdivision (Feb - Mar)
Mulgrave Arms Hotel built (Princes Highway, Oakleigh)
1856 Common school built at Mulgrave, corner of Wellington and Springvale Roads
Wooden bridge on High Street Rd constructed across creek 0.5 mile east of Boundary Rd (Warrigal Rd) 
1857 Oakleigh Mulgrave Roads Board Constituted
Road District of Oakleigh - Mulgrave gazetted (Jan )
1859 Mulgrave Common School established (cnr Springvale & Wellington Rds)
1860 First road board elected (Jun)
1865 St Stephen's Church of England, Mount Waverley built, first service (23 Jul )
1866 Judge Sir Redmond Barry buys land at Syndal
Wesleyan Church, Black Flat
1868 Louisa Barrow buys St Johns Wood
1869 St Matthews Church of England, Mulgrave, built
Wesleyan Church, Black Flat, establishes church school
1871 Road district becomes a Shire (Dec)
"Breakneck Road" becomes Waverley Rd
1874 Act of Parliament phases out all toll gates on public land
1875 Warrigal Road State School opened
1877 Oakleigh township moves south, closer to Railway
1879 Melbourne-Gippsland railway link (via Oakleigh) completed (Mar)
1880 Black Flat brick schoolhouse opened (NE cnr Springvale & Waverley Rd)
First stone metal road constructed in Glen Waverley
1885 First Postmaster of Black Flat appointed - (the Black Flat school master)
1886 Oakleigh Mechanics Institute completed
1887 First Shire offices completed in Oakleigh (Oct)
Mt Waverley Methodist Church opened
1889 Oakleigh (&FTG) Times commenced publication
Reticulated gas in Oakleigh
1890 Waverley Rd - Oakleigh railway opened (Part of Outer Circle)
1890 Melbourne and Metropolitan water supply installed
1891 Borough of Oakleigh severed from Shire of Oakleigh (13 Mar)
Mulgrave Presbyterian Church FTG Rd, Wheelers Hill built
1893 Gold discovered at Black Flat
G V Blackburne of Tally-Ho purchased Dr Hewlett's place Letcombe
1896 Hollands Reward Goldmine, Black Flat, High Street/Springvale Rds. (Philip Holland and sons Frederick & Robert)  (reported 5 Aug )
1897 Shire of Oakleigh changed to the Shire of Mulgrave (19 Feb)
1898 Methodist Church established at corner of Charles St and High Street Rd
1899 Opening of the horticultural hall "Horty Hall" Mount Waverley (Sept)
1900 Opening of the Black Flat Ladies' Rifle Club
1901 Federation of Australia
1904 Township of Mulgrave proclaimed 24 October (see 1905 below for an alteration)
1905 Mount Waverley Post Office named
Glen Waverley, formerly Black Flat, township gazetted (Jan)
Glen Waverley township officially gazetted (May 31) (The proclamation of Mulgrave of 1904 was officially altered to Glen Waverley!)
Waverley becomes Mount Waverley and Mount Waverley post office officially named (Jul)
1906 Mount Waverley Primary School opened
1907 Referendum to select Mulgrave Shire council location (FTG Rd chosen)
1908 First football match at Glen Waverley reserve
1909 Glen Waverley Mechanics Institute opened (Aug)
1910 Motor Vehicle Registration and Driver's Licences introduced in Victoria (1 Jan)
1911 Australia adopts its own currency. 
Standing Committee on Railways finds that a railway to Glen Waverley connot be justified 
1913 Oakleigh Borough divided into three Wards (30 May)
St Leonards RC Church south of Waverley Rd built
1914 Red Cross Branch formed in Waverley district
1916 St Stephens Church enlarged
1919 Loan obtained for building of the Mount Waverley Co-operative Cool Store
Avenue of Honour planted in High Street Rd (from the Reservoir to Lawrence Rd  >Note reservoir was yet to be constructed<)
1920 First Mulgrave Council meeting in new Shire Offices - Notting Hill (Dec)
Mount Waverley Cool Store opened
1921 Oakleigh Council Chambers Atherton Rd
Oakleigh connected to sewerage system
St Paul's C of E, Waverley Rd, Glen Waverley built
Halfway House Hotel renamed the Nottinghill Hotel (21 Mar)
1922 Melbourne-Oakleigh-Dandenong railway electrified
Burnley - Darling railway electrified
Browns Stores operates in High Street Rd, Mount Waverley
Oakleigh RSL established
1925 Hughesdale railway station opened
1926 Bridge across Gardiners Creek on High Street Rd opened by Joshua Jordan /C H Coleman
Electricity mains connected in Waverley district.
Standing Committee on Railways finds that a railway from Darling to Glen Waverley, although considered to operate at a loss, was supported 
1927 Borough of Oakleigh declared a City, (28 April, proclaimed 2 Aug)
Mount Waverley reservoir begun
Railway survey party establishes camp near where railway now passes under Stephensons Rd
1928 East Oakleigh (now Huntingdale) railway station opened
1930 Railway line (Electrified) East Malvern - Glen Waverley opened by Lord Somers (5 May) at 2.30pm
1933 Waverley Riding School established  by the Irving Sisters at "Grandview", Jordanville 26.12.1933
1942 Volunteer Defence Corps (VDC) formed from local men, to assist war effort
1945 High Street Rd Methodist Church (near reservoir) burnt down (Feb )  
1946 Tuhan's Boundary Store, SE corner Waverley and Warrigal Rds, demolished for road widening
Nicholas buys site of Aspro factory NE corner of Waverley and Warrigal Rds
1947 High Street Rd Methodist Church (near reservoir) rebuilt and opened (July)
1948 Public Housing commences in Jordanville
1949 Severance of part of South and Centre Ridings and annexed to Oakleigh (15 Dec)
1950 Glen Waverley RSL formed
Mt Waverley Youth Club formed
Waverley Riding School moves from Grandview, Jordanville to Oakwood Park, Dandenong and Jordanville area subdivided
Extra carriage added to the East Malvern - Glen Waverley Railway shuttle service in peak periods
1951 Mt Waverley Infant Welfare Centre opens
1952 Chadstone Church of Christ in Waverley Rd was built in 12 hours
1953 Glen Waverley Infant Welfare Centre opened
Ashwood Primary School opened (3 Feb)
Jordanville Sth Primary School opened (10 July)
Seven car Tait trains commence (10 Oct)
1954 Foundation stone for Corpus Christi Roman Catholic Seminary (now the Police Academy) laid
End of Glen Waverley rail shuttle service (11 Sep) and ABMs turned into parcel vans.
1955 Opening of Mulgrave Municipal Offices, Springvale Road (Aug)
Passing loop at Mt Waverley Station (14 Nov)
Railway motive power changed from 25Hz to 50Hz at Mt Waverley Substation
1956 May Rd and Hewlett Rd became Blackburn Rd
Bay View Rd renamed Huntingdale Rd.
Bayview Primary school opened (16 Apr 1956)
Mulgraves's first naturalisation ceremony
St Leonards RC Church moved to north of Waverley Rd
1957 Chadstone (Birrahlee) Infant Welfare Centre opened
1958 3 position Signalling on Railway: Mount Waverley - Syndal (Sunday 7 Sep)
Syndal Railway duplicated (Sun 7 Sep)
Mt Waverley Shopping Centre established
Glen Waverley Mechanics Institute burned down (Sep 10)
Monash University created by Act of Parliament
1959 Further severance of South Riding (Oct)
Mt Waverley Nth Post Office opened
Mt Waverley Police station opened (1 July)
1960 Glen Waverley Heights Primary School opened (25 July).
1961 Shire of Mulgrave proclaimed the City of Waverley on 14 Apr 1961. Population approx. 45,000
William Muir is installed as first Mayor of Waverley

Monash University opens in Clayton
Cutting widened on Waverley Rd East of Stephensons Rd
Petersville Factory to be established on SW corner of Wellington and Springvale Rds
Mulgrave Country Club purchases land at Wellington and Jells Rd (from Cr Doug Belcher)  (Dec)  
1962 VFL purchases 272 acres in Mulgrave for a football stadium
Syndal Infant Welfare Centre opened
Pinewood Infant Welfare Centre opened
St Lukes (Uniting) Church established at 94 Essex Rd, Mt Waverley
Essex Heights Primary School opened (16 July).
Mt Waverley Youth Centre opened
Manchester Unity opens Wahroonga Aged Care home in Coleman Pde, Glen Waverley
Mount Waverley Golf Club moves to Stud Rd Rowville
1963 Glen Waverley station moved back west beyond Kingsway about 120m
St Lukes (Uniting) Church kindergarten established at 94 Essex Rd, Mt Waverley
Library Committee formed
Essex Heights Infant Welfare Centre opened in Outlook Rd.
1964 East Malvern - Mt Waverley railway duplicated (Sunday 28 Jun)
3 position signalling on Railway: East Malvern - Mt Waverley (Sunday 28 Jun )
Syndal - Glen Waverley railway duplicated (Sunday 29 Nov)
3 position signalling on Railway: Syndal - Glen Waverley (Sunday 29 Nov)
Mt Waverley West Post Office opened
Ron Fauld's swimming pool in High Street Rd (Syndal) opened
New stations at Holmeglen, Jordanville and Syndal completed.
1965 Waverley Municipal Pool opened (late in year)
Essex Height State School opens 5 March
Monash High School opens
Waverley Council Offices Extended
Woolworths GW store construction started.

Village Green Hotel Opened 9 June (by Premier Henry Bolte)
Sandown Racecourse opened 19 June
Brandon Park house lots first auctioned on 19 Sep
New rail track between Burnley and Richmond to allow express working on GW and Box Hill lines
Scout Hall, 8th West Waverley, opened inValley Reserve (Nov)
Pratts Safeway Supermarket  (High Street Rd - Warrigal Rd ) opens
1966 Mt Waverley Bowls Club-House
Melway No 1 produced in a Mt Waverley garage

Dollars and Cents - Decimal Currency introduced (14 Feb)
Wellington Infant Welfare Centre opened
Amstel Golf Club departs and course closed
Clayton Pool opened  (7 Dec)
1967 The Glen Shopping Centre opened.
Postcodes began in Australia
1968 Matthew Flinders Hotel opened (Mar Labour Day Weekend)
Jordanville Youth Centre opened
Mazenod Secondary School Mulgrave opened (2 Nov)
Mt Waverley South Post Office opened
Waverley Little Athletics Centre opened (Nov)
St Phillips Church Completed and dedicated (Nov)
St Stephens new Church completed
Lutheran Chapel, Glen Waverley dedicated (1 Dec)
1969 Mt Waverley Library opened
Clayton Library opened (1 April)

Highvale Primary School opened
Jells Park area sold to MMBW (Melbourne Water)
Great Hall at Glen Waverley High School completed
1970 VFL Park opened (Apr).
Sports Pavilion on GW Central Reserve opened (Apr)
Brandon Park Shopping Centre opened
Ambulance station at Waverley Rd & Heany St opened
Waverley Historical Society formed
1971 Legend Park Estate, Glen Waverley opened by developer Hooker Rex Estates, (June )
Holmesglen Hostel closed
1972 Roman Catholic Seminary and 40 acres passed to the Victoria Police College
Brandon Park Infant Welfare Centre opened
Cooinda Primary School opened

Wheelers Hill Library opened (Apr).
1973 Work commenced on Mulgrave (now Monash) Freeway
Mulgrave Freeway - Springvale Rd to Jacksons Rd opened temporarily for football crowds (26 Aug).
Chadstone Church of Christ (built in 12 hours in 1952) is moved a few metres across the site to allow new building
First McDonalds Restaurant in Victoria opens (12 Sep) at cnr High Street Rd & Springvale Rd.
Mt Waverley Sth P.O. closed.
1974 Monash Freeway - Stud Rd to Jacksons Rd opened.
Jell's Park started.
Metrication of distance, weight and measure
Southern Youth Centre opened.
Waverley Cinema opens in Pinewood Shopping Centre (August)
1975 Monash Freeway - Stephensons Rd bridge opened (connecting Waverley & FTG Rds )
1976 Monash Freeway - Blackburn Rd to Springvale Rd opened.
Jells Park opened.
1977 Monash Freeway - Blackburn Rd to Forster Rd opened
Waverley Gardens Shopping Centre opened
Methodist, Presbyterian & Congregational churches combine as the Uniting Church
Mt Waverley West Post Office closed
1978 Mt Waverley Community Centre (Miller Cres.) opened
1979 Monash Freeway - Forster Rd to Huntingdale Rd opened
Zone tickets introduced for metro rail travel (7 May)
1980 Metcard introduced for both trains and trams
1981 Fire destroys the Fruit Growers Hall (Horty Hall) in High Street Rd, Mt Waverley. July
Great garbage strike
1983 Mt Waverley Nth Post Office closed
1984 Waverley Workshop Industries Limited opened (on FTG Rd, 15 Nov 1984)
New Waverley City Council offices opened ( 22 Nov) by The Governor of Victoria, Rear Admiral Sir Brian Murray and the Mayor D.C. McIntosh, J.P.
Glen Waverley Police Station opened 20 June (by Hon C.R.T. Mathews MLA Minister for Police & Emergency Services)
1988 First sod turned for building of Arts Centre at Jells Rd and Ferntree Gully Rd
1989 Oakleigh Municipal Offices renovated
Scratch tickets for rail travel introduced (1 Dec)
1990 Foot bridge over Blackburn Rd at Waverley Hospital (Aug)
St Lukes (Uniting) Essex Rd, Mt Waverley, new Church built (29 Apr)
Monash Arts Centre opened (17 June)
1991 Mt Waverley Reservoir roofed over.
Bus interchange constructed Nth of GW Railway Station
Aspro Company moves from Warrigal Rd to Heatherton Rd, Clayton
The Glen Shopping Extension Centre opens (Aug)
1993 Ashwood Primary School closed
Jordanville Primary School closed
Jordanville Technical School closed
1994 Commissioners brought in to manage Waverley City and City of Oakleigh
Women's Sports centre at Jell's Park opened
Mimosa Primary School closed
Cooinda Primary School closed
Monash Gardens Hostel opened (9 Oct)
City of Waverley and City of Oakleigh amalgamate to form City of Monash (Gazetted 15 Dec)
1995 Mt Waverley becomes the first Premium metro railway station (18 Jan)
Guards on Metro trains discontinued
1996 .
1998 Novotel Hotel, and Century Walk, Springvale Rd, Glen Waverley opened
Oakleigh Police move to old Municipal Building site.
Feasibility study completed for proposed Monash Aquatic Centre
1999 Syndal the former home of Sir Redmond Barry demolished ( April )
2000 Rail Crash at Holmesglen (26 July )
Central Reserve skate park opens
2001 Monash Federation Centre opened
Spirit of the Land Sculpture erected in Hurst Reserve, Oakleigh East (Feb)
Monash Aquatic & Recreation Centre opened (Dec)
2002 Scratch travel tickets withdrawn (1 Jan) and cancelled 30 (Jun)
2003 Brandon Park Secondary College closed
Ritchies (IGA) Supermarket opens in Mt Waverley Village
2005 Heritage Steam Train service Darling to Glen Waverley to mark the 75 years since opening
2006 Eastlink construction commences
Madeline's Restaurant opened in Jell's Park
First Ashwood Chadstone Fun day (In Batesford Reserve)
2007 New Grandstand at Jack Edwards Reserve (Oakleigh) opened March
Once There Was Jordanville
published by the WHS. Official launch (14 Nov)
Heritage Steam rail service Darling to Glen Waverley
Smoking ban in Monash Playgrounds
Australian Synchrotron Opned

WHS Rooms flooded from heavy rain
2008 Clayton Community centre opens (March -April)
Sandoz/Clarient Factory in Warrigal Rd demolished
New Oakleigh Motors Buildings on FTG Rd (Near Stephensons Rd) demolished
Wellington Reserve Community Centre opened (May)

Oakleigh Swimming Pool rebuilding starts
Sussex Heights Primary School fire (June)

Eastlink Toll Road opens (29 Jun)
2009 Brickmakers park (Oakleigh) revamped
Waverley Netball Cenre (Jells Park) upgraded
Heritage Steam rail service Darling to Glen Waverley (June)

Works begins on undergrounding the railway line on Springvale Rd, Nunawading
Electra Community Centre opened (30 Nov) 

Connex Rail service ends in Nov 30. MTR takes over Melbourne's Rail service 1 Dec
Mt Waverley Primary School extensively renovated
Holy Family Primary School extensively renovated.
2010 Darling - Glen Waverley railway line turns 80 years old. (5 May)
Ashwood College fire (17 June)
Sussex Heights Primary School fire damaged rooms opened (Aug 14)
John Sands sells its Clayton Rd site for $10M (Oct)
"Then and Now" published by the WHS. Official launch (Oct )
2011 Batesford Hub development completed. (opened March)
Gardiners Creek cycling path underneath Warrigal Rd completed.
Monash Mens' Shed opened (March)

John Sands Greeting Cards leaves its Nottinghill, Clayton Rd site.
Waverley North Primary School rebuilding completed
Essex Heights Primary School rebuilding completed. (Dec)
2012 Work commences on the upgrade of Central Reserve, Glen Waverley (Jan).
Euneva Carpark GW opened 10 Sept.6
Euneva Monash Link Complex opened.
Last paper ticket issued on Metro rail network (12 Oct)
2013 Smoking ban in Monash city
2014 Building Complex cnr Warrigal and Power Ave, Holmesglen opens
Rowallan/Meteora  Receptions Warrigal Rd, Ashwood demolished
Ikon building and GW station rebuilding
Oakleigh Mall upgrading
Work commences on Syndal station carpark (Dec completed 2015)
2015 Mt Waverley Historic Dillon House, Lawrence Rd. Sold at Auction ($1.6M, 11 Mar)
Mt Waverley Police Station refurbished and expanded (Mar) 
Manchester Unity closes and demolishes Wahroonga Aged Care home in Coleman Pde, Glen Waverley (June)
Public Toilet (with local photographs on walls) opened in Hamilton Place carpark (August)
Adventure Playground opened in Valley Reserve (August)
New playgrounds in Beverely Grv, Brandon Park Reserve, Jordan Reserve, Wellington Reserve, Ashwood Reserve.  
2016 Concrete roads in Alvie Estate rebuilt.
Taroona in Lawrence Rd for sale.
Manchester Unity aged care site rebuilt. 
McDonalds Restaurant (High Street Rd / Springvale Rd ) demolished and rebuilt 
2017 McDonalds Restaurant (High Street Rd / Springvale Rd ) re-opened
The Glen complex undergoes rebuilding with residential towers to be constructed
Atkinson St carpark opens
Irene Marriott dies aged 103 (22 June).  First Waverley Woman Councillor.  WHS founding member.
2018 MW Youth Centre and Community Centre refurbished
First steam train runs to Sale, on the elevated Oakleigh Dandenong rail link  (23 June)
Avenue of Honour Signboard erected on High Street Rd (Fleet St corner)  (15 July )
Jessie Tait Building at the Eastern Innovation Business Centre, formally opened (4 Sep) 
MW Highway Gallery closes and moves to the MW Community Centre (30 Sep)
Friends of Damper Creek Reserve celebrates 50 years (30 Sep)
Federal Reserve Playground upgraded
Monash Homemaker centre closes
The Glen reopens after extensive rebuilding (25 Oct)
Morna Sturrock dies aged 93 (26 Sep).  Historian, Journalist, Patron of the WHS and other Societies.   
2019 Geological surveys for the Urban Rail Loop (underground)
Mt Waverley Library 50th anniversary (Mar)
Clayton Library 50th anniversary (Apr)
2020 Corona Virus infects Australia. States and Territories isolate
Damper Creek Reserve and Scotchmans Creek and Valley Reserves declared to be Conservation areas by Monash Council (26 Feb )
Waverley Historical Society Then and Now 2 published (July)
The Regent Japara Retirement Home (Mt Waverley) opened (  )
Collision Height Barriers installed at the Alvie Rd railway underpass (Oct)
Oakleigh Recreation Centre opens (Oct)
Monash M-City Opens
2021 Corona virus continues
High Street Rd Uniting and St Johns Virginia St Churches amalgamate (7 Feb)
Surveillance cameras installed at major intersections
Freeway bridges widened at Forster Rd and FTG Rd with extra lanes
Electronic destination estimated travel times installed in High Street Rd (Mar)
ANZ Bank in Hamilton Place MW closes
Brentwood College VCE centre completed
2022 Jordanville station upgraded with extra carparks, new lighting and signage
Corona virus continues
Monash  Council compulsorily acquires land for the Scotchmns Creek Trail between Waverley and Forster Rds
Waverley Netball Centre (Waverley & Jells Rds)  opens in Jan/Feb
Extra lane between Warrigal Rd and Eastlink on Monash freeway completed 
Green bins collected weekly with food scraps  (Aug )
Electric vehicle charge stations in council carparks 
New State Electoral boundaries with Burwood part into new Ashwood and Glen Waverley, for November election
2023 Monash Gallery of Art  renamed Museum of Australian Photography  MAPh   (19.3.23)
Bogong Ave carpark GW to be extended with 4 new floors of 522 spaces.
Jack Edwards Reserve Oakleigh to be upgraded with a 2 storey pavillion.
Monash Heart Hospital opens in Blackburn Rd, Clayton  (Mar)