History of This Site


Use this page to work out what major changes have occurred since you last visited. The meetings calendar is continually updated.

22.10.10  Then and Now picture book launched, with order form
25.05.10  Railways of Waverley updated
07.03.10  References updated (plus availability & pricing) 
04.03.10  Calendar & timeline updated
13.12.09  Timeline updated
07.12.09  Calendar updated
19.11.09  Hotel History added
05.11.09  Timeline updated, 
28.10.09  School history updated
26.08.09  List of schools in the Waverley/Monash district 
25.08.09  Meetings calendar and links updated
05.08.09  Previous newsletters now available for download 
05.08.09  Plaques & Markers details expanded 
05.03.09  Meetings calendar History Timeline updated
07.03.08  Meetings Calendar updated
04.10.07  Once There Was Jordanville released
27.07.07  Notable Sites updated
27.06.07  Notable sites updated
20.04.07  Meetings calendar updated
15.03.07  Meetings calendar updated
02.01.07  Links updated
03.12.06  Meetings calendar updated
21.10.06  References updated
08.07.06  Meetings Calendar updated
27.07.06  Meetings Calendar updated
14.06.06  Meetings Calendar updated
26.04.06  Meetings Calendar updated
04.07.02  More meetings added; many small things updated
20.02.02  More meetings added 
19.07.01  Newly-planned meetings added 
27.06.01  Next Meeting updated; Links added
18.05.01  Meetings filled in for next three months; Mailto: URL fixed on Homepage 
28.04.01  Two items added to Railways and the Waverley Area page 
05.04.01  Links page added 
15.12.00  Background image restored. 
13.12.00  Completely revised with multi-page layout 
24.11.00  Calendar and Chronology updated 
20.11.00  Chronology and update pages created
14.11.00  Site created