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Updated 6.2.19

The following books provide an insight into the development of the Waverley district. Some of these are available for purchase from the WHS.


PRICE from WHS (Plus postage, request a quote from the WHS Research Officer)
Priestley, Susan:
Cattlemen to Commuters: A History of the Mulgrave District.
Published by J Ferguson, 1979. (200 p hard cover)
Available SH on eBay
(approx $20?)
Waverley Historical Society:
Waverley Past and Present.
Published by WHS, 1988
Hattwell, Wyn:
Wandering Around Waverley.
Published by Wyn Hatwell, 1990.
City of Waverley ( Landells,Wallace, Editor):
A story of The City of Waverley.
Published by City of Waverley, 1961
Sturrock, Morna:
They Continued Steadfastly: A history of St. Stephen's Church
. 1965. (49 p soft cover)
Turnbull, Jeffery:
Once there was Jordanville. Published by WHS 2007. (156 p soft cover)
Turnbull, Jeffrey; Angelico, MarJo:
Then and Now, A Pictorial History of Waverley. Published by WHS 2010 (60 p soft cover)


Gobbi, Helen G
Taking its Place (A History of Oakleigh). Published by Oakleigh Historical Society, 2004. (240p soft cover)
Check with Oakleigh&DHS
Association of Eastern Suburbs Historical Societies:
Eastern Favourite Escapes to the Outer East.
Published by AEHS, 2002. (56 p soft cover).
Elizabeth Coleman - Biography and catalogue of paintings
Elizabeth Coleman - Post card of French's farm Mt Waverley 1930
Teaspoon - Featuring Black Flat Community Centre, formerly Glen Waverley Primary School
Badge - Featuring Black Flat Community Centre, formerly Glen Waverley Primary School


Many of these books, together with a number of School, Church and club histories may be accessed at any branch of the Monash Public Library Service.

The books may be borrowed in person while the indexes may be accessed on line. Simply enter the surname, topic or placename you wish to research, and you will find listed all the mentions in many resources. Then visit the library to borrow the relevant books for study at home.


Separate formatted hard copy indexes to Cattlemen to Commuters, Waverley Past and Present, They Continued Steadfastly and Wandering Around Waverley which greatly facilitate searching the books, are available from the Society at a nominal charge.

Alternatively, you may download a simple copy here.

Cattlemen to Commuters - Index and errata (pdf)

Waverley Past and Present - Index and errata (pdf)

They Continued Steadfastly - Index (pdf)

Wandering Around Waverley - Index (pdf) Wandering Around Waverley - Appendix (pdf)
(Note that this book has many inaccuracies in the text. Take care in interpreting and applying the information contained therein!)

WHS Newsletters

The Waverley Historical Society publishes a newsletter (History Here) 4 times per year. A copy may be downloaded in pdf format. Earlier issues are available for viewing in the WHS rooms.  The WHS holds an index to all issues.  Please refer  whsResearch

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