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Waverley - Mulgrave - Monash City Hotels

Updated 26.3.18

Did we get it correct? More information continues to be unearthed, if you have any comments/corrections please advise the WHS webmaster.
We would also welcome any early photographs of the hotels.
(Much of this information was drawn from Cattlemen to Commuters, Coles Hotel Collection and local Newspapers)

Notting Hill Hotel SE corner of Ferntree Gully & Gardiner Rds. 70E8 Opened as a licensed Grocery Store (and Bakery) by T G Wilkinson who also operated a coaching run along FTG Rd. It became the Halfway House Hotel in 1870. In Sep 1891 the present rendered brick building of 19 rooms was completed.
1884 T. Wilkinson
1887 J. Whitty Licensee
1888-89 J. Murphy
1890-94 P.H. Mundell
1900 H. Hart
1903 Mrs H. Henley
1904-06 Mrs Ruth Henley
1907-13 Robert Lang
1914 Reg B. Dyer
1915 W.B. Sleith
1917 Mary Scott
1918 Annette Crombie
1919 Thomas Young
1921 Thomas Lindsay
1925 Percival Morris
1926 Gertrude Everett
1927 Nathaniel Gordon
1930s Kath Byer
2013 Tony Jackson
Wellington Inn /Hotel
 Mountain View Hotel (No.1) Note there were 2 hotels named Mountain View during the period 1877-84.  See below
NE corner of Jells & Wellington Rds. 80H1 Opened in 1868 with Henry Snelling as Licensee
1869 Henry Snelling
1870 Mountain View (name change)
1871-76 Rowland Freeman
1877 Francis Bolch
1877-80 Margaret Kelly
1881-84 John Kennedy
1885 delicensed 
Mountain View Hotel (2)
NE corner of High Street & Springvale Rds. 62D12 Opened 1874 with J.B. Allen as Licensee
1877 John O'Brien
1878-80 John O'Brien
1882-88 Thomas Moylan
1893-95 Heweth (then 1898-1899)
1895 Thomas Moylan
1903-06 P Linstedt
1907-1914 William Nelson
Mulgrave Post Office Hotel
Post Office Hotel Wheelers Hill
Wheelers Hill
NE corner Wellington & Lum Rds. 80H1 1869 Storekeeper George Stott, postmaster of Mulgrave Post Office
1875 Mulgrave Post Office hotel established, widow Anne Stott licensee
1875-77 Mrs Ann Stott. 
1877-81 Rowland Freeman
1882 Thomas Wilkinson
1883 George Bassett
1884 George Sands
1885-1890 Mrs Day            On 1 April 1888 the PMG officially changed
1891-92 Jessie Gessner        the PO name from Mulgrave to Wheelers Hill,
1903-11 Frederick Gessner  hence the name change from Mulgrave Post
1912-13 Frederick Peebles   Office Hotel to Post Office Hotel, Wheelers Hill
1919 Isobel Geary
1920 Mary Geary
1921 E. Quosdorf
1922 P. Butler
1923 Annie Henderson  (From 1923 Officially known as Wheelers Hill Hotel)
1924 S. Jackwigle
1926 A.J. Knight
1927 Alma Rowe
Springvale Hotel NW corner of Princes Hwy & Springvale Rds. 80A4 Opened 2.10.1857 with Matthew Bergin Licensee
1867-78 Catherine Bergin
1879 S.W. Bennett
1880 Charles Atkinson
1881 G.H. Benson
1882 Patrick Maloney
1883-88 John Brettargh
1895 George Barclay
Monash Hotel
Princes Hwy Clayton. 79H1 Opened December 1961
Matthew Flinders Hotel SE corner of Warrigal & Batesford Rds. 69G1 Opened Mar 1968 (Labour Day Weekend)
Cheshire Cheese Hotel
(Original licence application referred to the View Mount Hotel)
NW corner of Ferntree Gully & Lum Rds   28.1.1867 Robert Wolstenholme applies for a licence for his home to be known as the View Mount Hotel.
Opened 25.11.1868 with Robert Wolstenholme Licensee on 160 acres
1873 Joseph Gibson Licensee
1877-84 John Guest Delicensed in 1885.
1888-1895 John Brown
In 1893/4 it was renamed the George Cotter Temperance* Hotel.
Family / Harmony/ Australian Hotel High Street Rd
(Near Gardiners Creek)
60H10 Opened in 1856 and operated through to 1865 as a family hotel by Henry Mitchell.
1864  Henrietta Mitchell  Licensee
Taken over by John Clousen and son in law in 1865 and renamed the Harmony and then the Australian Hotel.
1875 Caroline King (widow of John Clousen) Licensee.
United States Hotel
Waverley Arms Hotel
On the S side of Waverley Rd about 300m west of what is now Huntingdale Rd 69K3 Licensed on 12 June 1868 by John Southon. The Hotel, fruit garden and vineyard on 10 acres went up for an unreserved Mortgagee's auction on 15.8.1871.
1873 Michael Hoban became licensee and changed the name to the Waverley Arms Hotel. In about 1877 it became Croft's Temperance* Hotel.
1877 Francis Bolch receives new licence (for the Waverley Arms).
1878-1882 Francis Bolch Licensee
1884 P. Bolch
1885 delicensed
The building was demolished in 1917.
Tally Ho Hotel SW corner of Highbury & Blackburn Rds.
(Now occupied by Hungry Jacks)
61K9 1859 Henry Keele operated a bakery and store
1865 Bakery closed. John S Veale granted a licence for a Beer Shop
1868 William Green sold property to Frederick Jones
1871 Frederick Jones for premises next to his store and Post Office.
1877 John Jones
1884 J Jones
Delicensed* after 1885 although the store and PO remained.
1888 Hotel completely destroyed by fire
1888-89 New hotel, store and dwelling built in brick
1890 Re-licensed to Alexander Hunter
1910 Ellen Hunter
1911 Pierre Guillerine
1912 James Watson ?
1913 Agnes Jane Bateman
1915 James Watson
1918 Ellen Kennedy ?
1919 Margarette Esther Clark
1921 Redecorated with new signage as "Gills Tally Ho Hotel"
19?? Delicensed
1939 Margerette Esther Clark sold the 13 acre property to William C Wise
Pig & Whistle NE corner of Warrigal & High Street Rds
60G10 Opened ? Renamed Whites Hotel?

Demolished and rebuilt as a hardware store. Extended and now a Priceline store.

Hotel Ibis SW corner Kingsway & Springvale Rd 71C3 Opened 2008
Coates Post Office Hotel NW Corner of Garden and Dandenong Rds


1864 Post Offiice opened by James Coates
1868 James Coates
1877 Joseph Ford
1884 John Sands
1891 Mary Brook
1897 Anne Jane Marriot
1902 O'Shannassy Bros
1906 E C Cox
1908 D MCGrath
Foresters Arms NW corner Princes Hwy & Drummond St 69G6 Licensed 1.7.1864, William Braithwaite Licensee
1877 Adam Braithwaite
1879 Joseph Edwards
1881 Mrs Frances S Edwards
1883-87 Robert Trail
1888-89 W.H. Gregory
1890-91 Mrs Frances S Edwards
1895 J. Edwards
Oakleigh Hotel NW corner Princes Hwy & Atkinson St 69G6 Built pre 1854?
1855 Joseph Gibson Licensee
1864 Joseph Gibson
Novatel Nth of Monash Civic Centre on Springvale Rd 71C3 Opened
1984 John Sands ?
Village Green Hotel SW corner of Springvale & Ferntree Gully Rds. 71B9 Opened 9.6.1965
Mulgrave Arms Hotel South side of Princes Hwy (Oakleigh Motel now occupies the site) 70B10  1854?, Thomas Irwin Licensee
1864 Thomas Irwin
1877 J. S Irwin    Used as the office of the Oakleigh Shire Roads Board and the venue for Shire Council meetings for many years. Irwin operated a quarry just east of the site - now the playing field.
1885 S Irwin
??              J H Smythe
Sept 1901  William Noval
10.12.1910  Daniel McKenna
10.12.1914  Mary J Bonham
15.12.1919  Ernest Albert Glass  
Junction Hotel Portman & Little Hanover Sts 69F8 Opened May 1889, Geo Fredk Haines Licensee
1889 Licence transferred to Mrs Jack Munday
1902 John Leith
1938 ? Leith (son)
Bartlett's Hotel Fronting Allen St, Oakleigh 69F5 1854 - 1858 
1854  James Moreland  Licensee
1858  Hotel Auctioned
20 20 10 50

*Note that the Hotel Licensing Act of 1885 required that hotel licences be issued in proportion to the needs of the population.

It should be understood that there were two kinds of hotels - Licensed Hotels that sold alcohol, and Temperance Hotels that did not - they provided accommodation and meals, stabling, groceries, etc. Even though the words "Temperance Hotel" were clearly emblazoned on several such buildings, this was not really their name. Patrons would have referred to them either by the name of the licensee (eg Cotter's Temperance Hotel) or by their location, if not a specific name like Cheshire Cheese.  Licensing of premises took into account the number of other nearby premises selling alcohol.